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Which VPN To Use In China

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Tip #: Install A VPN On All Your Devices Before Leaving For China

What VPN to use in China when traveling?

My last piece of advice for you is to sign-up and install your VPN on all devices and phones before you leave for China.

In recent years, the Chinese government has blocked all VPN provider websites to limit its citizens from accessing the Internet beyond the Great Firewall.

VPNs have responded by randomizing their URL connections, but its still a risk to arrive in China and hope you can download and install a new VPN.

So, do yourself a favor and make sure you download and install your VPN for China on all your devices before boarding your plane!

Why Is My VPN Slow In China

Browsing on a VPN is always going to be a bit slower than using a regular network connection, since all your data is being encrypted, decrypted, and rerouted through a server somewhere else in the world. However, with premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, the difference should be barely noticeable.

If it seems to be taking an especially long time to access the internet, it might be because the network or servers are crowded with extra traffic. You can always try switching to a different server, and if that doesnt work, see the troubleshooting section above for potential solutions.

Is Using A VPN In China Forbidden For Foreigners

China does not have a foreigner-friendly policy, and it doesnt welcome too many visitors. However, the country cannot completely sever all its ties to the outside world, so foreigners enter the country, for work and tourism, and expect to have unrestricted internet access. The problem only arises if they dont have a previously installed VPN on all the devices they plan on using. Because in China, all the websites for downloading VPN software are blocked and the Chinese app stores dont offer any apps of this kind.

Many prospective visitors wonder, are VPNs illegal in China for foreigners as well? While there is no specific VPN law pertaining to foreigners, the same laws that apply to Chinese citizens are also valid for all visitors. However, most people that enter China use VPNs without any repercussions. The crucial thing about using VPN while in China is to install the software before entering the county and to choose a good, high-quality VPN service that is able to evade the Firewall.

Its a good idea to have VPN browser extensions and a VPN mobile app that you can get either from the Android app store or from the Apple store. Having multiple devices with VPN installed on them will provide you with backup and enhanced privacy while youre surfing the web. So, are VPNs legal in China for foreign visitors? As of 2021, there have been no known fines issued to foreigners for using a VPN, indicating that the VPN ban is not applicable to visitors.

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How Can I Use A Free VPN To Get Past Internet Censorship In China

After deciding the free VPN service you want to use, you need to download and install the application on your device. Many free VPNs have manual installation instructions if you cannot get their apps on the Chinese Playstore and App store. Next, create an account if the free VPN service requires you to do so. Otherwise, connect to a server location outside China.

Will A Free VPN Work In China

China VPN use may finally be getting easier

No. VPN providers must use obfuscated servers, double VPN technology, and various encryption protocols to be able to bypass the restrictions China has put into place. Free VPNs do not offer any of these features, and its highly unlikely they ever will. Their basic encryption methods and connection protocols are easy to detect and therefore are no match to the large forces of Chinas internet police.

Another problem with free VPN providers is that they are unreliable. Their connections often drop, leaving you exposed online. The best VPNs include a kill-switch feature, that keeps you undetectable even if your connection drops. They usually dont offer any customer support, so no one will help you if you face any issues. And even if you manage to establish a stable connection, your data wont be safely encrypted, and the internet speed will be slow.

In short you get what you paid for. The best VPNs for China, require a subscription to a reputable paid service.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an Apple device , first you have to manually configure the VPN , connect, and then later use the App Store to download the app. Keep in mind that if you try to download the VPN app directly from the App Store before connecting your VPN, you will get an error message. You can get more detailed information in this article.

Nonetheless, the large majority of VPN websites are blocked and their apps have been withdrawn from the App Store and Chinese app markets.

You dont need to buy a VPN for China as long as you dont use any of the websites and apps blocked in the country, such as all of Googles services, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, among many others.

In any event, China has services that are equivalent to those that are blocked, such as Baidu, WeChat, and Weibo, among others.

However, its important to cancel recurring payments if you want to avoid automatically being charged the fee for the following month.

However, you should know that once in China, . If you want to use a VPN on your Apple device, you will have two options: downloading the app outside of China or configuring it manually .

Remember that once the VPN is connected, you will be able to download or update the app without any problem.

However, many apps arent available unless you use a VPN, such as VPN apps, WhatsApp, Skype, and many others.

Whats The Price Of A Chinese VPN Service

Although you will find some free VPN on the web, they are extremely questionable and possibly harmful and unsafe. You are in the risk of being spied and having your personal info being stolen. I strongly advise to buy VPN in China.

A paid-for VPN service is usually around $2-$12/month. Many companies provide a good discount for yearly packages, normally $50-100/ year, which is quite affordable. Moreover, you can share the cost with your friends as most VPN services allow several people to use on one account.

Even when you decide to leave China, your VPN is still useful. It can keep your personal info secure and safe when using public wifi networks at public places such as hotels, cafe and airports.. You can also use VPN to watch some streaming contents that are only accessible for certain locations. Besides, a VPN can also allows you to download internet stuff anonymously.

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VPN Protection: Can I Hide My Ip Address

A VPN encrypts and protects your data connection online. What you do online is open to prying eyes, but you can protect and hide your IP address and data by using a VPN. A VPN secures data between you and your business, or you can obtain anonymity and protection for your personal information.

There are loads of VPNs to choose from, and quality is on the rise. The process of choosing a VPN starts with a realistic assessment of your needs: if for example – you only use Apple products, you must find the best VPN for Mac and Apple products.

How Can I Access Google Play In China

What VPN To Use In China? 9 Insidersâ Opinions

Google Play, like all other Google services, is blocked in China. That means you might not be able to access the Android version of your VPN providers app.Instead of Google Play, Android users in China are forced to use third-party app stores. There are tons of them, but they probably dont have the app youre looking for, either. Recently, China ordered domestic app stores to remove VPN apps from their listings. But even before that, the chances of finding your VPN software were minimal.

If you have an Android device and plan on going to China, we strongly recommend you get your VPN app and subscription before your trip. If youre already behind the firewall, check your providers website to see if they have an APK file available for direct download. An APK file is the installer for an Android app. You will need to allow apps from unknown sources in your devices settings to be able to install using an APK. Also note that if you install an APK file, the app will not automatically update.

Be wary of APK files from third-party app stores and download sites that arent either Google Play or the VPNs official website. APKs downloaded from third parties are often modified to carry malware and other nasty stuff.

If you buy an Android phone in China, it will not come with Google Play or any other Google services.

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How To Access Facebook In China

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Facebook has been blocked in China since July 2009, specifically because of incidents in Xinjiang Province that the government claims were incited through Facebook.

There are two basic ways to access Facebook in China:

Through a VPN: As mentioned above, a VPN helps you access blocked websites without any restrictions. You only need to download and sign up for an account with a VPN provider, connect to one of their servers, and access Facebook.

Through proxy servers: Proxy servers work the same as a VPN, only youre accessing Facebook directly through a web-based proxy. Proxy servers are usually free but they arent as reliable as VPNs. They could be slow, unreliable and sometimes unsafe. This is only useful for people who need quick access to Facebook without having to download any apps or pay for anything. You may want to check this list of 200 proxy servers from note that most of them are already blocked in China, so good luck finding one that still works.

And a Third way:

Move to Hong Kong! Many entrepreneurs are getting fed up with the Chinese internet and move to Hong Kong SAR. Here, the internet is Free and open and you can use all internet services around the world. It is also right next to Mainland China so you can travel in for your factory visits and other China business.

Just another idea. But costs of living in Hong Kong is very high check our guide on costs of living in Hong Kong.

How Does The Great Firewall Work

Over the years the Great Firewall of China has become more complex and more difficult to bypass. The development of A.I. technologies has greatly contributed to the security of the firewall, in addition to the many other measures employed by the government. So, what exactly do the authorities use to impose internet restrictions?

IP Address Blocking

The protocol blocks certain IP addresses so that the device trying to access any of these restricted IP addresses wont be able to reach the server on the other end.

URL Filtering

This is a very simple method, where the algorithm filters selected keywords and phrases, and blocks or filters all URLs containing them. Because of this, many more people are wondering, are VPNs legal?

DNS Spoofing

This method prevents someone from accessing a website by entering its name into their browser. The DNS server requests the IP address of the site by the name you entered but the Firewall changes the DNS response, making it inaccessible.

A.I. and Manual Censorship

In the past, all censorship went through the hands of government employees that had the job of monitoring, editing, and removing online content. In more recent years, this has been to a big degree left to A.I. and theres now an additional layer in Chinas block on VPN.

Corporate Censorship

All companies are responsible for the content published on their sites, so if any restricted information is published, they are legally responsible.

VPN Blocking

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Will China Block All VPNs

In July 2017, a Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources said the Chinese government has ordered the countrys three major internet and mobile carriersChina Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicomto block individual access to VPNs. If true and enforced, the crackdown would block all access to VPN services used to circumvent the Great Firewall.

Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and said it only blocks unauthorized VPNs used to conduct illegal business. Chinese telecom companies have confirmed that no such ban exists and they have not received any such notice from authorities. People in China continue to use VPNs safely and legally.

In truth, China already blacklists the IP addresses and domains of known VPN servers outside the country at infrequent intervals. In the past, these actions have caused multiple VPNs like Astrill to be almost completely shut down for users on the mainland. Most, however, only suffer temporary downtime until theyve had a chance to update their VPN software and server addresses.

All of our recommended VPNs in this list have been operating in China for a long time. They have learned how to evade blocks and other obstacles thrown at them by the Great Firewall. We dont see that coming to an end any time soon.

Thats Why You Need A VPN Testing Service To Find Out Which VPNs Work Well In China

VPN CHINA for Android

We are based in China and we do real China VPN testings. In search for the best VPN for china, we have signed up accounts from many VPN providers and we test each of them thoroughly. Based on our testing results, we report which VPNs work in China and recommend the best VPNs for China to our users. In addition, we repeat our China VPN testing on a regular basis in order to keep our readers up to date on the best VPNs China Internet users can use.

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Can I Download VPNs When Im Already In China

Yes, . It can be tricky though. Nearly all VPN websites are blocked, and the Google Play store and Amazon Appstore arent available. Even though the Apple App Store still works, all the local VPNs offered for iOS and Mac are heavily monitored by authorities.

You can download a government-approved VPN, but I strongly advise against this if you value your privacy and safety. All local VPNs must comply with Chinese laws and regulations, and your personal information could be shared with the government.

I highly recommend downloading a trustworthy VPN before you arrive. Astrill VPN is a reliable VPN thats been proven to work in China and you can install it beforehand so youre prepared once youre inside the country.

Can You Get In Trouble For Using A VPN In China

Of course the country isn’t happy about the use of VPN software getting around access restrictions to websites and services it has deliberately sought to block.

Although China has enacted a ban against VPNs however, it remains unclear how users will be punished for using theunauthorized software. And many VPN providers are continuing to sell to people within China regardless.

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What Is The Best VPN For China According To Reddit

Like with any product and service, user reviews are important when it comes to confirming quality. While we went through the top four VPNs and checked out their features as well as pricing, now its time to see what people online say when it comes to the best VPNs for bypassing Chinas Great Firewall. Here are the best VPNs for China according to Reddit users:

Will I Get Caught If Using A VPN

Best VPN For China? Here’s What I Use!

What the fuck do you think, Sherlock? China has been really gung ho about their digital borders lately. Unless youve just been born, China is one country which goes seriously apeshit when it thinks youre violating its sovereignty.

This means that if youre in China, you will listen to whatever the fuck they want you to then smile and say thank you. If thats not enough to convince you

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Does Free VPN Work In China

Yes, some VPNs offer their services free of charge. However, we highly recommend avoiding free VPNs due to several good reasons. The most obvious one is their inability to work in China, as free providers dont have the means to battle against the Great Firewall. Even if you manage to find one that unblocks a couple of websites, they typically do so by using less secure protocols.

Your privacy is incredibly important, and doubly so if you live in China, where having the wrong opinions can have dire consequences. If you decide to use a VPN in China, make sure your provider will keep your data safe and sound.

How Can I Access The Ios App Store In China

The iOS App Store isnt actually blocked in China, but in order to stay in operation, it has to abide by the rules of the Chinese government. That means that the Chinese version of the App Store is missing lots of content including most VPN apps. If you set up your Apple account outside of China, however, youll still be able to access all the same content.

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What Is The Punishment For Using VPN In China

There were few examples of punishments that happened regarding VPNs:

  • For example, a man was punished for 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of 14,000 yuan for running a VPN operation in China which was illegal according to the law.
  • Another man was jailed for 9 months for selling VPNs for people to access restricted content.

But what if you neither operate or sell any VPNs?

There is a small risk of being arrested for using a VPN in China, but the measures taken are very unclear. Here are a few examples, of what can you expect if youre caught using one:

  • For example, if your ISP detects that you are using a VPN your whole cell service might be shut down and stop working immediately, which is the regulation in Chinas Xinjiang region.
  • Another story of someone being arrested for VPN usage was that the police officers went through all apps on their phone and deleted all installed VPNs and foreign messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Skype.
  • Someone else reported that a Chinese citizen was fined for 1000 Yuan as a disciplinary warning for using VPN to connect to restricted websites.
  • If youre spreading anti-government content taken from restricted sources and post it on Chinese websites youre at a big risk of being imprisoned.

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