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Which VPN Has Russia Server

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What Are The Common Features Of A Good Geo

Download Free VPN (includes Russia) [SoftEther VPN] – 2018

Choosing a quality VPN provider is not only a matter of personal preference, but also a matter of reliability. You need to choose a VPN that has good customer support, offers quality services, has the latest features, and has promising protection policies. Other than that, here are some of the common features that a good geo-blocking VPN provider should offer:

  • No-logging policy
  • Software available for most operating systems
  • Integrated kill switch to allow you to prevent IP leaks
  • Multiple servers located all around the world
  • Allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Money-back guarantee

A good VPN for geo-blocking should have a lot of servers in a lot of countries. It should offer a stable and speedy Internet connection, and have quality customer support. Most of all, it should protect your privacy and security. With Russian laws the way they are, this is tricky and must be navigated with some knowledge. Thats why our reviews are so important as weve taken the time to look at all of this.

Gain Privacy With A VPN For Russia

A Virtual Private Network for Russia overcomes all government-imposed censorship. Once connected to a VPN, users are free to look at any blog or news source that they wish, without fear of being flagged up as someone with dissenting opinions and views.

A VPN conceals your real location, stopping websites from being able to track your real IP address

A VPN also bypasses geo-restrictions so that people can access content and services from overseas. A VPN will also allow users to overcome network restrictions imposed by local administrators such as employers and landlords.

In addition, reliable Russian VPN apps encrypt all web traffic. By scrambling data with military-grade encryption, a VPN for Russia stops ISPs from collecting web browsing data on behalf of the government. With this in mind, a VPN app is the best digital privacy tool available.

A VPN also conceals the user’s real location. This stops the websites they visit from being able to track their real IP address. This is good for privacy but also means that VPN users can pretend to be in a different country. By connecting to a VPN server in a foreign country users can overcome both censorship and geo-restrictions.

Best VPNs For Russia Today The Detailed List

In this section, well share with you the names of the best five VPN vendors to use if youre in Russia, along with a detailed description of each. But before we proceed, we will tell you how and why we chose those five options. First, we picked only options that deliver the following features:

  • Connections with high speeds and reliable connections
  • Work with the most sought-after video streaming platforms such as Netflix
  • Solid encryption parameters that guarantee privacy and anonymity
  • User-friendliness
  • Unblocks geo-restricted content in the most straightforward way possible
  • Supports 2P2 networks, especially BitTorrent
  • The vendor offers and supports good apps, at least for the Android and iOS platforms

So now that you know where were coming from, lets roll up our sleeves and dig deep into the subject. Here are the five best VPNs for you to use within the Russian territory in full detail.

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Best VPNs For Russia That Still Work In 2022

Its not easy to find a good VPN that still operates inside Russia. Youll find that most online information hasnt been updated since the government cracked down on VPNs and tightened its internet surveillance laws.

To save you time and frustration, I shortlisted the best VPNs that can get you a Russian IP address . Youll be able to stream the show Brigada on Okko, log in to your Russian bank account while overseas, and keep your browsing history hidden.

If you want to skip the full list, I recommend CyberGhost as the best VPN for Russia in 2022. Its a no-logs VPN with fast and secure servers in Moscow. You can even try it for yourself with the 45-day money-back guarantee, which makes it completely risk-free.

What Are The Dangers Of Using A Russia Ip Address

VPN Russia for Android

Russia is infamous for its internet censorship and is ranked as one of the lowest countries for internet freedom. The government censors a lot of political content that goes against their agenda and blocks websites that collect data on Russian citizens from abroad. The notable example here is LinkedIn, which has been banned in Russia since 2016.

Since authorities are on the constant lookout for wrongdoers, using a Russian IP address is risky. But if you use a trustworthy VPN with Russian servers, you can use a Russian IP address anonymously and stay protected from online dangers.

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How A VPN Gets You A Russian Ip Address

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. Any data you send over the internet stays inside the tunnel. Websites, spies, and hackers are stuck outside it, which means they cant see what youre doing or where youre located. This prevents third parties from tracking your online activity and keeps your internet activity anonymous, which is especially important in a restrictive country like Russia.

Your IP address shows the physical location of your device. When you connect to a VPN server, it masks your true IP address with a different one so when you connect to a Russian server, youre given a Russian IP address. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions to access blocked content.

Russia VPN Testing Methodology

Finding a reliable VPN for Russia can result in a headache. There are many VPNs available on the market, but they do not all have Russian servers or the privacy features you require to use a VPN without concerns about getting in trouble with the law.

To find VPNs that are highly effective and have solid privacy and security features, we use a carefully constructed VPN testing methodology. Below, we have included some of the most important features we looked for when testing VPNs for Russia:

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Which VPN Has Russia Server

For reliable and affordable VPN services to Russia, NordVPN has to be our top choice. It offers incredible speeds, solid security and privacy, and works reliably in Russia. Fastening connections ensure that your devices go straight from one site to another. You can return it within 30 days for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Test Methodology: How We Tested The Best VPN For Russia

How to Use a VPN Service for IP from Russia

We tested 150+ VPNs to shortlist 6 best VPNs for Russia based on the following criteria:

  • Server Network The VPN should have a wide number of servers located in countries across the world. This will allow you to bypass any geo-restrictions and hide your activities from government agencies.
  • Robust Encryption One of the main reasons for using a Russian VPN is the encryption that they add to user traffic traveling through the VPN server. Secure 256-bit encryption is highly effective in securing user data.
  • Security Features: Make sure the VPN you choose offers additional security features like a kill switch, IP and DNS leak protection, and obfuscation to help you browse the internet anonymously in Russia.
  • Privacy policy The privacy policy is probably the most ignored aspect of a VPN provider yet the most important. We strongly encourage users to take the time to read the privacy policies of the best VPN Russia before you make the decision. Also, make sure it follows a true zero-log policy.
  • Server speed Even the best VPNs in the business can be slow sometimes. We tested the speeds of each VPN provider to ensure that they are capable of offering you the sufficient amount of speed required for streaming, torrenting, browsing, or unblocking restricted sites. Make sure the speed drop with the VPN is not more than 30%.
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    How Can I Blog Anonymously In Russia

    Blogging may be considered a lazy mans job in the West. However, in Russia, its a dangerous thing to do. Jail time is not the worst thing that can happen to a Russian blogger. It at least means that the authorities decided to stay within the laws in that case. But violent physical assaults, torture, and other informal measure have been known to happen. That is enough to scare anybody into silence.

    However, we understand that the message that serious journalists and digital rights activists send is vital for every society and that it must find its way to the public. Freedom of speech, after all, is not an optional component of the democratic process. Its the cornerstone.

    Blogging anonymously and safely from within such a hostile environment as Russia is a complicated process that merits a whole article on its own. However, here are the essential steps to follow:

    Surveillance Systems For Isps

    Other notable laws and amendments that have further entrenched the problematic regulation of online surveillance include the sovereign internet law enacted in 2019. The law requires ISPs to install System Operative-Search Measures for online surveillance.

    SORM uses deep packet inspection technology to allow the Federal Security Service to filter, track and reroute internet traffic.

    Still, weve barely scratched the surface of the Russian laws that have expanded internet censorship in the country. Besides enacting the regulations, the Russian government is forcefully using its surveillance capabilities to monitor activists, journalists and opposition members.

    However, Russia isnt alone in its surveillance actions. Our best VPN for the UK and best VPN for the U.S. pieces show other countries that engage in intrusive surveillance.

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    Why You Need A VPN In Russia

    To access geo-restricted content from the world, one needs a VPNwhat better VPN than NordVPN for this purpose.

    Due to severe internet restrictions in Russia, Russians need to use a VPN to protect their data from being monitored. Cyber privacy is a concept unknown in Russia. Because of this reason, people residing in the country need a VPN to keep their data encrypted.

    One other primary reason why a VPN is needed in Russia is to unblock geo-restricted services.

    The media regulatory authority closely tracks and monitors user data in Russia. To keep themselves out of trouble while trying to access websites with geographical restrictions, Russians need a VPN.

    Luckily, alongside NordVPN, you can also use other VPNs in Russia for better privacy. Enjoy the services NordVPN offers to keep yourself completely unidentified over the internet and enjoy surfing the internet and streaming services like Netflix with NordVPN. NordVPN offers an L2TP connection in Russia, so your internet traffic stays completely encrypted. It also offers a no-logs policy and a kill switch to keep user identities safe and secure. You can also check out NordVPNs no-log policy in detail for more information.

    Unblock other streaming services:

    NordVPN is compatible with all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and more. You can even connect NordVPN to Fire Stick and with other devices that dont natively support VPNs.

    NordVPN setup guides:

    Private Internet Access VPN Best Budget VPN For Russia

    VPN Russia for Android

    Private Internet Access VPN is the most privacy-focused and transparent VPN on the market that offers restriction and unlimited content. PIA provides coverage for at least ten devices that use Windows, macOS, Android, Apple, Linux, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome platforms. With over 29,000 servers in over 78 countries, you can easily access your shows, apps, and music with no problems. The no-log policy ensures that your internet traffic is not recorded or stored. PIA has an open-source guarantee for transparency, and the easy configuration has a fast and easy setup process.

    PIA has a variety of antivirus protection that includes a web shield, prevention engine, cloud-based virus definition, flexible scan setting, max-security quarantine, and detailed security reports. All these features are different but are geared to do the same thing protect you from malicious content, viruses, malware, and cybercriminals.

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    What Can I Do With A VPN In Russia

    A Russia VPN is extremely useful. Not only can you overcome government censorship and regain access to blacklisted websites, but you can also access geo-restricted websites, too. With a VPN, you can unblock and watch British TV channels like ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer.

    You can also watch foreign sports such as football, Formula 1 or UFC fighting a lot cheaper. You can even subscribe to US cable on Sling TV and watch the world’s best shows the moment they come out. A VPN truly unlocks the whole internet, allowing you to visit any website or use any service.

    Overall Rating For Russia: 93/10

    This rating is calculated using the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our testing methodology for Russia.

    • 8.88.8/10

    PrivateVPN works reliably in Russia, but is also extremely cheap compared to most top VPN services. On long-term subscription plans, it can cost as little as $1.89 per month.

    It offers servers in both Russia and neighbouring countries, and unlike Astrill or ExpressVPN, its stealth VPN protocol works on mobile devices.


    Based on 100Mbps local test connection

    $2.00/mo over 36 monthsSee all plans

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    Russia Bans Telegram Messenger

    On Friday 19 April 2019, a Moscow court authorized Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications, and technology watchdog, to block the popular Telegram Messenger app.

    The move follows demands from the Federal Security Service that Telegram hand over its encryption keys to the secretive KGB successor after claiming that it is widely used by terrorists. Telegram refused.

    The good news, however, is that Telegram can still be freely accessed in Russia using a VPN. This is because a VPN hides the fact that you are connecting to the Telegram network from your internet and/or mobile provider .

    For more information on this story, please see our full Russia Bans Telegram Messenger article.

    What Makes The Best VPN For Russia

    The Best Free VPN Service For Windows 2021

    When you choose a VPN provider for Russia, you need to make sure it has several key features, including excellent security and privacy, the ability to bypass Russian censorship, plus good speeds. Heres our list of the best VPNs for Russia.

  • ExpressVPN Fast speeds and optimal privacy and security
  • NordVPN An extensive global server network and top-notch security
  • Surfshark Affordable, secure and has servers in Russia
  • CyberGhost A wide-ranging server network and inexpensive
  • VyprVPN Proprietary Chameleon protocol, plus servers in Moscow
  • Most importantly, the VPN provider needs to have excellent security to protect you from online dangers and keep you hidden from intrusive surveillance. Along with that, it should honor your online privacy with a strict no-logs policy in place, which means it doesnt keep a record of your online activities.

    Also, the more servers there are in different countries, the better your chance of getting access to other countries streaming services, like Netflix U.S. or BBC iPlayer. Our best VPN for Netflix guide has some dedicated recommendations.

    To make sure youre not constantly waiting for content to load, you need to choose a VPN that has good speed and unlimited bandwidth. Both of those features are important if you want to do some streaming or torrenting online.

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    Is Using A Russia Ip Address Legal

    Using a Russian IP address is legal in most parts of the world.All you need to do is use a reliable VPN with servers in Russia and connect to a Russian server. But since Russia has restrictive internet laws, the country only approves VPNs that comply with its censorship laws, making it very similar to China. It’s always best to read up on the latest rules and regulations surrounding VPN use before using one in the country.

    In addition, if you want to use a VPN in Russia to get free and open internet, it’s best to download it before arriving in the country.

    Get A Russia Ip Address Today

    The best way to get a Russian IP address is to use a reliable VPN with servers in Russia. It replaces your actual IP address with a Russian one by redirecting your traffic through a Russian server. An additional benefit of this is that it encrypts your data and stops recording your online activity.

    Out of the VPNs I tested, my favorite one for Russia is CyberGhost. With its vast server network, robust security features, and intuitive app, its an excellent choice for all experience levels. It also has a 45-day money-back guarantee so that you can test all of its features for free. If you dont like it, you can ask for a refund.

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    How Do I Use A VPN In Russia

    In this section, well take you through exactly how to set up your VPN. Follow the steps outlined here if youre a foreign expatriate living in Russia looking to obtain an IP address from back home or another non-Russian location:

    Heres how to use a VPN in Russia:

  • Browse through our recommended list of VPN services and decide on a plan that works for you
  • Register and pay for the service
  • Once thats done, download the companion apps or software
  • Clear your cookies and cache in all web browsers to remove old location identifiers
  • Restart your device
  • Open the VPN companion software and login
  • Select a server from the country youre trying to obtain an IP address such as Canada or Spain
  • Allow a few seconds for the connection to be established. Once thats done there should be a green notification icon in the taskbar or on the top of your smartphone screen
  • Browse the web like you normally would. Youll notice that host websites will assume your location is in the country youre currently connected to and a bunch of previously unavailable content will now be accessible
  • If you are a Russian resident traveling abroad and want to access your usual services and websites from home, simply select a VPN with Russian servers and choose Russia in step 7 above.

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