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Is VPN Legal In Uae

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Usingvpn For Personal And Business Purposes

Using the VPN legal or illegal in Dubai/ UAE

While companies may havemultiple protocols to keep data secure, VPNs may still be necessary, especiallywhen companies around the world are taking telecommuting and social distancingmeasures. Since employees and offices are located in multiple regions, it ismore important to transfer data over a secure and encrypted network.

Individual usersconnected to the Internet can access the VPN remotely from multiple locations,and once connected, they can take advantage of the security and resourcesavailable on the private network as if they were directly connected to a webserver.

Using A VPN Is Legal In Uae

Virtual Private Networks have many legitimate uses and are often employed by businesses around the globe to allow employees to access work servers remotely. For this reason, it is almost impossible to enforce a blanket ban on VPN technology.

The UAE is no different, and while there are some reasons that VPN use could get you in trouble, the use of a VPN itself is not actually an offence.

This means you are free to subscribe to a VPN and you can install the VPN software on your devices. The act of using a VPN for Netflix or to unblock other geo-restricted content is not an offence – and doing so will not get you in trouble.

If you are using a VPN for anything other than committing a crime, you are not breaking the law.

Unfortunately, even websites that belong to VPN providers are now being blocked by ISPs in the UAE. This can make it hard to actually get hold of a VPN subscription and VPN software. In addition, not all VPNs work even when you do manage to get a subscription .

On the other hand, it is worth noting that we have never heard of anybody being arrested or fined for accessing a VPN website or using a VPN to access legally permissible services and content.

Most people agree that the UAE is primarily interested in arresting terrorists, blackmailers, people who sell bulk VoIP access, and citizens who commit serious crimes. The general consensus is that you are safe to use a VPN as long as it has a kill switch and obfuscation.

How To Maximize Your Privacy In The Uae

Once youre inside UAE borders, before connecting to your VPNs servers, do the following.

Turn on every protection available in your VPN app. If the OpenVPN protocol is an option, use it. If kill switch protection, auto-reconnect, obfuscation features, scrambling features and any other features that can help hide your activities and the fact that you are using a VPN are available, enable them.

Other ways to maximize your anonymity include avoiding public Wi-Fi hotspots, using an encrypted email provider, and installing and using a secure browser, like Tor.

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Getting Caught Using A VPN In The Uae Will Cost You Over $500000

The consequences of circumventing censorship and masking your trail are now very severe.

New federal laws issued in the United Arab Emirates has resulted in an outright ban on the use of VPNs — and a fine of up to $545,000 if you are caught using one.

Last week, UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a new set of federal laws which include one forbidding UAE citizens from using VPNs to mask their digital footprints.

As reported by International Business Times, anyone caught using a VPN or proxy server could end up cooling their heels in jail and will face a fine of between $136,000 – $545,000.

The regulation stipulates:

“Whoever uses a fraudulent computer network protocol address by using a false address or a third-party address by any other means for the purpose of committing a crime or preventing its discovery, shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and a fine of no less than Dh500,000 and not exceeding Dh2,000,000, or either of these two penalties.”

There are past laws which have been enforced in the country related to VPNs. However, previous regulations only stipulated prosecution when VPNs were being used for fraudulent reasons or internet crime.

According to Privacy Online News, it may now be acceptable for law enforcement to go after the average citizen for accessing blocked services and websites — and potentially for using VoIP systems including WhatsApp, FaceTime, and SnapChat.

Best Free VPN For Uae Users

Is Using VPN Legal or Illegal? VPN Laws Across Various ...

Now that you have learned all about the legal use of VPN services in the UAE, you are probably wondering which VPN services are the best to use. Most VPN users try to relocate lists of reliable, cheap or free, trusted, and secure VPN services that can be used from their geographical location.

In this article, we will try to explore some of the best, free, reliable, and safe VPN websites that can be used from the United Arab Emirates for legal purposes.

As we mentioned before, most VPN users would prefer to use trusted and free VPN services because they can be efficient in the long term

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Nordvpn Best Overall VPN For Uae And Dubai


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NordVPN is an advanced and affordable VPN service that has all the characteristics of a safe VPN for UAE and Dubai. It is based in Panama, which is a good privacy jurisdiction, keeps no logs, and offers very secure and reliable apps. It has also passed security audits as well as no logs VPN audits performed over the past two years.

While NordVPN supports many VPN protocols, their default is OpenVPN with the strong AES-256 cipher. This combination is more than secure enough to keep your internet traffic secure anywhere in the world. The IKEv2 protocol is supported on Mac OS and iOS devices, as well as the WireGuard protocol on all operating systems.

The NordVPN apps include built-in leak protection with an internet kill switch. This will block all traffic if the connection to the VPN is lost for any reason. In our leak testing, NordVPN had no leaks at all, which is particularly important in a hostile environment like the United Arab Emirates. Make sure to turn on the VPN Kill Switch before you leave for the UAE to ensure no leakage at any point in your trip!

Combine NordVPNs kill switch and lack of leaks with its private, encrypted DNS system, and you have a system which keeps you protected at all times in the UAE and Dubai.

The VPN apps are secure and user-friendly, with many similarities to the VPN apps of Surfshark and ExpressVPN.

What Is The Best VPN For Uae

Based on the characteristics listed above, this is our list of the best Virtual Private Networks for the UAE and Dubai:

  • NordVPN Best all-around VPN for UAE and Dubai
  • Surfshark A low-cost VPN that works in UAE
  • ExpressVPN Secure and reliable VPN for UAE and Dubai
  • A good VPN for UAE with strong encryption

Now well examine each of these VPN services more closely and show you exactly how to use them in restricted areas. Here are the best VPNs for UAE and Dubai:

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Is Etisalat The Only Internet Provider In Uae

No, there are actually two main internet providers in the UAE: Etisalat and Du. Etisalat is the larger of the two. The same online restrictions apply whichever ISP you choose to use. Fortunately, you can bypass the strict internet censorship of the UAE by connecting to a server in another country via a VPN.

How To Use A VPN In The United Arab Emirates

Is it illegal to use a VPN in the UAE

The top 5 VPN providers in this roundup have all proven to work well from inside UAE borders.

However, keep in mind that UAE officials block the websites of several VPN providers. That means you should always sign up for a VPN provider and download and install their apps to your devices before entering the UAE.

Users who would like to keep their internet activities protected from the prying eyes of the UAE government and their ISPs should follow these steps:

  • Log into the VPNs network.
  • Select and connect to a VPN server located anywhere outside of UAE borders.
  • Enjoy your newfound internet freedom.
  • Important Note: While the use of a VPN is technically illegal in the UAE, you are not likely to be arrested unless youre using it in the commission of a crime. For more information, check out my Are VPNs Legal in the UAE? section toward the end of the article.

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    The Fight Against Free Voip Apps

    At the moment, a large number of people residing in the UAE utilise VPNs in order to access popular apps that are inaccessible from within the Gulf nation like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber, which are messaging and voice apps that make use of Voice over IP technology to deliver voice calls over the internet for free.

    VoIP over-the-top apps have long been a thorn in the sides of telecoms operators around the world, because consumers no longer need to pay international calling rates to speak to their loved ones they can just speak to them on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Snapchat.

    But the UAE is one of the first governments in the world to actually regulate on behalf of and for its telecoms companies in order to help them stem loss of revenue from VoIP apps.

    Etisalat and du are the only two companies in the world that have been granted licences by the UAE government to offer commercial VoIP services, which can be expensive, and rather than enable citizens and residents to have choice about what services they want to use, the government is assisting UAEs telecom providers in upholding a monopoly on voice calls made in the country.

    Although experts have criticised the UAE and Etisalat and du in the past for seeking to block the voice calling features in Snapchat, Skype and Whatsapp from working in the UAE, the UAEs telecoms regulator stands by the Etisalat and du, and also says that the apps should be banned due to security concerns.

    Nordvpn Speed Test Data


    Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

    ExpressVPN is an ideal VPN service to use around the world. With over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN has one of the largest networks around. This means youll be able to unblock geo-restricted content not only in the UAE but also the likes of the USA, UK and Japan. Weve found ExpressVPN connections to be consistently high speed, which makes this an excellent VPN for streaming HD quality videos with no buffering or lag.

    Some of the sites and services that ExpressVPN can unblock on Etisalat include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp. Accessing geo-restricted content in the UAE is quick and easy thanks to ExpressVPNs user-friendly apps. Simply select a location and youll be connected to a VPN server in seconds. If you do encounter any issues with Etisalat or indeed in unblocking any website or app, you can always contact ExpressVPN support. Theres a live chat feature which weve tested ourselves and found to be excellent.

    ExpressVPN offers apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Its also one of the few VPNs to offer apps for Linux and routers. Browser extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. ExpressVPN MediaStreamer also makes it easier to use ExpressVPN on games consoles, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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    More Things To Know About VPNac was founded by a group of network security professionals, and offers good performance, lots of security options, and a competitive price point. They provide a good selection of specialty servers, with double-hop and P2P optimized servers in addition to the China Optimized servers we were just talking about.

    One thing we particularly like about is their use of bare metal servers that they dont overload with users. However, there are not too many servers in operation, with only about 20 countries covered. This makes the server network smaller than both NordVPN and CyberGhost.

    One drawback with is that it does not offer any live chat support, but instead relies entirely on email. The refund policy is also limited to seven days, which is shorter than our other recommended VPNs for Dubai in this guide.

    + Pros

    Discounted trial: You can grab a discounted one-week trial for only $2.00 .

    See the review for detailed test results and analysis.

    What Is The Best Way To Avoid Being Caught Using A VPN In Uae

    Is Using VPN Legal In UAE? Find Answers Here!

    The best way to avoid being caught using a VPN in the UAE is to use trusted VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, and Surfshark. These Virtual Private Network services do not store any logs. Additionally, these providers provide a secure connection that handles DNS requests and Internet traffic with privacy. You can also utilize features like kill switch and DNS leak protection.

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    Is VPN Safe For Online Banking

    Yes, it is safe to use a VPN while doing your online banking. When you use a VPN for online banking, you ensure that your account information is kept private. With online banking, youre using personal information, bank account numbers, secure passwords, and in some cases, social security information.

    The VPN Uses Secure VPN Protocols With A Strong Cipher

    While OpenVPN is the most popular VPN protocol these days, it is not the only available one. So why is it so important to choose a VPN service that uses the OpenVPN protocol?

    One reason that OpenVPN is so popular is that several of the older VPN protocols are known to have serious security vulnerabilities, including apparently being compromised by the NSA to make it easier to spy on their users. You definitely dont want to be using a compromised protocol, such as PPTP, in an environment like the UAE.

    Another reason OpenVPN is so popular is that it is open source. Most people in the privacy community believe that open source software is safer to use because anyone with the technical skills can review the code and look for backdoors and other trickery that could compromise OpenVPN. This is also a bit of a virtuous cycle: The OpenVPN protocol is popular, so more people are likely to check its code. This makes it seem safer, which in turn makes it more popular. And the cycle repeats.

    Another benefit of OpenVPNs popularity is that developers develop for it first. When there is a new need the chances are good that developers will concentrate their efforts on a fix for the most popular protocol first. OpenVPN and IKEv2 remain the most popular protocols, but WireGuard is also gaining popularity.

    Note: There may be a performance tradeoff when using obfuscation that adds an extra layer of encryption. If you want the fastest VPN weve tested, wed recommend going with NordVPN.

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    What Is The Fastest VPN For The Uae

    Most people in the UAE want a VPN to use VoIP apps to make free calls to their friends and family or business colleagues. However, a fast VPN is essential if you’re going to be hopping into video calls.

    Unfortunately, most of the VPNs on the market today have slow servers that aren’t suitable for streaming HD videos, downloading torrents, or making VoIP calls.

    That’s why we’ve pinpointed VPN providers that work seamlessly with services like Zoom and Skype in this guide. Our top picks have large networks of servers across the globe, too, so you can gain access to all sorts of international content whilst maintaining superb internet speeds.

    All of the VPNs in this guide have a reputation for speed and efficiency. We know this because we test them ourselves! Our daily speed test gives us up-to-date insight into which services are performing the best and you can check out the latest results in the table below:


    For information about how we test VPN speeds, check out our speed testing tool for information about our methodology.

    What Makes A Good VPN For Uae And Dubai

    VPN use legal in uae

    When it comes to the UAE and Dubai your most important feature in a VPN is its ability to get around the blocking from the government and networks like Etisalat and Du. Since there are specific blocks on the likes of WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Google Meet, a VPN can more than earn its cost when you’re over there.

    Speed and geo-restriction blocking are also important factors. Once online you’ll want to actually be able to enjoy streaming shows or have Skype chats without talking to a mess of jumpy pixels.

    The 24/7 live chat support – offered by ExpressVPN and others on the above list – is also invaluable as it’ll mean you can rest easy knowing even if you run into problems, there is a professional that’s probably dealt with them before ready to help.

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    The Best Uae VPN Working In Dubai 2022

    If you’re in the United Arab Emirates, you need a UAE VPN, and right now loadds of residents and citizens are looking for the best VPN that works in UAE. While the government and networks such as Etisalat and Du impose significant censorship on the Internet and attempt to restrict personal VPN usage, VPNs can’t be banned in UAE due to how essential they are to businesses.

    One big use of a UAE VPN is to access free VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime, which are banned by networks that offer expensive paid versions. Using a Dubai VPN to access these is often cheaper that paying for the VoIP service your network offers plus you can access more shows on Netflix too.

    UAE VPNs aren’t just for residents, though. If you’re going on holiday to Dubai or heading to the country for work, you’ll need a VPN in UAE to access social media and any sports or TV subscriptions you pay for back home. So, a UAE VPN is pretty much essential for anyone who steps foot inside the country.

    Note: For travellers, we strongly recommend installing a VPN before you leave home, as this will ensure you’ll be able to set up and use the service properly.

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