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What Is The Best VPN Provider

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Not All VPNs Are The Same


The previous section outlined the technology. But the weak point of any protected system is in its final performance.

Of course, if you were to set up and configure your own open source VPN server then your system would be quite secure.

But can we trust a third party companies?

Can we be sure that they took everything into account, really applied encryption, implemented protection against leaks, and so on?

It’s a difficult question. After all, if were just using a VPN to register another free account on a smartphone games, then its not a big deal.

But what if we use VPN all the time? Is our personal data or information that we want to hide from the Internet Service Provider secure?

In this case, we need choose a VPN that we can trust.

A list of the main tasks you should think about when assessing the quality of a VPN service:

  • Location masking
  • Protection of transmitted and received data, including in public WiFi
  • VPN blocking bypass
  • Increased streaming video quality.

Few VPNs can meet all of these objectives and its easy to make a mistake in choosing a service.

Can Someone Track You If Youre Using A VPN

No, you cant be tracked if you use a VPN since a VPN replaces your actual IP address with its own servers IP address.

However, some VPN companies do keep a record of your actual IP address along with your device type, the times you went online, and more information that could be used to track people. Thats why its important to look at the VPNs privacy policy and ensure its strict.

Testing Methodology: How We Tested The Best Free VPN Services In 2021

We have tested 60+ free VPN services to bring you the top 10 best free VPNs in 2021. These VPNs were selected on the following performance criteria:

1. Security

Does it offer 256-bit encryption, leak protection, and secure protocols? Most free VPNs are not secure as they log user data. So, make sure the best free VPN encrypts online traffic using 256-bit encryption and further boosts security with a kill switch, IP leak protection, and more.

2. Speed

Is it fast or slow for streaming, torrenting, and general browsing? Make sure the best free VPN you choose does not slow down your connection speeds by more than 30%.

3. Bandwidth limitations

How much bandwidth does the free VPN offer? We made sure to include free providers that offer a generous data allowance.

4. Reliability

Is the VPN trustworthy and safe to use? We made sure to include the VPNs that offer reliable privacy policies and are safe to use.

5. Streaming

Can a free VPN help you unblock streaming services like Netflix? Most of the best free VPNs mentioned in this guide like Windscribe work with popular streaming sites like YouTube, HBO, Netflix, and more.

6. Compatibility

Is the free VPN compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and more? Make sure the VPN you choose offers apps for various platforms so you can easily get started.

7. Customer Support

Does it offer 24/7 customer support? Make sure the free VPN you choose offers 24/7 support. Live chat support is the most ideal.

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Protection Against Leaks In Case Of Violation Of The VPN Tunnel

VPN is designed in such a way that data protection occurs only inside the virtual tunnel. At the same time, for the user there is no difference in how the traffic flows – in the usual way or through the tunnel.

This is where VPN’s weakness lies. You simply won’t notice if the VPN goes down for some reason.

Even if it automatically reconnects, some of the data may have been sent without protection.

Leakage can occur through:

  • Automatic updates of VPN software
  • Change of location

But, fortunately, there is an effective way to protect against such leaks – Kill Switch technology. It blocks all traffic outside the VPN channel. There is also a Kill Switch variant that abnormally closes the specified applications. Read more in the review VPN with Kill Switch.

Is Using A VPN Illegal

Best VPN Providers 2021

Virtual private networks themselves are perfectly legal in most jurisdictions, including the United States, and theres nothing illegal about using one for anything youd do on the internet thats not an unlawful activity. At its most basic, a VPN is simply a network of privately operated servers that you connect to and through which your internet traffic is routed. That said, VPNs can still put the user in a legal gray area under certain circumstances. This largely comes down to geography.

Certain countries and jurisdictions, particularly those where the state engages in censorship, have laws against circumventing these government restrictions, up to and including blanket bans on virtual private networks. China, Cuba, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and Russia are a few countries known for restricting or completely prohibiting VPN usage. If youre concerned about this, make sure to read up on your national and local laws before you start shopping for a VPN.

It also should go without saying that a VPN doesnt cast a magic spell that makes illegal activities legal. Any action that is unlawful when conducted online without a VPN is still unlawful when using a VPN. This includes piracy. Peer-to-peer file-sharing protocols such as BitTorrent have many legitimate uses , but illegally sharing copyrighted materials isnt one of them. Bear this in mind if youre specifically looking for a good VPN for torrenting.

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The Best VPN For Canada In 2021

Secure your internet freedom north of the border

Wherever you are in the world, a VPN is always going to prove a handy bit of kit to have, boasting a long list of qualities and features, including IP spoofing and adding an extra layer to your online security. And, with cyber security laws proving to be rather extensive in comparison to other countries in the west, a VPN for Canada may very well be an essential piece of software to have onboard your device.

Part of the Great White North’s plan to combat terrorism, Canada has introduced a number of laws to curtail this. In doing so, however, it could lead to those living in Canada feeling their privacy is at risk. That’s why a Canada VPN could be a great tool to use, giving you better reassurance with an additional layer of privacy concealing your internet activity.

Much like any VPN, a Canada VPN allows you to do a ton of useful tricks like unblocking geo-restricted content. This could mean the difference between tuning into the likes of TSN or DAZN when outside of the country, or missing out on your preferred native broadcaster. You could also benefit from watching titles exclusive to US Netflix.

Many of the top VPN providers have servers located in Canada, but we’re here to tell you which is the best Canada VPN for you that will get the job done.

Today’s top 3 best Canada VPNs:

It offers over 30 server locations in Canada alone, with an additional 800+ servers located in the US, so theres certainly no shortage here.

Will A Free VPN Keep Me Safe On Public Networks

Like a paid VPN, a free one should keep you safe when using public networks in places like restaurants, hotels, and airports.

The problem with public networks is that they arent very secure. Its relatively easy for someone with the right equipment to capture the packets of data that go from your device to the router, allowing them to see exactly what youre doing online. If the website youre visiting is using a protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol , the hacker can see your login details if you sign in as well as everything else you do on a website.

To protect your data, using a VPN on public networks is a great idea.

For that reason, using a VPN on public networks is a great idea, since the service encrypts your data so that the hacker cant see your online activities. You can read more about this in our How easy is it to capture data on public free Wi-Fi? article written by the professor himself, Gary Sims.

However, its worth mentioning that hackers cant see what you do online when visiting websites with encrypted connections . A VPN may not be required in this case, but youll always have to check whether a website is secure or not. If the connection is secure, youll see a green padlock in the address bar of your browser. Most popular websites do offer encrypted connections these days, but not all of them.

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What Should I Look For In A VPN

  • Strong privacy: Privacy and security are the most important factors when choosing a VPN. That means choosing a VPN with jurisdiction outside Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or 14 Eyes, as weve mentioned. Youll also want a VPN with a no-logging policy. Finally, encryption technology should be up to date, such as AES-256.
  • Number of server locations: The more servers a VPN company has, the more likely youll find one near you. That leads to faster connection speeds. Youll also want to make sure the VPN has servers in countries you want to access.
  • Number of simultaneous connections: Youll want to make sure the VPN you choose allows enough simultaneous devices on one plan. Not all VPNs allow unlimited connections.
  • Ability to stream: Not all VPN services allow you to stream. Some allow certain streaming services like Netflix, but not others like Hulu. Its important to make sure that the streaming services you want are provided.

Best For Budget Conscious Privacy Hawks

The Best VPN Service For Windows 10 in 2021


  • Privacy baked into its account system
  • Strong stance on transparency


  • Large, diversely distributed fleet of servers
  • Strong privacy and security practices
  • Split tunneling

For those of us who grew up just a short drive from the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Ontario, Canada has an outsized place in our formative years. We visited often to eat at Tim Hortons before it took over American markets. We pointed our TV antennas just so, in order to pick up Canadian channels. We’re grateful we can now repay that nation for all it has given to us with this list of the best VPNs for Canada.

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Enhance Your Online Security

Public or semi-public Wi-Fi is found almost everywhere these days in airports, cafes, libraries, museums, malls, restaurants, railway stations, bus terminals, you name it. I

if you’re a frequent traveller, you probably use or are tempted to use public Wi-Fi more than most people. But you must understand the privacy concerns and the security threats that come with browsing the web on a public Wi-Fi connection.

Now, heres the problem in a nutshell. Wi-Fi uses special radio waves called wifi waves’ to transmit data. Unfortunately that means that when you use public Wifi, hackers can easily tune in and eavesdrop on much of the data being transmitted, in a similar manner to how you would tune into a radio!

Rather alarmingly, the hacker doesnt even have to be in the same room as you, and they can also eavesdrop on you from remote locations if they have detecting equipment that’s sensitive enough.

So what kind of data can hackers see exactly? Believe it or not, when you use public Wi-Fi, a hacker can easily recover many of your account usernames, log-in passwords and any other information that you send to unencrypted websites.

They can use a technique called packet sniffing to capture all of this unencrypted data sent from your computer and later analyze all this data to capture all the passwords therein.

VPN Reviews And Speed Tests 2021

Our list is based on cold, hard facts. The best kind of facts. We tested over 15 different VPN services from major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec, and others to get the different data. We then compiled our data and used it to rank the top 6 Canadian VPNs overall.

AES-256 4

Our mission is to help find the absolute best VPN for Canada. Therefore, we looked at six equally important factors:

Speed There is no need to sacrifice speed for security.Data leakage Defeats the purpose of using a VPN.Privacy and security features The more the merrier.Logging policies If they keep it theyre probably selling it.Customer support Issue resolution and education are key.Cost A good VPN shouldnt be cost-prohibitive.Torrent and Netflix availability The real concern here is whether or not we can watch The Office in every country we go to.

We look at each and every one of these factors in all of our VPN reviews. You also might want to check out our testing process.

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Unlimited Simultaneous Connection & Cost

Remember we talked about a few providers offering unlimited simultaneous connections. Well, Surfshark is one of them. In addition, Surfshark supports an infinite number of devices on its every premium subscription. So even if you set up a single Surfshark account on all of your friends and family devices, you will still be able to set it up on more devices, making it one of the best VPNs for multiple devices.

Like every other top-tier VPN provider, Surfshark can easily be configured and used on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Roku, Kodi, Roku, Firestick, Xbox, Kindle Fire, PS4, router, and many other devices simultaneously.

One can assume that with so much to offer, the service would be very expensive. Thats the best part about Surfshark. It only costs $2.21/mo and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out what other VPN discounted deals are currently in discussion.

An affordable price, reliable and efficient 24/7 customer support team, and unlimited simultaneous connection, make Surfshark the second best VPN choice for every purpose.

To learn more about this provider, check out our Surfshark review.

Why Should Travellers Use A VPN When Accessing The Internet Overseas

The 8 Best VPN Service Providers of 2019

This is a very good question.

Obviously, if you dont use the Internet when you travel, then youll have no need for a VPN. But if you do access the web while travelling, there are benefits to using a VPN. There are actually four main reasons why you might use a VPN to access the Internet while travelling:

1. To protect your privacy while online.

2. To dramatically enhance your online security when sending sensitive data over public Wifi or less secure Wifi networks.

3. To restore access to geo-restricted or government censored content and services. This essentially amounts to restoring your online freedom.

4. To keep your online accounts running smoothly and prevent them from getting suspended or frozen for suspicious activity by Paypal, Skrill, Google, Facebook etc, by allowing you to maintain a fixed public I.P address, even while your real I.P keeps changing as you move from country to country.

We’ll now examine each of these benefits in a bit more detail.

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Best Free VPN For Tablets

Apart from smartphones, VPNs also have apps for tablets running on iOS and Android software. It is just as easy to install a VPN on your tablet as on your phone. Most people use a VPN on their tablet to access restricted content like watching Netflix with free VPNs.

As with smartphones, all free VPNs mentioned above have iOS and Android apps for different brands of tablets that you can easily download from App Stores.

How To Confirm If The VPN Is Working Correctly

Before you start using a new VPN service in earnest, you need to ensure the VPN is working as its supposed to.

You can check if your I.P address has changed by visiting a site like If the VPN is working, it will display the I.P address of the VPN server and not your real I.P address.

Another thing you should check for is a thing called a DNS leak. This is when some of your requests get sent outside of the VPN tunnel in an unencrypted format, thus compromising your privacy.

To test this quickly, just visit . The site gives instructions for how to spot if youre leaking and how to remedy the problem.

Firefox is more guaranteed than Google Chrome to prevent the leak. To fix the leak in Firefox, just type in ‘about:config’ in the URL bar, hit enter and change the ‘media.peerconnection.enabled’ setting to ‘False’.

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Best VPN Canada Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of a VPN?

VPNs are designed to protect you against activity that might risk your cybersecurity. What that means is you need a VPN that is as secure as it gets. If your VPN isnt secure you might as well not use one.

Almost at the same level importance will be how fast your VPN is. Yes, we want to be secure online. BUT if that comes at the cost of turning your internet speed into a race between glaciers then why even bother trying to access any information? Its going to take forever.

The number of VPN companies available number in the hundreds now. This can be overwhelming but we cut through all of the research for you.

Should I use a VPN when working from home?

This is far and away the most commonly asked question weve gotten from readers and clients in 2021. The answer is a definitive yes. A virtual private network is your first line of defense when working from home, and particularly when connected to public Wifi.

In partnership with the VPN providers on our list above, we conducted a 3-week survey of VPN usage in Canada at the start of COVID lockdowns .

We found that, across the board VPN usage in Canada grew more than 243.1% during that time, as determined by the number of downloads .

As the effects of the pandemic persist, we anticipate that VPNs will become a de-facto security tool for remote workers in the new normal.

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