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What’s The Best VPN For Torrenting

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Best Torrent Clients That Work In 2021

Best VPN for Torrenting/ How to Download Torrents Safely â

Torrent clients all have different features and characteristics and some are safer options than others. It can become overwhelming to know which is the best option for you.

To help you choose the best one, I shortlisted the 10 best free torrent clients that are safe, fast, and reliable. Whether youre after a basic interface or a full range of customization options, youll find the best client for you in this article. But torrenting can expose your data to cybercriminals, which is why its best to use a trusted VPN with your torrent client.

My favorite is ExpressVPN because it effectively hides your IP address, encrypts your data, and prevents bandwidth throttling on a torrent client. On top of that, it has world-class security features and fast speeds. The best part is you can test ExpressVPN out yourself completely risk-free because its backed by a money-back guarantee. If youre not happy with it, you have 30 days to claim a full refund.


How To Use Utorrent With A VPN

Since uTorrent is the most popular client, well tell you exactly how to set it up to use a VPN. Firstly, follow the instructions for VPN above.

Now, in uTorrent go to settings and BitTorrent, then under Protocol Encryption click Outgoing as Enabled. This allows the VPN to use its own stronger encryption rather than uTorrents weaker version.

Next, uncheck Enable bandwidth management . Unless your VPN supports port forwarding, you also want to go to the Connection tab and uncheck UPnP port forwarding.

Bitlord Adaptable Torrent Client With Search Engine

  • Year founded: 2004
  • Pros: Built-in search engine, password protector, easy to share files
  • Cons: Outdated UI and lack of updates

BitLord is an old client that still has some neat features. Since its highly adaptable, its suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Both desktop and mobile versions are available, and it comes with a built-in search engine, download organizer, automatic subtitle feature, and password protector. You can even create torrents, too. I especially enjoyed playing content while my torrent was still downloading. Another plus is that it lists download speeds in the top and bottom menu bars, making it much easier to track.

But be careful when you install it as it sometimes contains unnecessary software. In addition, it took a long time to download and I found its user interface old and clunky.

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Short On Time Heres The Best Torrenting VPN:

  • ExpressVPN: Excellent security and high speeds, with thousands of P2P servers, a strict no-logs policy , and 5 simultaneous connections.

I tested all of the top virtual private networks to find the best VPNs for torrenting.

Not all VPNs are good for torrenting some have limited P2P servers, some are located in countries that dont allow torrenting, and some log user data and sell it to advertisers.

But there are also some really good torrenting VPNs out there. The ones Ive chosen for this list have tons of P2P-friendly servers, dont keep records of user logs, have advanced security features for safer and faster file sharing, and work with all popular torrenting clients . After weeks of testing, these 5 stood out as the best of the best.

Please Note: Neither I nor anyone at SafetyDetectives condones doing anything illegal. Please consult with local rules and regulations to ensure you are aware of the law as it pertains to your jurisdiction.

Best VPN For Torrenting And P2p

Here are the Top Ten VPN Companies in 2020

Torrent client is a software for downloading files that utilize a P2P . The torrent client allows you to find files online, download them quickly, and manage them all in one accessible place.

You can use Virtual Private Networks to stay private and hide your uploading and downloading activity. However, choosing the right Virtual Private Network is very confusing for P2P file-sharing. Many VPN do not support torrenting.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Free VPN for Torrenting, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source and commercial websites.

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Dont Risk Your Anonymity While Torrenting Get A VPN

Using a VPN is the safest and easiest way to protect yourself on P2P networks. Your IP address will remain safely hidden from hackers and even fellow torrenters.

Personally, I always launch CyberGhost to ensure fast and safe P2P file transfers. Its strict zero-logs policy, military-grade encryption, and high-speed servers have always helped me torrent content in the quickest time possible while making sure my personal data is safe.

Dont take my word for it though try it for yourself! You can torrent with CyberGhost for free for 45 days with its 45-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind afterward, you can easily get a full refund by contacting its customer support. I tried it and got my money back in only 3 days!

No Logging Of Ip Addresses Web Activity Downloaded Files Or Servers Used

We always look at privacy policies to make sure the VPNs have a strict data logging policy, meaning the company wouldnt keep web activity or other online footprints on record. According to NordVPNs privacy policy, the company didnt keep records of our IP addresses or web activity. It also didnt record visited websites, files downloaded, and the amount of data transferred. With NordVPN, we could sleep easy knowing the company wouldnt track what we did online and wouldnt pass any of our information to third parties, like the government or advertisers.

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Limetorrents Best For New Releases

Website: LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is an excellent place to find new releases. Its user-friendly website and good seed/leech ratio for new games make it an ideal platform to snap some fresh titles. Youll hardly find any seeders for older torrents, though.

All LimeTorrents mirrors attract around 20 million users per month. The average download speed goes between 3-4 MBps, depending on the torrent. Unfortunately, the site supports itself with pop-ups, which can get annoying after a while.

Why Do I Need A VPN For Torrenting

â Best VPN for qBittorent – VPN For Torrenting Tutorial 2021

VPNs are beneficial for all internet users, but if you are a frequent torrenter, it is good to use a Virtual Private Network.

VPN protects P2P file-sharers when torrenting in two basic ways:

  • The concept of VPN for torrenting comes between you and the internet. Therefore, anyone on the internet, see IP address of the VPN server instead of your real internet protocol.
  • The connection between the device and the server is always encrypted. It prevents your ISP from seeing what you download.

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Cyberghost Speed Test Data


Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

When it comes to the sheer number of servers to choose from, its tough to beat IPVanish. One of the most popular VPNs worldwide, IPVanish takes privacy very seriously and has been built with torrenting in mind. It creates no logs, not even the connection logs used for troubleshooting like ExpressVPN. L2TP and OpenVPN protocols both use 256-bit encryption. IPVanish uses shared IP addresses, and even has a built-in feature that lets users switch IPs periodically, such as every 60 minutes.

Speeds are good and bandwidth is unlimited. IPVanish specifically designates certain countries as P2P-friendly, such as the Netherlands . A kill switch can be enabled in the settings. IPVanish is particularly popular with Kodi users thanks to its lightweight Android app and compatibility with all the Kodi addons weve tested.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Tips On Choosing The Best Torrent Clients

While all of the best torrent programs I selected are good options, youre never fully safe when using them. You should always use a VPN with your torrent downloader to hide your real IP address so that no one can see your personal information and use it to target you. I use ExpressVPN to protect P2P connections since its super secure and has fast speeds for downloading big files.

When I tested the best torrent software, I mainly looked at usability and customization. Usability takes into account the apps interface and considers its appearance and ease of use. Customization refers to the clients features and the extent to which they can be modified, along with plug-in and extension capabilities.

I ranked the clients highly if I found them to be suitable for beginners and experienced users. The following is a breakdown of the criteria I used, so you can use it to help you choose the best torrent software for you:

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Ip Addresses And A Socks5 Proxy

IPVanish operates over 40,000 individual IP addresses, all of which allow torrenting. You shouldnt have any performance issues due to congestion, and no trouble remaining anonymous.

IPVanish has torrenting servers in six continents.

You can also use IPVanish on all popular devices, including routers.

Therefore, you can download media from your desktop, smartphone, tablet or even TV. IPVanish is also the top-rated VPN for Kodi, Fire TV Stick, and several other platforms.

IPVanishs native VPN apps may not look as nice as ExpressVPNs or NordVPNs, but they are easy to use nonetheless.

If you dont want to use the full VPN software, theres also a SOCKS5 proxy you can torrent with.

What Is The Best Torrent Client And Is It Safe

Best VPNs for WhatsApp in 2021

The best torrent client is uTorrent its pretty safe to use and its free. However, its safer to use it with a powerful VPN. Whenever you use uTorrent or any other torrent client, your IP address is exposed, which means third parties can uncover your location and target you with malicious attacks. A VPN will hide your IP address so that youre protected from such threats.

What makes uTorrent special is its polished interface and lightweight app, which means it can operate without consuming a lot of resources. Its compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, which covers almost any device. Its features are quite advanced, too, as you can schedule torrents, adjust bandwidth, and find torrents through its built-in search engine. And since its the most popular torrent downloader with a 68.6% market share, you know its widely trusted and used.

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Who Are Copyright Trolls

It can sometimes be hard for centralbodies to keep track of illegal P2P file sharing. To catch pirates, largecompanies such as Hollywood outsource this work to smaller firms known ascopyright trolls.

Copyright trolls help find folks who useuTorrent to shared paid content. In most cases, these firms coerce torrentusers into paying up for services or products obtained illegally. Worse off,copyright trolls might initiate legal action, which may lead to prosecution ofuTorrent users.

Tips For Torrenting In 2021

  • Torrenting is considered illegal in many countries. You should, therefore, ALWAYS stay safe and secure online by connecting to a paid VPN that doesnt keep logs. If you torrent otherwise, without a torrent VPN, you can get caught and face serious consequences! Optimize torrent downloading and make torrent transfers anonymous with FastestVPNs P2P optimized servers.
  • Before downloading a torrent, check seeders and leechers on the torrent. More leechers indicate slower download whereas more seeders mean faster download.
  • Be sure to check that the file uploaded is by a trusted uploader. They have coloured skulls beside their name that show their authenticity. Green Skull is VIP, Pink Skull is for Trusted, and Blue Skull is for Helper. Green is better than pink, pink better than blue and blue better than none. Moderator has a mod icon and a normal user has no skull next to their name.
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    Best VPN For Torrenting 2021

    We take a look at the issues involved with torrenting and P2P file sharing, along with four VPN services that can provide support for legitimate P2P users.

    BitTorrent is a complex topic. As a technology, it’s perfectly legal. But what you do with it could be illegal.

    Before we dive into the legalities of torrenting, let’s do a quick recap of what BitTorrent is and how it works. Fundamentally, BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing network and protocol. But what does that mean? Well, normally when you download a file, you’re pulling all the bits from one server. If that server has limited bandwidth, the number of people downloading might be quite limited.

    BitTorrent splits that up. Files on the BitTorrent network are scattered in pieces among “seeders” and downloaders, so when someone downloads a file, they’re pulling pieces of that file from many different machines. That’s the peer-to-peer component of torrenting. You’re not just pulling from one central server you’re pulling from other users on the torrent network.

    Why would you do this? For smaller files, torrenting is not important. But for really big files, torrenting helps distribute the load among users. And what are big files? Video. A two-hour HD movie uses up to about 8GB. A TV series could use upwards of 80GB per season of the show. Other big files are software distributions, like Linux distros, games, large images, and big datasets.

    And with that, here are four such services.

    Vulnerability To Hacking Attempts

    Best VPN for Torrenting in 2021 â Torrent Anonymously and Securely

    It is a fact that if you download one torrent, you expose yourself to the risk of hacking attempts. Although P2P file sharing may not necessarily expose you to any direct threats, there is always a possibility of granting unauthorized access to your data, exposing yourself to online hacks.

    Therefore, hiding your tracks behind VPN protection is the best possible way to protect your data from being exposed to people with malicious intent.

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    Quick Overview: 5 Best Free VPNs For Torrenting In 2021

    1. ExpressVPNBest Torrenting VPN to Try for Free 30 Days Risk-Free Trial.

    Offers a kill switch, IP address leak protection for safe P2P with fast speeds of 95.3 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Comes with military-grade 256-bit encryption, and 3000+ servers in 94 countries. Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it without any risks.

    2. Windscribe Secure free VPN for Torrenting.

    Offers 10 GB/month of limited bandwidth with unlimited simultaneous connections. Offers 10 server locations that support P2P with a speed of 52.6 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Comes with security features like DNS leak protection, ad-blocker, 256-bit AES encryption, and more.

    3. Hide.Me Free VPN with P2P servers.

    Offering 10 GB/ month free data and 4 server locations with reliable speeds of 73.9 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection. Allows a single device connection on one account. Comes with security features like military-grade encryption, no logs, kill switch, and more.

    4. TunnelBear User-friendly free VPN for P2P.

    Offers 500 MB/ month bandwidth for streaming, browsing, and torrenting with 23 server locations that are P2P-friendly and have a speed of 55.81 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Supports 1 device per account. Comes with security features like IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and more.

    5. SpeedifyFastest free VPN for Torrenting.

    Which Devices Can I Torrent On

    You can torrent on any device connected to the internet, which has BitTorrent and VPN apps. It means that you can torrent on any Mac, Chromebook, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. However, you need to keep in mind that torrenting on your iOS devices is a bit trickier since Apple bans BitTorrent application from its App Store.

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    How Do Free VPNs Make Money

    Premium VPNs charge a small subscription fee, but free providers rely on other monetization tactics. At best, these are annoying. At worst, they can actually put you in more danger.

    This could mean constant pop up ads while youre browsing or limiting your bandwidth until you have no choice but to pay for an upgrade. Over the years, weve seen free VPNs sell user data, overlook malicious software and viruses in their networks, and much worse.

    Any time someone offers you a free VPN service, just know there will always be a catch.

    Can You Use A Free VPN For Torrenting

    Pin on VPN Services

    If we’re honest, a free VPN isn’t going to be a great solution for torrenting. Most free VPNs enact strict data caps from a relatively generous 500Mb a day to a measly half-gig a month and some also restrict download speed.

    While free VPNs are great for casual use of public Wi-Fi or general browsing, bandwidth-intensive activities like torrenting and streaming will see you maxing out your allowance in no time.

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    Which Torrent Client Should I Use

    Most torrent clients work in the same way, so for most torrenters, it won’t actually matter too much. It is the list of arcane advanced features that differentiates torrent clients, and few users, even die-hard torrenters, actually use these. We prefer open source clients, especially since these do not inflict you with ads. Check out our list of Best BitTorrent clients for a list of great torrent clients. One of our favorites is qBitTorrent because it has a ‘bind to VPN interface’ feature .

    What My Isp Sees When I Am Torrenting With A VPN

    When you opt for a high-quality VPN, your ISP doesnt see that you are torrenting.

    Thats why a VPN that has strong encryption should be your go-to option. When your connection is reliably encrypted, your ISP will only see your initial connection to the virtual private network.

    Even if you decide to share files P2P, your ISP will not be able to see that as all your connection will be encrypted. It means that after you connect to the VPN, your ISP wont be able to tell which sites and apps you visit.

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