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What Is My VPN Location

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What Is A Virtual Private Network

Change IP Address – Hide IP Address and Location using Free VPN

A VPN creates an encrypted connection from a single device to a larger virtual private network, typically powered by one or more web servers. Traffic and internet browsing passed through the VPN encrypts data so that it cannot be intercepted by a government or ISP, or anyone else monitoring. This creates a more secure browsing environment while also preventing any websites from seeing browsing history from your actual IP address.

How To Check Your VPN Locations

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The world is a big place, but sometimes it feels like you cant get away from the same things no matter where you go. With access to many VPN locations, though, you can change your IP address and access sites that are geo-blocked in your country, getting a change of scene via the internet.

There are a couple of ways you can check your VPN location and ensure that your location and IP address are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to check your VPN location and to learn why changing your location with a VPN is useful.

Whats The Best VPN Server Location For Fast And Reliable Connections

Fast connections that dont drop out on you are essential when youre . However, finding the fastest VPN connections can be tricky, as you need to take into account multiple factors:

  • A countrys infrastructure can affect internet speeds.
  • Some VPN providers are faster than others.
  • Its typical for your connection to slow slightly when using a VPN.
  • The number of servers in a country is important, as user overload can slow your connection down.
  • The greater the distance between you and your server, the greater the chance your speed will decrease.

To highlight how your VPN provider and choice of location can come into play, heres an example. Below, you can see that our default connection without a VPN is running at 65.70 Mbps when downloading and 15.21 Mbps when uploading. With these speeds, youll have no trouble streaming, gaming, or anything else.

Now, lets see that result again after connecting to an ExpressVPN server. ExpressVPN is commonly touted as one of the fastest VPNs, and we never have trouble with its speed. Since VPNs slow your connection slightly, were expecting a drop in speed.

Heres how some other common countries stack up against the U.S. server. Youll notice how your choice of VPN location can affect the speed of your connection.

VPN server

And here are the key takeaways on finding the fastest VPN connections:

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Looking For A VPN With Decent Quality Server Locations

CactusVPN has got you covered weve got 30+ VPN servers located in 20+ countries around the world, so choosing the best VPN server location for your needs will be very straightforward.

We only rent servers from the most reliable and secure data centers, and each one of our servers has unlimited bandwidth.

On top of that, 10 of our servers come with P2P support, and all our VPN servers support Tor traffic as well.

Integrate VPN Detection Directly In Your Site

All About VPNs « TipTopSecurity

VPN IP addresses are just a small part of IP addresses that can cause problems for your business. IPQS proxy detection provides an easy solution for detecting all kinds of bad IP addresses including Proxy, VPN, and Tor connections.

Did you know that VPN detection can be added directly to your site? Simply upload a CSV file with IP addresses or view the proxy detection API documentation to get started.

VPN detection is accurate for any country and includes detection for IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.

Recent VPN Detection Tests

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Cookies And Location History

Cookies are tiny files that websites store on your device to know your preferences and configuration. So if you, say, enter a website for the first time in Germany, the device will store the information that youre accessing the website from Germany for quicker setups next time. This may not pinpoint your exact geographic location, but since region locks care about countries and not cities, it suits those goals just fine.

A more advanced version of this is Google Location History, an account-level option that stores, well, a history of locations you had been to previously. VPN or no VPN, Google can determine your location by using that stored data.

Check Your VPN Locations With An Ip Checker

There are a few extensions and apps you can use to check your IP address. Using an IP address checker lets you know what your VPN IP address is and, therefore, what your VPN location is.

However, not all IP checkers work, which is why at PrivacySharks, we have developed our very-own IP Checker Extension. This IP tool provides users with accurate information regarding their IP address and is the perfect way to check your VPN location.

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VPN Location Vs VPN Server Location

These 2 terms might seem similar, but they really arent. A VPN server location is the physical place where the server is located the country, for example. A VPN location normally refers to the country where the VPN provider is located, or the country the provider is incorporated in.

Usually, the best VPN locations include countries where the providers dont need to worry about laws forcing them to hand over user data, like Gibraltar, Moldova, or Switzerland.

Try To Access A Foreign Streaming Service

How to change location with VPN | Spoof your IP in 3 steps

Another great way to check your VPN location is to try and access a foreign streaming service such as Netflix.

For example, if you connect to a German VPN location, then when you visit Netflix, it should be Netflix Germany based on where it thinks you are located. However, if you cannot access the website, it is likely that your VPN location is not the one you chose.

Sometimes, you may simply not be able to access a foreign streaming service because these streaming platforms block users that they believe are using a VPN. It is worth bearing this in mind if you want to check your VPN location, that the streaming site may simply not be working due to a general VPN ban.

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How To Do A VPN Test: Check For Ip Or Dns Leaks

To check if your VPN is working, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Check your original IP address. Make sure that your VPN is turned off and head to our What is my IP address? page, which will show your actual IP.
  • Turn on your VPN and connect to a server. Now, your IP address should change to one of the VPN providers.
  • Compare your virtual IP address against your actual IP. Head to the test page again and see if your IP is different now. If the results show your original IP address with a VPN enabled, unfortunately, your VPN is leaking.
  • Sometimes IPLeak tests fail to detect DNS leaks, which can also reveal your identity. So its advisable to check it on DNSLeakTest.

  • If your VPN is on, DNSLeakTest should show the location youve chosen and your new IP.
  • Select Extended Test to dig even deeper. This test might take a few minutes.
  • If the results now show your new IP address and your chosen country, you are safe. Your VPN isnt leaking. If its the opposite, you have a VPN leak.
  • NordVPN prevents DNS leaks by sending all your DNS queries through a secure VPN tunnel to keep them private at all times. When youre connected to NordVPN, your device will only use DNS servers operated by us.

    Online security starts with a click.

    With NordVPN, you wont have to worry about DNS or IP leaks.

    How To Choose The Best VPN Server Locations And Ips

    Depending on what youre doing online, it might be better to connect to a VPN server in a specific country.

    • For internet freedom, Iceland is a top choice. Connect to a VPN server in Iceland if youre looking for anonymity when browsing online.
    • For unblocking streaming services, use an American VPN server or one located in Canada. These countries have few internet restrictions and have the two biggest Netflix libraries outside of Japan. CyberGhost can unblock American Netflix.
    • For speedy connections when online gaming, choose your VPN server carefully. Use a server thats not too far from the online games servers and your own home country. With a choice of 94 countries, ExpressVPN is great for most countries worldwide.

    Ready to start using a VPN? We recommend ExpressVPN for speed, no data logging, and the sheer number of countries with fast VPN servers.

    Youll find more information on which IP address to use in the full article below. Weve broken this down into the best countries for different activities.

    Want to change your IP address to one of the best VPN server locations? Not sure which IP address to use? Youve come to the right place. While your network assigns one automatically, you can easily change your IP address with a VPN in just a few simple steps.

    Whether you want to access blocked websites in another country, fix a VPN problem, or save money online, a VPN can help you achieve these goals.

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    Use A Nat Firewall To Hide Your Private Ip Address

    If you use a wireless router to connect to the internet, its likely that youre behind a NAT firewall. In simplest terms, a NAT firewall allows multiple devices on the same network to use the same public IP address but unique private IP addresses. Network Address Translation forwards requests and data from the private IP addresses of individual devices to their online destination under the routers public IP address. This conserves address space and prevents unsolicited inbound communication with potentially dangerous computers on the internet.

    A NAT firewall doesnt hide your public IP address, but your private IP address. All devices connected to a NAT-enabled router will share a public IP address. The NAT firewall will prevent any online communication that isnt in response to a request you sent from a private IP address. All other requests and data packets are discarded because they dont have a private IP address to which they can be forwarded.

    My Real Location Is Detected When Connected To VPN How To Disable Geolocation

    Your Friendly VPN: What Is IP VPN

    Most modern browsers implement the geolocation API aas defined by the W3C which enables browsers to detect the geographic location of the device. This enables web services that rely on location information to function correctly. The specification doesnt define the location sources but the following are commonly used:

  • Global Positioning System
  • Available Wi-Fi networks and signal strengths
  • GSM/CDMA cell IDs
  • IP address
  • If you are connected to IVPN the IP address lookup should return the location of the VPN server. However, if your browser is configured to use any of the alternate location sources then your actual location may be revealed to web services. Most commonly your Wi-Fi network information will be used as there are large databases that map Wi-Fi networks to a geographic location .

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    More Reasons To Use A VPN

    There are loads of good reasons to use a VPN. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Safety and security is often the most important reason for using a VPN. After all, it encrypts all your online traffic, which gives protection from online hackers and third party snoops.
  • Privacy is something we all have a right to. After all, you dont want anyone being able to see what youre looking at online. And a VPN will help you keep your activity free from prying eyes.
  • can be incredibly important if you live in a country that closely monitors the online activity of its citizens. And by getting a VPN, you can bypass censorship and access the content you want without the government knowing.
  • Accessing region restricted content is one of the most popular reasons for using a VPN. It can be really frustrating when the TV show you want to watch isnt available in your country or if you want to access BBC iPlayer abroad. By using a VPN, you can watch content from other regions.
  • Using public Wi-Fi without risks is another major benefit of using a VPN. After all, connecting to public Wi-Fi can leave your machine more vulnerable to hackers. But a VPN will keep you safe from these attacks by encrypting your traffic.
  • is a popular use of VPNs as itll help you bypass the network firewall and let you access any sites on the blacklist set up by your school or workplace.
  • If you need more information on how to use a VPN, feel free to read our guide.

    Roobet VPN: Play Roobet from anywhere in the world

    What Is The Difference Between My Original Ip Address And An Ip Address Provided By A VPN

    Your public IP address is supplied by your ISP and ISPs can track your internet usage right back to the IP address they gave you. This makes it easy for authorities to demand ISPs hand over data regarding a users internet usage. By using a VPN, your ISP IP address is replaced by the VPN servers IP address. This means that your internet usage cannot be traced back to you. This is because when connected to a VPN, your VPN IP address is shared with multiple different users and routed through multiple servers. In addition to that, your data is fully encrypted, making you protected online. Authorities can demand information from us, but we store no logs unlike ISPs, so we have nothing to give.

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    Connect To A VPN In Windows

    Whether it’s for work or personal use, you can connect to a virtual private network on your Windows PC. A VPN connection can help provide a more secure connection and access to your company’s network and the internet, for example, when youre working from a coffee shop or similar public place.

    Note: This feature is not available in Windows 11 SE. Learn more

    Test Your VPNs Ip Or Server Address

    Why do you need VPN? How to change location on Netflix using RUSVPN

    Now, its time to check whether your VPNs server is a physical or virtual unit. Well do that by testing the servers ping, uncovering its true location. Do the following.

    1. First, make sure to connect to your VPN using any server available. However, make a note of the server you’ve chosen . Still, if you don’t have access to a VPN and wish only to check its server address, you can proceed with that information only.

    2. Use any Web browser to visit After a couple of moments, the website will read your IP address while also providing a whole wealth of information. Next, you need to note your IP address, visible at the top of the website. Alternatively, you can proceed only with a VPN server address .

    3. Input the IP or server address in the “Ping” field, located at the very top of Then, hit the ‘Go’ button and wait a couple of minutes until the test is done.

    4. The website will contact the chosen IP/server address from 30+ locations around the world. Keep your eye on the ‘Best’ column and identify the lowest ping value. That would indicate the true location of the chosen VPN server, based on its IP address or server address.

    5. In the end, the location of the lowest ping value should correspond to the location of your chosen VPN server. If you see a discrepancy there, that would indicate that youre using a VPN virtual location instead.

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    Is It Safe To Fake A Location Via VPN

    For the most part, the answer is yes.

    There are some sites that will specifically refuse connections from VPNs, or they will state in their terms of usage that VPNs are not permitted, so you will run the risk of getting banned if caught.

    For this reason, we strongly recommend that you make use of one of the premium VPN options and stay clear of all free VPN options.

    In addition, if you are obvious in your usage of a VPN, you run the risk of receiving site bans.

    For example, using a VPN to check your area of Tindr might seem like a good idea, but if you are jumping around the country every half an hour, itâs going to be clear you are not traveling, and you may receive a ban.

    Findingthe Real VPN Location

    Things are notalways as they seem. Your VPN server might not be in the exact same country asyour provider claims. But thankfully, there are ways you can figure out thethings yourself.

    Find your current IP address online

    There are a lotof websites on the internet which can provide you with your current IP address,its location and others.

    One such website is which can help you in finding the VPN location through your IP address. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server, visit this website, and you will able to find your IPv4, IPv6 and local IP addresses, and even your ISP.

    It is importantto mention here that finding geolocation through this method is not always 100%accurate, as the suggested city might be 200 miles away from the real location.

    But in any case,you will be able to have an idea. You might even like to check other is another online service which helps you in finding your currentlocation.

    If the resultsprovided by all these servers show the same country, then your VPN server ispretty much located there. However, if you get mixed results, it is sure thatyou will experience the same uncertainty online.

    Your VPN willwork fine on some websites, but not on others, depending on how they detectyour servers location.

    Ping the IP address

    To find out ifyour VPN is actually located somewhere else than what is claimed, you need tomake use of this method.

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