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Why Is My VPN So Slow

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Don’t Set Up A VPN On Your Router

Why Does My Internet Speed Slow Down When Using A VPN? ð¤

As a VPN user, you have two choices for setting up a VPN.

  • Set up the VPN on your router or
  • set up VPN on each individual device that you’re using .
  • Always go with the latter option.

    One reason why routers are so affordable is that they don’t need next-gen CPUs to be effective. Unfortunately, this means that even last year’s smartphone is faster than today’s router. and this will bottleneck your data speeds for the encryption-related reasons above.

    A standard router will have difficulty handling a VPN while serving multiple devices.

    If you really want to set up a VPN on your router, buy a dedicated VPN router.

    Get Rid Of Background Apps On Your Device

    Your VPN isnt the only application that uses the internet on your device. You might have a bunch of programs running quietly in the background, chewing up both bandwidth and resources without you even realizing it. The more activity you have on your internet connection, the slower your VPN will feel. And on a mobile connection, this unwanted activity can eat through your data plan before youve even realized it.

    Remove junk files and unwanted programs to speed up your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device and restore your internet performance. A faster, optimized computer or phone will be better able to focus its resources on the programs you actually want to use. With more bandwidth available, your VPN should run much faster than before.

    Switch To A Faster VPN

    Theres a chance, though, that despite tinkering with settingsor wisely not doing anything with them at allthat your VPN is still slow. In that case, it could very well be that you picked a poor service, in which case, we recommend that you make use of the VPN services money-back guaranteeif it offers oneto get a refund.

    The fact is that most decent VPNs get good speeds with their default settings. Why settle for one that needs you to get under the digital hood?

    There are a few VPN services that we like, but when it comes to speed, we recommend ExpressVPN. Many of us here at How-To Geek have used it for years. Its a speedy VPN with a large number of servers, and its backed by a trustworthy company thats been around for years. If you dont like it, you can always get your money back within the first 30 days.

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    Try Different VPN Servers

    To solve the problem of slow VPN speed, you might need to check the servers. The reason for the slow speed may be the wrong choice of server location. The farther the server is from your current location, the slower the speed will be. The data packet must travel a greater distance and, therefore, the speed of the VPN connection may slow down significantly, and ping may reach critical levels.

    I recommend that you connect to the nearest server. You can test different VPN servers and check the speed using the above-mentioned Speedtest service.

    Check Your Internet Speed

    Why Is My VPN so Slow and How Do I Boost My Speed?

    Before you ditch your current provider, consider that the problem might not lie with your VPN at all. A good VPN is still going to feel slow on a slow internet connection, so take a moment to analyze whether your internet is performing as expected.

    First, disconnect your VPN so that youre connecting directly to the internet. Next, perform an internet speed test by navigating to one of the many tools available online. Follow the instructions on your chosen website to conduct your speed test, then compare the results to what youve been promised by your internet service provider .

    If your speed test falls short of what youre supposed to be receiving, its likely that your VPN connection isnt the problem after all. Try resetting your router to see if that speeds up your internet connection. If not, it might be time to give your ISP a call. Youll get the best speeds from your VPN with fast internet.

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    Switch VPN Server Locations

    Probably the easiest tip, as the location of your VPN server will affect your internet speed depending on the distance between the server and you.

    When youre connected to a VPN server that is far away, theres a lot more latency, which is the time it takes to send a request to a server or receive a response. Thats a physical fact you cant do anything about no matter how hard you want to increase VPN speed. Then you also have to factor in the numerous networks your data will have to pass through and bandwidth limitations across borders.

    Thats why you should use far-off servers only if you want to appear as if youre in a specific country. If it doesnt matter, try a server thats as close to you as possible. Your VPN connection should speed up then.

    Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in ways that would potentially violate Terms of Service of streaming service providers.

    VPN With Default Routing

    Now we connect to the office VPN. By default, windows makes the VPN interface the default gateway instead of using the home router as the default gateway. The result is that all traffic outside the home LAN will go through the VPN gateway. Running route print shows the new VPN interface . There is now also an On-link route for the interface at .

    Running tracert verifies the route goes through the office VPN, which has a WAN address of

    C:\Users\Tom> tracert route to over a maximum of 30 hops:  1     *        *        *     Request timed out.  2     *       23 ms     *  3    23 ms    37 ms    31 ms   4    26 ms    24 ms    32 ms  5     *        *       34 ms  6    23 ms    23 ms    27 ms  7    29 ms    32 ms    28 ms   8    29 ms    30 ms    30 ms   9    38 ms    35 ms    41 ms  10    60 ms    60 ms    65 ms  11    80 ms    62 ms    60 ms  12    73 ms    83 ms    70 ms  13    76 ms    91 ms    77 ms  14    76 ms    82 ms    69 ms  15    86 ms    81 ms    79 ms  16    73 ms    81 ms    79 ms Trace complete.

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    Subscribe To A VPN Unlimited Service

    Most of the time, free vpn services are limited in terms of features and speed. These services are most often than not used by companies to convince customers to purchase plans that have more benefits such as faster speed. Subscribing to a paid vpn service can significantly improve the speed of your connection. LimeVPN can give you one of the fastest and most secure VPN connection for as low as $1 per month.

    Inadequate Bandwidth At Home

    Why Is The Internet Slow Over Work VPN?

    For the vast majority of your home internet needs, you will focus on the download aspect of the service level you pay for. For instance, lets say you pay for broadband connectivity with up to 100 Mbps download and up to 10 Mbps upload capability . This might be enough for most activities that are “download” focused, such as streaming movies, downloading modern video games, playing online games, surfing the web, etc. But when it comes to “upload” focused traffic , it just might not cut it!

    For those of you who live in areas where fiber connectivity is available, great! Many fiber service levels start at 50Mbps/50Mbps or even 100Mbps/100Mbps. Connections that provide fast upload speeds are better equipped to handle the increased traffic that relies on fast, stable upload connectivity.

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    Slow VPN Because Of Isp Check Your Isps Speed

    Sometimes, a slow VPN can be due to low speed or problems with your ISP. To understand if the problem lies with your ISP,

    • Disconnect your VPN
    • Run a speed test to know your ISPs speed

    If the speed is below acceptable limits, you know where the problem is. Talk to your provider or work IT pro to resolve the issue or switch providers if you have to.

    Why Do I Have A Slow Nordvpn Connection

    NordVPN notes that when using the VPN service you should expect some slowdown. They state that if you connected to the closest server using the OpenVPN protocol you will experience a 30% drop off in connection speed. If you are using a different protocol or connected to a different server, the speed drop off could be even worse.

    NordVPN slows down your connection because all of the data going to and from your connected device must first pass through their servers to be encrypted. This extra step can cause a slowdown.

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    Maybe Your VPN Isnt The Problem

    If your internet seems slow, first check to see if the trouble is actually coming from your VPN. It may be that your internet connection or computer is running slow. Start by performing speed tests when disconnected and connected to your VPN.

    If your connection is slow even when youre not connected to the VPN, run through some common troubleshooting steps:

    • Restart your router
    • Restart your computer or device
    • Switch to a wired ethernet connection
    • Temporarily disable your antivirus software and firewall

    Potential Solutions To Slow Expressvpn Connections

    My VPN Is Slow, How Can I Make My VPN Faster? Does VPN ...

    Unfortunately, it may be difficult to know what is causing the VPN slowdown. You may need to try several different options to try and increase the speed of your connection.

    The first thing you should try is closing down the VPN app and restarting it. Often this will at least temporarily fix the issue. You may also want to make sure you are not running too many other apps at the same time on your device.

    The second approach to fixing your slow ExpressVPN is to make sure that your operating system and router firmware are all up to date. Using out of date software may cause a slowdown for your Intrnet connection, which will affect the VPN performance as well.

    Another option is to confirm that the problem isnt with your ISP. Check the speed of your connection when you are not using ExpressVPN. If the connection is slow, you should contact your ISP about the issue and see if its a service issue or you may need to upgrade your plan.

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    Does A VPN Slow Your Internet

    At its core, a VPN’s job is to encrypt your connection and send it through a secure VPN server. Because a VPN adds extra steps between you and the internet, its bound to slow down your connection somewhat. However, there are tips you can use to reduce the impact, and well even see cases later where a premium service like NordVPN can make your internet faster!

    If your VPN is slowing your internet, heres what to look out for:


    The distance between you and your VPN server is one of the greatest factors that can decrease your internet speed. Choosing a more distant connection location will cause your connection to travel much further to your destination and back, resulting in slower upload and download speeds.

    You can test this out yourself since NordVPN has servers in 60 countries around the world. If you’re in the UK, for example, you probably auto-connect to your VPN for UK servers most of the time. Instead, try connecting to a server in a country as far away from you as possible, browse the net, and then connect to a server in your own or a neighboring country. Youll notice an immediate spike in speed when your chosen server is closer to home.

    Server load

    Any given server has the capacity to process a certain number of users. As that limit is approached, users can experience slow connection speeds or even fail to connect.

    Encryption power

    Corporate VPNs Can Be Slow Just Like Individual Ones

    Last, but not least, remember that corporate VPNs are still VPNs, and are prone to the same faults that their individual counterparts are subject to. If youve ruled out the reasons above and you still experience slow speed, maybe its time for an upgrade.

    Check out our list of the best corporate VPNs you can find on the market. If you cant decide, well gladly let you know that at the time being, PIA and CyberGhost VPN are the top contenders for the best corporate VPNs.

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    Pick The Right Server Location

    This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind, and it has to do with how VPNs work.

    Let’s say you’re using VPN to get around certain routing-related issues that are reducing latency in online games. Connecting to a VPN changes how your data is routed across the internet, thus bypassing problems like intermediary network outages.

    Suppose you’re in New York and you’re playing a game whose server is also located in New York. Normally your data travels to the server using the fastest path, then returns to you on the fastest path. Latency is maybe 20 milliseconds .

    But now suppose you’re connected to a VPN server in France. Your data first travel to France, to the server in New York, back to France, then back to your device.

    You can see the problem—that extra distance might mean your latency is now 250 milliseconds.

    For speed, always pick the VPN location that’s closest to the destination if you can. This is particularly smart if you’re using a VPN to browse an overseas Netflix library. For online gaming, view the server list before starting the game, so you’re connected to a nearby VPN server.

    Note that this doesn’t really matter for things that aren’t latency-dependent .

    Youre Using A Free VPN

    Does VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? ð¤

    VPN providers must operate a global server network, continually update their apps and security protocols, provide customer support, and so much more. But all this costs money.

    Paid VPN services cover costs by charging users subscription fees. In turn, the most popular free VPN services make their money off you, by collecting and selling your data.

    In order to maximize profits, free VPN services generally dont have the network infrastructure quality a paid service has.

    This means outdated security systems, outdated protocols, delayed response time, overloaded hosts, and often bandwidth caps, that severely restrict VPN performance.

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    Did You Reboot Your Router Lately

    Whenever you experience some technical difficulties, one thing that most ITs would suggest is to restart your device. This is also true with whenever your internet is slow.

    Take note that when your memory leaks infrequent connections could mess up the ability to maintain a stable connection speed. Hence, it is suggested that you try to reboot before you use your VPN.

    Creating A Static Route

    There are two main steps to enabling the static route to the office VPN:

  • Modify the VPN interface on the laptop to disable it as the default gateway.
  • Specify the office LAN IP address range for the static route.
  • The result is that all office LAN traffic will go through the static route gateway, and all other traffic outside the home LAN will go through the home router gateway.

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    Why Is Speedify Faster Than Expressvpn

    Speedify works differently than conventional VPNs like ExpressVPN because it does much more than just encrypt your data. It unleashes the full power of your desktop or mobile device by allowing you to use multiple connections simultaneously. This is done by using the channel bonding technology, which allows operating systems to use all available Internet connections at the same time, providing you with more bandwidth and faster connection speeds.

    And, of course, if youre using multiple connections at the same time, youll also benefit from our automatic Internet failover mechanism, which makes sure youll always be online.

    Unlike other VPN services, Speedify will:

    • Not drain the battery of your laptop, smartphone or tablet
    • Route traffic over Wi-Fi as much as possible
    • Increase the speed of your Internet connection, if used to combine multiple connections

    Are you getting slow ExpressVPN speeds? You dont have to choose between speed and security. You can have them both at the same time with Speedify! Get started today its free!

    Your Device Specs Might Not Be Up For It

    Why is My VPN Connection so Slow (5 Reasons)

    This is often overlooked when talking about VPN speeds. Remember, your device needs to locally encrypt and decrypt your internet traffic.

    In order to do this, it needs good hardware. Older devices often lack good specs, and this means they cant keep up, making your VPN speed slower.

    The CPU, the RAM memory, whether youre using a HDD or a SSD, all of them can have an impact on how your device processes VPN connections.

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    Try Both Tcp And Udp Protocols

    UDP is much faster than TCP.

    TCP needs to establish a connection between two endpoints and confirm all data was successfully received at the destination. UDP just sends data across the internet without any checks.

    This extra bit of TCP overhead is slower because multiple acknowledgments occur between you and the destination when sending data. The result: essentially the VPN is slowing down your internet. As such, using VPN over UDP can be much faster.

    Check your VPN settings to see if manual switching is supported. The process may differ from service to service.

    Also note that your ISP might detect and throttle TCP traffic over VPN. This is more common than you might think because a lot of people use VPNs for media streaming and torrenting. Both typically use TCP. Switching to UDP might help with speed but could result in a more unstable connection. Experiment and see for yourself.

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