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What Does VPN Mean On Your Iphone

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What Is A VPN And How Does It Help Me

How to Set Up a VPN on an iPhone (3 Simple Methods Explained)

In very simple terms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer somewhere on the internet, and allows you to browse the internet using that computers internet connection. So if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you are coming from that country, and you can potentially access things that you couldnt normally.

So how does this help you? Good question! You can use a VPN to:

  • Watch streaming media like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location.
  • Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting.

Many people these days are using a VPN for torrenting or bypassing geographic restrictions to watch content in a different country. They are still very useful for protecting yourself while working at a coffee shop, but thats hardly the only use anymore.

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What Is A VPN On An Iphone

It’s a virtual private network which protects your iPhone from data snoopers and cybercriminals. If you install a VPN app on your iPhone and connect to a VPN server, all the data traveling to and from your device will be encrypted.

Using a VPN service on your iPhone will also hide your device’s IP address, so the websites you visit won’t know your location. This adds an extra layer of privacy when you connect to the internet.

How Does It Work

A VPN works using an app that you install on your iPhone. This app allows you to click connect on a server location of your choice.

When you click connect, the VPN app encrypts your data and sends it to the VPN server. Commonly referred to as a secure VPN tunnel, this encrypted information cannot be accessed by anybody as it travels from your device to the VPN server.

Of course, this is just a very brief explanation of what a VPN is and how it works. If you would like to know more, we cover this – in a non-technical way – in our What is a VPN? Beginner’s guide.

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Do I Need A VPN On My Phone

If you are using your phone on unsecured wifi in places like cafes, hotels, airports, etc. you would benefit from using a VPN. The VPNs are very cheap and they will make it much harder to access your private information which can otherwise be stolen quite easily on these low-secured networks.

Its so easy today to steal personal data and the results can be very frustrating for the victim!

Ive taken a rather extensive course on how hackers work and how they typically manage to get their hands on private data such as passwords and other personal data.Its SURPRISINGLY easy to hack a wifi router in a public space!

So, as always, the answer depends on what youre using your phone for.

I never use my phone without a VPN when Im in an airport, a cafe, a restaurant, etc. I will make sure my VPN is turned on so its impossible to see what Im typing in and which passwords Ive installed on my phone.

Securing Your Iphone: What To Remember

Why Does My Phone Say VPN  Apprentissage

So, how can you access the best VPN for iPhone? You can get a VPN on your iPhone and establish a secure connection between your device and the internet without any technical background. Your data will be redirected through an encrypted tunnel to keep your connection secure.

The NordVPN iOS app does exactly that and more. Here’s a checklist of what to consider:

  • Lots of servers.NordVPN for iPhone lets you choose from more than 5200 servers in 60 countries. A vast network of servers and modern VPN protocols guarantees better speeds and a stable VPN connection.
  • 24/7 customer service. Our award-winning customer support agents are there for you anytime you need help. Just drop us a line!
  • Secure connection. NordVPN uses the AES encryption protocol with 256-bit keys so that no one can decrypt your data.
  • User-friendly interface. Our iOS app is nice to look at, but more importantly, its incredibly easy to use. Download, log in, click the Quick connect button and youre done!

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Stream Foreign TV Channels

Foreign TV channels such as the BBCs iPlayer are geo-restricted so that they are only available in that country, which is another factor in international licensing agreements. With a VPN you can become a digital globetrotter by watch any regional TV channel that you want. Find out more in our best VPN for BBC iPlayer guide.

An Alternative To VPNs For Iphone

If youre still on the fence about using a VPN on your iPhone, there are free alternatives that will also help to keep you anonymous online. One alternative is Tor, a web browser that relays you through a random series of computers before you connect to the internet.

There are many Tor-powered browser apps available in the App Store, most of which are free. There are also some paid Tor browser apps such as Red Onion, which has a 4.5 star rating based on nearly 1,000 reviews.

Tor was originally created by the United States government to help protect their overseas agents. Today, Tor is used by millions of people who just want to try and stay anonymous on the internet. Tor has become increasingly popular because its free to install on your Mac or iPhone and its fairly easy to use.

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What Is A VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. What does that mean? When you connect to the internet, youre connecting using an IP address. This IP address allows companies , to see where youre connecting from and what sites youre visiting. For instance, your internet provider tracks your IP address and knows if youre connecting from your home. It also knows what websites you connect to, the time youve spent on each, what youre downloading, and so much more. This allows them to build a profile of you, and your privacy isnt considered at all. A VPN changes everything. You can connect to a remote server and your location, identity and what sites you visit cannot be tracked. That seems like a great way to take control of your privacy, but it also helps with keeping you secure. Ill circle back to this in a moment. There are tons of VPN services out there and many are free. VPN providers have both private and enterprise solutions to make sure youre staying safe online. If youre traveling abroad, you can also connect to a VPN on a server in your home country. This allows you to use the internet as if you were home. In short, a VPN is a way to increase your privacy and security by connecting to the internet on a server of your choosing.

An Iphone VPN Keeps Your Data Secure

How To Use VPN On iPhone! (2020)

Like we said, one of the biggest reasons you should consider using an iPhone VPN is to keep your data and identity secure online. It does this by encrypting your data, masking your iPhone’s IP address and re-routing your internet traffic through the VPN’s servers, making it anonymous. This prevents hackers, snoopers and even your ISP tracking your online habits and using it to their benefit.

This gives you peace of mind to go right ahead and use those convenient-but-unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots, and browse openly at home, without worrying that third parties will get hold of your personal data.

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How Do You Get A VPN And Which One Should You Choose

Depending on your needs, you can either use a VPN from your workplace, create a VPN server yourself, or sometimes host one out of your house but realistically the vast majority of people are just looking for something to protect them while torrenting or help them watch some media online that they cant seem to access from their country.

The easiest thing to do is simply head to one of these sites, sign up, and download the VPN client for your Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad. Its as easy as that.

  • The Best VPN: ExpressVPNThis VPN server has the best combination of ease-of-use, really fast servers, and supports streaming media and torrenting, all for a cheap price.
  • A Free Option: TunnelBearThis VPN is really easy to use, is great for using at the coffee shop, and has a free tier. Its not good for torrenting or streaming media though.
  • A Solid Contender: StrongVPNNot quite as easy to use as the others, but you can definitely use them for torrenting and streaming media.

All of them have free trials, so you can easily get your money back if you change your mind.

How Do I Know If My Kid Is Hiding A VPN On Their Phone

1. Ask them.

If you suspect something, start by looking your kid in the eye and asking if theyre using a VPN and if so, why. From there, its time to dig into the device itself.

2. Search for a VPN app on the phone and in the applicable app store.

On an iPhone, from the main screen, swipe right to expose a search bar at the top. Type in VPN and see if anything shows.

Second, go to the App Store on your childs device and determine if theyve ever downloaded a VPN app. You do this by:

  • Touching the magnifying glass at the bottom of the App Store.
  • Typing VPN in the search bar at the top.
  • Search for any apps that have the download cloud next to them . These indicate the app was downloaded at some point, even if its no longer on the device. If it says, OPEN, then the kid is busted because its still on the phone somewhere! If it says GET, then it has never been downloaded with that Apple ID.

For an Android device, touch the icon from the main screen that houses the apps on the device. Sometimes a white circle with six dots in it. In the search bar at the top, type VPN.

Second, go to the Google Play store and investigate.

  • Search for VPN.

3. Check the phones icons and notifications.

A final way to know if a VPN is running on the device is to look for the VPN icon, running on the device. On an iPhone, youll see the letters VPN in the upper left corner next to the cell signal.

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What Does VPN Mean In My Iphone Settings

An iPhone VPN acts as a cross-connect between the users device and the internet. It helps you stay safe from cybercriminals and data snoopers. It has access to your iPhones virtual private network. VPNs hide the IP address of iOS devices, so you cant find your location when visiting websites using the service.

What Does VPN Stand For On A Phone

What Does VPN Mean on iPhone and Should You get One?

Lets start by defining what a VPN is.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Its another way of saying that you will get online through a private connection. By that, we mean a connection that is secure in the way it is encrypted and hidden from other people on the network and your ISP . Your ISP can be AT& T, CableOne, Comcast, etc.

When you use your phone without a VPN all your browser history will be logged and saved by your ISP and they will know exactly which websites you have visited and much more.

More and more people are getting concerned with data privacy and with good reasons. There have even been examples where ISPs have sold information about their customers whereabouts to big advertising companies in order for them to direct ads based on your activity.

But more importantly than that, you can also get much better security when logging unto unsecured wifi networks in places like:

  • Cafes
  • Schools
  • Etc.

When doing so you are very vulnerable to attacks from hackers and people whore trying to sniff up your passwords, personal data, credit card info, etc. Thats much more common than people think!

But well get back to that in a second.

Lets first see what it looks like when a VPN is active on your phone.

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The Best Iphone Apps To Prevent Hacking

  • Blocks phishing links, malicious websites, shady apps, and viruses
  • Includes unlimited free VPN and password manager
  • Supports iOS 13.0+ for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Protects up to 5 devices at once
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Norton 360 offers the best protection for your iPhone, defending your device and personal accounts from hackers and malware. Im impressed by the number of features it packs into its iOS app it includes Web Protection, WiFi security, a full device scan, Contact Backup, and scam call blocking. Plus, when you subscribe to Norton 360 you can also use its unlimited Secure VPN and Password Manager at no extra cost. This makes Norton 360 one of the most comprehensive antivirus software packages available for iPhones.

After installing Norton 360 on my iPhone XS, the app immediately performed a full device scan. I was alerted that my operating system needed updating, making me vulnerable to hackers. I was directed to my iPhone settings through the Norton 360 app. Being able to manage potential vulnerabilities and fix issues from the app is very convenient and meant I didnt have to go searching through my iPhone. I also made use of Norton 360s Dark Web Monitoring to see if any of my data had been compromised I was already aware of the breaches it reported, but was impressed that it found data from more than a decade ago.

Stay Safe On Public Wi

We all love to access the free Wi-Fi data at cafes, shopping malls, marketplaces, metros, and airports. However, you can stay protected everywhere using a trusted VPN app, even on public networks. Just one tap, and you are invisible to everyone.

Using a public Wi-Fi network on your iPhone can become a cybersecurity flaw because hackers intrude on these weak and unencrypted networks. Therefore, the chances of hacking are exceptionally high on public Wi-Fi networks. So stay careful and never invite cybercriminals to access your credit card details, internet banking passwords, emails, social media accounts, and other sensitive content through public Wi-Fi.

We recommend you use a VPN to encrypt your internet data packets. Open a VPN app, choose a virtual location, and send & receive your information through an encrypted tunnel on the internet. As a result, you hide almost everything on an unsecured internet connection from intruders because they cant decrypt the data without having a private key.

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How To Fake Your Location With A VPN

If you want to pretend to be browsing from another country so that you can watch videos or browse websites that are usually blocked to you, its simply a case of connecting to a server in the country where that service, site or specific video is available.

Bear in mind that not all VPN providers unblock all video services, so do check if theres a specific service you want to unblock. Almost all unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and other popular ones, but its still worth checking before you sign up.

Also know that you still need an account and, usually, an active subscription to the service youre trying to watch. A VPN doesnt make Netflix or Disney+ free: you need to be a subscriber in that country as well as your own.

Using a VPN to watch blocked videos will probably be breaking some of these services terms and conditions as well. Were yet to hear of any paying customers that have had their video streaming accounts suspended or even stopped, but that doesnt mean it couldnt happen.

Heres an example of how someone in the UK can unblock Netflix US.

  • In your VPN app, find the list of countries .
  • With NordVPN you can simply swipe across the map until you can see the USA, and tap on one of the pins.
  • Youll see a dialog box with the name of the country selected, an on/off switch icon, and the option to Pick a Server. Just tap the on/off button to connect to that server.
  • Wait while it connects, which should only take a few seconds.
  • Are You Concerned About Your Online Privacy

    How To Use VPN On iPhone

    VPNs offer the best protection available when it comes to your online security. Therefore, you should leave your VPN on at all times to protect from data leaks and cyberattacks. VPNs encrypt all the data that travels over your network, which makes it virtually impossible for hackers, ISPs, and governments to see your personal information.

    If security is your top concern, you should make sure that your VPN uses military-grade encryption. Youll also want an automatic kill switch that turns your connection off if your VPN fails or becomes compromised. With a strict no-logs policy and 256-AES bit encryption, CyberGhostconsistently ranks as one of the most secure VPNs on the market.

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