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Why Is My VPN Blocking My Internet

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Inform Sites Of Your VPN Use

Fix – Your Internet access is blocked error | How to fix | Solution

It may be beneficial to notify certain sites that you use a VPN. For example, if you reach out to your banks customer service, they could potentially put a note on your account that would help resolve any problems should your VPN use be flagged by their fraud protection systems.

This is a particularly good idea if youve previously been connecting to the service without a VPN but plan to start using one in the near future, perhaps due to travel. Remember that sites generally restrict proxied traffic to curtail abuse by bots, not because they are specifically prejudiced against people that use VPNs.

VPN Not Working With Netflix: Why Do Streaming Services Block My VPN

Like all streaming platforms, Netflix restricts the viewership of copyrighted content to those regions where it has the right to broadcast. On top of that, Netflix uses proxy detection technology to screen out the use of proxies and VPNs to keep viewers from unlicensed regions from watching copyrighted content. This means you might see this infamous m7111-5059 error message if you try to watch Netflix with a VPN:

Although other streaming services, including Disney Plus, HULU, and Amazon Prime, also use these VPN blocks, Netflix has the toughest proxy detection systems out of all of them. The company works around the clock to block the IP addresses of VPN servers.

Even VPNs of the highest quality sometimes have difficulty bypassing Netflixs geographic restrictions, but a good Netflix VPN provider is equally persistent in finding workarounds. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to watch Netflix and other streaming services without restrictions.

The Inability To Reach Locations Beyond The VPN Server

Another common VPN problem is that a connection is successfully established, but that the remote user is unable to access the network lying beyond the VPN server. By far, the most common cause of this problem is that permission hasn’t been granted for the user to access the entire network. If you have ever worked with Windows NT 4.0, you may recall a setting in RAS that allowed you to control whether a user had access to one computer or to the entire network. This particular setting doesn’t exist in Windows 2000, but there is another setting that does the same thing.

To allow a user to access the entire network, go to the Routing And Remote Access console and right-click on the VPN server that’s having the problem. Select the Properties command from the resulting shortcut menu to display the server’s properties sheet, and then select the properties sheet’s IP tab. At the top of the IP tab is an Enable IP Routing check box. If this check box is enabled, VPN and RAS users will be able to get to the rest of the network. If the check box is not selected, these users will be able to access only the VPN server, but nothing beyond.

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Using An Older VPN Version

Having an updated version of your VPN software is important to avoid connection issues. If you are running an outdated version, update it to the latest version or simply re-install the VPN client software again.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs & Features.
  • Right-click on your installed VPN client then select Uninstall.
  • Visit your VPN provider’s website after youâve uninstalled it to download the newest version of the software.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Check That Streaming Is Allowed With The Local Network Administrator

    Zscaler Blocking VPN

    If the local network admin has blocked Netflix and other streaming services, you may be get a netflix network error unless you use a VPN. In some cases, the network admin may also block all VPN traffic using deep packet inspection. For this reason, you may need to enable VPN cloaking . Check out our guide to accessing Netflix at school & on restricted networks for more information.

    If your Network admin claims that it is not restricting access to streaming sites, then this is unlikely to be the reason that you can’t access Netflix.

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    Switch To Mobile Data

    If youre in the workplace or at school, you can avoid most VPN blocks by simply disconnecting from the WiFi and switching to your mobile data. The restrictions in place are usually just limited to WiFi. Remember, though, unless you have an unlimited data allowance, activities like streaming and gaming can quickly eat away at your data.

    What Is Blocking My VPN Connection

    Many countries, including Russia, China, Belarus, and Iran, have outlawed VPN technology. If youre in such a place, your ISP is likely using a firewall to prevent VPN tunnels.

    Certain networks, services, or websites may also block VPNs. Although not very common, some workplaces also have such policies. Network filtering should prevent you from being able to access the internet with the VPN on, yet still make it possible to browse the web without it.

    If a specific website or service is blocking your VPN, other websites and services shouldnt give you any issues. For instance, if you dont have a good Netflix VPN, youll probably encounter the error: You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

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    Check On The Authentication Process

    Once you’ve established that there is a valid TCP/IP connection between the VPN client and server, and that name resolution is working correctly, the next thing to check is the authentication process. As you may know, there are a lot of different authentication methods available to a VPN connection. Both the VPN client and the VPN server must have at least one authentication method in common.

    How VPNs Get Around The Ban To Access Netflix

    Fix Internet gets disconnected when VPN connects

    As many companies have found out before, you cant keep geeks down, and plenty of VPNs started quickly developing block-busting techniques. This whole thing has become a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, where VPNs figure out new ways to cycle IP addresses, and Netflix finds new ways to detect them.

    Exactly how VPNs circumvent these blocks is a little unclear it likely has to do with regularly cycling new IP addresses but what is very obvious is that some VPN services are better at it than others.

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    How Do I Fix My VPN Connection

    You can fix your VPN connection in many ways. The solution will likely depend on whats causing your VPN error in the first place.

    Restoring your VPN connection may be as simple as changing your VPN server, updating the app, or restarting your device. That said, things might also be more complicated, which is why I recommend checking out the How to Fix a VPN Not Connecting section for more details.

    Be Wary Of Free VPN Providers

    The best things in life do not come without a price tag. So you should always be wary of free VPN providers.

    Along with having servers that can get quickly overloaded due to a high influx of traffic, free VPN providers cannot necessarily be trusted with your private data. Not only do you suffer from a spotty internet connection, but you are also putting your precious data at risk, as free VPN providers are more likely to track your data to cover their operational costs.

    So, if you are still at crossroads between getting a free VPN provider or a paid service, always go with the latter if you can afford it. While paid VPNs can also come with some glitches, they provide stronger encryption services and can be much more reliable when it comes to protecting your data.

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    VPN Connected But Not Working/no Internet Access

    • Having no Internet access to establish a VPN connection simply means that you cannot use it.
    • Using a VPN is critical to protect your online privacy, but it’s worthless if you have no connectivity.
    • Most often restarting the VPN or your router seems to work wonders on connectivity issues.
    • Check out our guide and learn how you can fix your VPN connectivity issues in no time.

    Is your VPN connected but not working? VPN issues usually fall into different categories, either the connection attempt is rejected when it should be accepted or accepted when it should be rejected.

    There are also times when you cannot reach locations beyond the server or even establish a tunnel.

    One of the most common reasons why the VPN is connected but not working is a DNS configuration issue.


    It may also occur if you configure the VPN connection to use the default gateway on the remote network.

    This setting overrides the default gateway settings that you specify in your TCP/IP settings. Check out our solutions on how to resolve the issue.

    How To Fix Error Code Ui

    VPN Unlimited Review

    This error code is caused due to information that is stored on your local device that needs to be refreshed. If you get this error, it is worth restarting your device, signing back into Netflix, restarting your router, or connecting your device directly to your router via ethernet. If you are using a public WiFi network when you experience this error, it is possible that the network administrator has blocked Netflix, and for this reason you will need to use a VPN.

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    Get Your VPN Working Again In No Time

    It sure is annoying when your VPN slows or breaks down for no apparent reason. But getting to the root of the problem and fixing it is a sweet and important victory. VPNs help keep us safe online, and its only right that we do our best to keep them running in perfect condition for our own privacys sake.

    If its time for a new, high-quality VPN, be sure to check our top five list for some great options that will never let you down. These VPNs all come with free trials or money-back guarantees, so you can give them a try before you commit to a long-term plan.

    Youll also want to visit our deals and coupons page for extra savings.


    Roll Your Own VPN Server

    A more technical alternative is to install your own VPN server, either on a physical computer you control or on a virtual cloud server. Youll be the only person using that servers particular IP address, much reducing the chance that it ends up on a blacklist.

    Note that the IP ranges of prominent cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are also public information, so this may not be a completely airtight solution either. It would be more reliable to install the server on a physical machine that connects to the Internet through your own ISP.

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    How To Fix Error Code 60 102 200 300 And 600

    These errors codes are all Netflix service unavailable codes. These are served to users to let them know that Netflix is temporarily unavailable for some reason. If you are served one of these codes, it is worth turning your VPN off to see if it resolves the issue. If Netflix is down with both the VPN on and off, it is likely that Netflix is experiencing issues and there is no troubleshooting that will work.

    Reinstall Your Current VPN

    STOP using a VPN – You don’t really need it!

    When to try it: VPN is crashing and has connectivity issues, old software is removed

    Works on: Desktop & Mobile

    Difficulty: Easy

    Risk: Low

    If all else fails, its worth checking if your VPN issue is hiding somewhere in the installation process. While youll normally get an error message, its possible that your VPN client is able to boot up but fail to stay on due to an incorrect installation.

    Uninstall the VPN software from the control panel and then reinstall it. Its a good idea to download the client again just in case you got a corrupted download and some key files are missing.

    Note:This fix applies only to VPNs with native clients. If youve done a manual setup, theres no need to configure everything from scratch, as theres no external VPN software. For manual setups, make sure all details are entered correctly.

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    How Do I Stop A VPN From Disconnecting

    If your VPN frequently stops working, your traffic can be exposed and you may not get the privacy you expect from your service. The good thing is that there are a few ways to mitigate such VPN problems. Try these before resorting to contacting your VPN provider.

  • Change your firewall settings

    Your firewall inspects and blocks incoming packets, so naturally, it can also slow down your network. If it gets very slow, you can get disconnected from your VPN service. Some firewalls do not work well with VPNs, so ensure that yours does not disrupt your VPN traffic. Add your VPN software to exceptions so that you won’t need to disable your firewall entirely and lose a layer of protection.

  • Use a different DNS server

    Sometimes, your service provider’s DNS server might not work properly, so it is worth changing to a different one. In NordVPNs app, you can easily do that in the preferences section. Just keep in mind that custom DNS servers expose you to higher DNS leak risks. Fortunately, NordVPN offers DNS leak protection to make your experience safer.

  • Change VPN protocols

    Again, that might help in case your system interferes with a VPN protocol. Try shifting from TCP to UDP or choose one of the many protocols offered by NordVPN.

    Just note that if you use premium VPN services, the probability of experiencing serious issues with your internet or VPN connection is low. The best VPNs offer both speed and security. So for a smooth and safe online experience.

  • My VPN Is Connected But I Cannot Browse The Internet Why

    The most common reason you cannot browse the internet when connected to the VPN is a DNS configuration issue. Please perform the following steps to see if the issue is related to DNS:

  • Ping an external IP such as and to verify that you have Internet connectivity. See how to run the ping command.
  • If you see replies from the ping above this indicates your connection is working and your issue is likely DNS related, continue to the resolving DNS issues section below.
  • If you do not get a reply this indicates something is blocking the VPN connection, see I cannot connect to the VPN, what can I do?
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    How To Fix No Internet Connection After Connecting To VPN

    Virtual Private Networks are useful for protecting your privacy and browsing online anonymously. Today, VPNs have become a need for many.

    Primarily, they work by routing your internet connection through a server from a location of your choice. This has the effect of masking your presence online by assigning you a temporary IP address. VPNs can let users access content which is usually accessible only from specific geographic locations.

    VPNs are great to have in this age where private information can be so easily compromised. As with all things, however, sometimes things may not work as you would like and you might have trouble connecting to the internet after using the VPN provider of your choice. Lets explore some options to resolve that.

    VPN Not Connecting On Desktop

    Are VPNs illegal in Malaysia?

    If none of the common fixes on your desktop worked, the only thing left to do is to disable security/parental controls . Sometimes, parental control & security filters can interfere with VPN tunnels. If the ISP installed your router, they likely enabled either of these. Dont worry, you can still keep your kids safe even without parental controls.

    On Windows, network adapters can sometimes bug out, in which case your best bet is to try and reinstall the VPN itself. If youre a fellow Ghostie, theres a quick way out. Just head over to Settings > CyberGhost VPN, and click Repair virtual network card.

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    Why Is My Netflix Only Showing Netflix Originals

    Have you ever used a VPN to access Netflix, and you can see only Netflix Originals? The answer to the mystery is that Netflix can tell that youre using a VPN and rather than blocking you the service is showing only titles that can be viewed in every Netflix library around the world. This is an interesting new development from Netflix.

    However, if you cant find a specific show or movie on the generic Netflix page, we suggest you first try a few different server locations for that country. If that fails to get you through, you might need a different VPN.

    Question: Q: VPN Setting Blocking Internet Connectivity

    I own a iPhone6 – I face same problem in both the devices.

    Whenever I try connecting either of the devices to Internet the VPN setting gets switched on by itself without manual intervention . Thus there is always some time delay in connecting to Internet whenever I wish to use the device.

    I would be grateful for suggestions from the community in order to get over the problem.

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    Why Are All VPN Websites Blocked

    If for some reason youre not able to access VPN websites, its most likely due to your ISP actively blocking access to them. Reportedly, various ISPs have flagged VPNs as adult content, which makes it tenfold easier to block them, since adult content restrictions have been around for quite a while.

    Losing Internet Connection After Connecting To VPN

    Hotspot Shield blocking internet ? [[SOLVED ]]
    • People use a VPN for many different reasons these days including work-related requirements, privacy concerns or unblocking restricted content.
    • If you lose Internet connection after connecting to VPN, check DNS settings, switch servers or try a different VPN provider.
    • In case your issues are unrelated to the VPN, see our articles from the Internet Connection Errors area.
    • Find out more about VPNs in our VPN Guides section found on this website.

    When VPN connects, Internet is disconnected this is one of the top concerns among users of VPNs, but there are solutions to fix it in order to have Internet and VPN access at the same time.

    If you cannot access the Internet when connected to VPN, try some of the solutions listed below.


  • Adjust your proxy settings
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