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Which VPN Works With Amazon Prime Video

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How To Bypass The Netflix VPN Proxy Error

How to Watch Amazon Prime with a VPN – Change Country Location

Netflix has invested big bucks in detecting and blocking VPNs, and users can attest that servers that work with Netflix one day may not work the next. Youve likely seen the infamous Streaming Error message below if you tried to access Netflix from outside the US with a VPN.

Netflix has been systematically finding and blacklisting suspected VPN IP addresses. And while the past few years have been an ongoing battle between VPNs and Netflix restrictions, VPNs are now setting up specific server locations intended to be used with Netflix.

Watch Amazon Prime Video & Other Streaming Services With A Free VPN

Free VPNs, for the most part, arent a safe option for unblocking Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming service , for that matter. From a financial standpoint, it might be a good idea, but youre compromising your security, and you very likely wont get the performance you expect from a VPN service.

That being said, the best free Amazon Prime VPN that unblocks Prime Video and still keeps you secure is Windscribe. It has proven to be a great option that checks all the boxes, and comes at no cost if you dont mind the limited bandwidth and data. You can check out our best free VPN guide for more suggestions.

Can I Use A Free VPN To Watch Amazon Prime Video

Due to Amazons tough geoblocks, very few free VPNs work with Prime Video. For consistent access to the site and fast streaming speeds, its best to use a low-cost premium VPN thats been tried-and-tested to work with APV.

Most free VPNs are very limited with data caps, slow speeds, and intrusive ads. Some shady free VPNs will even expose or sell your data and track your activities. Its simply not worth it when you can get any of the trustworthy VPNs Ive listed with a money-back guarantee.

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Can Amazon Prime Video Detect My VPN

If Amazon detects that you’re using a VPN to stream Prime Video, you’ll receive an error message about proxies and won’t be able to watch. If your VPN isn’t detected, then you should be able to stream without issue and the error message won’t appear.

We’ve tested all of our recommended VPNs to ensure they aren’t detected by Amazon.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Unblock Amazon Prime Video

Best VPN for Amazon Prime Video in 2020 [100% Working]

To access the Amazon region of your choice and watch your favorite shows, you will need to spoof your location. This can be done most effectively with a VPN that is known to.

Once you can successfully fool Amazon into thinking that youre located in a country where you actually arent, you can stream prime video content available for that region from anywhere in the world. This way you can watch Amazon Prime with VPN anywhere in the world. For that, you will need a powerful VPN, such as the ones mentioned in this blog.

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Why Amazon Prime Blocks A VPN Provider

Back in the olden days, almost any VPN service provider could allow you to access geo-restricted streaming services like Amazon Prime from almost anywhere in the world. Just fire up that VPN, connect to a server in the relevant country and watch away.

Unfortunately, that has changed. Streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video now block VPN users from accessing their content. This is due to the contracts they sign with television and movie producers.

These contracts include the provision that only users in a designated country can access the content in question, so that the TV show and movie studios can make more money off of their content by selling the rights to multiple video streaming services in multiple countries.

Therefore, video streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video have to block users from other countries from accessing their content.

This has resulted in many VPN service providers completely giving up on providing access to geo-blocked streaming services, or only providing access to some services and not others.

Expressvpn Fastest Amazon Prime Video VPN

Total ServersCountriesAmerican ServersTrustpilot Rating4.7Maximum DevicesUnblocks Amazon Prime Video

ExpressVPN is another awesome VPN service to use with Amazon Prime for a lot of reasons. For starters, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest in the industry, and its unblocking capability is unmatched.

With its U.S servers, you can not only gain access to Amazons insanely rich catalog of shows, but you can also unblock streaming platforms such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix too. With over 3000global servers across 94 countries, you can stream any show on Amazon Prime you can think of. Check out our for more details.

As for its best servers, ExpressVPNs USA New York and USA Dallas servers worked the best for me. With ExpressVPN Amazon Prime servers, I tried playing the show Undone on Prime Video, and I was really impressed by the HD video playback. There was no buffering or annoying lags.

Server location
75.5 Mbps 134 ms

Owing to these features it is the best VPN to use in Iceland for Amazon Prime. It also features 24/7 customer support in case you experience any issues.

Even though ExpressVPN is expensive, starting at $6.67/mo , the fact that this provider offers a legitimate no logs policy and an extensive 30-day money-back guarantee, its totally worth getting.

Learn more about this provider by reading our full review of ExpressVPN.

Compatible with: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Linux, Firefox, Smart TV, PS4, Xbox, Chromecast, routers

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Can I Use A Free VPN With Amazon Prime

There are lots of free VPNs to choose from, but just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re worth using. Free VPN services that offer unlimited speed and data make you the product by:

  • Implementing weak encryption
  • Hiding behind invasive privacy policies
  • Monitoring and collecting your information
  • Selling your data on to third parties
  • Possibly infecting your device with malware

They are by no means safe, and can actually do more harm than good, meaning you need to be careful. Fortunately, there are still some great free VPN services available that can would recommend, but they aren’t necessarily suitable for streaming Amazon Prime Video.

Even the best free VPNs come with restrictions

The few trustworthy free VPNs would struggle to unblock Prime Video because they cannot keep up with Amazon’s relentless pursuit of blocking IP addresses known for geo-spoofing. And even if you find one that can, these services are usually stripped back versions of premium counterparts, designed to give you a small taste of the paid-for service by implementing data, speed, and server restrictions.

If you’re looking to stream Amazon Prime’s Video and Music catalogs, then a free VPN can lead to buffering, and even stop your streaming altogether. The only way you’ll get proper, guaranteed access to the full Prime library, without any data or speed restrictions, is by using a paid-for service recommended here.

Cyberghost VPN Amazon Prime Video

Does Amazon Prime work with PureVPN?

CyberGhost VPN Amazon Prime Video VPN

CyberGhost 90 / 8100+ Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime VideoCyberGhost NetflixBBC iPlayerHulu

CyberGhost ExpressVPNPrivate Internet Access 4-5 VPN CyberGhost

CyberGhost CyberGhost 3

CyberGhost VPN 7 CA$2.95 / 14 45

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Yes VPNs Work With Prime

First and foremost, youre probably wondering whether you can use a VPN with Amazon’s streaming offering. The answer to that question is a big fat yes its certainly possible to access Prime with one of these services.

In fact, many of the most popular VPN services can be used with Amazons online streaming platform. These include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost, and many other providers.

How To Stream Amazon Prime Video From Outside The Us

Your goal here is to trick Amazon into thinking you are in the U.S. and here is where a Virtual Private Network comes in. A VPN routes your Internet traffic through its server in this case a U.S.-based one granting you a U.S. IP address. That way, you appear as if coming from the U.S. to Amazon and can stream your favorite videos.Using a VPN is completely legal. It is not going to get you in trouble with authorities or Amazon. In the worst case scenario Amazon recognizes your VPN and kicks you out displaying Error 4601 or Error 1042. Its no big deal since your account doesnt get suspended.

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These VPNs Dont Work With Amazon Prime Video

These are some of the VPNs that Prime Video consistently blocks.


PureVPN couldnt unblock Amazon Prime Video. Instead, Prime Video displayed an error message asking me to disconnect from my VPN and try again.

Windscribe Free

Like many free VPNs, Windscribes free version isnt up to the task of unblocking Amazon Prime Video.


Betternet couldnt get past Amazon Prime Videos tough geoblocks.


SaferVPN was not successful in unblocking Amazon Prime Video during my tests. I tried out a few different servers in both the US and the UK but none worked.

How Do Mobile VPNs Work

Best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video in 2020  100% Guaranteed

A VPN protects your connection by creating a secure encrypted tunnel for your online traffic. First, the NordVPN app encrypts your data and reroutes it to one of our secure VPN servers. Once it receives your data, the server decrypts it and safely passes it on to your desired destination.

Encrypted data looks like gibberish without the right decryption key, meaning that anyone monitoring you wont be able to tell what youre doing. Whats more, anyone outside the encrypted tunnel will only see the VPN servers IP address, hiding your virtual location from prying eyes.

Log into your NordVPN account.


Tap on the Quick Connect button, and a special algorithm will connect you to the NordVPN server that suits you best.

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The Best Amazon Prime VPN 2021

All your favorite shows, anywhere on Earth

Prime Video is home to a huge library of content, dominating both Netflix and Hulu with over 26,000 hours of TV shows and movies to binge through. However, if you’re overseas, you may find content from your home country unavailable to watch. That’s where a VPN can come in handy, gaining you access to the likes of Fleabag, Billions, and Mad Men.

With many titles exclusive to different countries dependent on licencing, a Amazon Prime VPN ensures you can watch from your library no matter where you are. While it doesn’t allow you to appear elsewhere and access content from different countries , it is great if you’re on vacation and want to flick on an episode of your favorite TV show, or looking to pass the time on a business trip.

This means, if you’re from the US and go across the border to Canada, you won’t just be faced with Amazon Originals to choose from. Flick on your Amazon Prime VPN and select from the full US library. Great news for those in the UK, too, it means if you’re on holiday and an , you can live stream Premier League fixtures from your sun lounger.

But where to start? We’ve tested a number of providers to find the best Amazon Prime VPN available. Read on for our rundown of the five top choices.

Watch Any Show In The Amazon Prime Video Catalog

One of the key things to look for when you want to watch Prime Video shows not available in your location is server spread. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries some are dedicated streaming servers which means you can travel virtually to quite a few locations and enjoy the content.

The pitfall of ExpressVPN is the pricing it is very expensive, even if you were to commit to the annual plan at $6.67 per month. You do, however, get the best VPN out there, and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you arent satisfied with the performance.

ExpressVPN Plans


  • Speeds arent consistent with OpenVPN

Speed-wise, NordVPN comes dangerously close to our top contender, which is a great thing in a VPN for Amazon Prime Video. To add to this, it comes with no data or bandwidth limits, and has servers in 60 countries. The server spread is solid, with locations you dont see too often like the UAE and Chile.

The UI is a map of the world, making it incredibly easy to grasp. You can find out more about it in our NordVPN review.

NordVPN also puts a strong focus on security with its NordLynx protocol, but if you opt to use OpenVPN instead, youll notice the speed drop when youre connected to servers that are farther away. Unless youre streaming Prime Video at extremely high resolutions, this shouldnt be too much of a problem, but its enough to put it in second place.

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In A Hurry Heres How To Fix The Amazon Prime Http Proxy Error

Amazon Prime HTTP proxy error

  • Pick a reputable VPN or proxy service for Amazon Prime. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Launch the browser extension or VPN app.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the USA, which allows access to Amazon Prime.
  • Sign up for an Amazon Prime Video subscription or log in to your account.
  • Watch Amazon Prime Video without the HTTP proxy error.
  • If you follow these steps only to find that you are still seeing the Amazon Prime HTTP proxy error, try to clear your browsers cache and cookies. If that still does not work, the reliable VPN services for streaming Amazon Prime Video all offer live-chat customer support 24/7, so you can get troubleshooting help in no time.

    The Best VPNs For Amazon Prime Video In December 2021

    NordVPN Amazon Prime Test – Can NordVPN Unblock US Amazon Prime?

    To access Prime Videos full library, you need a reliable VPN that consistently bypasses its geoblocks and provides fast enough speeds for high-quality streaming with no lags or buffering. After months of meticulous testing, Ive found the 3 best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video.

    Our team retests the VPNs on this list regularly to keep our findings up-to-date.

    disconnect and switch to another serverChristmas 2021 Deal:

    ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for Amazon Prime Video because its fast enough to stream in high definition, even over long-distance connections. Plus, it easily unblocks Amazon Prime Video US giving you access to the largest number of shows and movies out of all Amazon libraries.

    Better yet, its MediaStreamer feature allows you to stream Amazon Prime Video on devices that dont normally support VPN connections, like your smart TV and game consoles. When I was testing ExpressVPN, it took just under five minutes to set it up on my Xbox One, and I was able to stream in super-clear HD.

    I discovered that fast and smooth connections are a given with ExpressVPN. My colleagues in the UK, the US, France, and Australia never experienced any lag while testing ExpressVPN with Amazon Prime Video. We were able to stream in HD, even on the most distant servers.

    I used ExpressVPNs built-in speed test to find the fastest streaming servers. My speed test results show exactly how fast and reliable ExpressVPNs servers are.

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    In Which Countries Can I Watch Amazon Prime Video Without VPN

    Almost everywhere. As of December 2016, users can subscribe to and enjoy Amazon Prime live stream in virtually all major countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including India and Pakistan. While the availability of the content varies with the region for the reasons described above. Yet, the service is available and offers premium content to the users.

    However, Amazon Prime isnt available in some countries, precisely North Korea, Cuba, Mainland China, Iran, and Syria.

    How To Use Expressvpn And Stream Amazon Prime Abroad

    Are you tired of getting the error messages as you try to watch Amazon Prime abroad using a VPN? Use ExpressVPN instead and do as follows.

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their services.
  • Connect to a server in the USA.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos abroad using a VPN.
  • If you do not get it to work at once, you can also try opening your browser in the so-called Private Mode or Incognito mode, which will help your browser forget about its own location and cookies added by the Amazon website. The most important to know is that ExpressVPN does work with Amazon Prime as one of the few VPN providers on the market. If you still have trouble, write a comment beneath or contact the live customer service at the ExpressVPN website.

    Dont see this error message on Amazon Prime anymore use a VPN that actually works with Amazon.

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    You Cant Explore Other Libraries

    However, there is one major caveat to this. Sadly, you cant use a VPN to watch TV shows and movies that are only available in another country.

    Unlike many other streaming platforms, Amazon will only allow you to access a single content library and this will be the one available for your country. So, if youre a Brit who has traveled to New York, you wont be able to use a VPN to stream content available on Prime US. Its just not possible.

    In comparison, Netflix operates very differently. If you travel to another country, youll automatically be able to access the Netflix library of this location. Consequently, you can use a VPN to switch to different content libraries around the world.

    Does that mean VPNs simply aren’t any good with Prime? The answer is no. Prime is still a great streaming platform, and with the help of a good VPN service, you can watch all the content youd experience in your home country.

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