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Which VPN App Is Best For Iphone

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How Does A VPN For Ios Work

Top 5 FREE & SECURE iPhone VPN Apps in 2020 | Best FREE VPN Apps for iOS | Guiding Tech

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is an online service that encrypts your data and conceals your location. As a nifty byproduct, it also allows you to pretend to be in a different place!

With a VPN, you can get unlimited freedom online while using your iPhone. You can access websites blocked by your ISP, restricted by the government, or blocked by your employer or school.

You can also access content that is supposed to be geo-restricted where you live to stream more Netflix or access TV stations from overseas .

Using a VPN to pretend to be in a different country is super fun, and useful! It can let you access internet banking while on holiday, or log into your cable TV subscription even though you are traveling on business.

A VPN also keeps your data secure from hackers and government snoopers so that you can browse with peace of mind. This prevents coffee shops, hotels, and airports from knowing what you are accessing, giving you privacy. And stops you from falling victim to fake Wi-Fi hotspots setup by criminals.

This is only a brief overview of what a VPN is and can do. To learn more, be sure to check out our more in-depth, what is a VPN? guide.

CyberGhost VPN

Why Do I Need A Free Iphone VPN

A free iOS VPN will come in handy if you’re often connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots, or if you just want peace of mind with a sensitive search once in a while.

For those looking to torrent, stream, or simply after a VPN you can have on all day with no hassle, then a paid provider is your best bet.

Best VPNs For Iphone In 2022

Top 3 VPNs
  • Fastest and most reliable VPN
  • User-friendly
Check Best Price

VPNs are now common place for accessing the internet safely. In Indonesia 41 percent of internet users use VPNs, its 39 percent in Thailand, 36 percent in all of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Brazil, and Turkey. Of Chinas 649 million internet users, 29 percent use VPNs thats approximately 190 million people. Across the globe, VPN use is growing.

Also growing – smartphone use. More people connect to the internet via smartphones than any other device. Governments, criminals and all the people youd rather stay away from know this, so the hot target now is the smartphone.

If youve followed the news even remotely youd remember the case of unlocking a terrorists iPhone. Well, 46 percent of iPhone users backed Apples refusal to unlock that iPhone, against 35 percent who wanted it unlocked. Crazy huh?

Poll results show a consistent desire on the part of Americans to keep their phone, Internet communications and other data private. Specifically, people dont want to grant the government this access. In fact, 55 percent of respondents feel the government would take advantage and spy on them if they could unlock iPhones.

Whether you sided with Apple on the iPhone saga or not, consent before selling off your private data should be the standard, right?


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Private Internet Access Best Affordable Iphone VPN

Price: $2.03

  • No multi-hop connection

Best value for money

It is a quality VPN for your iPhone without spending a ton. For just $2.19 per month, you can get a 2-year plan with two months free. If you want even more savings, there are also plans starting at just $2.03 per month for a 3-year plan with 3 months free.

In addition to being one of the most affordable options, private Internet access is also one of the most reliable VPNs. You can use it for unblocking Netflix and other streaming services. Plus, its easy to set up and use even if youre not tech-savvy.

Is Private Internet Access VPN good for iPhone?

Private Internet Access VPN apps grey and light green colors look simplistic. It is easy to use for newbies, as the app offers a quick-connect button, making it easy to connect to a server with one tap.

The app includes a kill switch, preventing your device from sending or receiving data if the VPN connection is lost.

Overall, Private Internet Access is a solid option for iPhone users looking for a reliable VPN app.

Why Use A VPN For My Iphone


Known for its intact security when it was first launched, the iPhone has since faced an ever-growing number of privacy and cybersecurity issues. The glory days of the invulnerable iPhone have since passed. Even the FBI might have hacked the terrorists iPhone that Apple refused to unlock.

In droves, iPhone users have turned to VPNs for protection. In effect, encrypting all inbound and outbound data traffic from their device. This secures them from government eavesdropping, ISP privacy issues, and cyber criminals.

In addition, iPhone users benefit from using VPNs to unblocking websites, bypass geo-restrictions, improve their online gaming experience, prevent privacy invasion, stream restricted videos and content, use location-based internet services within the countries their VPN service has servers, and lots more.

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Are VPNs Legal To Use

Yes, VPN iPhone apps are totally legal to use in most countries. However, you could find yourself in hot water if you access content from countries where that content is otherwise banned. A good example would be using an iOS VPN to look at adult websites in Saudi Arabia where it is illegal.

Bearing this in mind, it is always prudent to check the censorship laws of the country you are in before surfing the internet using your VPN. Some countries have pretty strict and punitive fines and punishments for what some would see as fairly normal online behavior.

Why You Need A VPN For Iphone In 2022

If you are reading this page, and made it this far, you probably already know you need a VPN on your iPhone. But nonetheless, lets just recap the reasons why before concluding this report.

  • Privacy In todays world, internet service providers log everything and often share this data with a wide network of third parties. To cover your tracks, you will need a VPN that encrypt all traffic and hides your location. This way, your internet service provider will not be able to see any website you visit.
  • Security If you ever use public WiFi, you should know that your connection is vulnerable to hackers and people snooping data. To solve this problem, you should use a VPN whenever you are on any public network.
  • We all know the internet is getting partitioned up and restricted. To get easy access to any site you wish, you will need a good VPN network with servers that will allow you to easily bypass restrictions with any device.

Cybersecurity continues to be a dominant theme we see in the news and is a top concern for most people. Cybercriminals continue to exploit vulnerable individuals, networks, businesses, and even non-profit organizations for potentially lucrative payouts. If you care about your privacy and security, a VPN is a crucial first line of defense, in combination with other privacy tools that we discuss on this site.

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Why Free VPNs Might Be Dangerous

Despite certain restrictions that come along with a free VPN, there are additional disadvantages. And those are the ones that might be a threat to your Mac or another iOS device.

As you can already assume, free VPNs must make money somehow to maintain their services available . So, from here you become a product that guarantees an income. You might sacrifice your own safety instead of the money that you would pay for a premium VPN. That being said, paying for a VPN causes you much fewer problems.

Do Iphones Have Built In VPN

VPN Private – Best Free VPN App For iPhone?

No, iPhones do not have any built in VPN. However, iPhones do have built in VPN support for the IKEv2 VPN protocol, which can be used with different VPN services. Many of the top iPhone VPN services support the IKEv2 protocol and setting this up is easy.

To use your iPhones built in VPN you simply need to download the IKEv2 certificate from your VPN service to your iPhone, enter your login credentials, and then connect to a VPN server.

After downloading the certificate, you can select the VPN server you want to connect to through your iPhone. You will then add this server configuration to your phone under:Settings > General > VPN.

This will include the Server hostname, Remote ID, and then your Username and Password for authentication. Finally, with this configuration, you can always connect to it by toggling on the VPN button in your iPhones settings area, as you see below.

Even though you can use the built in iPhone VPN settings, I would instead recommend using your VPNs dedicated iPhone app. A dedicated iPhone VPN app from one of the recommended VPNs above,

  • Is easier to set up than the IKEv2 option on your iPhone
  • Gives you easy access to every VPN server in the network with one click.
  • Includes a good kill switch, to better secure your traffic if the VPN connection drops.
  • Offers full access to all VPN features that are available through your iPhones VPN app.

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Dark Web Monitoring With Nordvpn

NordVPNs dark web monitoring tool is a really nice addition to the iOS app. Essentially, this tool works by monitoring the dark web for any evidence that your email address and password have been exposed in a data leak or data breach. It will then alert you to such an exposure, so you can update your password.

This is a really cool feature, but there is a downside: The service only monitors the email address thats associated with your NordVPN account. If you have multiple email addresses and passwords, it wont be all that useful to you.

NordVPN is pretty expensive if you opt for the monthly plan, which comes in at $11.95 per month. However, the two-year plan is very competitive, costing just $3.71 per month for two years.

You also get a 30-day money back guarantee so you can test it out before fully committing. Take a look at our full NordVPN review for more information about NordVPNs fast and secure mobile apps.



  • Not as fast as other providers

One thing we love about Surfshark is its unlimited simultaneous connections policy. This means that the VPN extends beyond your iPhone. You can cover your laptop, TV and iPhone with your VPN connection all in one go, which is great for multitasking.

The app is also extremely straightforward to use, with a single-click connection button on the homepage. Speed-wise, Surfshark might slow down your browsing speed a tiny bit, but not dramatically.

Will These VPNs Work On Ipad

Of course! All of our hand-picked VPNs are just as compatible with iPads as they are with iPhone, and can be set up in the same way. Newer models should work with no issues though older generations might experience some hiccups. If you’d like to learn how to use a VPN on iPad, we’ve written up a walkthrough in our setting up a VPN on iPhone guide.

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What Does A VPN For Iphone Do

Once your iPhone is connected to the internet, be it through your network connection or Wi-Fi, it’s at risk. In the case of unsecured public Wi-Fi, like at coffee shops, hotels and airports, this risk is even greater. Risk of what? Your data being exposed. That’s is where a VPN works to keep you safe.

Free Iphone VPNs: Can They Be Trusted And Which Ones Are Worth Using

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone and iPad in 2019

Using a free VPN can be a smart privacy decision, and if you’re after a free iPhone VPN you’ve got a huge amount of choice all you need to do is open up the App Store and see for yourself. But there’s always that element of doubt is your chosen free VPN on iPhone really going to do what you want it to?

We won’t lie the best VPN services on any platform are going to be premium, paid-for services, and if you want no-holds-barred privacy and security along with features like unblocking streaming sites and torrenting, we’d recommend you go with the best.

However, there are free iPhone VPNs that can give you solid anonymity without asking for your hard-earned cash. Below, we’ll run down what to look for in more detail, but if you just want to see our top picks, .

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Thanks For Lots Of Server

Most of the time an user want to access different servers for extra facilities. All the servers cant provide all types data perfectly. So most of the smart user find multiple servers to access his necessary web smoothly. In this app at most 20+ countrys server are provide and each and every are easy to connect. As a user I am satisfied to use it. Good VPN app indeed.

Do I Really Need A VPN To Protect My Iphone

iOS offers strong built-in security features, but our experts agree that its not enough on its own. While iOS does an excellent job at keeping your device safe from malware, it cant protect the data you send over the internet.

VPNs encrypt your data to protect your personal information from cyberthieves. Without a VPN on your iOS device, you are exposed to hackers and identity thieves, not to mention online advertisers who want to track your every move.

A VPN is also the easiest way to protect yourself against DDoS attacks, doxing, and internet surveillance.

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Free Iphone VPN Apps Compared

To find out how flexible youll be with a free iPhone VPN, you should pay attention to several details. They include bandwidth and data limits, rating, extra supported devices, possibilities regarding streaming services, and, of course, privacy policy. And to ease your research on them, we have put this information into a table below.

No-logs policy

VPN Features And Extras

Best VPN App for Iphone 2020

The features to look for in a VPN depend on the way you intend to use it. If you never travel abroad and don’t feel the need to pretend you’re surfing from Amsterdam, the most important features for you are a convenient interface and a big selection of servers in the US. Conversely, if you’re a globetrotter with a need for a secure connection from just about anywhere, you’ll look for a VPN provider whose server locations cover all the continents.

Something that’s easy to overlook is the protocol the VPN service uses to make its secure connection. There are many protocols available to protect a VPN connection, and our favorites at PCMag are the stalwart OpenVPN and newcomer WireGuard. These are both open-source protocol, so many experts have vetted its security. For a long time, few iPhone VPNs provided OpenVPN because Apple required additional scrutiny for any app that included it. If OpenVPN is unavailable, IKEv2 is a solid, modern option.

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The Best Free VPN For Iphone

If youre hesitant about paying for an iPhone VPN, we definitely recommend getting started with Windscribe. Even though its free, this VPN app is robust, with more than enough functionality for beginners, though it didnt make it onto our best VPN for beginners list.

That said, the free plan does have limitations. You only get access to 10GB per month of data and can only access connections in roughly 10 countries.

With Windscribe, you can also customize a plan. You can purchase individual server locations for $1 each per month, meaning you can create a payment plan that suits your unique needs and price requirements. Alternatively, for unfiltered access, the yearly plan comes in at $49, while the monthly plan is $9. Learn more about Windscribe in our review.

Build a Plan


  • Initial drop in speed

If youve got the need for speed, CyberGhost is a great iPhone VPN option. While theres an initial drop in speed when you first connect, this service is one of the fastest out there. Its got an intuitive interface, making navigation very simple. Its even got a dedicated tab for streaming, which shows the best servers that are optimized for different streaming platforms.

Best Iphone VPN Of 2021

These are the best virtual private networks for maximizing your privacy on Apple’s iPhones.

Do you really need a VPN, or virtual private network, for your iPhone? If you’ve ever used your phone to hop onto a public Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop or the airport, then the short answer is yes, having an iPhone VPN is probably a good idea. And there’s good news for iPhone users: It’s now possible to find a number of VPNs that are more reliable and easier to use than ever before — and they’re optimized for mobile.

The mobile VPN market has been booming, with over 480 million mobile VPN apps downloaded around the globe in just 12 months between 2019 and 2020 — or 54% more than the year before, according to a report from research firm Top10VPN. While free services made up 84% of all mobile VPN downloads, we recommend avoiding free VPN apps and using a tried-and-true commercial paid VPN whenever possible. That means getting your money’s worth is important.

This list is essentially a subset of our main best VPN list but specifically focuses on VPN clients for those seeking mobile browsing protection for their iPhone or other iOS device. If and when a service is ranked higher here than on our main list, it’s because the mobile app experience was superior.

  • Intuitive app interface, with plenty of power under the hood
  • Number of servers: 3,200-plus
  • Number of VPN server locations: 65
  • Country/jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands

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