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VPN To Access Indian Sites

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Explained: Indiaâs New VPN Rules & How They Affect Your Digital Freedom

We’ve been careful to only include the best of the best when picking out our top VPNs for use in India. For this reason, we’d recommend sticking to them especially if you’re worried about inadvertently signing up with a dodgy provider.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a free VPN, follow the link to check out some secure options. The article also points out which free VPNs you should avoid at all costs if you value your online privacy!

If you’re in need of a completely unrestricted VPN with no limitations and unlimited downloads, but you’re strapped for cash, we’d recommend that you take a gander at the world’s best cheap VPNs. These lists will be a huge help to anyone deciding on a secure and trustworthy service.

However, to help rule out some of the more malicious options, we’ve listed the VPNs that are known to be dodgy. Don’t give the following providers a second glance!

Secure your data with a cloud backup

Using a cloud backup service is a great way to prevent your precious files from being lost. For more information and a list of the best cloud backup for India page for a list of the best services for the job.

The Best Indian VPN Services In 2022

The best Indian VPN services will allow you to access the internet through an Indian IP when anywhere in the world – these are our top picks

So youre looking for the best Indian VPN? We thought you might be. Call it a hunch. Well, weve picked out five top providers that will give you a chance to connect through an Indian server when outside the country. To clarify, these are services with Indian servers, rather than VPN businesses based in India.

If you do plan on using an Indian VPN service, then theres something that you need to keep in mind. Servers which are physically located in India cannot provide you with the same level of privacy as those located in certain other countries due to Indian laws. VPN providers who have physical servers located in India are required to keep logs on the activities of those using them.

If your priority is something other than privacy, then that wont be a problem. That said, if you want the most private VPN services, then youll have to pick one that uses virtual servers instead. Fortunately, many of the best VPN services offer virtual servers, and we have recommendations for both kinds below.

The best Indian VPN services are:

The Downside: A Few Lame Ducks

Similar to NordVPN, having such a massive server pool can be a bit of a double-edged sword. It takes a huge amount of dedication to upkeep this equipment to the maximum, so at times you may find some slower connections on CyberGhost.

Hop over to our CyberGhost review to learn more!

For a relatively new player in the VPN space, PrivadoVPN offers what seems to be excellent performance. While the network is presently slightly underpowered, excellent services like this tend to snowball.

If youre seeking a good alternative to mainstream VPN brands, give PrivadoVPN a try. It currently sits at the starting line, waiting for customers to join it in a sprint towards stardom. It already boasts several impressive features, including

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The 7 Best VPNs For India In 2022

  • Protect your privacy in India with anonymous browsing
  • Powerful encryption keys protect your data from hackers
  • Securely connect to public Wi-Fi in India
  • Find great VPN deals and free trial offers

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for India because it combines blazing speeds with excellent online security features. Connect up to five devices and secure your entire network.

  • The fastest VPN weve tested in India
  • No log policy, kill switch, IP & DNS leak protection, and military-grade encryption
  • Get an Indian IP address from Mumbai and Chennai
  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in over 90 countries
  • Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • The fastest VPN weve tested in India
  • No log policy, kill switch, IP & DNS leak protection, and military-grade encryption

Protect your online privacy in India and connect with the encrypted PIA servers. Connect up to 10 devices at once, with apps for most major platforms.

  • Added protection when using public Wi-Fi or unsecured hotspots in India
  • High-level encryption for anonymous browsing
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer
  • Added protection when using public Wi-Fi or unsecured hotspots in India
  • High-level encryption for anonymous browsing

With servers in over 90 countries, including 32 in India, CyberGhost can help you achieve online freedom and security. 45-day money-back guarantee.

  • 40,000+ IP addresses

Can I Use A VPN To Watch Bollywood Movies From Outside Of India

Best FREE VPN Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (NO JAILBREAK)

Yes, a VPN lets you access top Bollywood movies by changing your IP address. This will allow you to use your account on services like Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Voot, MX Player, Sony Liv, and JioCinema if youre traveling abroad or facing technical issues.

Out of the VPNs listed above, I found that ExpressVPN and CyberGhost are the best services for streaming Bollywood movies from anywhere. They dont limit how much data and bandwidth you can use, which provides lag-less HD streams.

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How I Tested And Ranked The Best Free VPNs For India In 2022

To shortlist the best free VPNs for India, I checked whether each provider offers:

  • Large global server network worldwide, including locations in India to access local content from anywhere.
  • Fast speeds to browse, stream, torrent, and play online games for minimal interruptions in India and abroad.
  • Reliable access to popular streaming content on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hotstar, and more.
  • Top security and privacy on the free plan, including a no-logs policy, so you wont be blocked in India or put your data at risk of exposure.
  • Generous bandwidth and data allowance to allow you to participate in your usual online activities
  • Responsive customer service for free and paying users, so you can always get help fast.

However, not all freemium VPNs can meet these criteria some VPNs dont have Indian servers, offer slow speeds, or heavily limit your data. To get what you want , you need to give up one or two other features. The only VPNs on the list that satisfy all of the above criteria are ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

ExpressVPN came out on top in my tests, as it exceeded my expectations with the fastest speeds both in India and abroad, unlimited data, great protection, and more. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try ExpressVPN out for yourself completely risk-free. If youre not completely satisfied, youll get a full refund.

  • Thats it! Now you can watch popular Indian shows and browse without restrictions.
  • Manually Change Your Ip Using Paid Or Open Proxies

    Open or paid proxies may be an excellent alternative to web proxies. They are more stable and usually faster. But, you may need to pay attention to your privacy. DO NOT enter your credit card details or other sensitive info while browsing using open proxies.

    You may find Indian proxy servers with Indian IP addresses on WebProxyForFree. After you choose one, you need to set up your browser to use that Indian proxy. Take for example and configure your browser to use it when you connect to the internet.

    Next, if you dont know how to change your IP manually you should check these posts:

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    Are Virtual Indian VPN Servers Safe To Use

    Rather than simply removing India from the list of countries, many VPN services have come up with a workaround. It isnt ideal, but its the next-best option for those who need to unblock content in India.

    The solution is to use so-called virtual servers. These arent physically located in India, so the data retention laws dont apply.

    For example, with Surfshark and ExpressVPN, when you connect to India, youre actually connecting to a server in London or Singapore. But as far as any website or online service is concerned, youre somewhere in India thanks to the use of a range of Indian IP addresses that these servers use.

    This means that, yes, virtual Indian servers are safe to use: the normal no-logs policy still applies.

    The only disadvantage might be a slower connection. However, it could also be faster. If youre using Surfshark or ExpressVPN and are in the UK or Singapore, youll almost certainly see faster speeds than in you were in India.

    Not all VPN providers are offering virtual servers, though. For now at least, NordVPN users wont find India in the list of countries at all.

    Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

    If you use a different VPN and see India in the list, its well worth checking with the company to find out whether it has switched to a virtual server before using it. Were not aware of any VPN services that have agreed to start logging, but for you own privacy, its worth making sure.

    Is It Worth Getting A Free VPN Chrome Extension For India

    How to Setup Zyxel Nebula Remote Access SecuExtender VPN Client on Windows

    A free VPN Chrome extension is helpful if you just want to spoof your location and access geo-restricted content. However, the VPN extensions are usually just proxies and do not offer the same level of encryption as the VPNs listed in this article. Plus, they offer limited servers and do not secure your traffic outside Chrome.

    For maximum protection, its better to use a free full VPN app instead. That way, you get faster speeds, more servers, advanced security features, and full device protection.

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    How To Get An India Ip Address In 3 Steps

    10 MIN READ | Last updated: Jul 21, 2022 | By Kristi Hansen

    CyberGhost is now one of only a few VPN operators able to give you an Indian IP with your anonymity secured. Thats after new regulations require all tech companies operating in India to log user data for up to 5 years.

    As a committed no logs VPN, well never log or share your data with anyone. Weve moved our India servers to virtual locations so were exempt from Indian data collection or surveillance regulations. Read the full announcement here.

    Maybe you need an Indian IP so you can catch the IPL on Disney+ Hotstar while traveling. Maybe you just want to browse the internet free from censorship or government monitoring.

    Whatever you need an Indian IP for is none of our business. It is our business to ensure you can use one with your privacy intact.

    Why Use VPN Over Tor Or Proxy

    While aiming to achieve many similar things, VPN, Tor, and Proxies are not really the same thing. You might be able to get away with using either for some purposes, but the technology is fundamentally different.

    The Onion Router, or TOR, is more of an anonymizer that works by routing packets of data though a massively conflagurated network of hubs and nodes. It does this in the hope of making things as difficult as possible to trace the origins of the data.

    Its free to use, but the way its built makes it very slow to use. At the same time it does not offer the same level of protection to either the source or the data itself that a VPN service does.

    Proxies only serve to route your connection through a third party server. It doesnt mean your data is safe, especially since the provider of the proxy server itself can be shady at the best of times.

    It is possible to combine these services with a VPNs service to improve your overall security profile. Honestly though, in most cases, simply using a VPN is sufficient.

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    Using VPN In The Android Phones

    There are various applications available on to access the blocked websites such as UC-Browser and Orbot.

    a)UC-browser has a default VPN available in the browser. After downloading the UC browser, you are all set to use.

    b) Download Orbot from Google Play store

    Step:1 Install the Orbot app from Google Play store

    Step:2 Open the App

    Enable the VPN mode, VPN disabled will change into Full Device VPN. You can select specific apps that you want to use with VPN. By default, it will be set to full device VPN.

    Step:3 Select All the apps on which you want to access using VPN.

    For example: In the below image, I have selected Chrome browser

    You are all set to access the blocked websites.

    How Does Proprivacy Review VPNs

    FishVPN â Unlimited VPN Proxy &  Security v2.3.7 MOD APK [Latest]

    There’s no shortage of VPNs available on the market these days and whilst it’s great to have this kind of choice, it’s also a little daunting. How can you tell which providers are reliable and which aren’t worth your time ? The ProPrivacy team has been putting VPNs to the test since 2013 in order to answer those questions. We’re constantly inspecting big-name providers, as well as up-and-coming services, to ensure their security features and commitment to privacy are up to scratch and that’s doubly important for users in India who want to access sites and services that’ve been restricted by the government.

    I also took the time to test all of the VPNs featured in this article. Before any service claimed a spot in my top seven, it had to meet the following key criteria:

    Want the full story?

    The ProPrivacy review process is thorough and in-depth . So, if you’d like to learn more about how we put providers through their paces, head on over to our dedicated explainer.

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    How Much Does Hotstar Cost

    Indias Disney+ Hotstar has two pricing plans: Super and Premium. Premium is an ad-free version with a four-device allowance and 4K streaming capability. Super is limited to two devices and 1080p quality .

    Super costs 899 per year while Premium costs 1499 per year . You can also subscribe to Premium on a monthly basis of 299 .

    You can see all the differences between the two plans in the table below:

    Disney+ Hotstar has a two-tier subscription model.

    To put it in perspective, 1499 converts to just under $20.00 per year. Thats an incredible price for such an extensive streaming service. On a monthly basis, 299 is just under $4.00 per month.

    If youre able to get an Indian Hotstar account from the US you can make immense savings. The difficulty of getting one, however, forces many to pay the price of a full Disney bundle.

    How Can You Use A VPN From Inside India

    Perform the following steps to use VPN from inside India:

    Step 1) You need to select VPNs you would like to use from the above list.

    Step 2) Download and install VPN software on your device. You will find that most of the VPN services offer compatibility with popular operating systems.

    Step 3) Log in with credentials and connect to the VPN by choosing the server outside of India to access geo-blocked content.

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    Which Free VPN Is The Best For India

    None. There are no safe free VPNs as they are known for compromising your security and selling data.

    A Surfshark subscription offers top-rated security, 3200+ servers in 95 countries, fast connection speeds, and other benefits that improve your internet browsing. If that is what you want, test Surfshark risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Best VPN In India Free And Paid

    VPNs – Here Is How You Can Access Blocked Websites

    Best Overall- ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN is the best on the list because of its unique features like high-speed browsing as well as zero logs for certain private online activities such as ultimate VPN speed, set your location anywhere, browse and download anonymously, every data encrypted, compatibility with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, routers, and 24/7 customer support. ExpressVPN servers are available in more than 90 countries, including India.

    Expert Comment: ExpressVPN is an excellent server in all aspects. It provides a high-speed network and protects your data to the greatest extent possible. It is easy to install and can be used on all kinds of android devices. Moreover, it is highly recommended for the work from home option to secure corporate data from 3rd parties.

    Best Speed- IP Vanish

    IP Vanish is the fastest network on the list, offering exclusive features like safe streaming, fast connection, unmetered devices, powerful apps, proxy server, and 24/7 customer support. It also provides a free trial to experience the amazing flow network. Moreover, IP Vanish covers zero logs protection verified, easy installation, protective to a great extent and also money back guarantee.

    Best Budget- HotBot

    Summary Table

    • Express VPN – Rs 1021
    • Norton – Rs 499

    Best VPN in India Free and Paid

    1. ExpressVPN

    Key Features:

    • It is not suitable for any other devices apart from PC
    • Comparatively less features

    Best VPN in India Free and Paid- Buying Guide


    2.VPN Speed

    3.VPN Protection

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    Do I Need A VPN In India

    If the country or area you live in suffers regular internet blocks or online censorship, then a VPN could make a big difference. Proton VPN makes it easy for you to connect to the global internet and access content that has been censored locally. It also encrypts your internet connection and DNS queries, so your internet provider cannot see what websites you visit.

    What Can I Watch On Hotstar

    With over 30 individual channels, Indias Disney+ Hotstar has one of the biggest media libraries of any streaming service. Alongside Bollywood movies, TV shows, sports, and news from India, there are thousands of English-language titles, including access to Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.

    Disney+ Hotstar premium library contains major English language movies from Disney, Warner Bros. & more.

    Some of the most popular content hubs include:

    Theres an extensive selection of sports available, too, including access to NFL, English Premier League soccer, Bundesliga, the ICC Cricket World Cup, F1, tennis, martial arts, kabaddi, hockey, and golf.

    However, this large library and live sport is reserved only for those with premium Disney+ Hotstar accounts in India. If you are unable to create an Indian account for Hotstar, youll be restricted to certain content. But you can watch Koffee with Karan, sports replays, and select movies like Baaghi 2 and Junglee.

    On Disney+ Hotstar, you can stream content that is usually split between Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, and HBO Max in the US. Below is a venn diagram that compares what you can watch on Hotstar India compared to the US Disney Bundle:

    Hotstar in India and the Disney Bundle in the US share a lot of video content.

    Its worth noting that even though you can access some content from certain channels like the BBC on the Disney Bundle, that does not mean you can access all of that channels content.

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