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VPN To Get Around Parental Controls

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How To Get Around Parental Controls

How to Bypass Parental Controls

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My teen is currently in her bedroom wondering how to get around parental controls on her Macbook. Probably.

Sometimes it feels like teens invest way more energy and ingenuity bypassing parental controls than they do on homework.

There are all sorts of potential dangers online, from cyber-scammers to stalkers and grooming gangs. But all your average teen sees is loads of funny videos, endless Buzzfeed quizzes and aesthetic websites packed with clothes and cool stuff they need for their bedrooms.

Today Im sharing some of the most common hacks that help teens to get around parental controls on mobile devices and computers .

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How Does A VPN Bypass A Parental Controls App

Parental control software is often installed and configured on the internet network level.

The software maps itself to the network by identifying that networks IP address/IP range and applying its settings to devices connecting to the web via those IP addresses.

Some parental control software also goes to the DNS level, poisoning DNS requests to banned websites.

Thats where a VPN comes in.

A reliable VPN assigns you a new IP address after connecting to a remote server. Thus, your device bypasses the router/networks IP address and exchanges data with the VPN-assigned IP address instead.

That way, the parental control software cant see the data exchange, preventing it from restricting your internet access.

Likewise, VPNs assign you new DNS addresses from their privately-managed DNS library. That gives you an extra layer of reliability since the parental control software is completely locked out of your internet activity.

What Does A VPN Hide From Parents

It has been observed that 7th out of every ten teens conceal their online character. The following are ways by which they have hidden items from their parents:

  • Erase search history
  • Set up privacy to hide sensitive contents
  • Adopt incognito browsing mode

Therefore, if you need further evidence to answer the question, Does VPN block parental controls?, you just found the answers. VPN makes it possible for kids to hide the sites and information they access on their smart devices from their parents.

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Factory Resetting And Connecting To Different Wifi Network

As the saying goes, When there is a will, there is a way. Kids are experts in finding and researching in this digital world. Factory reset is the easiest way to bypass parenting control apps. Factory reset is available on all the phones, which removes all the apps you have on the phone. Many devices like tablets, computers, gaming systems, phones resetting them to factory defaults will remove parental settings. The device you are using for parental controls, you get an admin account and user account which is why kids cannot change it.

When your kids are connected with home Wi-Fi, they cannot bypass the parental control app and are safe. If you see your kids wanting to take their cell phone over friends houses, they will use this opportunity to connect to another network to access the things they arent available to, making excuses like home Wi-Fi is slow and other things. Be sure to filter kids phones.

How To Prevent?

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Can Iphone Restrictions Be Bypassed


There have been a number of methods suggested to bypass the restrictions on the iPhone. These range from software hacks to physical modifications, such as replacing the SIM card or removing the phoneâs battery. The most popular suggestion has involved using a modified iPhone model that removes geofencing features.

This effectively turns off all location-based services and prevents the phone from being detected.In early 2017, a Chinese company claimed to have developed a way to bypass the iPhoneâs passcode protection. However, it is unclear how effective this really is for real-world use.

The company behind this method claims that their technology can work in â100% of all devices,â but it remains to be seen what the true effectiveness is in practice.While these methods do exist, they are not without risk. Some may result in loss of data or permanent damage to the device.

The easiest way to avoid security risks on your iPhone is by using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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Can Parental Control See History

Parental control is nothing new. This is a method of parenting that has been used for centuries. It simply involves taking control of your childâs life by setting limits, rules and guidelines.

Parents can be very involved in their childrenâs lives. They can have a huge impact on their development by providing the right environment and providing structure and support. Parents can set boundaries and make sure their kids know where they stand.

They can also engage their kids in activities that they enjoy and make sure they are spending time with people who are good influences on them. Parental control allows them to keep track of what is going on in their childrenâs lives and make sure they are making good choices. It also allows them to intervene when something comes up that they feel needs to be addressed right away.

It gives parents the ability to take charge of their kids lives without being intrusive or overbearing.

How To Bypass Xfinity Parental Controls Ethernet

If youre not using WiFi and your device is connected directly to your Xfinity router via Ethernet cable, here we will discuss how to get around the parental controls.

The below-listed steps are applicable on Windows OS systems, but the approach is universal.

  • Open your Network and Internet Settings.
  • Right click on the Ethernet network.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Select Client for Microsoft Networks.
  • Hit Configure and choose Advanced.
  • Select Network Address and make sure that Value is ticked .
  • Delete any already existing value.
  • Type a completely random number in the field under value.
  • With a different IP, your device should no longer be affected by the limitations of the parental controls.

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    Sneak The Phone Or Ipad When Parents Are Asleep

    A very common low-tech strategy kids use just wait till parents fall asleep, sneak back downstairs to retrieve your phone , and spend the night on video games and social media!

    Solution: Keep any gadgets that not password-protected in your bedroom, hide them, or lock them up. Give kids books to have fun off the screens that is always available and unlimited.

    When all screen time control is outsourced to an app, even the best of them are eventually circumvented. The age-old reliable parental controls is to take devices out of kids hands so they have nothing to hack:

    Set Up Parental Controls

    How to COMPLETELY bypass parental controls on a router

    First get set up on your kids Android device.

  • Tap Settings> Digital Wellbeing & parental controls> Set up parental controls.
  • Tap Set started.
  • Tap Child or teen> Next.
  • Select your childs account.
  • Enter your account. Tap Next.
  • Enter your accounts password. Tap Next.
  • Enter the password for your childs account. Tap Agree> Allow.
  • After your accounts are linked, tap Next.
  • When setting up Parental Controls for the first time, youll be asked to remove apps, as well as manage a few settings for the Family Link app to work. If you wont use the app, youre advised not to change these settings.

    • Remove the apps you dont want your child to use. You can also leave them as they are. Tap Next.
    • Adjust settings on Google Play, filters on Google Chrome and Google Search, and controls for signing in. After youre done, tap Next.

    Youll be asked to install the Family Link app on your device. Tap Next. Tap Review controls to exit the menu.

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    Types Of Parental Control

    Parents worried about what their kids watch on the internet were born at the very minute the internet slipped out of the academic world and became available at home. Unlike cable TV and other technologies that deliver content to users, browsing the web, downloading videos or books is not as easily noticed by parents. So the said parents need some extra help, and its available to them in the following ways:

    • Blocked websites.
    • Using filters from the most used services to filter out inappropriate content.
    • Keyloggers. Keeping track of every pressed key for future review.
    • Scheduling. Have control over the time of the day and the length of the internet sessions a user has.
    • Preventing third-party apps in a given device.
    • Tracking social media, email traffic, and other communication tools.
    • Geofencing. This means tracking a child using GPS.

    So yes, some tools are available for parents, and no, they are not that clear cut, or easy to use, or overly automatic. The good news is that they cover a wide range of options, and some of the available software options can do more than one of the tasks listed above. The bad news is that if a parent is going to be effective, he has to be willing to use at least a few of those tasks simultaneously, which takes a bit of time, attention, and work. So no, its not something you can leave to the nanny.

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    • Native apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more

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    Browsing In Private Mode

    Browsing in incognito mode is so easy even your technically challenged grandmother could figure it out. Unless you have hardware or software that thoroughly monitors and filters any and all information being sent through your router, your kid will eventually stumble onto using private browsing. One of the simplest ways to get around this is to disable the use and installation of browsers that allow incognito browsing. Unfortunately, there arent a lot of browsers that dont allow incognito use these days so you may need to do some research and figure out which one is the most secure for your family.

    The challenge of monitoring your childrens internet may feel a bit overwhelming which is why there isnt a better time than now to invest in a service that will manage internet access and content in your own home and on your familys mobile devices. The idea of adding another subscription to your monthly expenses may not be ideal, but when it comes to your familys safety it might be one of the most important decisions you can make.

    Simple Guide To Blocking Inappropriate Content On Any Device

    5 Free DNS Parental Control For XBox, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad And More

    How you block content depends entirely on the device you want to do it on. If youd like step-by-step instructions for blocking websites on popular operating systems, check out our in-depth guide for iPhones and other devices.

    Apple uses Screen Time settings to block age-inappropriate sites and apps on your childs Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Simply create a kids account through the devices settings and start adjusting available options.

    Windows settings dont include parental controls, but you can block inappropriate content with Microsoft Family Safety. Like with Apple devices, you must create a child account and link it to your main profile. Then, access kid-safety settings, like website blocklists, content monitoring, or screen time limitations.

    Android devices dont come with built-in parental settings. Instead, Google has a handy Family Link app with similar features to most parental software but without payment required. If youd like more extended settings, like call screening, youll need to download a separate app, like Norton Family or Bark.

    Gaming consoles, like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, also have built-in controls to protect children from malicious gamers. You can access them directly from the devices settings. As additional protection, Microsoft offers a mobile app for parents, which you can use to control your kids Xbox from your phone.

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    Don’t Make Internet Safety A Prison

    It doesn’t have to be an awful experience, but by taking an active, engaging, and realistic attitude toward your children’s Internet use, they’ll be far more likely to understand and respect your wishes. And if you need a little more help with various devices, take a look at how you can use Chromebook parental control apps.

    Enable The Kill Switch

    An enabled kill switch prevents the parental control app/software from sensing you if the VPN connection randomly drops. Likewise, suppose your parents or guardian monitor the network. In that case, they wont see youre circumventing their blocks.

    Heres how to enable the kill switch:

  • Choose a reliable VPN. I recommend NordVPN for bypassing parental controls.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Kill Switch.
  • Toggle Internet Kill Switch on.
  • Some VPN providers, like NordVPN, dont have a kill switch setting in the iOS app. However, its enabled by default when you connect to a server.

    Still, ensure you have/dont have the setting on your iOS or Android device instead of assuming its not there.

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    How To Remove Parental Control On Iphone With/without Passcode

    Before we start, itâs important to note that this process will vary based on your specific iPhone. As a result, itâs best to consult Appleâs support page before attempting this method.There are a number of ways to remove parental control on an iPhone without the need for a passcode.

    For starters, you can use a USB-based cable to connect your device to a computer and then drag the icon onto the desktop or applications folder. Once the file has finished copying, simply delete it from within Finder. Alternatively, you can also disable or uninstall the Parental Control application from Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

    If none of these work for you, and you still need access to parental controls on your iPhone, there is one last option: bypassing the passcode altogether by installing third-party apps with root access. To do so, simply jailbreak your device using Redsn0w or Pangu.

    How To Choose The Right VPN To Bypass Parental Controls

    How to COMPLETELY bypass parental controls on a router (2022)

    Not all VPNs are great for defeating parental control settings.

    I tested 21+ VPNs, and only a few could and other parental control software.

    Here are the core features shared by the VPNs that worked:

    • Reliable encryption. The working VPNs use AES 256-bit encryption to tunnel your data, preventing the parental control software from restricting your internet activity.
    • Multiple servers. The best VPNs will have servers in your home country and abroad. Thus, you retain access to local content and can unblock international content too.
    • Kill switch. Otherwise, your network admin or the parental control software can notice your circumvention tactics if the VPN connection drops.
    • No-logs policy. Since your network admin cant see what youre doing, they might contact the VPN provider to collect that data. Fortunately, the VPN providers dont collect the data, either.
    • Speed. The last thing you want is for a VPN to bypass parental blocks, but youre suddenly getting slow streams on Netflix, , Hulu, , or other networks.
    • Ease of Use. From setup to application, your VPN should be seamless.
    • Multi-platform compatibility. So, you can avoid parental controls on your smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles with one VPN.

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    Mmguardian Allows Parents To View Their Childs Browsing History

    MMGuardian is an application that helps parents monitor their childs browsing habits using their Android phone. With this app, parents can view what websites their children visit and what topics theyve been viewing. This tool will also tell you if your child has been in contact with predators or has been engaging in cyberbullying. If your child is browsing the internet for entertainment, they may also be viewing inappropriate pictures, or seeing suicidal thoughts. Its important to note that this application has a lower sensitivity for code words and context than WebWatcher, which is why you should check the content carefully.

    MMGuardian can be downloaded from the Play Store. Unlike Bark, MMGuardian lets parents see the history of the messages their child sends and receives. The app also allows parents to view their childs SMS text messages and iMessages. Bark, on the other hand, only allows parents to see messages that have been generated through alerts. Nevertheless, this application has a wider range of features that may prove more useful to parents.

    Another popular app for MMGuardian is WebWatcher. This app is available for iOS devices, and requires the childs device to be connected to the same WiFi network. The app allows parents to control websites, block specific URLs, and monitor childrens incognito mode. Despite being free of ads and adware, MMGuardian offers the same features that a paid version does, and its worth a try.

    Using Secure Parental Control App

    There are many parental controls apps that provide a lot of protection and security and there are also solution to bypass parental controls. It helps you filter and block inappropriate web content. It is one of the best all-in-one monitoring apps working to keep kids safe from online threats.

    As a responsible parent, you would worry about the kids safety, whether its online or if they want to go to other places. You can check the time and again and track their location to make sure they are safe. You can also set time limits and detect apps usage with an alert system and more.

    How To Prevent?

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