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What Free VPN Works With Netflix

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How Do I Change The Netflix Region

The Free VPN that works on Netflix on Windows!

To change the Netflix region, you must install a VPN to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Then, select the country from the VPNs location list. Afterwards, simply open the Netflix website or application and you should be able to see the content you want. If the Netflix region didnt change, try a different server or a different VPN service.

My VPN Isn’t Working With Netflix

If you’re trying to watch geo-restricted Netflix shows with your VPN and it isn’t playing ball, there are a few things you can do.

First, as always try switching it off and on again. Almost all VPNs will assign you a fresh IP address and server when you reconnect, so if you’re lucky, the new choice will be able to access your chosen content. If so, some VPNs will tell you the exact name of the server you’re connected to, so you may be able to mark it as a favorite for future use.

If that doesn’t work and you’re using a paid VPN, it’s worth getting in touch with the support team. It’s a key part of what you’re paying for, and they will often be able to point you in the direction of a fix. At worst, they’ll be able to report the library as non-functioning, and hopefully that will make its way to the dev team for resolution. If you’re using a free VPN, this won’t be available to you.

If you have no luck, it’s worth visiting the aforementioned Flixwatch to check if there are any other libraries that carry the title you want to watch. Although it might not be available to you in your home country, it may well be available in, for example, both the US and Canada.

How Do Free VPNs Make Money

The most common way is through annoying pop-up ads that disrupt your viewing. Careful, those seemingly harmless ads can be hiding some pretty serious malware that may be tracing your internet footprint. While the free VPNs on my list are safe to use, other free services have been known to log and sell your data to third parties for a profit.

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Free VPN For Netflix Evaluation Criteria

To draw up a set of recommendations for free VPN for Netflix, we evaluated more than fifty VPN services in the following areas:

  • The legitimacy of the trial offer We have only included those VPNs that offer a genuine, no questions asked, money-back guarantee
  • Features available in the trial offer Our recommendations cover unrestricted trials only
  • The speed performance of the servers You need to have fast servers if you want to stream Netflix lag-free
  • Companys privacy policy We believe a VPN should have a strict no-logs policy otherwise there is no point in using it
  • Affordability of the service This was an important factor to consider, so if in the future you want to subscribe to any of the recommended services, you can do so on a budget

The above criteria allowed us to finalize the following five VPNs:

Premium VPN Services For Netflix

Best VPNs for Netflix Streaming Outside Your Country ...

Since free VPN services may not work always for unblocking Netflix and you may receive the VPN detected error, I have listed 5 premium options:

  • ExpressVPN:Fast 4K Streaming on Netflix. Access 16 different Netflix libraries. Costs $6.67/mo
  • Surfshark: Best VPN Service for Netflix. Unblocks 13 Different Netflix libraries. Costs $2.49/mo
  • NordVPN:Secure VPN for Netflix Users. Dedicated servers available for Netflix. Costs $3.71/mo
  • PureVPN: Budget-Friendly Netflix VPN. Popular Websites lists Netflix US. Costs $3.33/mo
  • Ivacy VPN: Smooth Netflix Unblocking. Hassle-free streaming on Netflix. Costs $2.25/mo
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    Cost Free VPNs For Netflix

  • ProtonVPN unblocks Japan and US Netflix in Australia and offers unlimited data. It offers servers that are only available in three locations. However, speeds get throttled which makes streaming Netflix in HD impossible.
  • HomebrewVPN is free of cost VPN that works with American Netflix only. However, this does not offer any app and it requires manual setup to use.
  • Atlas VPN is another free VPN for Netflix that can unblock Netflix USA in Australia. It offers unlimited bandwidth and also works with Disney+.
  • Tunnelbear Netflix VPN That Works In China With 500mb/mo Data

    Key Features:

    • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
    • VigilantBear and GhostBear

    TunnelBear is another free VPN that Netflix does not block. It does not restrict server access like other VPNs and offers the same servers to premium users. However, you only get 500 Mbps data per month with its free plan, which is very little as you can only stream for an hour or so on Netflix in SD. That said, you can get an additional 1 GB of data free if you just Tweet about TunnelBear.

    Its free and premium plans give access to servers in 23 countries, including UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Meaning, with TunnelBear, you can unblock various Netflix regional libraries. However, during our testing, we could only unblock Netflix US and UK. It did not let us access Netflix Australia.

    I could only stream one episode of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix US before the streaming stopped. Therefore, TunnelBear is a good free VPN for Netflix US.

    If you want an additional 1 Gb of data free, you will have to tweet TunnelBear or use another device to get free data. With an additional 1 Gb at your disposal, you will be able to enjoy another episode in SD. With such limited data, HD quality is out of the question.

    TunnelBear offers throttle bandwidth, and it doesnt throttle your speed, so its a great choice for streaming Netflix. With TunnelBear, you can also watch HBO Max in Australia. With my 30 Mbps internet connection, TunnelBear delivered a better than ProtonVPN and Windscribe.


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    Watch Netflix Abroad Free

    Netflix provides a vast library of content. With a VPN, you can watch all of it without additional charge. All you need to do is pay the subscription fee where you live. There are also free VPN options out there, notably free trials and money-back guarantees for some of the best services in the market.

    These options are great, as they give you access to the capabilities of some of the best services. That means you get high speeds and great server selections. Most importantly, however, it unblocks Netflix and bypasses the VPN ban, and it is all free of charge!

    How We Tested And Ranked These VPNs

    Is there a FREE VPN for Netflix?? Find out 2 VPNs that STILL WORK

    Any free VPN for Netflix needs to be safe, fast, and of course able to bypass Netflixs geoblocks, so you can watch as much of The Politician or Big Mouth as you like.

    First, I looked at the size and spread of each VPNs server network. Only VPNs with large global networks are usually capable of bypassing Netflixs geoblocks, as they continuously update and add new servers. Ive noted server numbers and locations in all of my reviews.

    I also tested several servers in different locations for each VPN, to make sure they give you access to as many Netflix libraries as possible.

    I tested each VPN for speed using speedtest.net. By recording my speeds before and after connecting to the VPN, I was able to determine how much or how little each of my recommendations will affect your connection.

    The faster the connection, the less likely you have to put up with buffering or lag while streaming Netflix.

    Last but not least, I tested each free VPN on security and privacy, to make sure youre always secure while youre streaming.

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    Dont Waste Your Time With These Free Netflix VPNs

    While I tested several safe and high-quality free VPNs, many services were useless for Netflix. This includes: Hoxx VPN, iVPN, CactusVPN, Ra4w VPN, Kaspersky Secure Connection, F-Secure Freedome, and Celo VPN.

    Unfortunately, I also found many free VPNs you should avoid at all cost due to security concerns:

    • HolaVPN: It doesnt provide any encryption, keeps detailed user logs, and may even lead to your IP address being used by others for illegal activities.
    • UFO VPN: Avoid this VPN as its been involved with leaks that left sensitive user data visible to prying eyes.
    • TouchVPN: This VPN logs extensive user data, including IP addresses and online history.
    • OperaVPN: When I closely examined its privacy policy, I discovered that it logs all sorts of personal information and sends targeted ads.

    Using these free VPNs puts you in greater danger than not using a VPN at all. They have unrestricted access to excessive amounts of your personal data, like your search history and payment details. Free VPNs often make their profit by selling this information to third parties. This exposes you to various safety risks, like scams and identity fraud.

    Can I Access Netflix Libraries From Countries Other Than The Us With A VPN

    A VPN that works with US Netflix wont necessarily be work with Netflix catalogs of other countries. While the US version of Netflix is highest in demand by far, weve also made up lists of the best VPNs for a few other popular countries:

    • Clear your browser cookies and cache.
    • Make sure you’re using your VPN’s DNS servers. You can usually check this in the VPN app settings.
    • Try watching in a web browser instead of the Netflix app

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    Im Traveling And Want To Access Us Netflix Abroad Which Countries Will These VPNs Work In

    The VPN services listed should allow you to unblock US Netflix in any country you might be traveling to, other than those where media is censored and VPNs are actively blocked by a firewall such as China .

    In pretty much every other country, the VPNs in our list will work. In fact, weve received comments or emails from people in Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Israel, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, and Italy telling us theyve successfully accessed US Netflix!

    Best Free VPN That Works With American Netflix

    Best free VPN for Netflix Android: 100% Work ...

    Are you looking for a free VPN which works with Netflix?

    You are at the right place.

    In January 2016, Netflix announced that from now onwards it will block VPNs which allow users, outside the USA, to watch the American Netflix. As a result, most of the paid VPN services do not work on Netflix.

    However, Netflix didnt reveal how it blocks VPNs. In general, they block all those IP addresses which associate with hosting providers that were commonly used by VPN providers.

    It also means that, if you set up a VPN on a Digital Ocean and then try to access Netflix over that, still you will be able to avoid geographical restrictions on Netflix.

    Dont worry!

    So, due to Netflixs huge crackdown against VPN IPs, there are really few survivals at present, even though the famous VPN providers have stopped working with American Netflix.

    Netflix keeps updating the blocked IP list whenever they found any. So, there is no question about FREE VPN survival in this way. Even though best VPN service providers keep updating the servers in ways which keep on US Netflix access. However, you can avail their Free Trail which is 7 to 30 days, and could check the service without investment.

    Free trail VPNs are the only solution for this.

    Here, we are providing you top four free VPNs that work with Netflix. All these VPNs work exceptionally well, and the users are happy with their services. Have a look.

    VPNs that works with Netflix:

    Following are the VPNs that still works well with Netflix:

  • Express VPN
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    Operavpn Great For Us And Uk Netflix

    Even though it is considered to be a proxy service, it comes with no bandwidth limitations. We were able to unblock all major Netflix libraries, and the service was easy to set up. As the VPN is built in the browser, it is pretty easy to use. It is rightfully placed on the list of the best free VPN for Netflix with no hidden charges.

    The privacy policy of OperaVPN, especially for computers, is very clear. Compatibility with multiple devices provides OperaVPN with an edge over other VPN services.

    • Only available within the browser
    • Interrupted file downloads

    Speed Test

    Compared to the standard internet speed of 100 Mbps, the of 93.14 Mbps and the upload speed of 88.49 Mbps after connecting to the OperaVPN server is pretty impressiveminor effect on the internet speed reflect that you can enjoy streaming without extra buffering.


    The 2021 Netflix Crackdown

    However, in August 2021, it seemed that Netflix had finally gained the upper hand: in one fell swoop, servers all over the world stopped working in what we at How-To Geek dubbed the VPN crackdown.

    One of the ways VPNs had eluded Netflix was by using residential IP addresses. These are IPs that arent linked to rented server space like VPNs usually use, but instead ones that are linked to residential addresses. Netflix had gotten wise to this and blocked those, too, causing some annoyance with people who were not using a VPN and were still blocked.

    On the other hand, Netflix now lets you stream Netflix Originals if it detects youre using a VPN. Youre not blocked from streamingyou can just only stream shows that Netflix has a worldwide license for

    It was a fairly elegant solution overall and it worked to block VPNs for about a week. Some VPNs quickly caught up with Netflixs tactics, and it seems that once again ExpressVPN and NordVPN, to name but two, offer servers that can connect to Netflix libraries in other countries.

    It looks like the game of cat and mouse is continuing.

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    Windscribe Safe & Friendly Netflix Experience

    With servers operating in more than 60 countries, WindscribeVPN can unblock major Netflix libraries, including the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, and Canada. The feature of no IP or DNS leaks provides it with an oomph factor.

    WindscribeVPN provides security and absolute anonymity to its users, making it almost impossible for the sniffers to identify the user or browsing history. The stealth mode provides you with an edge to bypass the barrier of geo-restriction poed by almost all streaming sites.

    • Performance with the OpenVPN protocol.
    • 10GB/month free data o unlimited devices

    Speed Test

    The standard Internet speed was 100 Mbps. After connecting to the Windscribe server, the upload speed was83.85 Mbps, and thewas 87.41 Mbps. The speed difference is negligible, which shows that it does not affect the streaming quality providing you with buffering-free streaming.


    The rating is based on Windscribe VPNs ability to unblock major Netlflix libraries, speed, and server connections.

    Do All VPNs Work With Netflix

    The Free VPN that works on Netflix on Mac!

    Netflix invests an awful lot of time and money into blocking IP addresses that belong to VPN companies. Because of this, most providers won’t work with Netflix. But don’t despair we’ve listed several providers that reliably unblock Netflix. If you choose to go with a VPN that’s not on our list, be sure to check with a customer service representative to make sure that it unblocks the Netflix content that you’re after.

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    Why Does Netflix Block You

    Netflix uses your IP address to find out where you are. Based on your location, it determines which TV shows and movies you can view, and which to block. This is called geoblocking.

    In the past, you could use just about any VPN to mask your IP address and appear as if you were streaming from a different location. But now, Netflix can detect most VPN connections, and all you get is that annoying error message:

    Netflix error code when using a VPN that doesnt work

    Our research team has run extensive tests on all the VPNs on this list, and Ive also tested them personally to make sure they can get around Netflixs VPN blocks. You can use any one of them to change your Netflix region. Just install one of these VPNs on your device, connect to a server in a different country, and access your desired Netflix library. Fast and simple. The hardest part is deciding what you want to watch first!

    For example, if you want to unblock Netflix US, you can connect to a US server. Youll get a US IP address, which will make Netflix think youre actually in the US. When you log into Netflix, youll be presented with the Netflix US library.

    Free VPNs Have Limited Servers

    OK, so you’ve found what you think is the best VPN that works with Netflix in a geolocked location. But have you? One of the hidden costs mentioned above can be a restriction of server locations. So, if you wanted to watch US Netflix outside of the territory, you need to ensure the VPN has servers in the US, or you won’t be able to bypass the geographical restrictions.

    Paid VPNs have a massive range of servers available to you, so geography won’t restrict your internet use. However, most free VPNs only allow access to a tiny handful of server locations the location you require might not even be available.

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    What Can I Do With A Free Netflix VPN

    No matter whether you’ve found either a truly free Netflix VPN or gone with a free trial, the biggest thing is that you’ll be able to access Netflix libraries from around the world wherever you are.

    For example, if you’re on holiday or on a business trip, you might want to stay up to date with a show. However, that show might not be available on Netflix in the country you’re currently in.

    If you head to your VPN and connect to a server in your home country, you’ll be able to watch the shows you usually can back home.

    A free Netflix VPN can also be used to explore overseas Netflix libraries. For example, Netflix Japan has tons of anime not available on US Netflix, so if you connect to a Japanese server you’ll be able to watch it where ever you are.

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