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What VPN Works With Bbc Iplayer

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Quick Guide: Best Free VPNs For Bbc Iplayer

BBC iPlayer VPN No Longer Works
  • ExpressVPN Blazing-fast speeds for streaming BBC iPlayer in HD and Ultra HD. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN now!
  • CyberGhost Optimized UK server for quick and reliable access to BBC iPlayer, but only free for 45 days.
  • TunnelBear Unblocks BBC iPlayer on UK servers, but only offers 500MB of free data per month.
    • 4 high-speed servers in the UK for unblocking BBC iPlayer
    • Strict no-logs policy, kill switch, leak protection, and military-grade encryption protects your privacy
    • Also unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and DAZN
    • Supports 5 device connections at the same time
    • 24/7 customer service with live chat and email support

    ExpressVPN takes the top spot for BBC iPlayer with its reliable UK connections and fast download speeds. Its impressive global network of 3000 servers includes 4 locations in the UK Docklands, East London, London, and Wembley. During my tests, all 4 of these server locations could access BBC iPlayer without issue.

    My speed only slowed down by a tiny 18% from my base of 115Mbps down to 94Mbps. My network was still extremely fast even when I ran speed tests on distant servers, which is ideal if youre physically located far from the UK or have a slower internet connection.

    CyberGhost regularly updates and maintains this optimized server to guarantee a reliable connection to BBC iPlayer. Its also very fast and only slowed my network speed by 20% .

    Which Is The Fastest VPN For Bbc Iplayer

    For a VPN to unblock iPlayer, it isn’t just necessary for it to have UK servers that work with the BBC’s website. It must also have fast enough servers to let you stream iPlayer videos without buffering. As a result, a reliable VPN for iPlayer must have fast Tier-1 servers that don’t suffer from congestion.

    To give you up-to-date information about the speeds you can expect to get with our recommended VPNs, we run daily speed tests and display the results in the table below. The table updates three times each day, so you can see which VPN is fastest in real time!


    Shopping for a bargain? Check out the exclusive deal below. All you need to do is click the button and claim the deal!


    Can You Get A Free VPN That Works With Player

    The short answer is no, sadly. There are very few free vpns that can unblock BBC iPlayer. This is largely because they lack to speeds needed to stream. Free VPN services impose speed restrictions and have usage throughput limits, meaning those that do unblock BBC iPlayer will be unreliable, anyway.

    It is possible to gain temporary access to an iPlayer VPN for free. Check out our free VPN for iPlayer hack to find out more.

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    The Best Bbc Iplayer VPNs In 2021

    There are 100s of VPN providers and nearly all of them claim to work with BBC. But the truth is entirely different. There are only a few VPN services that actually unblock streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

    After spending several hours on testing, I found the following best VPNs for BBC iPlayer that still works in 2021:

    Best VPNs For Bbc Iplayer In 2020 That Actually Work

    How to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand (March 2021)

    Muhammad Hamza Shahid

    BBC iPlayer works on and off with different VPN services. I last connected on June 11th, 2020 from abroad to watch the Season Premier of the infamous, Dracula. I used NordVPN for unblocking the VoD service!

    BBC iPlayer continues to go hard on users connecting to a UK server to access the complete content library, due to licensing issues that have led to many production houses losing money.

    The streaming platform uses various IP/DNS blocking algorithms and technologies that detect VPN traffic instantly and blacklist them to prevent unauthorized access to the UK library.

    This is why using a service to bypasses these restrictions and VPN blocking is necessary for unlocking BBC iPlayers complete potential.

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    Bbc Iplayer Download Failed Using VPN

    If youre seeing Download unavailable Error Code: 3 or Dash manifest failed? when trying to download iPlayer programmes using a VPN, take a look at our article to learn more and fix the issue.

    Why is it happening with all VPNs? Good question. I contacted ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost to find out why this is happening and their responses were largely the same. Each VPN provider explained that their servers were set up for streaming content, rather than downloading it to a device. NordVPN confirmed that its engineers are working on a fix for this and hope to roll that out soon.

    NordVPN also said that some of its UK servers let you download to Windows and Mac PCs, but will not work with iOS and Android mobile devices. To find out which servers currently work with NordVPN you need to get in touch with Live Chat team via the NordVPN website.

    What You Need To Know:

    Despite what some VPNs advertise, theres not a single VPN thats able to guarantee you access to BBC iPlayer 100% of the time. Even the very best VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN have small periods of time where they cant unblock BBC iPlayer.

    Unfortunately, theres no easy way to combat this as a VPN customer. All you can do is try the other UK servers the VPN provides. But if that doesnt work you just have to wait and hope your VPN provider releases new, undetected, UK servers to its customers soon.

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    Bbc Iplayer Detecting VPN: How To Fix

    The solution is to use a VPN that gives you a dedicated IP. This way youre not sharing your VPNs connection to BBC iPlayer so your IP address wont get blacklisted.

    Ive been using PureVPNs dedicated IP since December 2017 and have been able to watch BBC iPlayer abroad with zero downtime. The connection is fast and lets me watch BBC iPlayer in HD on my laptop, phone and tablet and Im connecting to from New Zealand. Thats the luxury paying an extra $1.99/month affords you.

    Click here to get PureVPN for as little $2.88/month saving 74%.

    Using PureVPNs software is easy. There are official apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS device. PureVPN also offers a Chrome Extension and Firefox Plugin for additional streaming support.

    The dedicated IP feature is only officially supported in the Windows and Mac apps, at present. I spoke to PureVPN about this and they told me a fix is on the way. If you want to use PureVPNs dedicated IP on your iPhone or Android, theres still a way. The trick is to use your phone or tablets built-in VPN settings.

    If youre an Android user, head over to my article on How to setup PureVPNs dedicated IP on an Android device, for an easy-to-follow tutorial. If youre an iPhone/iPad user, you can get in touch with a PureVPN technical support agent via the Live Chat feature on the PureVPN website. From here a PureVPN agent will show you how to connect to your PureVPN dedicated IP using your devices built-in VPN settings. Its simple.

    The Best Bbc Iplayer VPN In :

    Why Doesn’t My VPN Work with BBC iPlayer Anymore ?

    ExpressVPN is our #1 VPN overall because it does everything a VPN needs to and does it extremely well.

    Theres a vast selection of servers – including several options in the UK – and finding a perfect connection isnt a hassle. However, if somethings not working properly, weve found the live-chat support to be quick and helpful , and they should be able to get you accessing iPlayer in no time – even if the Smart Location server choice doesn’t let you get it working at first.

    ExpressVPNs split tunnelling also allows you to choose which of your connections route through the VPN. This is perfect if youre running apps that are significantly affected by VPN use but still want to use BBC iPlayer abroad.

    Back end of 2020 we experienced the odd issue unblocking iPlayer on any platform outside the service’s MediaStreamer tool. But it’s back working reliably again now so it returns to the top of our list.

    While a little more expensive than some competitors, ExpressVPN combines great iPlayer access with a full suite of features. And if youre not happy, theres a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    NordVPN has long been a great option for watching iPlayer abroad, with swift connection speeds, plenty of servers and great security. NordVPN is also optimized for P2P, so if youre a keen torrenter its a great torrenting VPN, too. Add to that its reputation proceeds it as one of the most well known providers on the market, you can rest assured you’re buying into a great bit of kit.

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    Other Providers: Cyberghost And Surfshark

    Various other VPN providers are trying to make BBC iPlayer available to their users as well. However, at the time of testing, these did not work for us. The IP addresses of VPN servers often change once in a while, because providers keep adding new servers and replacing old ones. This means there is a chance that the providers listed below will work again soon.

    First of all, there is CyberGhost. Previously, CyberGhost was known as one of the better free VPN services, but it has since turned into a fully paid service. Still, CyberGhost is a very decent option. They offer specialized servers for all kinds of streaming services, including Netflix USA, Disney Plus, and, of course, BBC iPlayer. Although this VPN couldnt unblock BBC iPlayer for us at the moment of testing, they are working on this issue and a working server should be up again shortly.

    How Do I Stop My Isp From Throttling Bbc Iplayer

    If you believe your internet service provider is specifically throttling BBC iPlayer, then a VPN can help. By encrypting the contents of your internet connection and routing it through an intermediary server, your ISP wont be able to see what youre doing online. In turn, it wont be able to discriminate against a specific type or source of data, such as a BBC iPlayer stream.

    However, if your ISP is throttling all your data and not just BBC iPlayer, then a VPN wont help much. If youve reached your monthly data cap, for example, then throttling will be applied to all internet traffic whether it goes through a VPN or not.

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    Best VPN For Bbc Iplayer: Way To Watch Bbc Iplayer

    From TV shows to live sports, BBC iPlayer allows users to watch all free content on the web. But it is available only to viewers with a UK IP address. With BBC iPlayer available only in the UK, viewers from abroad will not be able to access it. But they can access it if they are connected to a VPN. However, not all VPNs are good at unblocking BBC iPlayer as this streaming service has blocked most VPN services. This article explains how to access BBC iPlayer using a VPN from anywhere in the world. This article has detailed information on VPNs that we have tried and tested and that really works with BBC iPlayer.

    Does Bbc Iplayer Work With A VPN

    BBC iPlayer not working with VPN? Here

    Yes, but theres a catch: Not all VPNs work with BBC iPlayer. There are many free and paid VPN services available online that claim to provide users with access to BBC iPlayer outside the UK. But, free ones are extremely ineffective and dangerous to use. Most free VPN services log your data and expose your private details online to advertisers as well as cyber criminals. It is highly recommended to only use a premium BBC iPlayer VPN like PureVPN.

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    How To Create A Bbc Iplayer Account

    The BBC now requires users to sign in to watch iPlayer. The service is still free to access for anyone within the UK meaning all you need is a VPN thats still working with iPlayer .

    Registering for a BBC iPlayer account is about the easiest thing you can do online. You only need an email address and UK postcode. Neither needs to be legitimate. You can even use a random postcode if you dont want the BBC to collect data about you personally.

    To sign up go to and enter a valid Email, DoB, UK Postcode, and select your gender.

    Get A Dedicated Ip Address From Your VPN Provider

    A dedicated IP address is an exclusive virtual IP address assigned to you by your VPN provider. Exclusive in the sense that no one else can use this IP address once it has been assigned to you. Usually, when multiple users access BBC iPlayer with the same IP address, that address gets blocked or flagged. But with a dedicated IP address, its unlikely to get blocklisted since you will be the only one using that address.

    But not all VPNs provide this facility and those that do usually charge a small subscription free. VPNs that offer dedicated IP address facilities areExpressVPNand NordVPN.

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    Switch The VPN Off And Back On

    Turning something off and on again is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but there is an explanation. Companies often have multiple servers in one location, meaning your refresh of the connection could connect to another, more competent server that can access BBC iPlayer.

    Once you’ve switched your VPN off and back on, navigate to BBC iPlayer and reload the page to see if it is working again.

    What Can You Watch On Bbc Iplayer

    BBC iPlayer VPN Not Working

    BBC iPlayer is a catch up service for all the various programs, TV shows, sports and other video entertainment that BBC broadcasts on its channels. BBC is regularly updated with episodes that have just aired on TV.

    Its also helpful to note that some shows on BBC iPlayer have an expiration date. The international audience does not have access to all the BBC TV channels, as they are only available via UK cable TV providers. Since streaming UK TV shows is only possible via the UK, streamers only have a short window to catch up with all the latest episodes that have aired. However, given that its free, its all absolutely worth it.

    Full Access. Cancel Anytime!

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    Bbc Iplayer Blocking/detecting VPN

    VPN bans have become a standard industry practice across the streaming domain. Similar bans can be found on sites like Netflix and Hulu. However, you can still bypass these VPN bans through a powerful service.

    Generally, weak VPNs are the most vulnerable to cannot make it through the ban, as they leak your WebRTC/DNS/IP and do not come equipped with features like StealthVPN a.k.a. obfuscation.

    Expressvpn The Best VPN For Bbc Iplayer With A Risk

    • 3000+ servers in 94 countries, 4 in the United Kingdom.
    • Offers unlimited bandwidth.
    • 80 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.
    • 24/7 live chat support.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, CraveTV.

    ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for BBC iPlayer with a risk-free 30-day trial period. You can use ExpressVPN free for 30 days with BBC iPlayer using its 30-day money-back guarantee. If you dont like the service, you can cancel and get your refund.

    ExpressVPN is our top choice for streaming BBC iPlayer abroad. It offers overall 3000+ servers in 94 countries, and 4 servers in the UK London, Docklands, Wembley, and East London. With these servers, you can easily access BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

    Moreover, you get unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds for streaming in HD quality without any buffering or loading time. To stream in HD on BBC iPlayer, you only need 5 Mbps, so you can stream lag-free with ExpressVPN as it does not throttle bandwidth.

    ExpressVPN also works with other popular geo-restricted streaming sites like Netflix US, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Sky TV, and more. With unlimited bandwidth, you can stream as much as you want.

    It also offers a MediaStreamer feature that allows you to stream BBC iPlayer on devices that dont natively support VPNs. With MediaStreamer, you can stream BBC iPlayer on your Smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, and more. It also supports 5 simultaneous connections.

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    Is Using A VPN To Watch Bbc Iplayer Legal

    Yes, its completely legal to use a VPN for watching BBC iPlayer. People commonly assume using a VPN with BBC iPlayer is an act of piracy. But guess what? Its not! Torrenting copyrighted material and accessing the streaming platform from outside the UK are two different things. Its not illegal in any way, so you can relax and enjoy streaming without any fear of legal action.

    Ivacy VPN: Offers Secure Servers In The Uk

    5 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer that actually Work
    • Trustpilot rating: 4.7

    If you click on the Streaming tab, on the left corner of the app, you will find a list of channels available to unblock. Simply click on BBC iPlayer and wait a few seconds for the UK version of the website to open up on your browser.

    You can even unblock BBC iPlayer through manual server switches. For me, it took two to three server switches for connecting to BBC iPlayer, despite going for those with a high server load already. Plans available by Ivacy include:

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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    The Best Iplayer VPN In 2021

    Using an iPlayer VPN is quite simply the perfect way to get access to all the exclusive content on the BBC’s comprehensive streaming service.

    Whether you’re out of the UK on a work trip or holiday, or you don’t live in the UK but want to watch tons or TV and films for absolutely free, you’ll need to change your location with a VPN for iPlayer to access it. That’s because iPlayer is totally blocked to anyone outside the UK.

    And it just so happens that only the best VPN will do the BBC has some of the most powerful VPN blocking tech in the business. However, that does mean that most iPlayer VPNs also work with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and plenty of other streaming services.

    All you need to do is bag yourself one of the options below, select a UK VPN server, and get watching like you were back at home in Blighty.

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