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What Are The Best Free VPN For Pc

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The Best VPN Service 2022

Best Fastest Free VPN For Windows PC | 2020 (It’s Free)

ByMike Williamslast updated 14 July 22

VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – is a privacy tool that encrypts all your online activities, keeps you more anonymous online, reduces the chance youll be tracked online, and even gets you access to watch blocked overseas Netflix and other streaming content.

And thankfully VPNs are really easy to use. Simply tap the Connect button, and a few seconds later your device is using a secure encrypted connection, keeping you safe and anonymous even on the riskiest of public Wi-Fi.

But with hundreds of VPNs available, finding the best can seem a challenge – so we’re here to help. In this article we’ll tell you more about how VPNs work, what you can do with them, how to choose a quality service and which services are today’s best VPNs.

When Might A Free VPN Not Be A Good Choice

A free VPN is likely to come up short for those looking to stream or torrent, or people looking for a gaming VPN. That’s because these activities use up tons of data. If you’ve got unlimited data with your VPN, that’s not an issue, but if you’ve only got 500MB to play with, that’s only about one episode in standard def on Netflix and that’s only if you can actually access the service.

Also, you might find that your connection speeds drop, and for gamers and torrenters that’s a killer. Those activities rely on having high speeds, and only the best paid-for fast VPN services can provide that.

Finally, some free VPNs struggle with privacy issues, and the addition of ads can be a real pain for users. If you want the most secure service, you’ll have to pay for one at least then you’ll know exactly how your VPN is making money, rather than hoping it’s not using your info to cash in.

What Is A VPN For Pc

A Virtual Private Network is seen as an extension of local networks. It also preserves logical protection that may exist within the local network.

Usually, it is related to the interconnection of local networks through a tunnel technology.

However, the technology uses the Internet as a transmission medium using a tunneling protocol. That is to say, encrypting the data to send it in an encrypted way.

Then we talk about VPNs nominating artificially created networks in this way.

This network is called virtual because it is connected between two physical networks by an unreliable link and private.

The main reason for this is that only computers on local networks on both sides of the VPN explicitly access data.

It also usually develops tunnel strategies in the Internet protocol and IP infrastructure.

VPN for PC, therefore, makes it possible to achieve a secure connection at a low cost. You can also secure your Internet with a VPN for a laptop and a VPN for a desktop.

On the other hand, VPN aims to provide some essential components in data transmission, such as conversation authentication and data privacy.

When you want to gain anonymity and secure data on the Internet, choose to use a VPN without any trace of browsing.

Users who connect to the Internet with an anonymous VPN can easily encrypt their data using various protocols.

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Windscribe VPNthe Best Free VPN Service

Windscribe is absolutely the best free VPN service with no hidden charges or shady schemes. The services offer 10 server locations on its free version.

Its free version offers 10 GB of data per month. To receive the 10 GB data, you will have to register with an email address. Otherwise, you will only receive 2 GB of monthly bandwidth. Additionally, you can also receive 5 GB extra bandwidth by just tweeting about Windscribe.

Almost all the major streaming services are accessible with this provider. In fact, Windscribe is also among the best free VPNs for Netflix. Windscribe also supports torrenting on its free servers and keeps no logs of users browsing activities.

We could enjoy Riverdale on American Netflix for 2-3 hours with Windscribes Atlanta Mountain server

The provider offers a lot of the security features on its free version, including the Internet Kill Switch, ad blocker, and even multi-hop, allowing you to connect through more than one VPN server. Windscribe also offers protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks.

Even though its headquarter is based in Canada, the provider offers military-grade AES-256-bit encryption and a zero-log policy for utmost security and privacy.

It also features a Stealth protocol that obfuscates your VPN traffic and makes it look like normal HTTPS traffic. This cool feature allows the VPN to work in countries with high internet restrictions like China.

For more information, check out our Windscribe VPN review.

Why You Need The Best VPN For Pc

Best free VPN software for Windows 10 PC to protect yourself online

Usually, the top best VPN for PC recreates an entirely secure internet connection.

On the other hand, the best VPN for Windows or best VPN for Windows 10 takes your internet connection away from your ISP and its servers.

Now you know why you need the best VPN for PC. Here are the benefits of having the best VPN for PC.

1. Unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and other global resources

Usually, the users country/region cannot access specific resources. But does he still want to be able to watch his favorite programs?

For example, certain countries have blocked platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. As a result, when users visit these platforms, they receive constant annoying error messages.

But the best VPN for PC enables users to bypass geographical restrictions and view their desired content from anywhere in the world.

Also, some service platforms have realized and created advanced VPN detection software to block VPN access. All users need to do is choose a VPN. It can unblock these platforms.

2. Play geographically limited games from anywhere

Do you want to play any online games? But do you find that it is blocked? However, you are not alone many gamers around the world also face this frustrating problem.

However, VPN allows you to change your location. It will enable you to play any favorite game from anywhere in the world.

3. Secured download

4. Online guarantees of good privacy and anonymity

5. Avoid censorship as much as possible

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What Is The Best Streaming VPN 2022

Right now, the answer to that question is the all-round excellent ExpressVPN . According to our recent testing, it unlocks the lot: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube…everything! That’s a really impressive track record, but it also benefits from being fantastic to use and making you safer online with a litany of clever security features.

Best VPNs For Windows Pc In 2022

Even though you can find hundreds of free VPNs out there, you dont want to download just any free VPN onto your Windows PC or laptop. Especially since shady free VPNs actually harvest your private browsing history and personal data to make money.

To save you from potential risks, I ranked the best free VPNs for Windows in 2022. I carefully tested each VPN to make sure it performs well and is completely safe to use.

That said, all free VPNs come with restrictions on bandwidth, server options, and even speeds. If you dont want any limitations, I recommend you try an affordable premium VPN instead.

Bonus Tip: Want to test out a premium VPN without any restrictions ? Jump to see this easy method.

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Protonvpn Best Free VPN With Unlimited Data And Many Extra Benefits

ProtonVPN is the most well-known free VPN, ideal for those seeking a free VPN with unlimited data and zero logs.

Visit the Proton website

Why choose the free version of ProtonVPN?

Proton can justifiably be called one of the best free VPNs on the market. This popular provider from Switzerland offers user-friendly software, an excellent free package of security tools, and applications with good encryption.

The free version of ProtonVPN has no data limits, which is unique amongst free VPN providers. It also doesnt have any speed limits. This means youre free to use this VPN as long as you want, for whatever you like to do online.

Another of ProtonVPNs features is that it functions well on all your devices. Proton works with Mac, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, and even certain routers.

On top of that, ProtonVPN is a very safe provider. It does not keep any logs of user data and is well-known for its focus on security and privacy. As long as your VPN connection is activated, youll be protected.

Finally, creating a Proton account gives you access to a whole suite of other security services. These include:

  • Proton Calendar, with end-to-end encryption
  • Proton Drive, including 1 GB of free secure cloud storage

If you choose to upgrade to a premium Proton plan, you get upgrades in all these services, making it a great all-in-one online privacy provider.

Disadvantages of the free version of ProtonVPN

Verdict on ProtonVPN

What To Look For In A Free VPN On Windows

The Best Free VPN For PC in 2021

When youre shopping for a free service for Windows the criteria are similar to what youd consider for a general free VPN. You want a service that is not displaying third-party ads or harvesting your browsing habits. Privacy is key with VPNs and even on a free one theres no reason to compromise.

Next, you can consider whats important to you such as ease of use with an interface you understand, speeds, and country choices. That last point is going to be fairly restricted when going free, because thats standard practice for free VPNs. Nevertheless, if you want a U.S. connection, for example, most free services will offer that.

If youre hoping to use Netflix overseas with a free VPN you may be out of luck. Sometimes it might work on a regular U.S. server, but for the most part Netflix streaming requires specialty servers provided as part of a premium package. Other streaming services, however, may not be as picky as Netflix is when it comes to detecting VPN connections.

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Quick Summary Of The Best Free VPNs For Windows In 202:

  • 1. ExpressVPN Best VPN for Windows in 2022. Airtight security, lightning-fast speeds, intuitive interface, unlimited data, huge server network, and excellent streaming, torrenting, and gaming support. Although not 100% free, it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk free.
  • 2. ProtonVPN Best 100% free Windows VPN with unlimited data. Fast speeds and great security and privacy features, but the free plan doesnt support streaming and torrenting .
  • 3. Windscribe Really good for large households. Allows unlimited simultaneous device connections, is secure, and works with many streaming services, but its limited to 10 GB/month.
  • 4. Great Windows VPN for torrenting. Easy-to-use Windows VPN with decent speeds for browsing, gaming, and torrenting, but the free version comes with a 10 GB/month cap and doesnt provide streaming support .
  • 5. TunnelBear User-friendly VPN good for beginners. Provides good speeds and access to over 45+ servers, but the free plan has a 500 MB/month data cap.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Free VPNs for Windows.

Top 5 Free VPNs For Pc: Best No

Windows users will be pleased with the free VPN options available to them. Weve compiled a list of our top 5 best free VPNs for PC:

  • ProtonVPN: Best overall privacy protection (with no monthly limit!
  • Windscribe: Most unique security features
  • Best customer support
  • TunnelBear: Most server locations
  • If youd rather go for the full VPN experience with no data limits, speed limits, or small server networks, we recommend NordVPN, a premium service that will give you the very best internet experience Windows users can get.

    Youll find more comprehensive information in our full article, below.

    A free VPN service can be a blessing. They offer the basics of a virtual private network at absolutely no cost. Some free VPNs will even offer additional features usually only found in premium tiers. When looking for a free VPN for Windows, there is an assortment of options to choose from.

    So long as youre willing to deal with the restrictions normally found in a free VPN service, our list will provide the best free VPN options available. Each will protect your internet traffic while offering decent speeds, additional security options, and varying server locations.

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    How Does VPN Work

    A VPN works by routing your devices Internet connection by selecting VPNs private server instead of your Internet service provider . This allows you to transmit data to the Internet, as it comes directly from the VPN instead of your computer. If you want to learn about What is a VPN?, heres a free tutorial youll want to check out: Virtual Private Network Tutorial

    Which Free VPN Is Best For Netflix

    Top 5 best free VPN for streaming on Android: Safe and fast

    Free VPNs generally cant bypass Netflixs rock-solid geoblocks. They simply dont have the resources to upgrade their server networks to keep up with IP blocks Netflix enforces to reduce VPN traffic on its site. However, I was surprised that Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN did manage to access Netflix.

    I recommend trying out ExpressVPN because its the only VPN that could consistently access US and UK Netflix during my tests. It has an extensive and reliable server network thats constantly updated. It even unlocks other streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. If youre not happy with it you can always claim a full refund within 30 days.

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    Can I Stream With A Free Windows VPN

    If we’re honest, free Windows VPNs aren’t going to be great for streaming thanks to slower speeds, inferior unblocking tech and data limits if you want to watch worldwide content, we’d recommend a premium service like ExpressVPN .

    However, some providers can give limited access to sites like Netflix, and other sites like YouTube should be no problem unless you’ve run out of data.

    Can You Get A Free VPN For Windows

    We don’t recommend free VPNs for a couple of reasons. First, free VPNs need to make money somehow — which most of the time involves selling your data to third parties. Some have even been found to be infected with malware. Besides being risky to use, free VPNs also generally lack the features and performance you’d want from your VPN service. You’ll typically have to contend with slow speeds, data caps, weak security, limited server locations and erratic unblocking capabilities with free VPNs. The best way to try a VPN for free is to take advantage of free trials and money-back guarantees offered by premium VPN providers. If you’re on a budget, you can also check out CNET’s list of the best cheap VPN services.

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    The Best Free VPN 2022

    ByAdam MarshallContributions fromMike Williamspublished 8 July 22

    There’s no doubt that downloading a VPN for free is tempting. Virtual Private Networks are a great way to stay safer and more anonymous online, while also providing extra perks like getting around blocked apps, seeing censored websites and streaming TV, movies and sports that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to where you are.

    But when things sound too good to be true, they often are. There are hundreds of free VPNs out there on the web and in your app store, and the truth is that most simply aren’t very good. Some of the dodgier free apps bombard you with unwanted ads and may even sell your data. And if you were hoping to use yours to stream and torrent, you’re likely to be out of luck.

    In this guide we explain more about the dangers of free VPNs and how to make sure you avoid the potentially dodgy ones. If your main reason for having a VPN is just about having a bit more security on your laptop or mobile when using public Wi-Fi every now and then, the best free VPNs can do a decent job. ExpressVPN might take the crown of our favorite premium provider in the world, but the best free VPN at the moment is Proton VPN we explain why we think so below.

    Up To Five Simultaneous Connections

    The Best Free VPN For PC in 2021

    Although TunnelBear is a free VPN, it allows up to five connections at any single time. In fact, on several occasions, we used it to encrypt our MacBook Air, Android smartphone, and iPad that we connected to a public library Wi-Fi network. And thats another advantage of the TunnelBear as a free VPN: it worked across all major operating systems for desktop and mobile, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also had browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which allowed us to encrypt only our browsing data rather than encrypting our laptop or smartphones entire online activity.

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    Are Free VPNs Safe

    There is definitely quite a bit of negative press surrounding VPN services. Most comparison sites strongly urge consumers to stay away from them. At ProPrivacy, we also used to discourage people from using free services . That’s because there are a lot of terrible free VPNs out there that take advantage of their users’ data for their own gains. The reality is that about 95% of the free services available on the market are either completely useless or even dangerous.

    The providers on this page offer genuinely excellent, safe, and totally free services.

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