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No Credit Card VPN Trial

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What Makes A Good VPN Free Trial

VPN Free Trial No Credit Card – Do They Exist? ð¤

The most useful part of a VPN free trial is being able to test the full service before committing. So, while free-forever services are useful in a pinch, you aren’t able to judge how effective the premium version will be.

True free trials can also be very short we’re talking a matter of days and you may find that it’s run out before you get the chance to test out everything you want.

That’s why we recommend taking advantage of a money-back guarantee. Yes, you have to pay upfront, but you’ll get at least a month to test the service, and in our experience most providers make it quick and easy to claim your refund.

We’ve named ExpressVPN as the best free trial VPN, as you’ll have a month to test the highest-rated VPN on the market. However, we’ve also included some providers with free versions and true free trials all you need to do is pick the one that fits you best.

1. ExpressVPN test the best service risk-free for 30 days With ExpressVPN’s 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee, you can test the service for a month risk-free with no limitations. If you don’t like it, you’ll get absolutely all your money back but if you do decide to stay on you’ll be able to claim three months FREE on a year-long plan.

Why Do I Have To Give My Credit Card Details For A Free Trial

Your payment details are taken but will not be used until the free trial ends. This is done so that the auto-renewal option can be enabled. When your free trial period ends, you will be billed for your one-month or annual subscription in the future. This can be turned off, and your trial can be canceled at any time. If you dont want to provide credit card details, you can also opt for e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill and even Cryptocurrency with some companies.

Worthwhile VPNs With Money

Almost all premium VPNs offer a money-back guarantee a pledge to refund your subscription if youre not satisfied. Usually, this safety net lasts during the first month of signing up. Unsurprisingly, it doesnt apply if you opt for a monthly subscription. Plus, the chances of a full refund are slim once the guarantee period ends.

Its not an ideal free trial, but still worth mentioning if youre not against putting your money on the line. Here are some great VPNs that offer 30-day money-back guarantees in the absence of free versions and trials.

  • ExpressVPN. One of the most well-known premium VPNs on the market. Its a great overall service but is set back by its exorbitant price, five simultaneous connections, and lack of no-cost testing methods.
  • IPVanish. A solid jack-of-all-trades VPN with unlimited connections, fast WireGuard-powered speeds, good security features, but inconsistent results with streaming platforms like Netflix.
  • Private Internet Access. Top pick for users who need a cheap and reliable VPN with a wide-reaching server fleet. You can use it to secure up to ten different devices simultaneously and customize your connection with advanced split tunneling. Unfortunately, its based in the US and isnt great for streaming.

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What Is The Difference Between A VPN Free Trial And A Money

Both are offered in order to provide freedom of choice, but one will charge you money. A VPN free trial generally does not involve money being charged from you, providing you a period to take the service for a test drive. Some VPNs also ask you to put down verified payment info or a credit card in general to provide the trial. You will be charged after the trial period unless manually stopped.

On the other hand, with a money-back guarantee, you are charged for the number of months subscribed to a particular plan.Dont sweat it there is a money-back guarantee generally in the range of 30 to 45 days that lets you get your refund from the VPN provider. Most of them dont even ask you for exact reasons to process the refund.

Windscribe Free VPN Download 10 Gb/month

11 Top Free VPN: No Credit Card Needed, Best Free Trials &  Plans

Trial duration: 24 hrs

Price after trial: $9/month $4.08/month

Money-back guarantee : 30

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Router, iOS, Android

Encryption standard: 256-bit AES encryption

Data limit: 10 GB/Month

Number of servers: Over 400+

Number of countries: 63+

Simultaneous connections: 5

Best for: Torrenting, Netflix, Routers, Gaming

Windscribe offers a free service that you can set up with just your email address and no credit card.

The trial period comes with 10GB free data, which you can use for torrenting and Netflix, although you wouldnt be able to do much of that.

One significant advantage of Windscribe is that you can tether an unlimited number of devices to just one subscription. Great huh?

Security-wise, Windscribe has got you covered with top-notch encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, kill switch, and of course, no logs policy.



  • Free data is limited to 10 GB

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Are VPN Free Trials Safe To Use

Using a VPN offering free trials is safe to use. These VPN providers are the premium VPNs that either provide a free trial for a limited time or with a money-back guarantee offer, so theres nothing to worry about. All these VPNs perform exceptionally well in all areas and ensure a safe and secure browsing experience. Using military-grade encryption and secure tunneling protocols gives these service providers a top-notch level of online security and protection.

Besides this, these VPNs dont have any restrictions or keep data logs, which means that you can perform any task like streaming or downloading torrents without interruption. To make your experience worth amazing, the best VPN with free trials also uses a range of privacy and security boosting features that further take your online security to the next level. These features include a kill switch, VPN leak protection, dedicated IP address, and others.

Can You Avoid Using A Credit Card Altogether

Not really. The services that allow you to sign up without requesting your credit card details are free providers. Unfortunately, free providers are not famous for stellar services. If you want to have a wonderful experience, then you should consider using a paid service. You get excellent security features, reliable unblocking capabilities, and good streaming abilities.

You can stick out a limb and sign up for premium services. You would have to input your credit card details to enjoy the benefits. However, the good news is that most of them offer a money-back guarantee window. Within this period, you are at liberty to request a refund, no questions asked. Thus, for 30 days , you will enjoy flawless services potentially for free. On the whole, it is a bargain worth going for.

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Avoid The Risk Of Free VPN Services

Free VPNs

  • May log and sell your data

  • Weak encryption protocols

  • May not provide full customer support

  • No activity or connection logs

  • Next-generation data encryption

  • 5500+ servers in 58 countries

  • Ultra-fast connection

  • 24/7 live chat customer support

Free VPNs

  • No activity or connection logs

  • Next-generation data encryption

  • 5500+ servers in 58 countries

  • Ultra-fast connection

  • 24/7 live chat customer support

  • May log and sell your data

  • Weak encryption protocols

  • May not provide full customer support


I use NordVPN every single day. Its fast, its reliable. Its safe. It helps me access epicness.

Best Free Trial VPNs 2022 Summary

Best VPN Free Trial Non Credit Card Required ðð¥

So what to do? Research shows many things like loglessness, impenetrable security, and spectacular speeds youve been told about VPNs today are misleading, to say the least.

How do you choose the best product? Study facts carefully and patiently. Weve done most of the work for you but theres no telling how far down the rabbit hole goes. Fortunately, its interesting, too!

  • Find the most universally trusted and technologically advanced candidates out there ,
  • cross-reference their pros and cons ,
  • find out whos definitely not worth your time ,
  • learn what you can about the technical side of things ,
  • find out what real people in the community think ,
  • and go for the option that allows you to sacrifice the least data and effort and get the most excellent performance in return.
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    Where Are The VPN Free Trial Servers Based

    Since you’re getting full, premium access to the VPN service with your free trial, you will have access to the full list of server locations offered by the VPN provider. Just check with the provider to see where its servers are located. Most providers will have a list of server locations easily accessible on their websites. Of course, if you can’t find the list of server locations, you can always contact customer support and inquire directly from a company representative.

    Quick Guide: How To Get A VPN Free Trial In 3 Easy Steps

  • I recommend ExpressVPN since you can test all its features risk-free for 30 days. If youre not satisfied, you can easily claim a full refund.
  • Test out your VPN. Make the most of your free trial by testing out its features. For example, try testing ExpressVPNs extensive server network and geoblocking abilities.
  • Contact customer support to cancel your free trial within the timeframe or choose to continue with a paid subscription.
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    Tunnelbear: 500mb Or 1gb Data Cap With Free Version

    Number of Servers: 2,600+ | Countries: 49+ | Trustpilot Rating: 2.8 | Maximum Devices Supported: 5 | Price: $3.33/mo on a 3-year plan

    The bandwidth limit of TunnelBear with the free version is at 500 MB/month but you can extend it up to 1 GB if you tweet about the VPN provider.

    TunnelBear is the torchbearer in this category and provides a highly secure VPN service as a perpetual free trial for its users.

    In total it has 2600 servers in 49 countries, but not all of them would be available to you in your free trial, so if you want to connect to India or Australia as your preferred server location, then you would need to cough up $59.88 for a 12-month subscription or $120 for a 3-year plan.

    500GB Data Cap for Free

    Why Use A Free Trial VPN

    VPN Free Trial No Credit Card

    Not all VPNs are created equal, and you might end up paying for a service only to be disappointed. So, before settling for a product, it is important to understand the technical aspects such as encryption methods, DNS leak protection, and zero-logs policy, among others. However, you also need to get a feel of the user interface and test if the customer support is reliable. Aside from those, you may want to check out if the VPN provider offers additional services that might prove useful.

    So, how do you achieve that? Well, of course, by using a VPN trial for 7 days.

    Below, weve put together a list of VPNs you can try for free. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your online needs.

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    Can A Free Trial Be Used More Than Once

    Well, VPN service providers do have to make money after all. It wouldnt make sense for them to let users keep using their free trial over and over again. So, they will only allow you to use a free trial once.

    Of course, if you are crafty enough, you could, in theory, use different emails to sign up for multiple free trials. That is if you are not required to input your bank detail.

    But VPN providers are aware of this trick too, and if you are caught, you could get banned from using the service.

    But then, you can just pay for the service. Many providers we presented are quite affordable.

    Are Free Trial VPNs Secure

    Yes, free trial VPNs are secure. More precisely, they’re as secure as their paid counterparts, not skimping on their security-related features.

    In other words, free trial VPNs won’t limit you in any way. They’ll offer all their VPN protocols and their highest level of VPN encryption. After all, the primary purpose of free trials is to advertise what you’ll get if you pay. That’s the reason you’ll find unlocked features, giving you plenty of options to test your VPN connection.

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    Should I Trust Free VPNs

    A lot of legitimate VPN companies offer free plans, but they are limited. You may only be able to use them for a specific amount of time or some restrictions. In those cases, you can probably trust the provider.

    However, be wary of free VPNs. Maintaining a VPNs infrastructure is expensive, and you risk your private data being exploited for profits if you go for a free VPN. If youre not paying, youre probably the product either by being bombarded with ads or having your data sold.

    Can One Unblock Streaming Services With A VPN Free Trial

    Best VPN Free Trial no Credit Card 2022

    Most times, when you sign up for a VPN with free trial, you also get access to all the services that premium or paid subscribers get, at least for that period of time.

    You will be able to unlock any streaming service of your choice, same as premium users, if your VPN offers that functionality.

    First, you should find out if your particular VPN service can operate in the countries where you want to unblock the streaming service from.

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    How To Start The Cyberghost Free Trial

    Here are the steps you need to take to get started on your free trial:

  • Open the CyberGhost website and go to thefree trial page
  • Click the Start your free trial button
  • Wait for the setup to download. Once it’s done, click to launch the app
  • Click Sign up and provide the required information to create an account, such as your email address
  • Open the inbox of the email address you registered with. Find CyberGhosts email and confirm your new account. Look for Activate trial and click on it
  • Click on the Connect button to complete the process
  • What Are The Drawbacks Of A Free VPN Trial

    While utilizing a VPN free trial, you may encounter certain limitations. You may experience poor speeds because youre limited to a smaller pool of servers. Theres also the possibility of data limitations. Its also possible that you wont be able to use certain features that are available to paying users.

    To avoid any unpleasant surprises, carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up for a VPN free trial. You can also use the money-back promise instead to avoid limitations. This allows you to test the whole service for a longer period of time, allowing you to obtain a better understanding of the VPN.

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    How VPN Connections Benefit You

    Not everyone has the same priorities or uses the internet in the same way. If you want to improve anonymity online, VPN providers give you a way to discreetly access the Internet through a tunnel service. This type of access masks your communication and displays the VPNs IP address when you connect to a website, instead of your own.

    This means that your private home IP address is hidden when browsing different websites. Using a VPN service will likely impact your computer speed as well. If you are looking for a high-performance VPN, make sure that it also keeps your privacy through data encryption between your computer and the target server. With ExpressVPN, you can improve the protection of your data, and stay anonymous on the internet all while browsing at top speeds.

    Top 5 VPNs With Free Trial In 2022

    10 Best Free Trial VPN Services (NEW Offers for 2020)

    Generally, VPN free trials tend to come in three flavors. Probably, you have full access to the premium version of the software, but only for a limited time, like 7 or 15 days. Another case of VPN free trial is that you have unlimited and free access to the program version that has reduced or restricted functions. The third so-called VPN with free trial would have a money-back guarantee, which means you need to pay first and claim back your money if you are not satisfied.

    The money-back type, to be honest, is risky sometimes since it requires an upfront payment and you’re in a passive position when you want a refund. Here, we list 2022 best 5 free VPNs for trial so that you can compare them and select the best that is to your taste.

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    Windscribe: 10gb Data Cap With Free Version

    Number of Servers: 600+ | Countries: 60+ | Trustpilot Rating: 4.8 | Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited | Price: $4.08/mo on a 1-year plan

    Windscribe offers a perpetual free trial VPN service, no questions asked whatsoever. You can have a 10 GB data cap per month if you sign up for its free plan.

    With the Windscribe plan comes unlimited device connections, P2P support, access to 11 server locations, and even a feature adblocker is what you get in Windscribe perpetual VPN free trial without the credit card.

    The location servers include the US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Canada.

    You definitely need to give this a try if you are one of those who think long and hard before making a final decision. After the free trial, if you decide to buy the plan, then for $49.00 billed once you could manage to secure a 12-month subscription.

    30-Days Money Back Guarantee

    VPNs With Paid Trials Or Other Promotions

    Premium VPNs require payment details because thats one of the best ways to prevent abuse and ensure that youre not repeatedly using the free trial. However, you risk forgetting to cancel the trial and paying for a full-time subscription. Consider these VPNs with paid free trials if youre afraid of that happening. The cost is meager and provides enough time to test out all available features.

    • PureVPN. You can take this VPN for a spin by paying only $0.99 and getting a 7-day trial period. PureVPN is an excellent service with quantum-resistant encryption, fast connections with WireGuard, and an expansive server fleet.
    • Ivacy VPN. Another service with a trial that costs less than a cup of coffee is Ivacy VPN. Its a solid provider with cheap subscription plans, great performance, and reliable security.
    • TorGuard. Like other free trial VPNs, TorGuard is available for free for 7-days if you add your credit card information. However, you can get an additional 30-days of free subscription time if you show proof of cancellation of another VPN service.

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