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Should I Use VPN All The Time

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A VPN Also Improves Streaming

You need a VPN: NordVPN review

Firstly, keeping your VPN on means youre much less likely to experience bandwidth throttling by your internet service provider .

Typically, an ISP restricts your bandwidth if youre streaming content thats deemed to take up too much network space, which can then lead to persistent buffering. As a VPN keeps you effectively hidden from your ISP, youre much less likely to have your favorite movies and TV shows continually interrupted.

Secondly, most decent streaming VPN services enable you to access geo-blocked content , which means you can stream your favorite content on popular platforms, like Amazon Prime and Netflix, from lots of locations. To consistently ensure this, your VPN should always remain switched on otherwise your IP address location will be detected and your access blocked.

What’s The Best Way To Choose A VPN Service

To be fair, not all pay VPN services are legitimate, either. It’s important to be careful about which you choose. I’ve put together an always up-to-date directory of quality VPN providers. Some are better than others . But all are legitimate companies that provide quality service.

Beyond my directory, it’s always good practice to a company or product name and read the user reviews. If you see a huge number of old complaints or new complaints suddenly start showing up, it might be that there’s been a change of management or policies. When I’m looking for a service, I always base my decision partially on professional reviews and partially based on the tone of user reviews.

Finally, be sure to choose a service with the capabilities that meet your needs. You may need one or more features only provided by certain services. So, think through your needs as you make a decision.

Should A VPN Be On All The Time

That really depends on the context.

For example, if youre at an airport and using its WiFi to send some money to a friend, you should definitely use a VPN until youre done.

But if youre just at home, browsing Facebook while talking with your friends, and playing a video game, keeping your VPN on all the time might not be necessary unless you do any of the things well be discussing in the next section.

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Why Is Online Security Important

Maybe youre wondering if the use of a VPN is really necessary. Well, a VPN offers more anonymity, safety and freedom online.

An increasing part of our lives takes place online. We do our banking, keep in touch with friends, check our medical records and work online. Its important that all this information about you doesnt just end up on the street. After all, you dont just leave your bank invoices lying around. If you do not secure your internet connection, you run the risk that hackers, governments, your internet provider, websites, your employer and others will find out more about you than you would like. A VPN shields your data from all these groups.

Most people will know that the things you share online, for instance on Facebook or Instagram, can follow you around for the rest of your life. In the same way, almost everything you do online can have a lasting effect. What if a hacker can see where you do your finances online? Or what if your employer knows how you spend your time on social media during work hours?

A VPN might not offer complete guaranties that youll never be hacked, someone who really wants to know what you do online will find a way. However, a VPN will considerably lessen the chance that anyone can see your personal data, browser history and other online activities.

Unrestricted Worldwide Internet Access

Should I Use a VPN All the Time

Keeping a VPN constantly connected means that you can have access to geo-restricted content from around the world. When you use a VPN, it connects you to a secure server in a location of your choosing, so it can make it look like you are in that country.

So if you want to watch Hulu or HBO Max but arent in the US, a VPN will let you bypass these restrictions from anywhere in the world. It will connect to an American server and create an American IP address to make it appear as though you are in the States, even if youre not. The other benefit of this is that you can switch servers seamlessly, so you can access an American server to watch Hulu, then switch to a British server to watch BBC iPlayer.

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Do I Really Need A VPN At Home

As long as your router is secured and your Wi-Fi is using something like a WPA or WPA2 password, then by and large, you probably dont need a VPN at home. Most VPN services are tailored for the traveler who is regularly using open and untrustworthy hotspots and other internet connections on the road.

Sure You Can Keep Your VPN On All The Time

To sum it up, theres nothing wrong with keeping your connection secure and your online privacy safe 24/7. As long as you dont use a VPN that offers limited bandwidth, everything should be fine.

Regardless of what your online activity consists of, keeping a VPN on all the time should only improve the quality of your connection.

You might experience a bit of Internet slow down at times, but all in all, its a small price to pay for a better, more secure connection.

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Frequently Making Online Payments

If the stars align all wrong, your payment information can be intercepted by wrongdoers and before you know it, your money might be all gone.

Using a VPN wont necessarily prevent that from happening all the time, but it will certainly make it infinitely harder for the perpetrators.

If youre a busy individual who doesnt like to over-complicate things and keep a clean shop, you should keep your VPN all the time.

It will save you the hassle of manually activating it each time you need to make a transaction.

Us Ownership Is Problematic

iPhone VPN Should You leave Your VPN for iPhone app on at all times?

McAfee Safe Connect is owned by McAfee LLC, the cyber security juggernaut. McAfee LLC also owns TunnelBear VPN , which it acquired in 2018.

Like its parent company, McAfee Safe Connect is based in the US, within Silicon Valley. As such, McAfees jurisdiction really could not be much worse. The US is a downright awful location to base a VPN service.

The US is part of the Five-Eyes intelligence alliance, meaning it shares surveillance data with the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

On top of this, McAfee is subject to the intrusive legal policies of the US, such as the infamous PRISM surveillance program, which allows the US government to surveil online communications from US-based technology companies.

More worrying, though, is the Stored Communications Act . This law grants the US government the ability to seize a VPN users information if that information has been retained.

Excerpt from The Stored Communications Act 2010.

This is particularly concerning with Safe Connect, as McAfee logs almost everything.

Moreover, McAfees privacy policy explicitly states that it will supply information to any legal, governmental, or judicial authority if it is ever requested.

In summary, McAfee Safe Connect VPN is bad for user privacy. To see the benefits of a trusted no-logs VPN, head over to our review of Private Internet Access.

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When You Download Torrents

If you live in a country where torrenting isnt exactly legal, you should always . If you dont, your ISP will be able to see your torrenting traffic, and your IP address will become visible in the torrent client.

In that situation, you can end up in serious legal trouble like having to pay huge fines or even facing jail time.

And you cant exactly rely on your ISP to protect your privacy. The moment a media companys lawyers are going to ask them for your personal info, theyre going to hand it over.

Here are other reasons why you should keep your VPN on when downloading torrents:

  • Other members of the Swarm can see your real IP address. With it, they can find out personal things about you, like what country and city you live in, what your ZIP code is, and who your ISP is.
  • Your ISP might not take kindly to you using their bandwidth to download torrents. If its against their ToS, they might terminate your service if they catch you doing it.

Worried About Your Online Privacy

This should be at the top of the list, but, as weve said earlier, most users regard VPNs utility as merely occasional. As a result, not many are concerned with their online privacy, when in fact this should be their first concern.

But, to get back on tracks, if youre worried about your online privacy, then you should definitely leave your VPN running at all times. This will make it way more difficult for anyone to track your every move online.

Sure, VPN might slow down your Internet speed a bit, but in our opinion, thats a tiny price to pay for regaining whats rightfully yours: your privacy.

On the other hand, if your ISP also has the unfortunate habit of throttling your bandwidth , youll circumvent it right away. VPNs are popular for curbing packet loss and improving in-game ping without an effort.

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Security On Public Wi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient but comes at the expense of security. When youre answering emails at a local coffee shop or absent-mindedly scrolling through social media at the airport, someone may be tracking your online activity.

Using a VPN protects your data while you are on other networks, hiding your browsing history, banking information, account passwords and more from ill-intentioned internet strangers.

What Is A VPN And Why Do You Need One Everything You Need To Know

FAQ: Can I Leave My VPN Connected All the Time? Why or Why ...

Whether you’re in a corporate or home office or on the road, a VPN remains one of the best ways to protect your privacy and security on the internet.

Whether you work from a traditional office, home office, your iPhone, or on the road, a VPN is one of the best ways to protect yourself from data breaches on the internet, especially when using public wi-fi networks. But how effective are VPNs, and what’s the best VPN for you? What are the downsides to using a VPN? Our executive guide will answer all your VPN-related questions — including a few you probably haven’t thought to ask.

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Mcafee Safe Connect Free

If you just want to test out McAfee Safe Connect, there is a decent free plan available. Youre not obliged to enter any email address or payment information to get access to the free tier ensuring that you dont get surprised by any unwanted outgoings on your next bank statement.

The McAfee support pages claim that the free plan only allows a VPN connection to your nearest server, but this is not true. We were able to connect to all 23 of Safe Connects servers, ranging from France to Singapore.

McAfee also state that the support options of live chat and telephone are exclusive to paid subscribers, but we also found this to be false.

However, the free tier does only allow a restrictive 250MB of data to be consumed each month.

This bandwidth limit is fine if you just want a quick feel of whether or not Safe Connect is the right VPN for you, but it wont get you much further than that.

If you want to see what free VPN providers we do recommend, which combine good logging policies with adequate data allowances, why not check our rundown of the best free VPNs for 2021.

What Does It Mean When A VPN Service Talks About Server Switching

As we mentioned in the previous section, you’re usually assigned a dynamic IP address from a pool of addresses when you connect to a VPN service. But where are those addresses located? They’re attached to servers located, usually, throughout the world.

Most VPN services allow you to connect to server locations in many different countries. In our VPN directory, we list both the number of servers the service maintains and the number of countries. By default, you’ll usually be assigned a server located in your home country. Still, if you want to obfuscate your location, you may want to connect to a server located in a different country.

Server switching is a feature — offered by most VPN service providers — that allows you to change what region or country you’re going to connect to. Most providers allow you to switch as often as you’d like . This may be useful if you’re trying to hide your location or if you’re running into some communications glitches on the server you’re currently using…

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When Should You Not Use A VPN

Top 7 Reasons NOT To Use a VPNReason #1 You love targeted advertising. Reason #2 You dont want to see foreign shows. Reason #3 When traveling, you like to live like locals. Reason #4 You dont like security. Reason #5 You dont want to download content and never use P2P. Reason #6 You want your WiFi connection to have more holes than a Swiss cheese.More items

Advantages Of Always Having A VPN Turned On

Heres Why you Should Always Use a VPN

Your datawill always be encrypted with a VPN on, and your IP location will always be protected,no matter what you do. For those who are primarily interested in security andprivacy, this is a huge advantage to simply leaving the VPN enabled all thetime. In this case, slow internet may be a small price to pay for guaranteedencryption.

This alsomakes it easier for some VPN services to work properly, like failsafe switchesthat automatically shut everything down if they detect an encryption problem.As you can imagine, this gives certain users extra incentive to always beprotected by a VPN, like activists under hostile governments.

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Leaving Your VPN On Increases Privacy And Security

Leaving your VPN switched on means your browsing is constantly encrypted and private. This is particularly important when your online activity commonly involves sharing sensitive information, connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, or accessing websites that arent fully encrypted.

If you frequently use public Wi-Fi then its vital your VPN is kept on because these networks tend to be insecure, which means hackers and snoopers could easily gain access to your online data/activity. The same thing applies if youre sharing personal information , banking online, or visiting websites that arent fully encrypted with a secure HTTPS extension.

In all these scenarios, your VPN keeps you safe by making your presence hard to detect and your data encrypted, so its crucial to let it run continuously. Additionally, make sure you use a VPN with a kill switch feature, which instantly turns off your network connection should your VPN stop working.

When You Want To Save Money Online

If youre looking to bypass online price discrimination, turning off the VPN isnt an option. If you do that, your IP address will be visible, and websites will be able to see your real geo-location again. When that happens, theyll start displaying the regular prices you normally see.

For example, if you want to get cheaper flights, turning off your VPN might prevent you from doing that. You should only stop the connection once you found and selected the price youre looking for.

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Are You Looking To Save Money

You can also use your VPN as a tool to save money when youre shopping online. This is especially useful when youre booking flights and hotel rooms, as prices tend to change drastically depending on your location.

Booking websites track your search history and use that information to change the deals and prices they offer you. A VPN will hide this information from them and ensure that you get the best price every time.

You can also make the best of sales when you shop online by changing your virtual location to regions where the product is available for a better price. For example, if you buy gifts for friends and family overseas, you can access the store from a server in their home country for the best deals.

If youre a fan of great prices and deals, HMA operates servers in over 190 countries so youll be able to shop virtually anywhere.

VPN Routers Provide Increased Security

Should I always use a VPN?

Its clear that encrypting all your internet activity by default will increase the overall security of your network.

Whilst most websites and services these days actually do encrypt data between the computer and their servers, not all do, and its still possible to discover which services you use, even if the attacker cant actually see what youre sending and receiving.

This is an often overlooked vulnerability.

Most people will never consider that the services they use could be the first piece of information that an attacker looks for. This could be the beginning of a spear phishing attack, Where a hacker uses social engineering to specifically target an individual.

In this case, they would start by learning which online services you use so they can create a fraudulent form of contact from that service, with the aim of stealing confidential information.

Of course, this particular method is impossible if youre using a VPN.

Do remember though, that simply using a VPN is not a failsafe way to become anonymous online, and anyone who tells you it is, is either lying or has believed a lie someone else has told them. Either way, its not true.

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