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Where Are VPN Servers Located

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Does VPN Server Location Matter

How to pick the best VPN server location for you

VPN services offer to connect to hundreds of locations and thousands of servers. It might be hard to choose the best VPN location to connect to. Choosing an optimal VPN server location might influence your browsing experience. So, does a VPN server location matter? Is it safe to connect to a VPN server in your own country?

This might depend on what you are looking for. If you want to stream movies, unblock content, or privacy then a country you connect might differ. Lets see how to choose the best VPN location to connect.

Discover VPNs with best server locations:

  • NordVPN best 5400+ VPN servers in 59+ countries
  • Surfshark 60+ global VPN locations with 1700+ servers
  • ExpressVPN 160+ worldwide VPN server locations
  • Your VPN Doesnt Log But Does The Server Owner

    Visit any VPN website and youll see the exact same claim:

    No logging.

    Every single one says it.

    And yet, almost every single one is lying straight to your face.

    First and foremost, their Privacy Policy or Terms of Service will almost always admit to some logging. While others, like Hotspot Shield, have had complaints filed by advocacy groups to the FTC.

    Each gives a different reason.

    Some say its for performance maintenance. Others say its for the benefit of the user.

    Either way, the end result is always the same.

    Weve confirmed this after reading through 100 different Logging Policies.

    But theres another wrinkle that most neglect.

    What happens when a VPN company doesnt actually own their own servers? What if theyre renting them from a third-party?

    Ill tell you what:

    That logging policy is complete BS. Because even though the VPN company says they dont log, doesnt mean the actual server owner doesnt.


    And when a government rolls around to collect data, guess who will hand everything over at the drop of a hat? Your VPN cant always save you then.

    Free VPNs get in trouble here, too.

    They suck in users by offering a completely free VPN service.

    But guess what?

    Its free for a reason. Theyre collecting your behavior and browsing data, before turning around and selling it to the highest bidder.

    But What Even Is Latency

    Well, latency is the time it takes for a packet of data to move from its origin to its destination. Now that you know what latency is, lets talk about what actually causes latency.

    In technical terms, computers send and retrieve data at the speed of light by using gateway nodes or more simply, hops.

    Before I lose you, a hop is considered as the number of devices such as routers, through which the data must pass to get to the source or the destination. Since data doesnt flow directly over a single wire, the more the number of hops, the greater the latency.

    Think of this as the delay caused on the highway due to various diversions or a toll plaza. Higher the number of diversions, the longer it will take to reach your destination.

    In networking, the longer the distance between the user and the server hosting the website, the greater the number of nodes or hops between them.

    For instance, data traveling from Singapore to the US would take considerably longer than the data traveling from the US to Canada. In the end, it all comes down to hop count.

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    Which Country Should I Choose For Fast Speeds

    Besides privacy, your choice of server location goes a long way in influencing the speed of your VPN connection. Usually, youll get the best performance by connecting to a server location near your physical location.

    Why? Because it minimizes the distance data packets have to travel to reach the VPN server. To reduce latency and improve speed, its better to avoid servers located far from your current location.

    In terms of average internet speeds, European countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark are among the fastest locations you can connect to. I was also impressed by Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

    Which Country Is Best For VPN

    Location of VPN servers: hoose a location around the ...

    The best countries to run a VPN service are the ones that do not regulate how personal data is collected. They usually have laws that protectconsumers and are in favor of the regular internet user. This makes it easy for VPN companies to followtheir no-logs policies.

    Here are the best countries for a VPN

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    Understanding How VPNs Work

    Before getting into the details of your VPN server, its essential to understand how it works in the first place.

    A Virtual Private Network allows you to use the internet to connect to remote sites safely. VPNs mask your IP address by routing your devices internet connection.

    Therefore, whenever you browse the internet, the data is transmitted from the VPN server and not from your device.

    The information is unreadable before getting to its destination and remains secure even when intercepted.;

    VPNs were initially created to connect business networks over the internet. However, over the years, they have become popular, primarily because they help bypass internet censorship.

    For example, using a VPN can help you access YouTube videos that are unavailable in your country.;

    There are different VPN providers for you to choose from, and most of them have servers worldwide in multiple continents and countries.

    VPN servers with multiple servers will be a better option as they will offer better speeds, owing to fewer users for each server.;

    Also, a provider with servers in more locations helps ensure you can always connect to a server, regardless of where in the world you are. The optimal VPN server will be the one closest to you and with the least load.;

    Surfshark Might Be Using Virtual Servers

    Now Surfshark is an amazing VPN service, in fact, I can personally vouch for how good it is. However, that doesnt necessarily mean I wouldnt test it though.

    On that note, I began by contacting their chat support . The question was simple, do you use virtual servers or all of your servers bare metal?

    In the response, Surfshark told me they only used physical aka bare metal servers as of now, however, theyre planning on introducing virtual servers in the future.

    Despite their claim, I still decided to test out some of the more exotic locations offered by Surfshark, so I choose Vietnam.

    While their other mainstream locations like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia did pass as actual servers, Vietnam seems to be a virtual server location. At least thats what my tests showed.

    Heres how I performed the test

    Just like l did with the PrivateVPN, I picked a server to test from Surfsharks website. In this case, it was the Vietnamese server.

    Now I pinged it using the App Synthetic Monitors ping testing tool.

    Now if Surfsharks Vietnamese server is actually physical, it should show a significantly low , however, that was not the case. On the contrary, Surfsharks Vietnamese server showed a significantly high .

    On the other hand, Antwerp, a location in Belgium showed suspiciously low , a clear enough sign that Surfsharks Vietnamese server might actually be located somewhere near Belgium.

    To keep things concise, Im posting the test results for the Indian server below.

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    Best Countries To Connect To Using VPN

    As you can probably imagine, there are different ways to answer this question. After all, the answer depends on your planned activities, targeted Web speed, and more. Therefore, well first give you a list of countries with the best record of protecting your privacy, and then well look at additional considerations.

    After everything said so far, here are the five countries that rank the highest in terms of data privacy, data collection, and exchange of sensitive information with other countries.

    Summarized Tips On How To Choose The Best VPN Server Location In 2021

    How to find the best CyberGhost VPN servers on Windows

    Tip#1. If you need a VPN for torrenting, choose the VPN server supporting P2P.

    Tip#2. If you need high cybersecurity, choose the VPN server compatible with high VPN protocols.

    Tip#3. Make sure the VPN service provider you choose wont log any of your data.

    Tip#4. If you call for a high speed, then choose the VPN server with a short geological distance.

    Tip#5. If you want to unblock restrictions in a certain country, choose the VPN server located in that country.

    Tip#6. Choose a reliable VPN service provider that keeps no log of your online data, stops you from ISP tracking and bandwidth throttling.

    Tip#7. NO best VPN server will be known unless you try it. The only practice speaks the truth.

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    Which VPN Providers Rent Their Servers

    The majority of commercial VPN server networks combine both rented and co-located servers. While many refuse to openly disclose this information, here is a list of VPN providers that are honest and transparent about renting at least some of their servers:

    • CactusVPN
    • PureVPN
    • SaferVPN

    As discussed above, using virtual servers is not usually a risk as long as the VPN provider owns or rents the underlying physical machine.

    Unfortunately, this isnt always the case. We spoke to the CactusVPN support team who informed us that they rent Virtual Private SSD Servers. This is the type of server vulnerable to CPU side-channel attacks, and we would urge CactusVPN and any other provider renting VPS systems to reconsider this practice.

    By contrast, some providers openly reject the use of rented virtual servers. Perfect Privacy, for example, state on their website that they renounce virtual servers.

    We asked Perfect Privacy to elaborate on why they take such a strong stance against virtual servers. They replied with the following email, concluding that VPS is simply unsuitable for a VPN service, and its fraudulent to advertise privacy:

    The support staff clarified that: A VPN on a dedicated server is no problem. Only VM/VPS on foreign hardware .

    This sentiment is echoed by AzireVPN whose website emphasizes that they stay away from rented virtual servers.

    AzireVPN makes a point to not rent virtual VPN servers

    • CyberGhost

    VPN Location Vs VPN Server Location How Different Are They

    VPN location and VPN server location seem the same thing while they are different.

    A VPN server location refers to the geological position where the VPN server is located such as a country.

    A VPN location usually refers to the country or district where the VPN service is provided. Generally speaking, the optimal VPN location refers to the countries where VPN service providers dont need to worry about the local laws that push them to give out users data, like Gibraltar, Moldova, Belize, or Switzerland.

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    Whats The Best VPN Server Location For Unblocking Sports

    Before talking about server locations, consider that, if you want to watch live sports online, youre going to want to;choose a VPN provider carefully. Theres a lot of money to be made in sports, so the broadcasting rights for various events could be owned by different broadcasters in different countries. Whats more, while events like the FIFA World Cup are streamed in multiple countries worldwide, more localized events like the Copa Libertadores are not.

    This means you might need to be ready to jump from one server to another to access all your favorite events. However, the number of countries supported by each VPN varies from one provider to the next.;Since the best VPNs are subscription-based VPNs, you dont want to have to pay for multiple subscriptions.

    In a nutshell, make sure you;choose a VPN provider;that supports the most countries possible if youre an avid sports fan. Heres a quick rundown of the number of countries supported by three of the;best subscription-based VPNs:

  • ExpressVPN;boasts over 3,000 servers across 94 countries.
  • CyberGhost has 7,000+ servers, though in slightly fewer countries .
  • NordVPN offers over 5,400 servers, though spread across just 58 countries.
  • If you want to keep your options wide open, wed recommend choosing ExpressVPN. Not only does it offer the broadest selection of countries, but its also our preferred VPN provider right now.

    The More Servers The Better A Common Misconception

    Guide on Choosing VPN Server Location with KeepSolid VPN ...

    Many people like to emphasize the number of servers when talking about VPN providers, usually highlighting that a bigger number is better.

    But is it really? For the average user, at least.

    Ask yourself this if you have over 100 servers to choose from, does that mean you will use every single one of them? Isnt it more likely you will just stick to the best VPN server location that meets your needs, and a few other locations on top of that? Not to mention that staring at a list with hundreds of locations can be quite overwhelming when you just need to unblock a website.

    And heres another thing to consider: A very large network of servers is not easy to maintain. Things can and will go wrong from time to time. That means you are likely to come across a server that just doesnt work or has connectivity issues.

    Another problem is that you never know if all the servers on a large list are real as they are advertised. There have been cases of VPN providers using fake VPN locations to boost their numbers.

    Oh, and heres something else you should know: Huge server networks are not always 100% privacy-oriented. Why? Because, to save money on renting costs, some of those servers might be rented from untrustworthy third-parties that could actually log the data and traffic that goes through them if proper encryption methods are not used.

    Plus, theres more to a VPN provider than just the number of servers they offer. Other aspects that are more important include:

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    Why Does The Amount Of VPN Servers Matter

    The number of VPN servers a provider has can have a huge effect on how the service works overall.;

    Having a large number of servers means that each one will have fewer users, ensuring better speeds, and the wider the variety of IP addresses, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to watch Netflix successfully.

    Also, the number of VPN server locations is useful, too. With more locations, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to connect to a closer server, ensuring better speeds.;

    However, you’ll want a happy medium just a few servers spread over tons of locations will result in poor speeds, and thousands of servers in just a few countries will be limiting in terms of content available.

    Which Is The Fastest VPN In 2021

    ExpressVPN is arguably the fastest VPN service. Its servers are optimized for speed, and the VPN has a nifty built-in speed tester that makes it easy to spot the fastest connections.

    NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish also score well on speed. For a more comprehensive list, I recommend checking out our fastest VPNs guide.

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    Some Commonly Asked Questions

    Two ways: the easiest, fastest, and generally best way to find the fastest server is to use our Lightning Connect feature, which will automatically find the most optimal server and connect you to it in the blink of an eye. If youre the kind of person who doesnt like making a machine do a mans job, though, you can check each server manually with our built-in Speed Test.

    The vast majority of HMA VPNs servers are physical machines sitting in countries around the world, which you can connect to with a click of a button and browse as if you were there yourself. A few of them arent. These virtual servers are physically located outside the country they claim to be in, but use that countrys IP address so it appears as if youre connecting through that region in question. For example, you could connect to a Cambodian virtual server, and while your network traffic will take you to a physical server in Vietnam, websites will still think youre in Cambodia. Think of it almost like a VPN within a VPN. VPNception.

    Testing Virtual And Physical VPN Servers

    How to find the best CyberGhost VPN servers on iOS

    So what do I want to cover in this section? Well in addition to showing you how to perform the test, I also want to show you which providers are true to their words.

    To do that, Ive contacted 23 VPN providers and asked them whether they use virtual servers or all of their servers are actually bare metal . Ive also performed the test using the tools Ive mentioned above.

    Lets start the test

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    Why More VPN Servers Is Almost Always Better

    Servers, at their core, are pretty simple.

    Each provides a certain amount of resources that can comfortably be used up by a certain number of people.

    More people? Means you need more servers.

    Otherwise, server resources can get bogged down and spread too thin.

    Thats when performance starts to slide, and upload/download times fall off a cliff.

    So no, you cant always take a VPNs word as Gospel. However, you should still use their advertised number as a rough estimate.

    You can use it as a starting point, even if it does turn out to be less in reality.

    Ideally, you shouldnt have to sacrifice security for speed.

    But you will if there arent enough servers in location closest to where you live. Or if youre forced to hop countries.

    The Best VPN Server Location For Unblocking Content

    A VPN server location you connect to directly influences what content you can unblock. For example, to stream the newest US-only Netflix video you must connect to the US server. A VPN virtually changes your location so you appear in a country where you are connected. This will allow you to unblock any content that is reachable from that country.

    The same principle applies when circumventing government censorship or traveling abroad. For example, when you are in a country where Facebook or Instagram is blocked you would need to connect to the VPN server in a country that allows access to these websites.

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