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What VPN Should I Use In China

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How Does China Block VPNs

Which VPN should you use in China? ExpressVPN, UCSS, NordVPN, StarVPN, BetterNet // Fudan University

If your VPN provider doesnt hide the fact that youre using a VPN, the Great Firewall will immediately detect it and block you from the sites youre trying to access.

The methods that the Chinese government uses to block VPNs are varied and complex, ranging from active filtering and probing to proxy distribution. The Great Firewall selectively blocks certain sites by using fake DNS servers, network black-holing, and other advanced methods. It also often issues probes to identify and block blacklisted VPNs.

China does allow the use of certain VPNs, but they have to be government-approved which essentially defeats the purpose. However, there havent been any cases of tourists being penalized by the Chinese government for using a non-government approved VPN.

There are several VPNs that manage to get around these restrictions and allow you to access prohibited websites. But you wont be able to download them once youre in China, since the VPNs websites are also blocked.

Thats why you need to develop a strategy before you travel to China: do your research, download multiple VPNs, and test them out in advance. I recommend combining a couple of the VPNs that topped this list ExpressVPN, Astrill VPN, and VyprVPN are all good options.

Other VPNs Ive Used In China

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of virtual private network services that you can find online. Most of them dont work well in China.

This is especially true of the so-called free VPN services.

They have to make money somewhere, which usually means they display ads for you or they sell your information. Either way, the money is rarely used to create a better user experience or fight censorship in China.

That being said, just because I didnt list a service above as a best VPN for China doesnt mean it offers a sub-par product.

Other VPN services Ive used successfully within the country include:

Again, I list these not to confuse you rather, my goal is to give you a good recommendation for the best VPN for China.

Nordvpn Secure VPN For China

NordVPN is the most secure VPN for China. It offers state-of-the-art security and encryption tools that are hardly available with any other virtual private network provider. So if you are worried about your online privacy and anonymity, then NordVPN is the right choice for you.

NordVPN offers 5200+ servers in 60 countries that allow you to access US Netflix with NordVPN, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon, and other international streaming services residing in China.

NordVPNs Hong Kong server could unblock various Chinese-based content as per our testing making it a great option for users in China.

NordVPN offers an Obfuscated servers feature that allows you to use VPN in the toughest and strictest environments. These servers help bypass restrictions in regions popular for strict censorship imposed by the Chinese Government.

NordVPN does not store users logs and provides a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols to Chinese users. Besides, it also offers a double VPN encryption that encrypts your data not once but twice, making it untraceable online.

We didnt experience any DNS/IP leak issue while we tested NordVPN in China. However, you can see the test result below:

If you face any problems downloading its app, you can try downloading it from NordVPNs mirror website.

For more information, check out our exclusive NordVPN review.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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How Does Censorship Work

The government uses several different tactics to restrict users access to certain websites and online platforms. The most straightforward one is IP blocking. All Chinese ISPs block the IP addresses of undesirable websites. In addition to this, they use various DNS tampering methods. These include DNS poisoning and intentionally misconfigured DNS servers so that they return false IP addresses to the users.

The government also uses keyword filtering to track other online content, like search engines, forums, and messaging apps. They scan internet traffic for undesirable keywords and block users and websites that dont adhere to the rules. Part of it is automatic, but a large internet police force also constantly monitors the internet, banning controversial content.

How To Install And Set Up Astrill For Mobile In China

rankingdesigninc: What Happens If You Use A VPN In China

The good news is, the mobile apps for this VPN are minimalist. They come with fewer customization options and privacy tools, so they are easy to install. However, they still offer maximum security for users.

Step 1: Register on the Astrill website

Visit the website and click on the Login tab to register an account.

Step 2: Download Astrill from the website or Google Play

Visit Google Play and search for Astrill VPN. The right icon is the one that says Astrill VPN Free & Premium Android VPN. Click Install. Alternatively, you can click the Download on the website. Youll be redirected to Google Play and you can initiate the download.

After installation is complete youll be asked to log in. Use the same password and user name that you used to register an Astrill account.

Step 3: Select a Server

After you log in youll see a server drop-down menu. Click on it to select your preferred server. As mentioned earlier, servers in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea work best for users in China, but that doesnt mean the others wont connect. They will, but they may be a little slower.

Step 4: Connect

There is a red connect button click on it to connect your device to the VPN.

Step 5: Confirm the Prompt

After you click Connect youll see an alert that says Attention. It is seeking your permission to confirm that you trust the application. Click I trust the application and then click OK.

Step 6: Adjust Settings

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Should I Use A Free VPN To Bypass Internet Censorship In China

No. We do not recommend using free VPN services to bypass internet censorship in China. This is because free VPNs usually do not have the sophistication needed to bypass Chinas great firewall undetected. Even premium VPNs have a hard time getting past it. We recommend you get in touch with your VPN service provider if you need to use their services in China. Unfortunately, some free VPN services dont have a reliable customer support structure.

How To Use A VPN While Staying In China

Not all VPNs can get through the Great Firewall of China. However, NordVPN works in China.

If youre not familiar with NordVPN yet, no worries our VPN service is extremely easy to use. To browse the internet securely in China, follow these steps:

  • Choose the NordVPN subscription that best suits your needs and create your account
  • Download and install our VPN app for your device
  • Connect to NordVPN.
  • NordVPN has more than 5200 servers in 60 countries, so you can choose a server closest to your actual location to get the best speed. It provides users with top-notch encryption to protect them from online dangers and privacy issues. NordVPN is the recommended VPN of major tech experts across the globe and is a top pick for millions of people.

    Its possible to just run the app and connect to a VPN server. However, the strength of Chinas internet restrictions may vary regionally and from year to year, so you may want to use one of our advanced security features. The Obfuscated Servers feature will drastically improve your chance of connecting to a VPN server in Hong Kong.

    This tutorial will let you select the best VPN servers created specifically for heavily restricted countries. If you ever have issues when trying to connect to a VPN in China, contact our support team so they can help you access the free internet.

    When using the app, you can also enable the CyberSec feature, which blocks websites known for hosting malware and annoying ads.

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    The Best VPNs For Android Users In China

    Most popular VPNs that work in Canada offer dedicated apps for Android devices. With the best VPN for China Android users can protect their devices on the go. Here are the three best VPNs for Android users in China.

  • ExpressVPN 4.4/5.0 Google Play store rating, 3000+ servers in 94 countries, no-log policy, super-fast connection speed, compatibility with all devices, and a 30-day money-back guarantee program.
  • Surfshark 4.2/5.0 Google Play store rating, 3200+ servers in 65 countries, 15 different regions Netflix supported unlimited simultaneous connections and a 30-day money-back guarantee program.
  • PIA 4.4/5.0 Google Play store rating, 35500+ servers in 84 countries, easy-to-install apps, reliable server speeds, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • List Of Best VPNs For China:

    What VPN to use in China when traveling?
    • AtlasVPN

    The Great Firewall of China is known for blocking VPN services. Some VPN providers listed above are currently blocked in China. Please note that although many VPN providers websites are inaccessible from China, their software/proxies might still work in China. In other words, users might be able to get access to their website from outside of China or by using another VPN China users can use to register and download their VPN client or install their proxy, which might still work in China.

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    Should I Leave My VPN On All The Time

    In a perfect world, all of your online activity would be protected by a VPN. Thats why I always suggest keeping your VPN connected as much as possible. Realistically, though, you may need to turn it off sometimes. At the very least, just make sure its connected whenever youre using public WiFi or an unfamiliar network.

    Is Social Media Monitored In China

    When it comes to online blocking in China, social media is no exception. You wont be able to use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without a reliable VPN. If you choose the best VPN for China, you wont have to worry about the government spying on you because all of your internet traffic will be encrypted using a military-grade cipher.

    However, dont forget that posting anything about Tibet or a similar topic will grant you undivided attention from the authorities. Things will get even worse if youre a well-known persona.

    But what about Chinese social media? Unfortunately, Weibo and WeChat users are monitored even if they use a VPN. Moreover, social media companies will share your data with the government. To conclude, with or without a VPN for China, youre screwed.

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    The Best Us VPN To Use In Or Outside The Usa 2021

    ByAdam Marshalllast updated 30 December 21

    Superb VPNs whether you’re stateside or travelling abroad

    Whether you’re sitting Stateside and want all the benefits of a VPN, or you’re an American abroad that needs the help of a US VPN to dial in back home, we’ve got all the finest options for you right here.

    As well as allowing you to appear as if you’re somewhere else completely and getting around geographically restricted content, the VPNs on this list are also excellent for enhancing your online privacy no matter if you’re at home or travelling and using public Wi-Fi.

    That means, if you’re on vacation and wish to access the likes of, say, Peacock, Sling TV, or Paramount Plus, you’ll be able to unblock and stream even if you’re outside of the US. It also means you can watch the likes of BBC iPlayer without being in the UK, simply by hopping on a server in the right location.

    When it comes to the best US VPN, then, we’ve narrowed down your options to our top 5, offering the best in terms of streaming service unblocking, security features, and the best pool of US-based servers.

    Today’s top 3 best US VPNs:

    Best US VPN 2022 Get 3 months free with an annual plan

    ExpressVPN is the best US VPN because it offers the best of everything from speed and security to ease of use, compatibility and customer service.

    As well as getting high speed US-based server choices , with smart selection wizards and 24/7 live chat assistance, that goes for anybody outside the country, too.

    Use A Licensed China Cdn Provider

    VPN Free Trial China (2021)

    CDNetworks is the first fully licensed China CDN vendor approved by the MIIT . Instead of working against the Great Firewall, CDNetworks relies on positive relationships with the Chinese governing forces and the trust that has been earned to consistently deliver China Acceleration CDN services.

    Twenty-five points of presence across mainland China assure efficient content delivery to users across the nation, even miles from city centers. Many businesses may try to reach China from Hong Kong however, Hong Kongs networks are separate from the rest of Mainland China and can create an extra barrier to entry and 50% slower performance.

    Read More: What is a CDN and How do They Work?

    Another issue stems from the very few peering points or nodes where networks connect one to one another to transfer the data on its journey to the user. Coming from outside the Firewall restricts page downloading speed because all foreign domains and IP addresses are either blocked or heavily monitored.

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    What To Look For In A VPN For Business

    Not all VPNs are designed for businesses. If you want to use a premium VPN for your company, youll need to carefully consider your needs and then choose a service that has the features to meet them:

    • Unlimited connections and users: Unless youre running a one-person operation, youll probably want multiple employees to be able to use the VPN at once. I suggest choosing a service like ExpressVPN, which offers 5 device connections to account for future growth.
    • Administrative features: If you have several people connected through the same account, youll want to be able to manage them all from one dashboard. Look for a VPN that makes it easy to adjust settings for all connected devices at once.
    • Affordability: A VPN subscription is just like any other business expense it has to provide enough value to justify the cost. While premium VPNs are worth paying a bit more, you dont have to break the bank. Look for a service that matches your budget.
    • Public WiFi protection: Its important to ensure that no matter where your employees are working from be it the office, their home, or a café their security will never be compromised. Choose a VPN with public WiFi protection to cover all your bases.

    Will China Block All VPNs

    In July 2017, a Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources said the Chinese government has ordered the countrys three major internet and mobile carriersChina Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicomto block individual access to VPNs. If true and enforced, the crackdown would block all access to VPN services used to circumvent the Great Firewall.

    Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and said it only blocks unauthorized VPNs used to conduct illegal business. Chinese telecom companies have confirmed that no such ban exists and they have not received any such notice from authorities. People in China continue to use VPNs safely and legally.

    In truth, China already blacklists the IP addresses and domains of known VPN servers outside the country at infrequent intervals. In the past, these actions have caused multiple VPNs like Astrill to be almost completely shut down for users on the mainland. Most, however, only suffer temporary downtime until theyve had a chance to update their VPN software and server addresses.

    All of our recommended VPNs in this list have been operating in China for a long time. They have learned how to evade blocks and other obstacles thrown at them by the Great Firewall. We dont see that coming to an end any time soon.

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    Advantage : Prevent A Digital File

    Advertising networks such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter are constantly collecting information about you through your online traffic. With this information, they can show you tailored ads but more importantly, they are free to sell this information to a third party. By encrypting your data using a VPN these networks will have a harder time collecting information on you. They will also have less influence on what you see online

    VPN Not Working In China Do This

    Best VPN For China? Here’s What I Use!

    Occasionally Chinese authorities will roll out a new method for blocking VPN traffic, which may temporarily block services in China.

    Here are a few steps you can take if your VPN is not working in China:

  • Try a different VPN server
  • Try a different obfuscation method or VPN protocol
  • Try using a different port, such as port 443
  • If none of these tips are working and you still cant connect to your VPN in China, then simply reach out to your VPN provider for help. You can do this either through a direct email or via their website .

    If you are completely stuck and locked out of everything, and you need a fast solution, you may want to consider using Tor, but be mindful of the limitations and risks. We discuss these more in our VPN vs Tor guide.

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    Advantage : Anonymous Downloading

    Downloading certain Torrents is illegal in some countries and more than ever before tracked down and sometimes even prosecuted. Of course, we are not advocating any illegal actions. However, we do understand people want online privacy and anonymity, not just when browsing the internet, but also when uploading and downloading files.

    To make sure nobody knows what you are downloading or uploading you can use a VPN. Because of the encrypted traffic and the rerouted IP address you can with a VPN.

    Is It Illegal To Use A VPN In China

    The first thing we have to get out of the way is the fact that VPNs have not received a blanket ban in China. Plenty of media outlets have essentially said as much, but this is false information.

    VPN technology itself is not illegal within China. Its just that the Chinese government has now explicitly described who may use VPNs, as well as which are the allowed purposes for these digital tools.

    So, whats being banned are foreign VPN services and other VPN implementations that dont comply with government policies and regulations. To this end, several things have already happened.

    Apple has pulled some VPN apps from the Chinese app store. After all, they cant afford to be kicked out of China. And also, Google has removed VPN-related ads from appearing in this country. Finally, Chinese telecoms have had been told to block all VPN traffic in March 2018 .

    The new law didnt make VPNs illegal in this country, as you might have read online. Instead, the Chinese government has decided to ban VPNs that operate without a “license.” It means that you still have a whole range of Virtual Private Network apps at your disposal, and you can still use them to go beyond the Great Firewall of China.

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