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What Is The Best VPN To Buy

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Best VPN For Canada Top 4 Options

Best VPN 2021! (do not buy a VPN before watching this)

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There are many different VPN providers available for Canadians.

Some will log certain meta-data, while others have no-data policies and varying security features.

The best VPNs for Canada will charge a monthly fee in order to use their services and get the safety and security of a trusted network.

A few highly rated options are summarized in the table below, so lets jump right in and figure out which one is the best VPN Canada!

30 day money back guarantee 30 day money back guarantee 31 day money back guarantee 30 day money back guarantee
Strict No Logs Policy

All of the VPNs outlined above have thousands of Trustpilot reviews, averaging more than 4 stars across the board.

While you cant really go wrong with any of the providers, we have summarized some of the key considerations for each option to help you come to a quicker decision.

Note that the above per month prices are the best prices offered, based on a term subscription which is usually a 1 year minimum.

If youd like to learn a little more about the features of the best VPN provider, continue reading as we dive deeper into each platform!

  • 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Blazing-fast connection speeds
  • Best in class encryption and innovative TrustedServer technology
  • Zero-knowledge DNS

Optimize Your VPN’s Online Gaming Performance

We all know that when gaming online, speed is everything. So, you will need a top-of-the-line VPN that can provide the speeds needed to keep up with the competition. Fortunately, all our VPN recommendations are more than capable of supporting online gameplay if you set them up correctly.

To get the best performance out of your VPN, we recommend following the advice outlined above in the VPN servers in India section. But, to boil it down to its key points, you should:

  • Connect to the closest server to you geographically
  • Make sure the server you pick isn’t overloaded with other VPN users
  • Privacy isn’t a key concern for gaming online, so play around with encryption settings. Less rigid encryption can often result in slightly faster speeds.
  • Trial and error. If one server is slow, connect to another to see if your speeds improve.

For more information about using a VPN for this purpose, check out our VPN for gaming guide.

The Downside: Its A Newbie

In the field of security, reputation means a lot since you need to be able to trust the provider who you are hoping will keep you safe. Being relatively new in the market, Surfshark simply hasnt the street cred yet to buy it an automatic pass into trust.

Find out more at our complete Surfshark review!

ExpressVPN is one of those services that is simply reliable. By labelling it as one of my top choices, Im not saying it is perfect or performs the best in all areas, but rather that it is stable and a very strong offering with a solid reputation.

What I like about ExpressVPN includes:

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Hands On With Tunnelbear For Windows

TunnelBear currently offers clients on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. TunnelBear also offers browser plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which function as proxies to reroute your traffic through a TunnelBear server. For this review, we tested the Windows client on an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH desktop running the latest version of Windows 10.

Years ago, when Max was shopping for his own VPN, he showed his partner all of the top-rated services he had reviewed. He explained what he thought made the best the best, and then asked which his partner would actually use on a daily basis. They picked TunnelBear without missing a beat. They have used it ever since. This is just an anecdote, but it speaks to the unique value of TunnelBear VPN: it’s just really friendly and appealing.

Decked out in bright colors with bold yellow accents, the app has a charming tongue-in-cheek attitude that it brings to every aspect of its app. It’s cute and colorful, without ever being overbearing or cloying. For example, whenever you connect to a VPN server, a notification appears bearing a bear with a hat representative of that country. Exquisite.

This has been the experience with all TunnelBear apps, but there have been slight changes. In our testing, the Windows version looked a little crisper, and was snappier to respond than previous versions. TunnelBear already has a winning design, so tweaks around the edges like this only help keep it fresh.

Ipvanish Torrenting And Netflix

VPNServiceNews: 5 Reasons to Buy a VPN Service

IPVanish touts your ability to torrent with 100% privacy while using this service.

They allow torrenting and P2P connections and, in many cases, encourage the practice.

Its also compatible with TOR, which allows you to add extra encryption to your session. That comes in handy if youre trying to browse privately in a country with strict internet laws, like China, North Korea, or Russia.

When it comes to Netflix, we were able to find connection, but only on one server. We checked servers in Canada, the UK, and The Netherlands, all with no luck. However, a US-based server located in Chicago was able to unblock the streaming service.

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How We Chose VPN Providers

The Home Media reviews team spent 100 hours researching VPN providers. We scored them on five criteria: reputation, security, features, plan options and customer experience.

We tested VPNs over several weeks, checking for latency, download and upload speeds. We streamed on macOS and Windows 10 as well as mobile devices, while testing providers security features, sign-up processes and pricing plans.

We only write unbiased, data-driven reviews of VPNs. That way, you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our top five companies were top performers in our tests, but the best VPN for everyone will vary. If youre looking for the greatest number of servers and connections, Private Internet Access might be the best choice. If youre looking for an inexpensive and long-term service, Surfshark might be right for you.

Dont be afraid to take plenty of time reviewing your VPN options. Your privacy and personal information are worth the effort.

Private Internet Access Features

The first thing to note about PIA is that its fast. All VPNs are going to sap some of your speed, but some go overboard with it.

With PIA, we noticed very subtle speed reductions while testing servers in the US, UK, Asia, and the EU.

Theres also a kill switch, which is going to monitor the integrity of your connection and immediately disconnect you if theres any kind of leak detected.

As for device compatibility, youve got Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and Firefox. Extensions have also been created for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Routers can be set up as well, though if you want to use OpenVPN, thats going to take some manual setup time. PIA also supports smart TVs and gaming consoles.

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Hands On With Protonvpn For Windows

ProtonVPN offers clients for Android, Android TV, Chromebooks, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The company provides detailed instructions on how to configure a Linux machine to use the service. We had no trouble getting ProtonVPN’s Windows app installed on an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH desktop running the latest version of Windows 10.

Because ProtonVPN puts such a heavy emphasis on user privacy and technological excellence, you might expect ProtonVPN would be an ugly, unusable mess. That’s not the case. ProtonVPN has a slick and well-designed app that’s easy to use and doesn’t skimp on features. A handy row of buttons now gives quick access to ad blocking, Secure Core, and the app’s kill switch features.

When you start up ProtonVPN, the Quick Connect button makes it obvious how to get online, which we appreciate. The app also shows your connection status, a list of servers so you can quickly change VPN location, a real-time network traffic assessment, and a map showing the available servers. Clicking the small grey arrow in the middle right collapses the map, leaving a thin strip.

You can browse the available servers from the map or a list, or search for the location. We particularly like that you can drill down to the specific servers within a location. The app also displays how much load a particular server is experiencing, whether they are Plus servers , and which are specialized servers for Tor, streaming, file sharing, and so forth.

Can You Trust Your VPN

Best VPN 2022! – DON’T Buy Until You’ve Seen THIS!

As important as what features a VPN company provides are the policies it has in place to protect your privacy. You have to trust the service is going to be a good guardian of your personal information and won’t abuse its position by mining your data or let it leak out through negligence. The best VPN services retain little data and are not able to reveal any information even if compelled by law enforcement.

As part of our testing, we ask VPN providers what information they gather on user activity and whether they sell that information. This is important, as a VPN company could potentially spy on your activity. Furthermore, we scour company privacy policies to confirm their answers. The best services log as little information about users and their activity as possible, and they should explain why they log what they do in their privacy policies. Of course, a VPN company could lie about any of these issues. But at the very least, we can ask VPN companies to explain their positions and not allow them to lie by omission.

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Fastest VPN For Other Countries

If you are interested in connecting to servers in other countries, weve found the following to be fast options:

  • UK: TorGuard welcomes P2P file sharing on its VPN servers with open arms and offers the best connection speeds to servers in the United Kingdom that weve seen so far.
  • Europe: While TunnelBear gave us pause in the areas of user privacy and its ambiguous server numbers, the Canadian VPN provider takes first place when it comes to European connection speeds.
  • Asia: While we werent thrilled with its logging policies and the fact that it only allows P2P file sharing on a single server, Israels SaferVPN gets top marks when it comes to connecting to servers in Asia.
  • Oceania: If you want to connect with VPN servers down under, CyberGhost is the way to go.

Should You Use A VPN In 2021

In the most basic terms, a virtual private network allows you to safely send information when using public networks via a group of networked computers and faraway servers. And while VPNs are effective at what they do, you should be aware of their limitations.

For general data encryption and protection when online, they are an excellent choice. They can help prevent data throttling by hiding you from your ISP . They can get around regional restrictions or price changes by allowing users to switch servers at will. Additional features can restrict web access, help detect malicious sites, and other services.

On the other hand, even the best VPN is not a security panacea. They can be detected and banned by governments, for example, and low-quality versions can log and even sell your data. Services can also block access to content when a VPN is used, which is why trying to get around something like Netflixs regional restrictions can be hit or miss.

All that said, so long as you understand their limitations and adjust your expectations accordingly, we definitely think that you should use a VPN in 2021 if youre concerned with online privacy and security.

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Can You Use A VPN To Stream Or Watch Netflix

You can use VPNs to stream content and watch Netflix, but not all of them work with certain streaming services.

We found that roughly 70% of the VPNs we tested can fly under Netflixs geo-blocking radar.

Those numbers are pretty good, considering Netflix has aggressively gone after VPN connections and proxy servers in the last few years.

Their licensing restrictions are under extreme pressure, so theyre doing anything and everything necessary to prevent people in the U.K. from streaming U.S. content .

Our tests revealed both Surfshark and NordVPN work flawlessly on multiple servers.

That means theyre proactively avoiding detection from Netflix. And it means you can count on them working successfully in the future, too.

Besides Netflix, people also use VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions, watch sports channels, or even other streaming services like HULU.

Expressvpn Our Recommended No

Looking to buy a VPN? Top 6 VPNs for streaming, speed ...

ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN services on the market. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance and takes user privacy seriously.

ExpressVPN maintains a strict no-logging policy that Cure53 and PwC have audited and verified. They keep neither connection nor activity logs, meaning you dont have to worry about your IP or browsing history falling into the wrong hands.

And thats not all. ExpressVPN accepts payments via cryptocurrency, ensuring your purchase cant be traced back to you. The company operates out of the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly country with no mandatory data retention laws.

Another thing we liked about ExpressVPN is its TrustedServer Technology, where the VPN runs on RAM-disk servers for additional security.

In regards to security, ExpressVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption, the gold standard in VPN security. This, combined with its robust protocols, ensures that your traffic is impregnable even when on public WiFi.

The VPN also features DNS leak prevention and a kill switch that automatically blocks internet access to keep you safe if your VPN connection drops.

ExpressVPN also offers perfect forward secrecy, which generates a new key every time you connect to the VPN. This keeps all your other sessions safe if a previous one is compromised.

ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV. You can also use the service with your router, smart TV, and gaming console.

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The Best Canada VPN 2022

Canada is one of the biggest markets for the best VPN services, and having a Canada VPN that’s tailored to work well in the country is always handy. considering Canada undertakes fairly comprehensive surveillance on it citizens much like any Western nation staying private is more important than ever.

Thanks to ever-changing privacy laws, invasive anti-terrorism acts and the fact that most of the country’s Internet traffic flows through both Canadian and US data centers, it’s no wonder VPNs for Canada are selling like hot cakes.

It’s not all about privacy, though. A Canada VPN should be able to access plenty of geo-blocked movies, TV, and sporting events, including US-exclusive shows on Netflix and geo-restricted services like BBC iPlayer and CBS, alongside others like NBC’s Peacock. If you’re headed abroad, you’ll also be able to access all the exclusive sites like Crave you watch back at home all you need to do is switch on your VPN and select a Canadian server.

Best 5 VPNs For Streaming In :

ExpressVPN makes your choice very easy when it comes to hunting for the best streaming VPN. It unblocks almost all of the major TV streaming services around the world and always seems to be one step ahead of them trying to prevent you watching from abroad. Netflix, no problem. Hulu, easy. Amazon Prime Video, sure thing.

So whether it’s movies, TV shows or sport coverage that you’re trying to access from overseas, ExpressVPN’s speedy servers are well up to the task. And on those very odd occasions when we struggled, a quick word with one of Express’s 24/7 live chat support staff got us connected to a server that worked in no time.

That support has come in particularly handy of late, as Netflix has really stepped up its efforts to prevent VPNs from working with its service. Of all the streaming VPNs we test, Express has been the one that has coped most admirably and you can still use it to access regional-exclusive content in most areas.

ExpressVPN boasts a 3,000 server count spread across 94 countries. In our performance tests, the service achieved consistently solid speeds without much variation throughout the network.

For security purposes, the software has a kill switch, along with manual or automatic selection of security protocols . You also get strong 256-bit encryption, zero-knowledge DNS and more. There is zero logging of network traffic such as connection times or IP addresses.

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Surfshark Best Budget VPN

âSecure, Inexpensive, 1700+ Serversâ
Key Features:
  • Fairly poor email support
For Starters

Surfshark is the definition of the new kid on the block. These guys are the newest VPN weâve reviewed and we like what we see so far.

They even have the potential to be number one in the future.

We talk about location a lot here due to jurisdiction and governmental interference. Surfshark has taken up residence in the British Virgin Islands, which is probably the best place for a VPN to be, and has also taken residence in our number 2 spot on this list.

The pricing for a long-term contract feels like theyâre giving it to you for free at $3.41 per month, and the subscription gives you fantastic value. It seems like Surfshark is adding a new server every day, and is always looking to provide more for its users. The VPN company currently has over 1700 servers in more than 60 countries.

Security and Privacy

Surfshark does things right in terms of security and privacy, and actually gives you options in terms of encryption protocol. First, they never log. Second, the company has support for several protocols, including 256-bit AES/OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 . These protocols can provide a nearly unlimited number of IP addresses to their customers.

Price and the Rest

One of Surfsharks best features is that you can just scrounge up the spare change from your couch each month to pay for the service.

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