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Which VPN Is Best For Gaming

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Top 5 Best VPNs For Chrome

Best VPN For Gaming in 2022ð?±â?ð 3 VPNs Live Gaming Test ð§
  • Start using intuitive Chrome extensions hassle-free
  • High-speed servers to connect to any location with zero lag
  • Large server networks to connect to any location
  • Excellent security features to protect yourself online
  • Start using intuitive Chrome extensions hassle-free
  • High-speed servers to connect to any location with zero lag
  • Large server networks to connect to any location
  • Excellent security features to protect yourself online

Lightning-fast servers to connect to any location, excellent security features, and user-friendly Chrome extension

  • Easy-to-use Chrome extension with great features
  • Try it completely risk-free
  • Easy-to-use Chrome extension with great features
  • Servers in 94+ countries to connect to any location
  • Military-grade security features to stay safe online
  • Try it completely risk-free
  • Strict-no logs policy to keep your identity private

One of the most secure VPNs with 256-bit encryption and a range of protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKev2.

  • Easy to configure and use on Chrome
  • Reliable 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 8,914+ servers with optimized options for even faster speeds
  • Zero-logs policy keeps your identity private
  • Fast speeds for a lag-free online experience
  • Try it for free for 45 days with its refund policy
  • Easy to configure and use on Chrome

10 simultaneous connections to protect all of your devices at the same time

  • Connect up to 10 devices to one account
  • Native apps for iOS, Android, and more

Connect up to 6 devices and enjoy secure browsing

Will A Free VPN Work With Games Like Valorant Or Pubg

Yes, but with time limitations.For data-intensive games, its always a better idea to go for a low-cost premium VPN with unlimited data and bandwidth. ProtonVPN is the only 100% free VPN listed that offers unlimited data but you can only connect to severs in 3 locations, so you might not be able to get a fast or responsive enough connection.

Valorant, for example, uses up to 400MB of data per hour and most free VPNs offer between 1GB and 10GB of monthly data. At most, youd be able to play for 25 hours per month . That might be enough if youre a casual gamer. For hardcore gamers, a free VPN just wont cut it.

PUBG uses up to 50MB of data per hour. As long as the free VPN has servers close to your actual location , even with 1GB of data per month, youd still get 20 hours of gameplay .

Fastest VPN For Gaming

If you are looking for the best VPN for gaming, then speed is a big consideration. NordVPN fully supports the WireGuard VPN protocol, which delivers the fastest speeds along with cutting-edge security. In our tests, we were able to hit speeds of 445 Mbps using a nearby NordVPN server and the WireGuard protocol.

And like our other top-recommended VPNs for gaming, NordVPN gives you 24/7 live chat support and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

+ Pros

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Surfshark has a lot in common with NordVPN and is a strong contender for the best VPN for gaming. It offers excellent speeds, a large server network, secure apps, and lots of great features. One of the biggest advantages of Surfshark is the price. It is truly a cheap VPN for gaming, at only $2.49 per month, while also not sacrificing on quality.

Surfshark has a large VPN network that will work well for gaming. This includes over 3,200 servers distributed across 65 countries. And like NordVPN above, Surfshark also supports the WireGuard VPN protocol directly in their VPN apps. This provides blazing fast VPN speeds for gaming, while even outperforming other leading VPNs. Below is a speed test from our ExpressVPN vs Surfshark comparison, where we hit 397 Mbps.

Here are some other reasons that Surfshark is one of the top picks as the best gaming VPN:


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Vyprvpn Very Fast Gaming VPN

VyprVPN is really fast and provides great security features. In my tests, I only experienced an average speed loss of 22%, which is really impressive and only slightly slower than ExpressVPN. I maintained fast gaming speeds on local and distant servers and didnt experience high ping or lag.

VyprVPN doesnt have unlimited connections like IPVanish, but it allows a whopping 30 simultaneous connections .

VyprVPN has user-friendly apps on most platforms, including routers. But its not as easy to set up as the other providers on this list .

When it comes to security, VyprVPN has perfect forward secrecy, a strict no-logs policy , uses encrypted DNS servers to prevent DNS leaks, and claims to have 300,000 IP addresses to help prevent DDoS attacks.

And VyprVPN provides good customer support for gamers it has 24/7 live chat and responsive email support. I asked the live chat reps about gaming and using the router app, and they always provided me with helpful answers. VyprVPN also has a tutorial for the router app and a detailed article detailing how VyprVPN improves your gaming experience.

But VyprVPN only has split-tunneling on Android and macOS, its missing IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection, and it doesnt work with Disney+.

VyprVPN has monthly and yearly plans that start at just CA$4.28 / month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Setting Up A Gaming VPN

The Best VPN for Gaming Online

After choosing the best VPN for online gaming, its time to download and install it on your gaming device. To set up the VPN, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Head to your preferred VPNs official website and download the VPN. Make sure you get the version thats compatible with the your gaming device.
  • Install the app by following the set-up wizard to the end.
  • After successful installation, a new network connection will appear on your mobile phone or PC. This is the route that all your internet traffic will take every time you use the VPN.
  • Open the VPN and select the server location you want to connect to. Once connected, head to your preferred gaming website.

Setting up a VPN on gaming consoles like XBOX, PS5, and Nintendo Switch is a little different. For these, follow this procedure:

  • Set up and open the VPN on your computer.
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect the console to your PC.
  • From your PCs network and internet settings, allow other network users to connect via your computers internet connection.
  • After that, select your consoles Ethernet connection from the drop-down menu. Having done that, the consoles internet activity will be masked by the VPN.

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Will A VPN Improve My Ping

The best gaming VPNs might improve your ping by lowering it slightly, such as NordVPN and Surfshark, but thats hit-or-miss.

That said, a reliableVPN will stabilize your ping to prevent it from jumping all over the place, which can help reduce lag, thus improving your overall gaming experience.

All of the VPNs on my list were tested with various games to ensure a stable ping and minimal lag.

How To Set Up A Gaming VPN On Your Wi

The criteria for installing a VPN may vary on the type of your router. However, the generalized method is:

  • Install the configuration files provided by your VPNs website.
  • Enter in the URL bar to access the control panel of your router.
  • Select the VPN client on your routers control panel located under the Services tab.
  • Turn on the OpenVPN client, and the command will open a configuration panel.
  • Add the connection details of your VPN server. Most VPN providers offer a separate guide for this purpose.
  • Connect to your preferred VPN server, and youre good to go.
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    Expressvpn The Fastest Gaming VPN In The Industry

    Out of all VPN services we have tested, ExpressVPN emerges on top. With 3200+ servers across a staggering 94 countries, if you want to play with your friends abroad, or find yourself traveling a lot, then ExpressVPN for gaming would be your best bet!

    ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast speed, so you wont face any delays or interruptions during online gaming. In our testing, ExpressVPN delivered 91.1 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection, which is fast enough to play heavy titles like PUBG. In addition, the provider has a dedicated app for routers, allowing users to connect to various gaming consoles that are not VPN compatible.

    Not just that, it also offers a MediaStreamer feature that allows you to switch between locations and access geo-restricted content on PlayStation and Xbox.

    Risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

    Best Budget VPN For Gaming

    Best VPN for Gaming: Top 3 Great Picks (2022)

    Pricing: Beginning at $2.49 | Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited | Servers: 1700+ | Regions: 63 | Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Amazon Fire TV

    Weve all got so many subscriptions, paying for one more just to tweak the way you use your Internet may seem like one step too far, but Surfshark makes it cheap enough that its easy to take the plunge. Starting at $2.49 a month, Surfshark is an easy option that can cover a bunch of your devices, since it supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS ChromeOS, Amazon Fire TV, and even Xbox Series X/S and PS5, plus it doesnt have a limit on how many devices you can have connected to the service simultaneously.

    You might be wary of a VPN with such a low price, but we put it through some testing and found it more than dependable enough, with low enough latency and high enough bandwidth to handle video streaming and online gaming. In fact, we could get download speeds above 100Mbps. That may not seem like much if youre on a Gigabit connection, but its ample speed for most online activities short of downloading massive video games you want to play right away.

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    Use Wireguard When Gaming On Mobile Devices With A VPN

    When using VPNs on mobile devices, wed strongly recommend using the WireGuard protocol. This offers many benefits for mobile users:

    • Much faster speeds
    • Seamless transition between networks, such as going from Wi-Fi to 4G, without dropping your VPN connection
    • Faster to establish a connection
    • Better battery performance than OpenVPN

    Which VPN Is Best For Gaming Free In Canada

    Windscribe is the best free VPN for gaming in Canada as it offers reliable unblocking capabilities and decent security. However, it also equips 4 server locations and 10 GB of data per month. This means that you will be able to play games only for a few hours due to limited bandwidth. For unlimited data, opt for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

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    Is It Legal To Use A VPN For Gaming

    Simple answer: yes.

    However, what you use your gaming VPN for might not be remember that while it may make illicit activities possible or easier, it does not make them legal.

    If you’re using your VPN to spoof your location and buy games at a lower price, that’s probably against the developer or distributor’s Ts& Cs, and if you’re caught you may have your account suspended or worse.

    But, if you’re just using it to make sure your ISP isn’t throttling you, you don’t have anything to worry about.

    Nordvpn Reliable VPN With The Broadest Reach Globally

    The Best VPN for Gaming (And Do You Really Need It?)

    Another worthy contender in the list is NordVPN, a Panama-based VPN service offering the largest network of servers across the globe. Widely considered the behemoth in the cybersecurity industry, NordVPN shows remarkable speed during online gaming for titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Tibia, and more. In fact, it delivers one of the fastest download speeds in our testing than other VPNs and the absolutely stunning upload speed. Thanks to its NordLynx feature, it offers a consistent speed of 77.68 Mbps on 100 connections.

    Another noteworthy feature of NordVPN is double encryption that offers impenetrable security with built-in DDoS protection, especially for gamers. In addition, its reportedly the fastest around and does seem to help heavy gaming titles run consistently.

    In addition to stunning security, NordVPN offers access to geo-restricted content on your Windows desktop, Android devices, or iOS devices, and many more. You can also set this VPN on your gaming consoles and router, but it doesnt have a dedicated router app like ExpressVPN.

    CA$ 4.2/mo – 2 years with 60% off + Threat Protection for free

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    Nordvpn Best VPN For Gaming In 2022


    68% OFF NordVPN Coupon > >

    With its huge network of reliable, super-fast servers, NordVPN also ticks all the boxes for a great gaming VPN. It automatically protects you against DDoS attacks and does an excellent job getting around any kind of blocks or geo-restrictions. It also comes packed with an impressive list of features, while still being very affordable.

    NordVPN also has an excellent reputation among gamers. Namely, it stands out as being the fastest option with no lagging. This is because NordVPN offers the NordLynx protocol, which is a custom implementation of the WireGuard VPN protocol. This gives you the absolute fastest speeds and the latest in encryption and security, earning NordVPN praise from gamers on Reddit and elsewhere:

    NordVPN boasts a network of 5,500+ servers spread across 60 countries. This gives you more than enough servers to find an ideal location for your gaming needs. Another benefit of the NordVPN network is that all servers run in RAM-disk mode, without any hard drives. This makes it impossible for any server to store data, which improves privacy and security for NordVPN users.

    And if you want a VPN that delivers on advanced privacy and security features, NordVPN has you covered. For example:

    How To Unblock Region

    Heres how you can quickly use a virtual private network to play region-restricted games online in Canada:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service of your choice .
  • Install the VPN app on a router or your device.
  • Log in to the app using your credentials.
  • Connect to servers from countries where the games you want to access are blocked.
  • Finally, your favorite games online without restrictions & throttling.
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    Which VPN Protocol Is Best For Gaming

    4 minutes

    The gaming community is a very diverse and large group of people. Some gamers prefer to play alone, while others enjoy playing with friends or other players from around the world.

    No matter what type of gamer you are, its important that you take steps to protect your identity and data when online. One way to do this is by using a gaming VPN service that comes with secure VPN protocols to keep you safe and give you a good gaming session.

    In this blog post, we will discuss which VPN protocol is best for gaming and why so many gamers choose OpenVPN as their go-to option!

    This article is a part of a series:

    Chapter 13: VPN for Black Desert Online

    Do You Need A VPN For Gaming

    The Best Free Gaming VPN | Low-Ping VPN ðºð

    So weve seen what you need from a gaming VPN, but is this even something you need for your favorite online adventure or shoot em up?

    The answer is it all depends. One of the most common questions people have about VPNs and gaming is whether it will improve your ping times. That is, the speed, measured in milliseconds, that your PC can send data to the games servers. VPNs cant really help here since it adds another connection point between you and your destination server. Instead of going from your PC to the game server and back, it goes from your PC to the VPN server to the game server and back. In most cases you will probably find that ping times either worsen or stay about the same.

    Either way, its a rare case where ping times are helped by a VPN. The one exception might be stability. In these instances, your bare internet connection isnt stable enough due to a high amount of activity in your neighborhood, or heavy load on your home network. In those cases, a VPN might make things a little more stable since you connection runs through a VPN server that specializes in keeping things moving.

    That brings us to the next topic of potential ISP throttling. Were not talking about the nefarious kind where your service provider might try to charge you extra for access to gaming servers. Instead, were talking about everyday traffic shaping, as well as penalizing bandwidth hogs for taking up too much bandwidth at peak times.

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    What Is The Best Free VPN For Gaming

    Since there are so many free VPN services, using one for gaming might seem like a good idea. The reality is a bit more complex, and a free VPN can be a double-edged sword. When talking about free VPNs, this might mean two entirely different things.

    Some VPNs are completely free. You can’t pay for them even if you wanted to. Usually, they’re funded through ads, but not in all cases. There are many examples of such VPNs logging your data and then selling it afterwards to third parties. Their whole business model rests on profiting from their user’s browsing habits. Finally, these VPNs rarely offer the best performance, so gamers should skip such VPNs altogether.

    Other VPNs have paid versions but offer free versions on the side. Those are limited versions of their premium products and are usually intended to get a taste of how a complete edition would feel. Pretty often, they also have some monthly data caps, which means that there are limits on how much you can do. For this reason, these are usually not an ideal choice for gamers either.

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