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Why Do Companies Use VPN

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Why VPN Is Important

How VPNs Work? What is it? How use it? Why use VPN?

No matter where you use your device, you’re at risk of a data breach. Unencrypted data is very vulnerable, as is any information that comes through an unsecured browser.

Wireless connections, especially public access points, are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals or the malicious computer programs they use. This includes places that offer free Wi-Fi, such as airports, hotels, and coffee shops. A VPN can help to protect your computer and your information against threats on these wireless connections.

Why Use A VPN: The Problem Of Public Wi

One of the main, driving factors supporting the use of VPNs in a business setting is to enable the type of secure connection described above. On the other hand, the alternative is for remote workers to use public Wi-Fi connections at the locations from which they work be it the airport, local coffee shop, or other location that offers public Wi-Fi.

As CSO contributor Justin Dolly notes, public Wi-Fi connections are notoriously insecure, especially after dangerous flaws were discovered in WPA2, the encryption standard in place on many Wi-Fi networks. This flaw, alongside other security issues, makes it possible for malicious actors to view all activity and data accessed through a public Wi-Fi connection.

For a remote employee working from a coffee shop, for instance, this could equate to highly sensitive information related to company intellectual property, client details, payment and other financial data, and more. Unauthorized access could result in theft or compromise of this information, which could then be leveraged for fraud or other malicious activity.

When considering whether to connect to the public Wi-Fi network at your local coffee shop, the airport, etc., I have two simple words of advice dont and DONT, Dolly writes. Todays Wi-Fi standards are flawed and should not be trusted remember anything you do on a public Wi-Fi network is NOT secure. Any information you share or access on these networks is as good as gone.

It Keeps Advertisers From Getting Too Friendly With You

Why do people use VPN services if they already have things like Adblock?

Well, the thing about ad blockers is that they might prevent you from being exposed to ads, but they wont really do much about protecting your privacy from advertisers. They can still gather data on your online habits if you use an ad blocker.

In fact, in countries like the US, third-party advertisers can even buy info about your Internet preferences from your ISP. Safe to say that things like this likely happen in other countries too, only more on the downlow not to mention advertisers can get info about your online habits from other website as well.

Luckily, a VPN can change things by protecting your online privacy and encrypting your Internet traffic, ensuring your ISP and advertisers cant monitor everything you do online, and capitalize on that information.

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Selecting A Secure VPN Provider

It is also important that you choose a VPN provider that you can trust. While your ISP cannot see your internet traffic, your VPN provider can. If your VPN provider is compromised, so are you. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose a trusted VPN provider to ensure both the concealment of your internet activities and ensure the highest level of security.

What Is A VPN And How Does It Work

What Is a VPN and Why Do I Need One?

A VPN establishes a private, encrypted network connection over the internet. In other words, it enables data to travel through a protected tunnel, from the end users device to the corporate network.

As Cisco explains, one can think of a VPN as a protected extension of the main corporate network, accessible from outside of the main office. In this way, employees can work from their home office, the local coffee shop, the airport, or nearly any other location with internet access and still operate in a secure manner as they would from their regular, office desktop computer.

Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels, Cisco states. Even smartphones and tablets can connect through a VPN.

Encryption ensures that any data accessed or other actions taken by remote employees are protected and safeguarded from unauthorized, prying eyes that might exist over public Wi-Fi connections.

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Reasons Your Business Should Use A VPN Service

Consumer-grade VPNs help keep you safe and anonymous while you surf the web, but can they do the same for your small business? It’s slightly more complicated than that, but there are benefits to behold.

Virtual private networks or VPNs are popping up on everyone’s radar these days, from general users to full-on IT security pros. VPNs are a highly mature technology that originated largely with IT professionals looking to provide safe remote access to roaming users as well as securely connect different office sites to one another across the internet. But over the last few years, VPNs have pivoted sharply to become one of the most popular and indispensable tools in every privacy-conscious consumer’s surfing toolkit. But does this newfangled version of VPN have what it takes to help businesses, too?

The Importance Of An Endpoint Protection Platform For Remote Work

Regardless of whether your organization uses a VPN for remote workers, it is essential to have an EDR solution in place on all endpoints across your environment.

IT and security teams have to ensure the security of hundreds of devices – desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that connect to the network. When these endpoints connect to an organizations network from outside a well-protected, internal network, they create pathways for cyber-attackers to bypass standard security controls.

With large numbers of remote workers, IT and security personnel are overwhelmed with the task of managing and maintaining multiple endpoints with differing levels of security. Complicating the issue is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Many IT staff handling an organizations security lack the training and expertise necessary to meet the challenges presented by endpoint security.

For those reasons, more and more organizations are considering endpoint protection platforms that can identify anomalies that point to potential threats. To learn more about how to set up a strong security practice, check out our white paper, Five Clear Steps to Enhance SecOps.

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Benefits Of Using A VPN

There are multiple benefits of using a VPN, and here are some of them:

  • It is an affordable solution that will be in line with your cost-saving measures at such a time as this.
  • Acts as a workaround for public networks. That means that employees do not have to worry about accessing sensitive company information through free wireless channels as long as they are using a VPN.
  • Facilitates accessibility to remote data, which is part of the requirements in a remote working environment.
  • Supports geographical independence by ensuring that employees can work from wherever they are.
  • Secures your office network without the need for acquiring and maintaining expensive routing hardware.

Also, note that in theory, hacking VPNs is possible. The best thing is that users will be safe in 99.99% of such cases. VPNs can provide reliable protection in some situations and completely thwart online attacks in other cases. That implies that investing in a capable VPN is your best bet if you are focusing on online protection when working with a remote team.

VPN Providers For Consumers

Why Use an MPLS VPN on Juniper?
Greece No

This is just a small selection of the available VPN providers. There are some really good VPNs on the market, a lot of mediocre VPNs and many more bad, misleading or even dangerous VPNs.

At we analyze developments in the VPN industry, read independent audit reports and monitor lawsuits involving VPN providers.

Unfortunately, quite a few VPN providers have fallen off their pedestal over the years, for example because lawsuits showed that they secretly kept logs of users . In addition, there are also some VPNs that are linked to questionable governments.

Choosing a reliable VPN is therefore a must after all, you redirect all your internet traffic via this party. That is why you must be able to rely 100% on the good intentions and integrity of the VPN provider you choose.

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Advantage : Anonymous Downloading

Downloading certain Torrents is illegal in some countries and more than ever before tracked down and sometimes even prosecuted. Of course, we are not advocating any illegal actions. However, we do understand people want online privacy and anonymity, not just when browsing the internet, but also when uploading and downloading files.

To make sure nobody knows what you are downloading or uploading you can use a VPN. Because of the encrypted traffic and the rerouted IP address you can with a VPN.

Reason : Hide Your Browsing Habits

If you dont use a VPN, there are risks you take by not protecting your data. They can be minor, such as receiving targeted ads. When your ISP collects your data or you forget to log out of your Google and Facebook accounts, your search history and preferences may trigger these ads. Similarly, your location can be found through your IP address.

Thats why when connecting to these platforms, it is important to keep in mind additional information may be collected and it might be possible to identify your physical location. This happens on every site that you visit. Your IP address also allows your employer and other entities to monitor your movements online and determine your identity.

Also, those annoying ads for coffee pots will not follow you on every website you visit, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.. This is considering you log out of these platforms and clear your cookies. Without recorded data of what you have searched for and clicked on, these third-party companies will have a harder time tracing your browsing path.

Although a VPN acts as a layer of privacy, and can help you search somewhat anonymously, if you do not log out of your personal accounts, these websites will still find traces of your browsing history.

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The Benefits Of VPN For Businesses

In light of the risks of public Wi-Fi connections, many workplaces have opted to provide VPN access to their remote employees. In addition to enabling a secure connection between remote workers devices and the corporate network, there are several other advantages that a VPN can offer for businesses:

A VPN Comes With Ultimate Privacy

100% Secure VPN Services For Everyday Use

One good thing about working remotely is that you can grind from anywhere, including a coffee shop, the airport, a shopping mall, or a hotel, among other places. Unfortunately, you might have an internet connection always, and the free Wi-Fi provided sounds like the only option you have on these spots. The big question is, is this connection safe?

Most of the time, free Wi-Fi connection comes with a significant threat to the users perpetrators are using it to trick potential victims. They use sniffer software on their devices to capture the unencrypted data you are working on. You do not want to lose your sensitive data or that of an employer simply because you connected to a public Wi-Fi.

Therefore, as long as you do not have control of the internet connection you are using, you have to encrypt your data using a VPN. Install a VPN on every device you are using. It will perfectly protect your data from getting leaked to cybercriminals.

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VPN Makes It Simple To Access Data And Content From Anywhere In The Globe

In order to complete your projects and assignments while working outside of the office, you must have access to the companys data. There may be safeguards in place at work to prevent company data from being accessed by hackers or other cybercriminals. However, what about those who are not employed in an office?

Most businesses use geolocation to restrict access to their data to only those employees who are authorized to do so. They will immediately restrict your access if they discover that you are accessing data from a different location than the one from which you were granted permission. The company does not mean to be intrusive, but they do so in order to safeguard their customers personal information and improve security.

Since remote workers do not have access to the necessary data, this restriction may make it more difficult for them to perform their duties diligently. When a VPN comes in handy, its a perfect solution to the problem. Even though youre gaining content access, your privacy is being protected.

Instead of your current IP address, the VPN server assigns you one that is assigned to your companys location. This makes it simple to access company data from any location. Connecting to your office PC is as simple as using the same VPN you use at home.

A VPN Improves Your Gaming Experience

Yes, you heard it right you can actually use a VPN for video game-related stuff. Here is a short list of the things you can do with a VPN:

  • Play in any region you want
  • Play newer games earlier
  • Play games that were banned
  • Potentially reduce lag and ping times
  • Protect yourself from DDoS attacks from sore losers

And all of that is possible because the VPN hides your online identity and encrypts your Internet traffic and personal data. In case youd like to learn more about using a VPN for gaming, feel free to check out our in-depth article.

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Can VPNs Help Your Business

A VPN service, then, is a consumer-oriented tool aimed mainly at keeping people’s recreational web activities private. That’s crucial to anyone surfing the web casually these days, but can it help a business?

Businesses generally employ VPNs to make sure that outside users accessing their data centers are authorized and using an encrypted channel. Or they use them to connect their New York City headquarters with the field office in White Plains, for example. They do that by creating a permanent VPN tunnel that IT establishes between the VPN-capable routers in NYC and those in White Plains. Such a connection lets the folks in White Plains see the entire corporate network as though they were in NYC, without having to log in every time they want to access a server or an app. That’s great, but can something such as CyberGhost VPN fit into this scenario? Short answer: yes.

VPN services may not work exactly like the VPNs just described, but they nevertheless can have significant positive impact on your company’s overall data safety. Below, we have compiled a list of four important benefits a VPN service can provide, especially for small to midsize businesses .

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Security On Public Wi

Why VPNs are a WASTE of Your Money (usually)

Public Wi-Fi is convenient but comes at the expense of security. When youre answering emails at a local coffee shop or absent-mindedly scrolling through social media at the airport, someone may be tracking your online activity.

Using a VPN protects your data while you are on other networks, hiding your browsing history, banking information, account passwords and more from ill-intentioned internet strangers.

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What Is VPN Used For

A VPN is a virtual private network that works by encrypting the Internet traffic from and to your device.

When you first connect to the Internet by using guest Wi-Fi at you work, for example, it will pull down an IP address from the guest Wi-Fi router that is managed by your employer.

With your own personal VPN, you would then launch the client and have it authenticate you and assign your device a private IP address.

From this point forward, your browsing history, passwords, etc. are all encrypted.

Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you will quickly understand the advantages of using a VPN.

So, here are 5 reasons why using a VPN at work is a great idea.

Which Different VPN Protocols Are There

VPN connections use an encrypted connection also called a tunnel. There are several ways in which such a VPN connection can be set up. These protocols ensure that your data remains safe and cant be read by others. The most common VPN-protocols are:

If youd like to know more about the different VPN protocols and how they work, you can find a complete overview right here.

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How Can Using A VPN Benefit Your Company

Is your company considering using a VPN? Learn more about the benefits of using a VPN and why it’s becoming the way to network telecommuters.

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NetScreen is the exclusive sponsor of TechRepublic’s special series on VPNs and Firewalls. For more information, check out TechRepublic’s VPN and Firewall Center, or visit NetScreen’s website.
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A VPN Guarantees Your Flexibility And Productivity

Four reasons why VPN is necessary for your business

Working remotely comes with great flexibility for those who are careful. In fact, most freelancers enjoy their incomes more than those who commute to the office every day. Remember, you can travel any time you want without losing your income because you are still working. The only time they end up losing everything is when they do not pay special attention to their security and privacy.

However, you do not need to worry about this because a VPN upholds your flexible working schedule. And part from ensuring privacy from wherever you are, a good VPN will also increase the speed of your computer.

You might have traveled to a place where the connection is a hitch, and this can significantly derail your daily output. With the right VPN, it becomes easier to upload and download content from a remote website. Also, when you are not worried about your privacy and security, it means you remain focused, hence, improved productivity despite working away from the office.

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