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VPN Free Trial No Credit Card

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What Are The Drawbacks Of A Free VPN Trial

VPN Free Trial No Credit Card – Do They Exist? ð¤

While utilizing a VPN free trial, you may encounter certain limitations. You may experience poor speeds because youre limited to a smaller pool of servers. Theres also the possibility of data limitations. Its also possible that you wont be able to use certain features that are available to paying users.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up for a VPN free trial. You can also use the money-back promise instead to avoid limitations. This allows you to test the whole service for a longer period of time, allowing you to obtain a better understanding of the VPN.

Hideme: 10gb Data Available With Free Version

Number of Servers: 2000 | Countries: 46 | Trustpilot Rating: 4.9 | Maximum Devices Supported: 10 | Price: $4.16/mo on a 2-Years Plan

If you are looking for a speedier Free VPN, then Hide.Me is where you need to put your bets on. It has a 10 GB data cap limit per month with its free version and you dont need to jot down your credit card info to acquire it.

However, if you want to upgrade, they have an excellent paid service with over 45 server locations.

This provider always had immaculate speeds whenever we tested it out, even during our previous review. There are some lags but they are minimal enough to be gotten over. offers 5 server locations and a single device connection.

They only have monthly pricing plans, however, the prices vary due to the features available on each plan. The best plan costs $9.95/month.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Free VPN Trial Vs Money

As you can see, not all VPN trials are completely free. Some use that term to mean the risk-free money-back guarantee that usually requires you to provide your credit card details. This means that, if by the end of the trial period you dont cancel your subscription, your account will be billed automatically.

If you just want to test the best free trial VPN without commitment, you can choose one from our list above. However, some of the features may be limited. So, to fully enjoy all the services of premium plans, we recommend you consider subscribing to one of their plans. After all, you can cancel anytime and get your refund as stipulated in their money-back guarantee policy.

Use the free period to test the effectiveness and reliability of the VPN. For instance, be sure to perform a leak test to check whether your real IP address is being leaked. Additionally, try to access blocked services and torrenting sites to see if you can get through.

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Which VPN Offers A Free Trial Without Entering Card Details

There are a few options for those who don’t want to enter in their card details in order to make the most of a VPN with a free trial.

CyberGhost has a 24-hour free trial that you can make use of without requiring any payment details. Simply visit the free trial page and click the ‘Start your free trial’ button and an .exe file will be downloaded onto your device to install.

Alternatively, both Proton VPN and Hotspot Shield offer completely free plans that install straight onto your desktop, as explained above.

Do Free Trial VPNs Keep Logs

VPN Free Trial No Credit Card Needed

No, free trial VPNs do not keep logs. Of course, that applies to those VPNs that normally don’t keep any records about your online activity.

When choosing a VPN to test, make sure to pick one with a no-logs policy. That way, you will be sure that your confidential information is never stored on your VPN’s servers. If your chosen VPN doesn’t offer that feature, that means that your data will be logged even during the trial.

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Which Is The Best Free Trial VPN

In terms of the best overall VPN discussed on this page, NordVPN is the top recommendation.

It consistently performs well in all areas of testing, especially in the categories of speed, reliability, and security. NordVPNs speed is now far above other VPNs, thanks to the WireGuard protocol and a high-performance network of dedicated servers. For a lower-priced VPN, it also delivers many features, apps for all devices, and full streaming capability across a wide range of services.

Worthwhile VPNs With Money

Almost all premium VPNs offer a money-back guarantee a pledge to refund your subscription if youre not satisfied. Usually, this safety net lasts during the first month of signing up. Unsurprisingly, it doesnt apply if you opt for a monthly subscription. Plus, the chances of a full refund are slim once the guarantee period ends.

Its not an ideal free trial, but still worth mentioning if youre not against putting your money on the line. Here are some great VPNs that offer 30-day money-back guarantees in the absence of free versions and trials.

  • ExpressVPN. One of the most well-known premium VPNs on the market. Its a great overall service but is set back by its exorbitant price, five simultaneous connections, and lack of no-cost testing methods.
  • IPVanish. A solid jack-of-all-trades VPN with unlimited connections, fast WireGuard-powered speeds, good security features, but inconsistent results with streaming platforms like Netflix.
  • Private Internet Access. Top pick for users who need a cheap and reliable VPN with a wide-reaching server fleet. You can use it to secure up to ten different devices simultaneously and customize your connection with advanced split tunneling. Unfortunately, its based in the US and isnt great for streaming.

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How To Choose The Best VPN With Free Trial

Selecting the best VPN that offers a free trial period is pretty challenging. But by looking out for some essential features, you can make this work easy. Described below are some of the most needed features you should look for in a VPN with free trials:

  • Refund Policy: Make sure that the VPN exhibits a refund policy. The policy should define the refund duration, demand the refund, and the terms and conditions they wont get a refund.
  • Free Trial: Look for the duration of the free trial period. The VPN would either offer a trial period for a few days or a free trial with a money-back guarantee. It will give you an idea of making a purchase or not.
  • Customer Support: The VPN should offer excellent customer support service. There should be various options available to contact the support team. A live chat feature is the most impressive to get a timely response, so ensure that the VPN youre choosing has this feature.
  • Server Network: The VPN provider should offer an extensive server network without limiting its access in the free trial period.
  • Extra Supported Features: Ensure you think twice before using a free VPN that the VPN offers various security and privacy-enriched features that help increase their security and privacy levels.
  • Logging Policy: The service provider should follow a strict no-log policy that prevents logging and sharing users browsing data and other sensitive information.

To have a hassle-free experience, make sure you dont skip any of these features.

Five Best VPNs With Free Trials

Private VPN Free Trial Without Credit Card 2021

To test a VPN, you can either opt for a VPN with a full free trial or a risk-free trial option. But finding the right VPN to test is the real challenge. To save your time searching for the right VPN providers, detailed insight into the five best VPN offers free trials. So, lets get started with it.

CyberGhost: 7000+ optimized servers enhance your gaming, streaming, and torrenting experience. Plus, . Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android.

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Best Free VPN Trials With No Credit Card Private

CyberGhost is all about offering extra to their customers on all domains. You can avail of a 24-hour free trial on PC without a credit card.

Some VPNs offer a free trial without requiring a credit card, while others do not. Only an email address is required for some free trials. Many

Top 5 Best Free Trial VPN No Credit Card Needed Free & Private · iTop VPN · ExpressVPN · NordVPN · Surfshark · CyberGhost.

What’s The Best VPN With A Free Trial

Right now, the best VPNs that offer risk-free trials are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN. You can find the most important highlights below.

  • ExpressVPN: You can test-drive this VPN on your Android and iOS device for up to 7 days without paying anything. During that time, you get full access to ExpressVPN, giving you an option to use your account on desktop devices as well. However, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to try ExpressVPN on other platforms/devices. .
  • NordVPN: Just like our previous recommendation, NordVPN also offers 7-day trials on Android as well as iOS/iPadOS devices. You’ll need to agree to a subscription plan, which means you’ll be charged once your trial ends. If you want to try NordVPN on other devices, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes this VPN a risk-free purchase.
  • CyberGhost VPN: This VPN gives you up to 7 days to test-drive it on mobile devices, as well as 1 day to test it on your computer . Since you won’t need your credit card, that makes CyberGhost’s trial risk-free. And if you want to jump straight into buying a subscription, you’ll be covered by a generous 45-day money-back policy.

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Zenmate VPN Free VPN Trial With Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Servers: 3,500+ in 81 countriesTrial Offer: 7 daysBased in: GermanyPricing Starts at: $4.49/month

Not many talk about Zenmate in the digital space. It has managed to build a name for itself in the niche category of users. Their free seven-day trial of the VPN service has undoubtedly made us want more. Sign up for a trial by putting down your email and then activating it to start using the service.

With no restriction on simultaneous connections, you have the liberty to use it on as many devices as you fancy. The speeds are unfettered, offering you the premium service on trial to get the taste of what they have in taste for subscribers.

Talking about the protocols, we get two on Zenmate -IKEv2 and OpenVPN , which will be adequate unless required for advanced automation usage. You can see the load, users for different categories of servers on the Desktop app.

Their browser extension offers loads of features, more capable than most desktop apps. Without logging in, we get 4 servers that provide mediocre speed. But once you log in, you can enjoy the full features offered. Their sign-in on the browser can be buggy on some occasions.

Privatevpn 7 Day Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card

Best 11 VPN Free Trial No Credit Card Required [Top Hacks]

The first VPN on this list is a VPN which provides a 100% free trial and doesnt require any card details for this. PrivateVPN gives you a 7-day free trial that gives you access to all its premium features. This helps you in trying them out and seeing if they meet your requirements. The features are as follows.


  • ZERO Data Logging Policy: They come under the Swedish privacy laws which means that there are NO traffic logs records that can be seized by governments.
  • IPv6 Leak Protection: It comes with an IPv6 Leak Protection which protects your identity even if youre suddenly disconnected from the VPN
  • 2048-bit Encryption With AES-256: It has the highest level of encryption which is used even by government militaries
  • 6 Simultaneous Connections: PrivateVPN allows you to connect up to 6 different devices simultaneously.
  • Killswitch Feature: The Killswitch feature automatically suspends your internet connection if you disconnect from your VPN, preventing data leaks.
  • VPN Protocol: PrivateVPN supports VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 And IPSec
  • Anonymous Torrenting / P2P Friendly: PrivateVPN allows you to use any P2P traffic that you want.
  • Port Forwarding: PrivateVPN also supports port forwarding which is useful in many cases.


PrivateVPN has three different plans you can choose from.

  • OpenVPN 2048-bit encryption with AES-256
  • Compatible with US Netflix

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Can I Use A Free VPN Trial To Watch Netflix

Yes, you may use a VPN free trial to access Netflix libraries all over the world. Keep in mind, however, that VPN free trials usually have restrictions that prevent you from fully using the service. Some free trials might not allow you to access the entire server network, and as such, not the ideal way to watch Netflix. Some VPN free trials also have data caps.

What Are The Limitations Of A VPN Free Trial

There are different limitations you can have while using a VPN free trial. It could be that youre having slow speeds since youre restricted to a smaller pool of servers. Besides, you could have data caps that could result in your free trial ending after a few hours because you reached the limit. In addition, it could be that you cannot make use of specific features such as split tunneling and ad blockers.

It’s important to always check the terms & conditions before committing to a VPN free trial to avoid any unwanted surprises. To avoid limitations, use a money-back guarantee instead. This way you can test the full service for a longer period, which allows you to really get to know the VPN. I tested the refund policies of each VPN in this list and it was easy to get my money back every time.

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Do Any VPNs Offer Free Trials Longer Than 7 Days

Not really. ProtonVPN has a free version that you can use for an unlimited amount of time. However, it comes with capped speeds and you only have access to servers in 3 countries. I recommend using a VPNs money-back guarantee if you want to test the service for longer than 7 days. Since VPN performance differs from day to day, the longer you can test the service, the better. I tested all the money-back guarantees from the VPNs on this list and could easily get a refund.

Cyberghost currently offers the longest money-back guarantee of 45 days with a 1-year subscription. I used it for 42 days before requesting my refund and had my money 5 days later.

Can I Use A Free Trial More Than Once

Best VPN Free Trial no Credit Card 2022

In some rare cases, yes – you can use a free trial multiple times. However, in most cases, that won’t be a possibility .

Free trial VPNs that only require your email address can be used multiple times. The trick is to provide a new address each time you sign up. We’re sure you understand how tedious that process can be, so it’s not exactly practical.

Free trials that you can activate only on iOS and Android can never run more than once. That’s because they’re “tied” to your Apple ID or Google Account. So, once your trial ends, there is no way to sign up once again.

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VPNs With Paid Trials Or Other Promotions

Premium VPNs require payment details because thats one of the best ways to prevent abuse and ensure that youre not repeatedly using the free trial. However, you risk forgetting to cancel the trial and paying for a full-time subscription. Consider these VPNs with paid free trials if youre afraid of that happening. The cost is meager and provides enough time to test out all available features.

  • PureVPN. You can take this VPN for a spin by paying only $0.99 and getting a 7-day trial period. PureVPN is an excellent service with quantum-resistant encryption, fast connections with WireGuard, and an expansive server fleet.
  • Ivacy VPN. Another service with a trial that costs less than a cup of coffee is Ivacy VPN. Its a solid provider with cheap subscription plans, great performance, and reliable security.
  • TorGuard. Like other free trial VPNs, TorGuard is available for free for 7-days if you add your credit card information. However, you can get an additional 30-days of free subscription time if you show proof of cancellation of another VPN service.

Nordvpn: Best VPN Free Trial For Security

Very fast VPN with a 7-day free trial on Android.

  • 7-day free trial available on Android smartphones
  • 30-day hassle-free refund period
  • Unblocks 11 Netflix libraries including US
  • Very fast speeds across server network
  • Torrenting allowed on most servers
  • Strict zero-logs policy
    • Limited protocols on Windows & Android
    • Not great for Smart TVs

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    Can I Use A VPN Free Trial On A Kodi Box Or Fire TV

    It’s possible to sign up for a VPN free trial so long as you’re using a Kodi box on a Fire TV stick, or something similar. Kodi grants you access to premium VPN services, and you can count on these providers to be fast enough to handle HD streaming. Be sure to get your free trial set up nice and quickly, however, so you can get the most out of your limited streaming time! To help, we have a handy step-by-step guide to setting up a VPN for Fire TV for you to follow.

    How To Get A Surfshark Free Trial

    VPN Free Trial No Credit Card

    To trial Surfshark for free on mobile you need to download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can go straight ahead and purchase the service as normal and ask for a refund within the 30-day window.

    For mobile devices, once youve downloaded the iOS or Android app its as simple as selecting creating an account and selecting Start Free Trial.

    With these login details you can actually sign in to any of the Surfshark apps, including Windows and macOS.

    You just have to download the software on the relevant device from the Surfshark website and enter your trial details to test Surfshark on desktop too.

    In contrast to a typical refund guarantee, Surfshark doesnt charge you at checkout. Instead, it will charge you after seven days.

    To avoid being charged, make sure you immediately cancel auto-renewal on your account by contacting Surfshark support who are very fast in responding.

    If you forget, and your free trial upgrades to a full subscription, youll still have 30 days to ask for your money-back. In fact, Surfshark operates a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to any free trial signup.

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