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VPN That Lets You Choose State

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Works With Dazn Hbo Max Hulu & More

How to Stream In Other Regions With a VPN!

Windscribe Free unblocks most major US streaming services. This includes US DAZN, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu.

However, none of its free US servers work to unblock US Netflix anymore.

Windscribe Free unblocks all major US streaming sites except for US Netflix.

Most of Windscribes servers are optimized for P2P activity, and its a good VPN for torrenting. Its credible security package and trustworthy logging policy will protect you from copyright trolls and malware.

This makes Windscribe Free the best free service for your entertainment needs. The problem is that Windscribe free is restricted to 10GB of data per month, which isnt a lot for streaming or torrenting.

Ask Your Isp To Change Your Ip Address

You can contact your ISP and ask them to give your network or your device a new IP address. Of course, this really isn’t a convenient option to do regularly, and they won’t be able to give you a new location, since the IP address they give you will always be tied to the location of your router or your device.

How To Change Your Ip Address With A VPN

When you use a virtual private network to hide your physical location, you also change your IP address in the process. Here are the steps you need to take to change your IP address:

  • Get a VPN subscription. You can find NordVPN subscription plans here.
  • Download the VPN app to your device.
  • Launch the application and enter your credentials to log in.
  • Thats it, you have changed your IP address and location!

If you want to change your VPN server to, say, USA, just tap the country pin, and NordVPNs smart algorithm will find the fastest server available.

There are other ways to use NordVPN as a location changer as well. You can install it onto your router or download our proxy extension for Chrome or Firefox. In fact, it supports almost any device, and you can even set up a NordVPN on your router. Also, check out NordVPN reviews where people share their experiences about our VPN as an IP address changer tool.

Online security starts with a click.

Stay safe with the worlds leading VPN

How does a VPN change your IP address and location?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, changes your apparent location by sending your traffic through a server in another location. Heres how that works:

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Free VPN For Ios And Android

VPNs for smartphones are becoming more popular. Not only do we use our smartphones daily, but we also connect them to unprotected Wi-Fi networks more often than we do with a computer. A free VPN definitely adds value for any smartphone user.

Nearly all good free VPNs offer applications for both Android and iOS. All free VPN providers we mention in our overview above offer free software for both Android and iOS. If you want to see how these VPNs perform specifically on the iPhone, check out our detailed review of the best free VPNs for the iPhone.

Will A VPN Improve My Internet Speeds

avast! SecureLine VPN Review

Sadly, no. A VPN has to reroute all of your traffic via the VPN server, in addition to encrypting/decrypting your traffic. As a result, it will actually slow your internet connection down a little. The best VPNs invest in high-quality servers and provide faster speeds, however, so your traffic will only be slowed by a negligible amount. In other words, you’ll likely not even notice the slight dip in speeds when you use a quality VPN provider.

If you would like to know more, check out our VPN speed methodology guide.


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Are There Any Good Us

Yes, several excellent VPNs are based in the US, such as IPVanish and Atlas VPN on our list. However, the worry with US-based VPNs is that your data is more susceptible to being collected by government and intelligence agencies.

For this reason weve researched these providers and found that they operate under strict no-log policies. Meaning that they dont collect, store, or monitor your browsing activities.

For example, IPVanish is even externally audited by Leviathan to ensure compliance with the policy. Similarly, the iOS app of Atlas VPN has been independently examined by VerSprite in 2021. The application penetration testing showed medium-to-low risk issues that cannot be used to compromise privacy.

Therefore, our recommended US-based VPNs are truly great options to ensure you receive anonymity when using the services.

How To Change Your Location With The Tor Browser

Changing your location with the Tor Browser is quite easy as all you really need to do is run the browser.

Step 1: Download and install the Tor Browser.

Step 2: Launch it and click Connect.

Step 3: Youre done!

Quick, right? Unfortunately, it does come with a few downsides. For example, picking a specific location is no longer as easy as running the browser and requires you to rummage through the settings. Also, it only covers itself, meaning that any other apps or searches that do not go through Tor are using your original IP and location. And the one thing you probably already know the Tor Browser is slow. So, its a situational option at best.

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How To Change Your Country With A VPN

The most effective way to change your location is to download a VPN such as Surfshark to your device and follow these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service.

Cant get started without an account! Find the VPN service with the best-suited plan for you and open their order page.

Step 2: Download and install the VPN app.

All you need to do is figure out which device you want to protect first. Not sure which devices you can cover? has the full list, and you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Step 3: Log in to the app.

Just open the VPN app after youve installed it and log in to start using your subscription.

Step 4: Click Connect.

You got there! Your location has been changed, youve been given a new IP address, and your data is protected. And if the server you get with Quick Connect doesnt suit your needs, you can change the location yourself.

In Closing: Get The VPN That Will Always Keep Your Location Hidden

How to choose the best VPN server? | NordVPN

Whether you want to protect your privacy or get around restrictive firewalls, the best option is to change your real IP address and location using a VPN. On that note, Surfshark provides an easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective option, helping you change your IP location within just a couple of minutes.

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Best Iphone VPN Of 2022

These virtual private networks are the top performers we’ve tested for Apple users looking to boost browsing privacy.

Rae Hodge

Senior Editor

Rae Hodge is a senior editor at CNET, leading its coverage of privacy and cybersecurity tools. She’s a data-driven investigative journalist on the software and services team, reviewing VPNs, password managers, antivirus software, anti-surveillance methods and ethics in tech. Prior to joining CNET in 2019, Rae spent nearly a decade covering politics and protests for the AP, NPR, the BBC and other local and international outlets.

Attila Tomaschek

Attila is a Staff Writer for CNET, covering software, apps and services with a focus on virtual private networks. He is an advocate for digital privacy and has been quoted in online publications like Computer Weekly, The Guardian, BBC News, HuffPost, Wired and TechRepublic. When not tapping away on his laptop, Attila enjoys spending time with his family, reading and collecting guitars.

There are limits to the privacy VPNs currently provide to iOS users, however. Recent independent research has emerged suggesting that iOS users’ browsing and internet data may be sent to Apple despite the protections offered by an encrypted VPN tunnel. We will continue to update our recommendations as more information and research surface around this issue.

  • Company is based in privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • Number of VPN server locations: 75-plus
  • Country/jurisdiction: US

Windscribe Best Free VPN For Fast Connection Speeds

Visit the Windscribe website

Why choose Windscribes free VPN?

Windscribe is one of the more well-known free VPNs we tested these past years. This services security measures seem of the highest level, even though news broke in July 2021 that some of their servers hadnt been updated since 2018.

You can use Windscribe on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even FireTV.

The free version of Windscribe has fewer options than the paid package. For free users, Windscribe provides ten servers divided among different countries around the world. This is relatively few compared to the paid option, which lets you use servers in up to 63 countries. However, when you compare it to the three servers of, for example, Atlas VPN, its quite a nice offer.

On top of that, the Windscribe servers are very fast. You can also use Windscribe on as many devices as you want. Pretty unique for a VPN that comes free of charge!

Disadvantages of Windscribe free VPN

This free VPN service has a data limit of 2 GB per month. However, if you choose to share your email address with Windscribe and verify your account, you get 10 GB a month.

Lastly, we were unable to access Netflix with Windscribe. Torrents, however, were no issue.

Verdict on Windscribe

The free VPN package of Windscribe is really solid. The speeds are great, although we do dislike the data limitations. Also, Windscribe isnt a great pick for people who enjoy watching Netflix with their VPN.

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Protonvpn: Best For Torrenting

If torrenting is your aim, we found that ProtonVPN is your best bet.

This VPN offers three different plans: 12 months, 24 months, and monthly. Youll want the monthly or 2-year plan for torrenting, and the monthly plan if you prefer to stream Netflix, Disney+, or other services.

The downside? ProtonVPN isnt cheap unless you go with the Free plan or yearly plans. Its 1-year and 2-year plans cost $6 or $5 a monthand the monthly plan costs $10 a month.

View Plans | Read Full ProtonVPN Review

See Local News And Services

NordVPN Review 2021 [Ratings, Pricing &  Security]

The city you are in affects the content Google, Bing and some other websites show content and they aim to provide local content. Go to Google News and you will see some stories from your home town. It is the same when searching for services and among the results are local services.

Selecting a city in your VPN enables you to see those local news stories and services. You get completely different news when using a VPN and you see things you would not normally see. This could be useful.

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How Do I Check My Ip Address

If you want to learn more about IP addresses and determine your current IP, you can use the IPVanish What is my IP address? tool. This will also reveal your visible online location.

You can also find someones IP address in a variety of ways, including using an IP lookup tool, checking email headers, and running command prompts on your computer. Unfortunately, if you can perform these methods, that means others can, too. Which is all the more reason to conceal your true physical location and change your IP with IPVanish!

How Do Us VPNs Unblock Netflix

Netflix has specific libraries for many countries and regions around the world, and these are only accessible to those who are using an IP address within that country or region. This can prove a problem for those on holiday, and many others just want to watch shows theyre not allowed to.

A VPN for Netflix can be used to virtually relocate you to a server in whatever country you want, and the best will do this in a way thats undetectable by the streaming service. Once youve done that, youre free to watch whatever you want.

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Are Free VPNs Dangerous

While the main criticism of free VPNs is that they just aren’t half as useful as the paid-for alternatives, there are genuine dangers lurking with some proponents .

For example, research in 2020 suggested that around 40% of the free VPNs available on the Google Play Store do not protect their users’ privacy to an adequate level. So the extra online protection you thought you would be getting just isn’t there.

Check Local Seo With A VPN

Free VPN To Change Location of IP Address

If you have a product or service that is only available in a specific city or region of the world, you might want to check whether it turns up in local searches. Of course, you can easily add the location to the search, such as dentist in New York but what if someone in New York just searches for dentist. Would your site come up in the results?

OK, so you may not be doing SEO for dentists, but there are many other local services that people search for and a VPN can be used to check a sites position in search results. By selecting the VPN server location by city, you appear to be located there and can perform local searches and see what comes up. Hopefully, it will be links to your site, or clients site if you offer SEO services.

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Should I Use A Free VPN With Tor

Its possible to use the free VPNs on this list with Tor but it can be very slow.

Since Tor already takes extra time to send your traffic through its relays, you need a high-speed VPN to make it fast enough to use. Free VPNs that limit your bandwidth and speed wont work.

For the best speeds, you should connect to a server thats close to your physical location. This can sometimes be difficult with a free VPN because they have fewer servers, so there may not be one nearby.

Where Are VPNs Banned

The legality of your VPN depends on where you are at any given moment, not where youre from. You cant hop on your VPN during a vacation to Shanghai just because its legal in your home country.

Heres a current list of countries where VPNs are illegal5:

  • United Arab Emirates

We also mentioned that VPN providers have to follow the laws of the countries theyre located in.

For example, if your VPN provider is located in a country where the government could legally make VPNs hand over information, then your VPN could potentially hand over your personal information to a foreign government.

Even if you personally dont live in the same country as your VPN provider, your info could still be compromised.

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Benefits Of Ip Spoofing For Us Citizens

If you already live in the USA you might think you don’t need a VPN to get a US IP address.

However, many sports are restricted across state lines due to blackout games. This can be annoying if you want to watch a game.

With a VPN, you can pretend to be in a different city or state. This allows you to gain access to different TV schedules and bypass MLB or NFL blackout games.

Alternatively, if you are an ex-pat living in the US, or even if you are just visiting the States on holiday, it’s possible to access all your home comforts during your stay with the US VPNs we recommend in this guide. So, if you are missing Eastenders and want to watch BBC iPlayer from the US, or you want to unblock Hotstar, you can do so with a VPN.

How Does Virginia VPN Client Work

Firefox Releases Dedicated VPN App for Android

Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is a cyber-security software. Almost all VPN applications provide traffic encryption and route it through the highly-secured tunnels, thus ensuring safe and protected web browsing.

But lets figure out how exactly VPN Unlimited works:

  • Our VPN client encrypts all your internet traffic using the AES-256 encryption algorithm.

  • Also, it reroutes all internet traffic of your device through an appropriate remote VPN server.

  • In addition, VPN Unlimited obscures your real IP address and replaces it with the IP of a chosen VPN server. For example, if you choose a Virginia server, youll get a Virginia IP address.

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Nordvpn Best VPN To Change Your Ip Location

Based in:

NordVPN is the leading VPN service on the market, and theres a reason for that. This VPN offers quite possibly the most comprehensive security-minded package, complete with strong tunneling protocols, a customizable kill switch, and a bunch of cool extras .

In terms of switching your location, NordVPN offers a network of 5500+ servers in 59 countries. The company assures you get the best servers and is capable of delivering some of the best connection speeds out there.

All this and more are available for a modest price of $3.09/month with the 2-year deal. And if you feel you don’t like it, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Another big name, Surfshark, has a rare selling proposition – unlimited connections per account. In other words, you can share your account with your family and friends, as well as connect all your various devices.

But Surfshark isn’t just about cost-efficiency. This VPN is one of the fastest around, delivering amazing speeds across its significant network of 3200+ servers in 95 countries. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a location Surfshark doesn’t have – perfect for those in need of a different IP location.

Surfshark is the only provider that offers a built-in fake GPS system. That means you can rely on Surfshark for spoofing your location and you dont need any third-party apps for that. This feature is available for Android users.

  • Prices increase after a year

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