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Which Is The Best VPN Provider

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What Makes A Great VPN

The BEST CHEAP VPN Provider For 2021-2022 (3 FREE MONTHS!)

The most basic qualities you should look for are speed, privacy and ease of use. These might seem like basic attributes, but in reality few providers have found a happy medium.

Connection speed relies on having a wide range of well-maintained servers. This allows the VPN to provide excellent speed and bandwidth to everyone using its servers.

Having excellent security is a fairly basic requirement, but hard to get right. If you’re concerned about that, make sure your VPN has an airtight privacy policy, and a no-logging policy is even better. Some services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN have also been independently audited to prove their claims.

Finally, although many users might be au fait with tech, more and more newbies are looking to start using VPNs. If that’s you, it’s definitely worth making sure that your provider has well-designed apps on all the devices you expect to use with the service.

Good For Accessibility: Price: $999/mo For Six Months $832/mo For One Year

ProsExpressVPN has consistently ranked high for its outstanding speed and security. The company has a zero-log policy, over 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries, allows up to five simultaneous connections, and also offers the option to use cryptocurrency as a payment method for maximum anonymity. The average connection speed of 2220+ Mbps ensures that all your favorite shows and movies are streamed fast and smooth. You get the first three months free when you sign up for the annual plan.

Cons ExpressVPN is the most expensive option across its competitors, and can often weigh down your internet speed and connection. There is also no free trial, although the company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

What A VPN Won’t Do

With all this talk about how a VPN will secure your identity and protect you while online, it’s worth noting what a VPN will not do:

It won’t secure your home network connection

You still need to ensure your modem/router is securely connected to the internet. Make sure encryption is turned on , and use a strong password to stop others getting access to your network, using up your data allowance by piggybacking on your connection and possibly even getting access to your private information.

It won’t protect your computers from malware

A VPN is no replacement for properly installed and configured antivirus software on your computer. That should always be turned on and kept up to date. Though some VPN services include antivirus checking in their list of features, this should be seen as an extra level of protection and shouldn’t be relied on for general protection.

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Highly Rated In App Store

The IPVanish iOS app is super intuitive to use which is important since we often find ourselves on public Wi-Fi networks walking the streets of New York or stopping to work at our favorite coffee shop. The app also boasts a 4.5-star rating on the app store from over 45,000 ratings, so were not the only ones who are satisfied.

What Does A VPN Actually Do

The 8 Best VPN Service Providers of 2019

With a VPN, you can hide or change your IP address so that your actual IP address wont be shown. Instead, your VPN providers IP address appears. Your Internet Service Provider cant track your online activities. The only one who knows your real IP is the VPN provider. Therefore, you must choose a provider who follows a strict no-log policy and, thus, doesnt save the data and pass it on to third parties.

With a VPN, you can bypass country restrictions by logging into one of your VPN providers servers in a country of your choice. For example, if you want to watch Netflix or Hulu in the US, you need to connect there.

If you live in a country with government restrictions, you can bypass them with a VPN and access censored content. However, pay attention to whether a VPN is possibly illegal in the country you are located in. This is only the case in very few countries.

When shopping online, you can find cheaper offers using an IP from another country. For example, many retailers offer their goods in Euros and USD, depending on the country. Often the prices in USD are lower, and you can save on your purchases.

Other options include access to local business networks from abroad, hiding your Internet traffic from hackers, network administrators, ISP, or protecting yourself when using a torrent.

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Can Someone Track You If Youre Using A VPN

No, you cant be tracked if you use a VPN since a VPN replaces your actual IP address with its own servers IP address.

However, some VPN companies do keep a record of your actual IP address along with your device type, the times you went online, and more information that could be used to track people. Thats why its important to look at the VPNs privacy policy and ensure its strict.

Vyprvpn VPN Router Software & Support

VyprVPN provides support for VPN Routers but only for paid accounts. Free Trial accounts are not activated with the VPN router feature.

The VyprVPN router application runs on top of Tomato firmware which means you must first install the Tomato firmware on your Tomato-compatible router then proceed with the installation of the VyprVPN router application.

The VyprVPN router application currently supports the following versions of Tomato by Shibby:

  • MIPS: K26RT-N or K26RT-AC
  • ARM: K26ARM

VyprVPN provides detailed information on how to flash your router and users should be able to follow the procedure without any problem.

Running the VPN router application provides a number of great features for the home network, including the selection of which devices will use the VPN tunnel. For example you can configure your SmartTV and Torrent workstation to use the VPN while traffic from all other IP addresses bypasses the VPN tunnel and goes straight to the ISP.

It should also be noted that DD-WRTs OpenVPN is also compatible with VyprVPN, however, limited technical support is offered by VyprVPN.

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Can I Use A Free VPN For Torrenting

It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll be able to torrent with a free VPN. In fact, a lot of free services will actually restrict peer-to-peer torrenting they don’t want their servers to slow to a crawl and cause congestion for other users! Free VPN servers also tend to be too slow to torrent. However, it’s possible to get a cheap P2P VPN.

Are Free VPNs Even Safe


Yes and no it depends on the provider you choose. Using one of the VPNs listed above is probably safe, although we cant make any guarantees. However, there are many sketchy VPN providers out there that should be avoided at all costs.

The reason why is that some will try and make money off of you somehow. Running a VPN service is expensive, and the provider has to make money one way or another. So if it is not making it via subscription fees, it could be making it either via ads or by selling your personal info or your browsing history or both to the highest bidder. Basically, a free VPN provider could be doing the exact thing it should be protecting you from.

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To put things into perspective, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization reviewed 283 VPN apps on the Play Store a few years back and found frightening results. 18% of the VPNs didnt encrypt data, while 75% used third-party tracking libraries. Yikes! That just goes to show that you really have to be careful about which free VPN service you opt for.

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Be Careful With Free VPN Services

You always need to be somewhat wary of free products and services and VPNs are no exception. Although some free VPNs will do their job very well, not all of them will be able to compete with paid VPNs.

Many VPN services claim to be free but still take something from you, even if it isnt money. For example, some free VPNs, such as Hola, sell your data connection to other customers. Other free providers even monitor the websites you visit so they can sell this data to marketing agencies.

In other words, you might think your online life is protected by these free VPNs, but your privacy is actually being compromised even more.

What Does A VPN Do

When you do just about anything online, your computer connects to the server that hosts whatever website or service youre using. The website can typically see certain data about you and your device, which isnt ideal if you dont like your activity being monitored. A VPN service connects you to a remote server before connecting you to your favorite sites, so that when a website checks for your user information, it only sees the VPN and does not trace it back to you.

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How Do I Set Up A L2tp VPN Connection In Linux

Make sure your VPN provider supports L2TP/IPSec. If it does, you should be able to get the necessary connection details, which probably include a shared secret on top of your username and password. You may need to install L2TP from the command line. You can then add a connection using the Linux Network Manager using the same steps as above.

Strongvpn Router Software & Support


StrongVPN does not develop its own router firmware, however, it does provide detailed instructions on how to setup DD-WRT, Tomato by Shibby, Sabai Router OS, Mikrotik RouterOS and other o/s to connect to its VPN network. StrongVPN support contains perhaps the largest database of router devices and operating systems amongst all VPN Providers reviewed.

Encryption protocols supported for Router VPNs are OpenVPN and PPTP, however, in order to take full advantage of the speeds the VPN Provider is capable of delivering, youll need to ensure your router has enough CPU horsepower under the hood!

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The Benefits Of Using A VPN Service

For just a few dollars a month, you’ll receive the following benefits from your VPN:

Privacy from your ISP or government

A VPN encrypts your internet data and proxies your DNS requests. This basically means that your ISP completely unable to track what you are doing online. If your ISP can’t track your web activity, that means the government, hackers, or advertisers also won’t be able to get their hands on that information. This makes a VPN an extremely effective tool for protecting your privacy.

If you want to learn more about government surveillance? We take a closer look at website and government surveillance in our ultimate online privacy guide.

Privacy when visiting websites

Websites can see your real IP address when you visit them. If you’re using a VPN, however, they just see the IP of the VPN server, not your true IP address. You should, however, combine the use of a VPN with browser add-ons which prevent website trackers for maximum privacy.

Evading censorship

Governments all over the world force ISPs to blacklist certain websites. In China, the list of websites and services that are blocked is huge. China is by far the clearest example of online mass censorship, to find out how you can get around Chinese content blocks, check out our guide listing the best VPNs for China.

See how our top VPNs compare:

Bare Metal Servers?

Unblocking streaming services

What can the best VPNs unblock?


Best VPN Provider Download/upload Speed Tests was selected as a testing platform to evaluate download and upload speeds. Our tests were performed from Melbourne Australia using a premium 200Mbps link to the internet while OpenVPNUDP or OpenVPN TCP was the VPN protocol used to connect to each provider. The server located at San Jose, CA Server shown below was used for download/upload test. This server was strategically selected as its hosted by and showed stable transfer rates capable of exceeding 185Mbps.

Our selected server and non-VPN speed tests results

Our test to San Jose, CA Server without a VPN yielded an impressive 185Mbps download speed and 123Mbps upload speed confirming the path between us and the server was not congested.

While test values still fluctuated, the tests weve selected to publish are the average results from each VPN Provider.

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Is It Worth Paying For A VPN

Yes, investing in a VPN is worth it because VPNs that are free typically place various limitations on their account. These limitations include a fixed number of server locations to connect from and the amount of data you can use while connected.

Free VPNs are also known for selling out personal information and VPN connection logs to different advertising agencies. Therefore, it is worth paying for a premium VPN provider if you value online privacy and encryption while surfing the internet.

What’s The Fastest VPN

The Best VPN Service in 2020 and 2021

When a VPN is active, your web traffic is taking a more circuitous route than usual, often resulting in sluggish download and upload speeds as well as increased latency. The good news is that using a VPN probably isn’t going to remind you of the dial-up days of yore.

Most services provide perfectly adequate internet speed when in use, and they can even handle streaming HD video. However, 4K video and other data-intensive tasks like gaming over a VPN are another story.

When we test VPNs, we use the Ookla speed test tool. This test provides metrics for latency, download speeds, and upload speeds. Any one of these can be an important measurement depending on your needs, but we tend to view the download speed as the most important. After all, we live in an age of digital consumption.

To evaluate VPNs, we first run several speed tests without the VPN. Then, we compare that figure to speed tests taken with the VPN active and find a percent change. Our speed tests stress comparison and reproducibility. That means we stand by our work, but your individual results may vary. After all, perhaps you live on top of a VPN server, or just happen to have a super-high bandwidth connection. Please read our feature, conveniently named How We Test VPNs, if you want the full details.

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Whats The Difference Between A Business VPN And A Personal VPN

In short, personal VPNs protect individuals who are typically consumers. Theyre cheaper and sometimes free. People usually use them to browse the internet safely and access websites or streaming content only available in certain countries.

Business VPNs protect the interests of the companies, not the employees. For instance, if youre using a business VPN, your online behavior is protected for external threats, but the administrator of the business VPN may track how you are using it. Business VPNs typically have some sort of user management dashboard and are also more expensive.

For smaller teams, solopreneurs and freelancers, a business tier VPN may not be necessary. Our list above looks at personal VPNs that have multiple uses.

Should You Use A VPN In 2021

In the most basic terms, a virtual private network allows you to safely send information when using public networks via a group of networked computers and faraway servers. And while VPNs are effective at what they do, you should be aware of their limitations.

For general data encryption and protection when online, they are an excellent choice. They can help prevent data throttling by hiding you from your ISP . They can get around regional restrictions or price changes by allowing users to switch servers at will. Additional features can restrict web access, help detect malicious sites, and other services.

On the other hand, even the best VPN is not a security panacea. They can be detected and banned by governments, for example, and low-quality versions can log and even sell your data. Services can also block access to content when a VPN is used, which is why trying to get around something like Netflixs regional restrictions can be hit or miss.

All that said, so long as you understand their limitations and adjust your expectations accordingly, we definitely think that you should use a VPN in 2021 if youre concerned with online privacy and security.

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Check Which Devices Are Compatible

Although most VPNs support the main platforms of Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS, some VPNs are not available on all platforms.

If you have a Windows computer but use an iPhone, then you want to ensure your VPN has a platform and app for both.

Its also a good idea to see how many devices you can connect to at once. Some VPNs allow unlimited devices, while others only let you connect up to three.

Top 5 Best VPNs For 2021

The best vpn service provider with fast, secure vpn access
  • Fast servers to browse without interruptions
  • Strict no-logs policies keep your data private online
  • Large server networks to connect to any location
  • Free trials, discounts, and refund policies to test them out risk-free

Uninterrupted, high-speed browsing, zero logs so your online activity is always private.

  • Lightning-fast speeds to browse without lag
  • Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS
  • Lightning-fast speeds to browse without lag
  • Servers in 94+ countries around the globe
  • Military-grade security to stay safe online
  • Try it risk-free with its money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers and more

One of the most secure VPNs with 256-bit encryption and a range of protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKev2.

  • 6900+ servers with optimized options for even faster speeds
  • Intuitive apps for mobile devices with excellent security features
  • 6900+ servers with optimized options for even faster speeds
  • Zero-logs policy keeps your identity private
  • Boost your anonymity with DNS and IP leak protection
  • Try it for free for 45 days with its refund policy
  • User-friendly apps for all major operating systems and devices

A user favorite that puts your privacy first with a kill switch, military-grade encryption, and a no-logs policy.

  • Reliable 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Connect up to 10 devices at once
  • Quick setup and one-click server connections
  • 12480+ Servers in 78 Countries
  • Dedicated IP and advanced encryption for improved security

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