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What Is The Most Popular VPN

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Who Should Use A VPN

What is the Best and Most Popular VPN? STATS ANALYZED!

It is not only conspiracy nuts and people preparing for the apocalypse who need a VPN. For regular people there are three main reasons:

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about hackers from all over the world getting their hands on private information. Cybercrime, in general, is on the rise so in Europe and the US there is a tendency towards letting law enforcement agencies have access to data from and to citizens not suspected of any crimes.

A VPN connection encrypts the information, so it remains private from hackers and any other that might try to intercept your data.

The third main argument is that a VPN can be used to bypass geo-restrictions by giving your device an IP address that appears to originate from another country. That way you can enjoy content on streaming services not normally available to you such as US Netflixor some of the best British tv on the free BBC iPlayer

What’s The Best VPN For Working From Home

If you’re working from home, you may be sharing your internet connection with multiple devices and family members or roommates. That’s a lot of simultaneous connections to a VPN and a lot of drag on a network. Pick a VPN that lets you use one subscription on as many devices as possible and has excellent speeds so your Wi-Fi isn’t bogged down. If your job involves handling sensitive information like financial or medical records, however, your priority VPN criteria is security. Our top three VPN picks are the most secure we’ve found, and each has a different number of connections they’ll allow for a base-level subscription. There are a few other factors worth considering for a home-office VPN, though, so check out our guide to picking the right VPN now that you’re working at home.

Which Is The Most Secure VPN Protocol

At the moment of writing, OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol in the industry. Its 256-bit encryption means that data transmitted using OpenVPN is literally unbreakable by hackers.

OpenVPN can operate on both UDP and TCP connections. When operating on UDP, youll get a connection that prioritizes speed over guaranteed delivery of all data packets. Meanwhile, OpenVPN TCP offers reliable data transmission through a connection-oriented protocol

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How To Book Cheap Hotels

Here is how to find the cheapest hotel in one simple step:

Go to Google and type in where you want to go. For example, New York City hotels.

Thats it. Google will pull results from all the major booking websites and tell you what site is the cheapest. You just go there and book your hotel. Thats why its the best booking site because, rather than searching every website individually, you can just go to Google, find which website has the cheapest rate, and book there. It saves a lot of time!

Heres a step-by-step guide:

But, before you actually book the room, there are a couple of other hacks you need to know about to ensure you get the best price possible:

1. Contact the hotel directly Find the hotel, call them up, and ask them to match the offer . If they are a big global brand, the big benefit to direct bookings is that you only earn loyalty points and status when you book direct, so if you love travel hacking, dont book their rooms elsewhere!

2. Use discount rates like AAA or AARP If you are part of the AARP or AAA you can get special rates that are cheaper. Fun fact: Anyone can join the AARP. Im a member. They have amazing travel benefits . Its well worth the membership.

3. Use Mr.Rebates or Rakuten If the lowest rate is through a major booking site like, Expedia, or, go through Mr. Rebates or Rakuten. By using their links, youll get 1-4% cashback. Its a little extra savings that can add up over time.

How A VPN Protocol Affects You

How to choose the best VPN for an Android phone ...

This may sound a little abstract, but it affects you directly: A good protocol will be a lot faster and a lot more secure than a bad one. Some protocols are slow because they need more steps when sending information, while others are less secure because they contain a flaw or use an encryption key that has a known weakness.

To help you pick the best VPN protocol for youand by extension the best VPN, periodwere going to go over the protocols weve come across the most, as well as some proprietary ones. Well start with the best ones out there, OpenVPN and WireGuard, and work our way down from there.

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Is There A Secure Mobile VPN App

All the VPNs recommended above offer dedicated OS and Android apps to protect your online privacy on mobile devices too. These apps safeguard your phones and tablets the same way the VPN provider does on other platforms.

Using a mobile VPN app is an excellent way to protect your online privacy on the go, especially if you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, you can check out these iOS and Android VPNs for more information about the best safe VPNs for smartphones.

Hacking Your Way To The Best Hotel Rate

Booking at the last minute, playing hotel roulette and even resorting to scalpers can yield savings.

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Like airline fares, hotel rates change as occupancy changes, rising as availability tightens. And as with airlines, there are better days to seek a deal, often Sundays, when leisure travelers checkout, and Thursdays, when business travelers leave. Getting the best hotel deal also means you have to do the same thing you do when searching for the cheapest flight: sifting through websites, hotel offers and loyalty programs.

Omitting off-season rates, deal-cutting memberships through AAA or AARP, or historically cheap days to stay at a hotel, such as Christmas Eve, I tested the following booking strategies to find the pros and cons of bargain bookings. Bear in mind that rates listed here may not be available as they shift frequently.

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Book Online For Best Deals And Treatment Even On The Same Day

Again, considering all of the above you might have thought that you could get a better deal by walking into a hotel on the day, but you are still going to get lower rates by booking online even while standing on the sidewalk right out front. There are many smart phone apps that specialize in instant last minute bookings and they almost always offer the best deals if you’ve waited that long.

What We Like About Orbitz

Top 8 Most Common Questions about TorGuard VPN!

Its easy to search for rooms as well as a variety of package deals on Orbitz. Youll also find daily deals, coupons, and last-minute specials. Recommended hotels appear first in your results, but you have the option to sort by price. Theres also a variety of filters to narrow down your choices, and you can search homes and apartments in addition to hotel stays.

Like, Orbitz has an impressive rewards program. If you book using the Orbitz app, youll receive 5% back in Orbucks instantly, which you can redeem for future hotel stays. Youll earn 3% back if you book with Orbitz on your desktop. And its one of the few sites that offers points on package deals youll get 1% back on flights and vacation packages.

Plus, when you join Orbitz Rewards, youll rack up benefits as you book more nights. If you book 12 or more nights in a year, youll even get free TSA PreCheck and up to $50 back in Orbucks for travel expenses such as bag fees. All of that plus exclusive deals and promotions definitely makes it worth joining. And you can earn even more cash back with the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card.

The Orbitz Price Guarantee covers hotels as well as packages. For hotels, youll be able to submit a claim up to 48 hours before check-in, which is extremely generous. And for packages, you can submit a claim even if you found a lower price by combining deals on multiple other websites. If you do find a lower price elsewhere, Orbitz will refund the difference.

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Top Tips To Find Great Hotel Deals

Keep your dates as flexible as possible: You dont always have to rush to get packed and ready for a last-minute hotel deal. There are plenty of limited-time deals on offer, even if it means traveling at a later date. Searching for prices on different dates will also give you different deals as hotels often have high in-demand days especially during the holidays and weekends.

Let the deals come to you: You should definitely check back with us frequently for cheap hotel deals, special sales and exclusive discounts, or you can to get travel deals, tips, and news straight to your inbox.

Consider going all-in: Staying at all-inclusive resorts can help you save on food, drinks and entertainment. This can certainly add up on longer stays, especially when travelling in large groups.

Check your location: By staying away from the centre, you can save big in places with comprehensive public transport systems such as New York, Chicago, Paris, London and Hong Kong. Its a good idea to familiarise yourself with the destinations public transport system before booking.

Loyalty pays off: If you prefer staying with a hotel chain, you can score major perks such as free nights, miles, early check-ins, and food and beverage discounts by signing up to their rewards programme.

Going In A Group Villas Apartments And Airbnb Can Undercut Hotels

If you’re travelling with extended family or a gaggle of friends cottages, villas and apartments can massively undercut similar quality hotels and the bigger the group, the bigger the potential saving.

It’s usually self-catering, and you’ll have to do your own cleaning and washing up. But if you want space, privacy, a kitchen, washing machine and more, it can be a winner. And with the rise in the popularity of sites such as Airbnb, it’s now easier than ever to find rooms or properties for your party abroad.

For example, last summer we found a three-bedroom villa in Malaga priced at £352 for a week’s stay in mid-August, compared with a nearby hotel costing £1,420.

We’ve more on this in our Cheap Holiday Rentals guide, including how to score discounts booking directly with owners. And for inspiration:

We’ve stayed at wonderful places in Europe and the Caribbean using rental sites and have always been delighted. It’s way more cost-effective than hotels. Barbecues on relaxing evenings with glasses of wine, jump in the pool anytime, do washing as you go. Loads of privacy and space to enjoy yourselves as a family… I love it.– mrsdee

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Be Flexible On Dates To Get The Cheapest Hotels

The more flexible you are with the dates of your trip, the more likely you are to get a hotel cheap.

If you travel during peak tourist season or on the weekends, hotel prices will be much more expensive. Additionally, if you travel to a destination when theyre celebrating a festival, major holiday, or big event, hotel prices will definitely be higher they tend to skyrocket around the time of major events because demand for accommodation is so high.

2. Be flexible on dates to get the cheapest hotels

For example, Edinburghs world-famous Festival Fringe, a comedy, arts, and theater festival, takes place during most of the month of August. Because the event draws in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, accommodation fills up quickly, and hotel and Airbnb prices are double or even triple what they normally are. If you want to book a cheap hotel, avoid Edinburgh and other destinations during their festival seasons.

Days of the week can even affect prices. Sunday night is usually the cheapest night of the week to book a hotel, while Friday night is generally the most expensive.

The weather might also influence hotel prices, so keep that in mind. For instance, in Japan, the rainy season and hot season are cheaper than the famous cherry blossom season .

If you need some help choosing the best dates to book a cheap hotel, some websites, such as, can even suggest dates to you.

Staying In Hotels During Covid

Top 7 Best VPN Services of 2019

COVID-19 has had a major impact on travel. Many have called off their vacations entirely and opted for staying at home. However, there are those whose jobs, families, and other obligations necessitate travel, and these people have been left wondering how safe it is to stay in hotels during the pandemic.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes, the best way to minimize your risks is to stay at home. However, if you do find yourself traveling and booking hotels and other accommodations, the World Health Organizations FAQ page on hotel safety during COVID has information and tips for making your stay as safe as possible.

Its also a good idea to check the American Hotel & Lodging Associations Safe Stay initiative, which includes best-practice guidelines for hotels to follow during COVID-19. You can then make sure that the hotel youre considering follows guidelines outlined there. During your stay, the AHLAs guest safety checklist can also be a helpful resource.

Of course, the situation is constantly evolving and its recommended that you regularly check sites like the CDC and WHO as well as city, state, and national guidelines for updates before and while you travel.

1. Plan Well

2. Get Rewarded

3. Be Different

Take Off

Start planning now, and enjoy the excitement, adventure and special memories that travel brings.

Best ofTop10

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Use Your Search Filters Smartly

Filters is one of the things I love about almost the most. Sometimes I put so many of them that the results come back as:

Ok, dont use as many! But do use some, and use them smartly.

Location: Is the specific location really important for you? If not, and you just dont want to end up in a dodgy place use the location score from 7 or 8 upwards. This will give you a wider area and help in finding a good location which you maybe were not aware of.

Stars and accommodation types: I really couldnt care less. I discussed star policies with some hotel owners, and it seems that the number really depends on certain facilities you need to have in order to achieve them. For example, a hotel needs to have a telephone in each room, if it wants to be a three, not two star hotel. Or it needs a minibar, if it wants to rise from three to four stars. The question is what do you need? normally has filters for your specific wishes, like gym, breakfast or WiFi, so you can check your needs without narrowing your choice with stars.

Some of my other favourite filters to check are the following:

  • Breakfast included
  • 24-hour reception
  • Parking essential for driving holidays and road trips
  • Free wi-fi is available almost in all of the hotels, but check just in case.

How To Have Access To Great Hotel Offers

The online world is booming with fabulous hotel booking offers that start from cashback offers, attractive discounts, and amazing holiday deals that allow every tourist to enjoy more by paying less. Accessing the best OYO hotel offers or coupons is simple! It would help if you browsed online. You can type in searches that say Hotel coupons India and you will come across some of the best price discounts and travel offers that you cannot resist.

This one page displays all the coupons you will ever need to save those extra bucks on hotel accommodation. No matter the hotel you want to book in or the city you are traveling to, you can save for sure. Moreover, you can always check out the rooms and facilities online before you travel to ensure you have the stay you like. MakeMyTrip, Hotels, Goibibo, and many more online websites show pictures of rooms, swimming pools, and whatnot from the hotel. You can use coupons related to that specific website you are using to book the hotel room to save on the cost per night.

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Consider Multiple Bookings For Your Vacation

If you are trying to book a place for, say, 7 days, it may be worth looking at dates in 2-3 day increments, especially if you are booking a hotel last minute. Moving around isnt always fun, but it could open up your options quite a bit.

Plus, as I mentioned above, you might not want to be stuck at the same hotel for one reason or another, whether for the price, location, etc.

The Best Hotel Booking Sites For Comparing Prices

Top 5 VPNs That Have Most Simultaneous Connections

For most travel planning, the best overall strategy is to compare prices from multiple sources including the hotels own website, as it will sometimes offer deals not shared with third-party sites, or offer the same rates as third-party sites minus pesky booking fees. Hotels sites will also offer package dealsbundled amenity inclusions and the likethat arent shared with third-party sites.

Bottom line: Whether you search with a hotel site on this list or a preferred hotel search engine of your own, always check the hotels actual website as well, or call its reservations line, to make sure you really are getting the best hotel deal. Dont forget to check the cancellation policy as the best hotel booking site is one that has a flexible policy in case your plans change.

If youre trying to figure out how best to search for cheap hotels: First, scan this quick list of the best hotel search sites, in no particular order. Then, scroll down to read in-depth summaries of each.

No list of the best hotel booking sites is exhaustive, but these 12 represent a combination of great crowd favorites mixed with some newer, similarly performing hotel search options that you might not know about.

All of them fared well in tests: Prices for the same dates and destinations were fairly consistent from site to site, but the volatility of results may vary based on your destination, how far in advance youre looking for the best hotel deals, and the time of year you visit .

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