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Why Won’t My VPN Connect On My Iphone

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There are reasons for and against leaving your VPN app switched on on your iPhone at all times. While there is a question of it slowing down your connection, when you have your VPN running in the background, while carrying out day-to-day tasks on your smartphone we’d expect you to be connected to a local server. In this case, you shouldn’t detect much difference in performance.

In terms of battery life, while there’s not a unanimous percentage on how much battery life your VPN uses up on an iPhone per day , it’s fair to say it won’t ‘drain’ your battery and instead will use up your juice just like any other app.

That said, if you are finding it having a negative effect, there is an argument to say you can just connect to your VPN when using a public Wi-Fi network and/or when you’re carrying out particularly sensitive tasks where you want that additional layer of security.

Much like antivirus, a VPN is built to tinker away in the background and help protect your device. But that isn’t always practical, so we’d recommend at the least switching on your iPhone VPN in those scenarios were your connection is more vulnerable – and, of course, when you want to get American Netflix from abroad.

Problem : My Server Appears To Be In The Wrong Location

Usually, your VPN provider rents or buys servers in a country, then allows you to access them. However, if the local laws make it difficult to run a VPN company, the region is too dangerous, or the costs of maintaining a physical server are too high to justify, some providers use a virtual server instead.

These servers are actually located in a different country but configured to make your traffic look as though its coming from the location you chose. Usually, geo-restricted services cant tell the difference, although some IP address lookup services can, hence the apparent discrepancy.

Many VPN providers let you know which of their servers are virtual, either on the server list or in a knowledge base article, so you can avoid them if youd like.

Why Does VPN Stay On My Iphone

The Settings of the VPN are reset When your VPN keeps up to speed on iPhone and it has recently installed additional features and even resumed the VPN connection, you might want to check the network settings for those settings. Depending on whats set up in the reset network settings, any cellular data connections youve set up will be turned off automatically.

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How To Fake Your Location With A VPN

If you want to pretend to be browsing from another country so that you can watch videos or browse websites that are usually blocked to you, its simply a case of connecting to a server in the country where that service, site or specific video is available.

Bear in mind that not all VPN providers unblock all video services, so do check if theres a specific service you want to unblock. Almost all unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and other popular ones, but its still worth checking before you sign up.

Also know that you still need an account and, usually, an active subscription to the service youre trying to watch. A VPN doesnt make Netflix or Disney+ free: you need to be a subscriber in that country as well as your own.

Using a VPN to watch blocked videos will probably be breaking some of these services terms and conditions as well. Were yet to hear of any paying customers that have had their video streaming accounts suspended or even stopped, but that doesnt mean it couldnt happen.

Heres an example of how someone in the UK can unblock Netflix US.

  • In your VPN app, find the list of countries .
  • With NordVPN you can simply swipe across the map until you can see the USA, and tap on one of the pins.
  • Youll see a dialog box with the name of the country selected, an on/off switch icon, and the option to Pick a Server. Just tap the on/off button to connect to that server.
  • Wait while it connects, which should only take a few seconds.
  • Contact Your Router Manufacturer

    Why Does My iPhone Display âSecurity Recommendationâ? for a Wi

    If you cant connect to Wi-Fi on any device, contact your routers manufacturer. There could be an issue with the router itself. Check out our other article for more advanced router troubleshooting tips, or Google the name of your router manufacturer and customer support to find the appropriate phone number.

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    Fix 4 Reset Network Settings

    If the issue still persists, then you need to reset the network settings on your iPhone. Resetting network settings will delete Wi-Fi network names and passwords, Bluetooth device connections& preferences, and VPN settings& preferences. Follow these instructions to reset network settings on your iPhone:

    • Step 1: Go to Settings, and then tap General.
    • Step 2: Now, choose Reset, then tap Reset Network Settings. Enter the passcode when requested.

    Change Your Connected Region

    Changing the region youre connecting from can fix an issue with your VPN as well. Its possible your VPN is having issues establishing connections from one region, but not others.

    The way to change your connected region varies depending on your VPN provider. A lot of VPN providers allow you to select your location within their iOS app. Try opening the app to see if you can quickly change your connected region.

    For example, TunnelBear lets you quickly change your connection region by tapping on an interactive map.

    If your VPN is not working regardless of what your connected region is, move onto the next step!

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    Delete And Reinstall VPN App

    Deleting and reinstalling an app can give it a fresh start if its constantly crashing or experiencing other issues. One of the apps files may have become corrupted, which can cause a variety of problems.

    Press and hold your VPN apps icon on the Home screen or in the App Library until the menu appears. Tap Remove App -> Delete App -> Delete to uninstall your VPN app.

    Now that the app has been deleted, open the App Store and tap on the Search tab in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Search for the name of your VPN, then tap the cloud button to the right of the app in the search results.

    How To Configure VPN Server

    iPhone Won’t Connect to iTunes? Here is the Fix!

    To configure your VPN server in the OpenVPN Connect app , youll have to import a profilethats the .ovpn file. If you want to do this by hand, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, open iTunes, and select the connected device. Under the Apps section, youll be able to copy the .ovpn file and related certificate and key files to …

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    Should I Leave My Iphone VPN On All The Time

    Weighing up the pros and cons of keeping it switched on

    One of the main dilemmas when it comes to a VPN is whether or not you should have it running at all times. Considering we are constantly checking our smartphones and they’re always running in the background, it makes sense where iPhone VPNs are concerned we’re particularly curious to know the answer.

    The long and short of it is there are pros and cons to keeping your iPhone VPN app switched on and turning it off, and we’re going to explain them all below.

    Fix 3 Turn Off And Turn On Your VPN App

    Sometimes there is an issue with the VPN app. In this case, you can fix the possible bugs by turning the VPN off and then turning it on again. To do it, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Open Settings > General.
    • Step 2: After that, tap VPN.
    • Step 3: Now, tap the status switch to turn off the VPN. This will disconnect the VPN, and the VPN status will appear as Not Connected.
    • Step 4: Tap the Status switch again to turn it on.

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    Locations Beyond The VPN Server Prove Unreachable

    Another common VPN problem is that a connection is successfully established but the remote user is unable to access the network beyond the VPN server. By far, the most common cause of this problem is that permission hasnt been granted for the user to access the entire network.

    To allow a user to access the entire network, go to the Routing and Remote Access console and right-click on the VPN server thats having the problem. Select the Properties command from the resulting shortcut menu to display the servers properties sheet, then select the properties sheets IP tab. At the top of the IP tab is an Enable IP Routing check box. If this check box is enabled, VPN users will be able to access the rest of the network, assuming network firewalls and security-as-a-service settings permit. If the checkbox is not selected, these users will be able to access only the VPN server, but nothing beyond.

    The problem could also be related to other routing issues. For example, if a user is dialing directly into the VPN server, its usually best to configure a static route between the client and the server.

    You can configure a static route by going to the Dial In tab of the users properties sheet in Active Directory Users and Computers and selecting the Apply A Static Route check box. This will cause Windows to display the Static Routes dialog box. Click the Add Route button and then enter the destination IP address and network mask in the space provided. The metric should be left at 1.

    Way 5 Check VPN Account

    What to do if VPN is not working with Airtel Broadband

    The malfunction of your VPN can be traced back to the account. We have seen many cases where users forgot to pay for their VPN subscriptions but still assume that their accounts are still usable. It wouldn’t harm to check if your account has expired. While doing this, you might stumble upon the notice that the providers’ servers go down and cause your VPN to become unusable.

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    Your VPN Server Is Congested

    VPNs with small or crowded server networks are often slower and less reliable. If there are too many users connected to a single server, your connection may drop unexpectedly.

    Our VPN reviews consider the spread and number of servers in a VPNs network. For fast speeds and a more reliable connection, we recommend choosing a VPN with hundreds of servers in countries all over the world.

    ExpressVPN has servers in 160 locations whereas Proton VPN Free has servers in 3 locations.

    The more servers a VPN has in its network, the less likely it is that your chosen VPN server will be congested or overloaded.

    Use Another VPN Service

    Try using another VPN service instead of the existing one to cross-check whether the problem is appearing for every VPN app on your iOS 15.2 or the specific app has its own sort of issues. If the other VPN app runs well then you should continue using that app. If not, that means there is an issue with the iOS 15.2 version on your iPhone and you should submit feedback to the app developer or Apple support.

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    Tip : Restart The VPN

    A common issue you may encounter is having the service stuck in a loop while trying to connect it happens when you switch from one Wi-Fi network or another or from Wi-Fi to cellular data. The issue is persistent, and aside from staying on just one network indefinitely , there is no permanent fix.

    To fix connection issues, open the VPN app you’re using, turn it off, and then reconnect to it. Depending on the service you’re using, it may be as easy as opening the app and tapping a single button off and on. Another way to stop and start it is by going into the Settings app and toggling “VPN” off and back on.

    Why Is My VPN Not Connecting On My Iphone

    My iPhone Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi! Here’s The Real Fix.

    As there are a number of factors that could occur, we will identify some common causes and offer some useful solutions for VPN not connecting.

  • Abnormal VPN Internet Connection â In most cases, the VPN internet connection fails as one of the reasons why my VPN is not working. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is working and then reconnect, and then verify that the Routing and Remote Access Services are running in your VPN tool.
  • Traffic-blocked Connection Port for VPN â Sometimes, blocked ports can be the reason my VPN isn’t connecting. For VPN access, a provider can choose which virtual port, part of the network, is open for connection. If you have trouble with this, ask tech support.
  • Incorrect Login Credentials â Do you know whether your credentials are still valid when VPN stops working? You likely forgot to renew your VPN membership or the service provider changed the game rules.
  • iOS Glitches or Bugs on Your iPhone â Most of the time, Apple allows users to update the iOS version to fix the bugs on their device, but in some serious cases, it doesn’t work. So, trying to apply the below methods is a better idea than futilely wondering “why is my VPN not working on iPhone”.
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    Change Your VPN Settings

    The first place you should check for problems is in your VPNs settings. You will find these configuration options in the VPN application on your device.

    Use a Different VPN Server

    Changing your VPN server is the simplest way to improve the reliability of your connection. If youre experiencing frequent disconnections, there may be a fault with the server youre connecting to, or it may simply be overcrowded.

    The nearest server to your physical location will usually give you the fastest speeds and the most reliable connection. Try using the automatic connection option if your VPN has it, as this will usually connect you to the nearest server with capacity.

    Heres a video showing how to switch servers using ExpressVPN as an example:

    How to change servers using ExpressVPN.

    If you need an international server to unblock Netflix, try a different server or city within the country youre targeting. If your VPN isnt working with Netflix, changing servers is usually the most effective solution, too.

    Change Your VPN Protocol

    VPN protocols are the rules used to create an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. Some VPN services let you choose from a wide range of protocols, while others dont let you choose at all.

    High-quality VPN services will offer a reliable and secure VPN protocol by default. However, changing protocols can make your connection more reliable and prevent disconnections in the future.

  • L2TP/IPsec this is based on UDP.
  • Change Your DNS Settings

    Force Restart The Iphone

    A force restart of the device may also be very useful to refresh the device and get it working normally again. Here’s how to force restart your particular iPhone model.

    For iPhone 6 and earlier – press and hold the home button and the power button until you see the Apple logo.

    For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – press and hold the power button and the volume down button until you see the Apple logo.

    For iPhone 8 and later – press and then quickly release the volume up button, do the same with the volume up button and then press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo.

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    Reset Your Iphones Default Settings

    To fix your Wi-Fi connection issues, you may have to reset your iPhone or iPad back to its default factory settings.

    Reset Location Services on iOS

    While useful, Wi-Fi networking location settings might also be the reason your iPad or iPhone isnt connecting to Wi-Fi. Turning Location Services off can help resolve connection issues.

    Heres how to turn off Wi-Fi networking Location Services on your iOS device:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

  • Scroll to System Services.

  • Toggle off the switch next to Networking & Wireless.

  • Tap Turn Off to confirm.

  • Your iPhone or iPad uses Location Services to let apps and websites know where you are, which helps if you need directions or want local information. Learn more about how .

    Reset Network Settings on iOS

    Heres how to reset network settings on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Settings > General on your device.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Transfer orReset iPhone/iPad.

  • Tap Reset.

  • Tap Reset Network Settings, enter your passcode , and tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm.

  • Once your device finishes resetting and restarts, go to Settings > Wi-Fi to rejoin the Wi-Fi network.

  • Note that resetting your devices network settings clears all configured Wi-Fi networks, passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings. But it helps eliminate corrupted Wi-Fi settings or network configurations and can get your broken W-Fi working again.

    Reset your iOS device to factory settings

  • Go to Settings> General.

  • How To Stop Your VPN From Disconnecting

    Why won

    If your VPN keeps disconnecting, the fault is usually in one of three places:

    • The VPN server and the settings you are using to connect to it
    • The network connection between your device and the VPN server
    • Your devices settings and the software installed on it

    In this section, well cover the most common solutions to each of these VPN connection problems so you can prevent your VPN disconnecting or turning off all the time. You can find similar tips in our guide to Norton VPN not working.

    EXPERT ADVICE: To make sure your VPN is working properly, use our VPN leak test tool to verify that your IP address, DNS requests, and WebRTC details are being routed through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

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