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Why Doesn T My VPN Work On Netflix

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Why Netflix And Other Streaming Services Use Geoblocks

ExpressVPN Not Working With Netflix? [How To Fix & Troubleshooting Tips]

When a network produces a show or a studio makes a movie, it makes deals that determine which distributors can show the content and where and thats not always necessarily the same company. For example, Showtime produced the hit show Homeland and, as such, its available in the U.S. on Showtimes streaming site, and cant be accessed from anywhere else.

However, Showtime has also made a deal with Netflix to make Homeland available for international users in countries other than the U.S. In Germany, you can watch it just fine on Netflix, while in the United States, Netflix users need to hook up to Showtime.

To keep its business model sailing along without breaching contractual agreements, Netflix deploys geoblocks to regulate the shows users can access based on their physical location. The system uses residential IP addresses to determine your location before serving up content specific to your country of residence.

Can I Watch Netflix Using A Smart Dns Proxy

Smart DNS proxies like Unotelly, Overplay, and Unblock-US were a flash in the pan during Netflix’s war on proxies. After Netflix blocked connections from most VPN servers, many users switched to these services instead. A smart DNS proxy is a server that monitors any DNS requests sent from your device. DNS requests are a means of looking up which domain names are associated with which servers. If it detects a DNS request for Netflix, it sends all the browser web traffic for that request through the server to an American Netflix server, thereby changing both your public IP address and DNS server.

This approach worked for a few months until it caught the attention of Netflix, and a subsequent crackdown blocked most smart DNS proxy users. Today, a handful of smart DNS proxy services still work with Netflix, but the only one that’s consistently worked for us is ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service. MediaStreamer is a smart DNS proxy service that comes with every ExpressVPN subscription. It’s used by default when you connect to the VPN, or you can set it up separately so that it’s used on its own.

Select A Different VPN Server

Chances are, the free VPN server youre using is blocked by Netflix or its leaking information about your location. Whatever the case, if your free VPN is struggling to access Netflix, choose a different server location. You might have to sift through several servers before finding one that can unblock Netflix libraries.

We recommend using streaming-optimized VPN servers to access Netflix, since they typically have obfuscation features that can outwit Netflixs geoblocks. However, most free VPNs dont work with these types of servers. Your best bet on this front is the free version of PrivadoVPN.

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Why Is Cyberghost One Of The Best VPNs For Netflix

CyberGhost is one of the best Netflix VPNs out there. It has been consistent with unblocking Netflix all over the world, thanks to its Netflix-optimized servers. It offers more than 9000+ servers in 91 countries, which is quite extensive and comes in handy for accessing different Netflix libraries.

Since most people love accessing US Netflix, they can easily with CyberGhost as it has more than 1200+ servers in the US alone. It offers fast speeds, which help you with a flawless streaming experience without any buffering or lag.

Besides Netflix, we tested the VPN on multiple other platforms to see the full functionality of its servers. We were successfully able to unblock and watch multiple other streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and others.

There are other factors around why we chose CyberGhost as one of the best VPNs for Netflix, which are also to do with how secure the provider is. It is important to secure both your IP address, and device when attempting to unblock any streaming service.

For this, CyberGhost operates using AES 256-bit encryption which is, by standards, one of the industrys best! Plus, there are other unique security features like a Kill Switch, Split-tunneling, DNS leak protection, an Ad-Blocker, Block online tracking, and more! They keep your online presence secure and safe from the prying eyes of ISPs and hackers.

Netflix Error Code Ui301: Pardon The Interruption

NordVPN Alternatives for Unblocking Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix ...

You will see this error code when there is a general problem with your network. If you can access Netflix when disconnected from your VPN, this means theres a problem with the VPN connection.

To fix this, contact your VPN services customer support team. They will let you know if theres an issue with their server network, or if youve configured the VPN incorrectly.

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Which Country Has The Largest Netflix Library

Usually the US. However, this constantly changes since it depends on the copyright agreements in each country. Usually, its a constant race between Netflix US, UK, Canada, and Japan. If youre not located in one of these countries, chances are big that youre missing out on a lot of geo-restricted content on Netflix. Luckily, a VPN can help to be able to stream your favorite shows from all over the world.

Will Netflix Ever Unblock Content

If Netflix is such a powerful company, why dont they just throw money at the problem or simply refuse to block content for users?

While this would be a short-term benefit for users, it would be disastrous for Netflix in the long run. Content creators would refuse to license to Netflix, and the library would begin to dwindle quickly.

In an attempt to curtail this, Netflix has started to crack down on things and block content even more effectively than in years past. Some subscribers that used to circumvent regional blocks have recently discovered that the services and hacking methods they were using no longer work. Thats because Netflix found ways to identify these black-hat methods and disable streaming for users who were accessing content that was not available in their home country. Again, this was largely done to appease content creators who wanted to ensure that their licensing agreements in certain countries were being honored.

As a result, subscribers have had to look for new ways to get around regional blocks to access Netflix, and the most common solution is to use a Virtual Private Network .

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Whoops Something Went Wrong You Seem To Be Using An Unblocker Or Proxy

Various reasons may be responsible for this error. If you get this error, please try this:

  • Clear your browser’s cache if you are viewing Netflix via the browser
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app if you are using their app
  • Try to disconnect and reconnect to the dedicated Netflix streaming server and try again

Manually Configure Proxy Settings

How to change your Netflix region with a VPN [100% works]
  • Hit the Windows key, then type proxy settings, and open the Change proxy settings option.
  • In the right window pane, make sure that you have turned off the Automatically detect settings option.
  • Now, under te Manual proxy settings, turn On the Use a proxy server.
  • In the Address field, type the IP address, then in the Port field, type the port.
  • Click on Save, then close the Settings window.
  • A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for web requests.

    This releases its static/dynamic IP address for you so that you can access other websites using their location.

    Once you have entered the IP address and port appropriately you obtained from the VPN service, check your IP address with an IP address checker as IP location and WhatIsMyIPAddress to confirm that your IP address has really been changed.

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    Use A VPN That Works With Netflix

    From the very start, its best to pick a service that works with Netflix and other streaming platforms. Many VPN services have already given up the fight against Netflix, and their servers wont allow you to watch geo-blocked content on the platform. Some high-quality VPNs, however, do make an effort to constantly work with Netflix and other streaming services.

    One great example of a Netflix VPN is CyberGhost VPN. This relatively cheap VPN provider has a great reputation when it comes to Netflix: it works perfectly almost every time. If youre looking for a VPN to watch, for example, US Netflix with, we recommend CyberGhost.

    If you already have a different VPN, you might be out of luck: while there are many providers that aim to have their servers work with Netflix, there are at least as many that simply dont. A good VPN for unblocking is the first step towards solving your Netflix issues.

    Expressvpn For Netflix Advantages

    Want Netflix on the big screen? Learn about all the ways to get ExpressVPN on your TV.

    Will a VPN slow my Netflix streaming?

    All VPNs have the potential to slow your internet connection, but ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, and users rarely notice a difference. In fact, using a VPN might actually improve your connection if your ISP has been throttling Netflix traffic.

    Netflix works best when youâre connected to the server location closest to your geographic location. If youâre connected to your desired location and still having difficulty connecting, contact ExpressVPN Support.

    What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

    With ExpressVPN, you can defeat censorship in certain countries that block access to sites like , , and . You can also browse the web privately, enhance your online gaming experience, and securely access services like Hulu, Disney+, , and HBO Max/Go.

    * ExpressVPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. ExpressVPN is not sponsored or endorsed by Netflix, nor is it affiliated with Netflix in any way. Please read the ExpressVPN Terms of Service and Netflix Terms of Use for more details.

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    Ending Up On Your Country’s Library

    Even though you’re connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you still end up on your country’s content library after logging in.

    What gives?

    Netflix can probably see your real geolocation – either through tracking cookies or because your VPN is leaking data.


    Let’s assume tracking cookies are giving your geo-location away. To fix that, just use Netflix with a VPN in your browser’s incognito/private mode. If you don’t want to do that, you can also clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

    If VPN leaks are the problem, things are a bit more complicated. We recommend checking out this guide to understand what they are, what causes them, how to perform VPN leak tests, and how to fix most of them.

    Why Choose Nordvpn For Netflix

    How CyberGhost VPN Allows you to Access American Netflix

    It is difficult for VPN providers to constantly maintain access to Netflix many didnt survive the race and refused the offer, removing any mention of it, unlike NordVPN. This service responds quickly when it receives a notification that NordVPN does not work with Netflix server, setting up a new range of IP addresses for Netflix servers.

    Netflix is available in 190+ countries with the highest percentage of content and exclusives in the US. NordVPN serves 1913 servers in the USA, which is more than the entire server pool if we compare Surfshark vs NordVPN or with a US-oriented TunnelBear. For instance, the NordVPN service has thousands of IP addresses and continues to develop, guaranteeing a 30-day refund on demand without any risks in case of a possible failure.

    Plenty of VPN services dont have sufficient connection speed for streaming, strong encryption, or servers of the right type in the right location to successfully bypass geo-blocks and protocols. Besides, NordVPN has added a SmartPlay-DNS feature designed to access censored content, improve throughput and reduce latency.

    It’s not just the large pool of servers that makes NordVPN one of the best VPNs for Netflix. Also, it offers a vast array of server types optimized in different ways: dedicated IP servers, dual VPN servers, hidden servers, Onion Over servers, P2P servers.

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    Free VPNs Might Have Ads And Pop

    Free VPNs often bombard you with ads and pop-ups. This practice is not surprising, considering that free VPNs have to find a way to make money. These ads are often targeted, meaning that free VPNs likely share your internet traffic data with advertisers. In the worst cases, such ads could be riddled with malware and could end up slowing your internet connection.

    Even free VPNs that dont sell ads might still come with pop-ups, trying to get you to invest in their premium version. Although this doesnt have to be super intrusive, it is still considered annoying by some users.

    VPNht 4/6 Servers Unblocking Netflix

    We found the following servers connecting to Netflix:

    • United States: New York, a Hong-Kong based provider, is largely focused on protecting privacy and allowing access to blocked content. Its no surprise, then, that the company calls out the ability to access Netflix specifically on their homepage. And it worked in our testing, was able to access Netflix from six servers in five countries.

    4 out of 6 tested servers unblocking NetflixRead our full review

    TunnelBear, a VPN provider located in Ontario with the stated goal of bringing the benefits of privacy to everyone, wasnt able to provide a connection to Netflix from their U.S., Canada, U.K. or Netherlands servers.

    Read our full TunnelBear review.

    2. servers blocked by Netflix:

    Unlike many providers, Romanian-based makes no mention of content unblocking or content access on their features page.

    In a blog post published after Netflixs 2016 announcement, the company said they had seen coming following Netflixs global expansion, and that they found the lack of Netflix transparency around their regional content offerings to amount to false-advertising.

    A further statement notes that the reason Netflix blocked VPNs in the first place and the behest of the content owners was an archaic entertainment distribution model.

    3.Private Tunnel servers blocked by Netflix:

    • United States: New York
    • United Kingdom: London

    Read our full Private Tunnel review.

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    But I Got My Service For Free So

    If you got your VPN service for free, forget about it.


    No wonder why you cant watch Netflix with a VPN if your VPN isnt even fast enough to show a Netflix TV show or movie.

    Now, VPN services dont make internet fast but there are VPNs that slow your internet down, and that keep it the same. Free ones, almost always slow you down. Some paid ones do too. It mostly goes down to where a VPN service buys their internet capacity. Hosting sites or IP transit providers directly. Thats a big question that you most likely wont get an answer to.

    But maybe your service isnt free, and its not that issue…

    Not Being Able To Log In

    Why I Won’t Work With Netflix Anymore

    This one is a bit tricky since not a lot of people have experienced it yet. But we have seen people on Reddit complaining about it, and we also started experiencing this problem while using a VPN a few months ago.

    Here’s what happens: you use a VPN with Netflix, log in, and the site keeps saying you entered the wrong password or username. It doesn’t matter how many times you make sure you’re entering the right information, Netflix will keep saying it’s wrong.

    We’re not 100% sure what’s going on, but it might be one way that Netflix has started blocking VPN users. We contacted a few VPN providers to see what their support reps had to say, and it seems some of their users have complained about this too.


    We’re going to mention a few tips we tried out that worked, and some pointers offered by VPN support reps:

    If none of those tips help, contact your VPN’s support team. They might provide you with other tips that are specific to their service .

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    How To Fix Error Code 5009

    This network connectivity error code usually is experienced by Apple TV and iOS users. It means that your device is unable to connect to Netflix’s servers for some reason. This may be caused by the local network administrator blocking Netflix. If the local network is blocking Netflix, you will need to use a VPN to bypass those restrictions.

    Why Do We See Different Netflix Libraries For Different Countries

    The selection of the Netflix content available is based on the users location. The concept of geo-restriction is pretty standard among sites. Based on the licensing agreement, the Netflix library collection varies from region to region.

    For instance, the popular vampire-werewolf series Twilight is available on Netflix in Canada only .

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    VPN Not Working On Netflix Proxy Error

    Netflix is a great platform where you can access a wide range of shows with unlimited streaming. But users who have to use VPN apps to unblock Netflix may run into issues of getting VPN to work properly as intended. Some would receive the proxy error, which prevents them from accessing Netflix. This may be due to the VPN youre using that it isnt working with Netflix. Then what are the VPN apps that can actually work? And what can you do when youre using the right VPN but still getting the proxy error? Dont worry, weve got you covered in this post.

    Why Does Netflix Block Content

    Netflix Not Working Jan 2021

    You may be wondering why Netflix feels the need to block content to certain users based on geography. After all, wouldnt it make more sense just to make the entire library of television shows and movies available to everyone?

    The truth is Netflix isnt necessarily the culprit behind blocked content. The real reason content is blocked has to do with licensing agreements.

    While Netflix has been steadily creating its own content, which can be made available in every country around the world, much of the content that people watch is created by movie studios and television networks that Netflix purchases licenses from in order to host and stream the content. A television network in one country may be happy to license their new hit show to Netflix in other areas of the world but refuse to offer that license locally so that people are forced to watch the show on cable or satellite, where the network can sell advertisements.

    Netflix also competes for content licenses with other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu. In some countries, Amazon Prime may have an exclusive license to the programming. As a result, Netflix is unable to make that program available in the library in that country. If Netflix were simply to ignore these licensing agreements, it would upset movie studios and TV networks and potentially even be subject to legal action.

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