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Will VPN Help With Ping

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Does a VPN Help With Ping For Gaming? ð¤

There are several things you can do on your own to improve your ping rate and reduce gaming lag. One of these is simply to close all of your background applications and just leave up your VPN and gaming software. Internet-enabled apps running in the background also make calls on the VPN and lag your connection. Shut down as many of these as you can to speed up your game.

Another way to reduce gaming lag while you play with a VPN is to reduce the number of devices you have connected to your WiFi. You can also switch to an Ethernet connection. Both of these measures isolate your gaming stream and speed up the processing through your VPN and game server.

Can You Trust Your VPN

All security is built on trust, and VPNs are no different. That’s why we make sure to read the privacy policy for each service we review. A good, trustworthy VPN company clearly states what information it gathers, and why it does so. The best companies gather as little information as possible.

When reviewing VPN services, we contact VPN companies to confirm basic information about their operation, policies, and how they respond to law enforcement. If you’re curious about a particular VPN’s privacy issues, be sure to look up its review here on PCMag.

Can I Use A Free VPN For Gaming

Dont let a free VPN for gaming tempt you.

Not only will you lose out on essential gaming features that protect you from DDoS attacks, revenge swatting, and IP leaks, but theres a chance your data will be sold to third partiesor worse.

Plus, most free VPNs are limited with bandwidth caps and terrible speeds, which is problematic when gaming.

BUT if you wont take no for an answer, at least use one of my recommended freemium VPNs, like ProtonVPN or AtlasVPN.

Both offer unlimited bandwidth, a handful of servers, and medium speeds.

Just dont expect an amazing gaming experience or a safe one.

And when you can afford it, switch to a premium provider.

Remember, my number one VPN for gaming, NordVPN, can be purchased at a massively discounted rate by using my exclusive sign-up link!

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Cons Of Using A Gaming VPN To Lower Ping

A no lag VPN can certainly help improve your network latency and make your connection smoother and stutter-free. That said, using a VPN for gaming also comes with some drawbacks. And, for complete objectivity, we also have to take a look at the other side of the coin. With that in mind, here are the most significant cons of using a gaming VPN to lower ping:

Will A VPN Increase My Ping

VPN to artificially lower ping while gaming : VPN

A VPN will only increase your ping if you choose a slow service or select a server thats far away from the one youre playing on. Theres a chance a VPN can lower your ping by sending packets through a more direct route, but this depends where the servers are located and is all about trial and error to achieve the best outcome.

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Can A VPN Help With Ping

Just continuing and ‘s replies, they said 99.99% no, and I can confirm that 100% no It’s impossible, a VPN can only increase your ping since your data now goes:You -> VPN -> Server -> VPN -> You instead of going:You -> Server -> You As you can see, a VPN adds an extra layer therefore taking more time. I used to actually use a private VPN but I’ve had to turn it off at some point, it gets really annoying. Of course secure, but definitely annoying.

How To Test VPN Ping

To test VPN ping times, simply perform a Ping test when connected to a VPN server. You can compare this to ping times when not using a VPN by running a Ping test with the VPN turned off. And you can compare ping times when connected to different VPN servers by connecting to each in turn and running a ping test.

Ping results with no VPN . Average latency = 18ms.

Ping results when connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands. Average latency = 29ms.

Ping results when connected to a VPN server in the United States. Average latency = 110ms. As we can see, distance makes a big difference!

If you are a gamer, you should check ping times when connected to your favorite games server.

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Bypass Isp Throttling For Longer Gaming Sessions

ISPs tend to throttle your connection upon detecting longer gaming sessions. It lowers your network bandwidth that generates lags while gaming. Thankfully, a VPN helps you bypass ISP throttling by masking your IP and spoofing your geo-location. Hence, you face no downtime even while playing on your school Wi-Fi.

However, most VPNs don’t log your browsing activity or store the browsing history. And they use military-grade encryption to secure your data, so your ISP wont ever know what youre doing online. If you want to experience low ping time and smooth gameplay while keeping your personal details safe, using a VPN is the best solution.

A New Challenger Appears

Do VPNs lower ping in games? | Top 3 truly BEST VPNs for gaming

Speed isn’t the only issue for players. Some web services get confused or outright block VPN traffic. For example, Netflix blocks VPNs in order to enforce distribution deals that make different videos available in different countries.

Anecdotally, we can say that some mobile games will not function properly if you’re using a VPN. This is likely because of matchmaking systems that use your IP address to pair you up with particular opponents or place you on a particular server. It could also be because of anti-cheating or anti-piracy measures. Regardless of the reason, the result is the same: using a VPN sometimes means that your game just won’t work.

If you encounter this particular problem, you might consider purchasing a static IP address or a personal VPN server from a VPN company. These are generally offered as add-ons to a standard VPN subscription, with prices varying by company and where the IP address or server is located. We haven’t tested either option for compatibility with games or Netflix, so proceed at your own risk. You might consider a short-term subscription for this kind of testing.

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VPN And Gaming: Pros And Cons


  • Protects you against DDoS and hacking attempts. A VPN will obscure your true IP address, so even if the other team tries dirty tactics to win, youre covered.
  • Access geo-locked content. Whether theres a game releasing early in a certain country or you want to play something thats not available in your country, then using a VPN server in that country can get around this.
  • Access Steam abroad. As a safety measure, Steam might refuse your payment if your IP address doesnt match the home country in your account information. With a VPN, you can connect to a server at home so you can pick up a game even when youre away.
  • Anti-cheat/anti-theft software isnt always perfect, but a VPN can help you gain access to your favorite game if you were wrongly banned.


  • Reduced speeds and higher ping. Depending on which server you connect to, you might experience a significant drop in speed and a higher ping which can be detrimental to your gaming experience. We recommend using servers in your country for gaming where possible to combat this.

Multiple Server Locations To Connect

All famous VPN providers offer multiple servers in different locations, so you can easily avoid overcrowded servers and find one with a fewer number of users. Doing so will automatically keep your online traffic from waiting in queue and causing delays to lower your ping time eventually.

Not only that, if you think connecting to a game server of another region will help you play less competitive matches and give you an edge over your competitors, a VPN will allow that also. VPN services like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, etc., offer massive coverage as they have thousands of servers in more than 75 locations. Thus, youll always find at least one VPN server at the nearest game server location to lower your latency while gaming.

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What Causes A High Ping Time

A poor internet service provider can cause high ping times. You need a fast upload and download speed to avoid latency in games. Its just as important for your ISP to offer a consistent service, as random ping spikes can be infuriating.

Sometimes, ISPs, schools, and workplaces block or throttle peer-to-peer internet traffic to combat file-sharing, or simply to stop people from playing games on their networks. This will affect your ping times.

Geographic location has a big impact on ping time too. If youre connecting to a European server from the US, for example, expect a high ping time.

A high ping time can also be caused by problems with the online game server, particularly if its experiencing higher traffic than expected.

Why Do Pings Matter

Can VPN Decrease Ping / Best Fastest Free VPN 2020

The ping is a pretty important measurement, it tells you exactly how long it is taking you to essentially get information from your computer to the internet server and vice versa. The higher the time, the greater the lag. There are several reasons this could be, but the good news is there are lots of solutions for the problem of a high ping. One of the best solutions is a gaming VPN, it is a very good way to lower the ping time on your gaming.

Using a VPN has many benefits besides lowering your ping. Between the privacy provided by the VPN along with the different servers, using a VPN for gaming is a great way to keep the speed of your gaming at or above the level of your fellow players.

When you are measuring latency, the ping speed that youre looking for is around 50ms while a high ping of 250ms means there is great latency in your connection.

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Use A Faster VPN Protocol

As a rule of the thumb, the stronger the VPN encryption used the more processing power is needed to encrypt and decrypt it. It is, therefore, possible to reduce ping times by sacrificing security .

You can do this by changing VPN protocol used, for example to PPTP. From fastest to slowest, the main VPN protocols are:

  • PPTP
  • What Is A VPN Router

    A VPN router is a router that has a VPN installed directly onto it. This means every device on your network can be automatically protected by the VPN when running the VPN connection through a router. This is excellent for connecting devices like game consoles to a VPN server . To find out more, check out our VPN routers guide.

    Private Internet AccessGet 84%

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    Can A Gaming VPN Overcome P2p Blocking

    A gaming VPN may help you get around P2P connection blocks by your ISP . The idea makes sense in theory, but we havent found that using a VPN for gaming here was necessary.

    Many multiplayer games use a server-client model, where the game is hosted on a central server and all players connect to it. Other games such as those that want to minimize server costs will instead use a P2P model, where players host games directly.

    Some ISPs may block P2P connections, which can affect certain games like PUBG. Thats why you may have seen VPN providers claiming that using a VPN for gaming will help.

    Will Gaming On A VPN Get You Early Access To Games And Dlc

    How to Decrease Ping in Online Games Using VPN | CSGO

    In some cases, gaming with a VPN can get you early access to games and DLC that arent yet available in your area. For example, if a game is released in the US but not yet in Europe, you can set your server location to the US, purchase the game, and play before anyone else can. This applies to DLC content as well, in some cases.

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    Setting Up A VPN For Gaming On A Console

    This is where things get a little more tricky, but it’s certainly possible. When setting up a VPN to use with a gaming console, you have two options:

  • Connect your console to the internet via a desktop computer or laptop that is running your chosen VPN. You can achieve this by connecting an Ethernet cable from your console to the PC.
  • Install a VPN on your router so that every device in your home is automatically connected to the VPN server of your choice.
  • Fortunately, we can show you how to get up and running on any console, step-by-step. Simply check out the guides linked below.

    Which option do we recommend?

    For console users, a VPN router is always the best solution for playing games through a VPN. But, a VPN router can also benefit PC gamers eliminating the need to install and run a VPN on your PC. This, in turn, reduces some strain on your CPU which will leave more power for rendering graphics.

    Quick Navigation: Best VPNs For Gaming

    Having the right VPN is a no brainer if you want to fix gaming lags. Below are the best VPN for gaming based on our extensive research and tests:

    • NordVPN Best gaming VPN ever its one of the fastest, most reliable VPN services weve evaluated till today. Whether you want speed or safety, this VPN gets all that covered in style.
    • SurfShark If you are on a budget, it is perfect for gaming you can get. This VPN is a high-speed and user-friendly application, considering the price.
    • ExpressVPN A popular choice among gamers. The provider is famous for its excellent features and continuous improvements.
    • Private Internet Access Another quality VP games due to the use of Squid proxies that use more undersized encryption than other VPN servers.
    • CyberGhost VPN The perfect VPN for smartphone and console games. Its easy to set up and has slick applications for Android and iOS.
    • VyprVPN The best VPN on foreign game servers for playing any game. Its a lightweight and easy to use stable VPN.
    • Ivacy A reliable VPN that provides safe connectivity and fast servers.

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    How Do VPNs Improve Ping For Better Latency

    A VPN decreases the ping rate of your online games. VPN packets usually take a more direct route as compared to that of your normal ISP packet.

    This means that with a VPN, you will have both a smoother and faster internet connection. All you have to do is to connect to a suitable VPN server.

    The Car vs. the Train

    We have decided to use the analogy of a car vs. a train to help you understand the critical role a VPN plays in reducing your latency. The car, in this case, is your Internet service provider . Although you may use the car to save on cash to move from one point to another, you will often run into overcrowding and traffic. You might even have to reroute when the road ahead has been blocked, maybe by a car accident.

    However, if you travel via train , you can move from one point to another easily. You will even have the power to predict the amount of time it will take you to reach your destination. This is just like having a VPN service which allows information to move more freely from your machine to the gaming server.

    As you can see, its better to use a VPN connection as compared to just using the internet services offered by your ISP. Whats more, ISPs are known for influencing your ping rate based on the speeds they provide.

    Will A VPN Improve Your Connection

    WTFast VPN Ping Reduction for BDO (JP)

    VPNs introduce an extra connection point in the journey from your computer to your game server. Thats one more opportunity for a connection to drop, especially if youre using a crowded VPN server. You may experience service drops and packet loss when some of your traffic doesnt reach its destination.

    When it comes to VPNs and gaming, stronger connectivity isnt one of the benefits youll enjoy.

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    Can I Use A VPN For Call Of Duty Warzone

    Using a VPN for CoD Warzone isnt against the games Security and Enforcement Policy, so yes, you can use a VPN to play Warzone without getting banned.

    In fact, doing so can help reduce lag, prevent packet loss, and stabilize your ping.

    That said, I recommend using a Dedicated IP add-on to avoid suspicion due to switching IPs too many times, as doing so might land you in Warzones cheater pool lobbies.

    Static IP servers, like those offered by Surfshark, will also do the trick.

    What Is A VPN

    When you switch on a VPN, it sends all your data through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server operated by the VPN company. Anyone on the same network as you, even the person who owns the network, won’t be able to see your activity. Neither will your ISP, which is great because they’re now allowed to sell your anonymized browsing data.

    From the VPN server, your data exits onto the public internet. Because your data appears to emanate from the VPN server and not your computer, anyone watching your traffic on the web will see the IP address of the VPN server instead of your computer’s IP address. If you select a VPN server outside your country, it will appear as if you are browsing the web from wherever the VPN server resides.

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