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Will VPN Slow My Internet

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Tinker With Your Protocol Settings

Does VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? ð¤

Premium VPNs like NordVPN come with extra security settings and other features that can change your VPN speed. Go to Advanced Settings on the NordVPN app and try switching to a different Internet protocol if available. Choose UDP for a faster connection, but be ready to accept the risk of possible instability. If you’d rather have a slower but more stable connection, go for TCP.

Either way, you can switch between these two as many times as you want. Keep in mind that slower and faster are relative you probably won’t notice any difference until you’re pushing the limits of your connection. NordVPN also offers NordLynx, a lightning-fast protocol that balances powerful encryption with rapid speeds.

How Much Speed Do You Lose With A VPN

VPN speed depends on a range of factors, including the size of its network, the servers distance from your real location, and the current load on each server.

Services with bigger networks can absorb more traffic and dont get slowed down by overloaded servers. VPNs like ExpressVPN are so fast that you barely notice any loss of speed at all.

Disable The VPN As The Default Gateway

Stay with me here, the setting is deep down in the options. In the Windows Control Panel, go to the Network Connections settings, right click on your VPN, and select Properties:

In the VPN Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4, then click on the Properties button.

Once in Version 4 properties, click on the Advanced button.

Finally, uncheck the Use default gateway on remote network checkbox. Then click OK, and work your way back up.

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VPN With The Addition Of A Static Route

If only there was a way to route just the office specific traffic to the VPN, and everything else through your home ISP service. That should solve our slow network woes. Luckily, there is! To do this, we will use a static route. A static route is an entry in the routing table that is manually configured, as opposed to entries that are automatically determined.

You can add a static route to your laptop so that only traffic specific to 10.1.1.x goes through the VPN. This is very simple to do, and you can make it temporary just to test it out. If youre happy with it, make it permanent so it will still be there after a computer reboot. We will discuss how to create a static route in the next section, but for demonstration purposes we will show the routing table and trace route when a static route is added for the office LAN address range of 10.1.1.x.

The route print command now shows an additional route for the 10.1.1.x office LAN categorized as On-link so our laptop can make a connection as if it were on our home LAN:

To verify we now have access to the office LAN, lets ping the router at

C:\Users\Bob> ping with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=64Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=64Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=64Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=64Ping statistics for    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 ,Approximate round trip times in milliseconds:

Can A VPN Increase Your Internet Speed

Why Is My VPN so Slow and How Do I Boost My Speed?

There are cases when a VPN can give your internet connection an extra kick and a speed boost.

Internet Service Providers might stunt your internet speed if youre using too much bandwidth. This often happens when you download files or stream content online.

With a VPN, your activity becomes invisible to your ISP. So, they dont know when to throttle you! And you may experience a VPN speed boost to your connection.

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Will Using A VPN Affect My Internet Speed

Due to how they work, encrypting data and sending it through a server, most VPNs will have some effect on your internet speed. The good news is that better services will have little to no effect, while the best services may actually increase your speed by overcoming any throttling that your ISP is imposing.

VPN Unlimited Speed: Does A VPN Slow Down Your Internet Connection

In present-day reality, using a VPN application is a must for anyone who wants to keep their data safe and enjoy unrestricted internet access. Your VPN speed directly depends on your internet speed and if this speed is mediocre, the VPN app cant be faster. However, since VPN encrypts your traffic, using such a service affects your connection speed in any case.

A slight speed loss is a small price to pay for your online security and data privacy. This speed loss can be different and it depends on a variety of factors like the distance from your current location to a VPN server and the servers workload. If you feel uncomfortable with your VPN connection speed, keep reading to learn how to make VPN faster.

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What Kills Internet Speed

Were two decades into the 21st century. Slow internet ought to be a thing in the past. Yet, there are occasions where youll get frustrated by the intermittent buffering or a video call thats constantly dropping.

Internet connection ought to be rocket speed today. For some reason, speed issues that belonged to the past decade continue to plague some of us.

Technically, there are a few factors that contribute to a slow internet experience.

Dont Set Up A VPN On Your Router

Why Does My Internet Speed Slow Down When Using A VPN? ð¤

When you start using a VPN you can either set it up on each of your devices or on your router. If you went for the latter one, youll have some work to do. A router probably will never catch up with speeds of your device. Plus, you cant expect your VPN to be fast when your router is encrypting data for multiples devices.

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Choose The Right VPN Server Location

VPN connection speed can depend on the location of the server. For example, South Korea has the fastest internet speeds in the world with an average of 26.7 megabytes per second compared to the global average of just 5.5 Mbps. Other VPN servers that likely offer higher speeds include Sweden , Norway , and Japan .

Try A Different Server

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic by routing it through a special server. Most VPN companies have servers set up all across the world, giving you two primary benefits:

  • Location: A VPN will make your IP address appear as though its based in the same country as the server youre currently using.

  • Speed: In most cases, youll enjoy faster speeds when connected to a VPN server thats located geographically close to you.

  • After setting up your VPN, pick a server thats nearby. Since your data doesnt have to travel as far to reach the VPN server, you should notice an uptick in speed. If youre using a VPN in order to give yourself an IP address in a certain country, your options may be more limited here.

    Sometimes, popular servers get overloaded when lots of people connect to them at once, so dont be afraid to pick one thats a bit farther away if the closest ones are too slow. You may need to switch servers more than once before finding one that works best for you, so be patient and keep experimenting.

    Your VPN may offer you the option to auto-select a server for you, and if it does, this choice is usually based on speed. Let the VPN choose an optimal server location and see if your experience improves.

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    How To Speed Up Your Virtual Private Network Connection

    If your VPN is slowing you down, theres a few different things you can try to improve your speeds. The first and easiest is to simply connect to a different VPN server. Things like server load and physical distance can greatly alter the speed you get, so make sure to try a few different ones.

    If that doesnt help, you can also try switching the VPN protocol. Most VPNs will default to OpenVPN, which should be fine, but its worth trying a few others like WireGuard or IKEv2 to see if your speed improves.

    Finally, not all VPNs are created equal. If your VPN slows you down no matter what server and protocol you use, you might want to consider switching to a faster VPN.

    How Do I Test My VPN Speed

    Why does my Internet Speed Slow Down When Using VPN

    Now that you know which factors affect your VPN performance testing your internet speed should be fairly simple. Just visit one of our recommended testing sites and run the test to see exactly how long it takes to upload or download data packets with or without a VPN. If the difference is significant, you can reconfigure your VPN settings or switch to a VPN provider that offers greater flexibility.

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    Does A VPN Slow Down Internet Speed

    By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at

    Using a VPN to connect to the Internet creates a secure connection between your computer or mobile device and the sites you visit, allowing you to browse the web safely. And anytime you go online, speed is important. Nobody wants to deal with loading pages, long downloads, buffering streams, or lagging video games.

    As a result, theres an important question to ask anytime you consider using a VPN: does it slow down my Internet speed?

    The answer to this question is nuanced and can be influenced by a number of factors. Lets fully explore what a VPN can and cant do in regards to your Internet speed. Well also give some tips about how to maximize your Internet connection and offer our recommendations for the fastest VPN providers.

    Switch Your VPN Server Location

    The best VPNs host servers all over the world. Some servers may perform better than others, depending on where theyre located and how many users are on each one. Try picking a server close to you to reduce the amount of time it takes to route your data to and from the VPN server.

    Pro tip:

    Take a look at 10 simple ways to improve your internet speed for more tips on how to improve a connection while your VPN is switched on.

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    How To Check Internet Speed

    To check your internet speed, remember to disconnect the VPN.

    Now, run the speed test through a visiting a testing tool.

    Within the inspection of few seconds, you will get the details of your internet speed and you can get a clear idea that your internet speed is faulted or not.

    If you are starting with a slow internet then there are high chances of you to face the speed issues while connected on VPN too.

    Does A VPN Slow Down Your Internet

    VPN and Connection Speedð¥ Will a VPN Slow Down Your Internet Connectionâ?

    There has been a lot of improvement in the VPN sector regarding user experience and functionality. Customers are spoiled for choice these days, with all major VPNs vying for space within the sector to claim a group of consumers as their own. This brings about innovation, and the acceptable industry standard becomes higher which is great for customers.

    A constant, nagging question and genuine concern for many years was: Do VPNs slow down your internet? While its impossible to generalize and distinctly claim that all VPNs follow a certain code, these days it is deemed somewhat socially unacceptable for a VPN to throttle speeds significantly. You will, of course, get minor differences, but generally, your internet will stay the same whether connected or not. Some of the best VPN services may even bypass your ISPs malicious throttling practices and increase your speeds! However, if youre wondering which VPN is the best for you, weve analyzed and tested some of the most popular ones out there for your convenience. Check out our results below.

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    Can A VPN Speed Up My Internet Connection

    Yes, a VPN can speed up your internet connection. Using a fast VPN can enhance users speed experience. Also, VPNs are bypassing bandwidth throttling. When a users ISP limits or slows some traffic, this is known as bandwidth throttling. ISPs are subjected to bandwidth throttling for a variety of reasons. ISPs can ensure that all users have a favorable experience on average.

    Similarly, ISPs can prevent network congestion for a while. As a result, a VPN hides users online activities from ISPs when browsing. Whenever a user connects to a VPN while gaming, the VPN hides the users identity and activity from their ISP, thereby preventing the users internet connection from being throttled.

    Internet Speed Offered By Your Isp

    One of the most critical factors affecting internet speed is the bandwidth offered by your ISP. When you use a VPN, your bandwidth cannot be throttled by your ISP, but you are still dependent on the internet speed provided by your ISP.

    If you are using low-speed internet, then it is obvious that you will be facing latency. Also, if you are using a free VPN provider, the chances of facing sluggish speeds are high. Free VPN providers do not offer good bandwidth and speed, nor do they allow you to bypass ISP throttling.

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    Choose A Different VPN Server

    As weve explained above, a VPN sends your encrypted data to an external server from where it is forwarded to the destination address. The further away the server is from your location, the longer itll take to transmit data to the external VPN server.

    Hence, an easy way to increase your VPN speed is to switch servers and opt for one thats closest to your geographic location. Choosing the closest server reduces the distance your data has to travel and should improve your internet speed.

    Most premium VPNs, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, usually select the fastest VPN servers available for your coordinates. You should really only change the VPN server if youre looking to access content thats unavailable in your location or available only in a specific region.

    Sometimes your speed may not improve despite selecting the server located closest to you. This can happen because of the high server load. In such situations, choose a different server thats less congested to get a faster connection. A server in another country also lets you access geo-restricted content.

    Double Check Your Internet Connection

    Does Your Internet Speed Slow Down Using a VPN

    If none of the above steps have helped improve your VPN connection speed, then maybe the problem is with your internet connection itself. Even a premium VPN cant give you high speeds on a slow internet connection.

    You can ascertain whether the problem lies with your internet connection by running a speed test. If the speeds are below what you usually get or what your ISP has promised, then its a clear sign that your network connection is performing sub-optimally.

    Rebooting your router can sometimes resolve underlying connectivity issues and get your speed back up. But if the problem persists, then you may need to take it up with your ISP or switch to an internet plan with higher bandwidth.

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    The Location Of Your Selected VPN Server

    The more removed the VPN server location is from where you are, the longer it takes to route your activity through the encrypted channel. Keep in mind that connecting to a server in a foreign country may also cause some of the websites you visit to display content in a different language.

    So, we recommend selecting a VPN location that is close to you and displays content in a language you understand.

    How Do I Get The Best Speed With VPN

    You get the best speed with a VPN by choosing a good server location and by choosing a server that isnt too busy. Its important to factor in how much bandwidth the server call offer you and it depends on how many users it serves.

    If a ton of people is trying to access the internet through that same server you will definitely be affected. And your speed will go down as you will have to share the bandwidth thats available on the server.

    Heres what you can do:

  • Test different servers from the VPN provider
  • Start with the ones that are the closest to your location
  • Ask the support for the fastest option for you
  • Choose a premium VPN provider with a good reputation.
  • Avoid ALL free VPNs.
  • Use an ethernet cable
  • Make sure you use the fast OpenVPN protocol
  • With these tips, you should be all set for the fastest possible experience with your VPN provider. The tips are not ordered by priority. Just start from the top and see what you can do.

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    Boost Your VPN Speed Today

    Its important to have a fast connection for basically everything you do online outside of reading Wikipedia. So follow the guide, and youll be enjoying all the security and accessibility that a VPN brings with the least possible impact to your speed .

    or use the 30-day money-back guarantee if its slow!

    Internet Speed Of Isp

    Do VPNs slow down internet speed?? ð¥MYTH DEBUNKED | VPN SPEED

    Slow internet service is not always caused by a VPN. Often, it is because of sluggish internet connections from the users internet service provider . ISPs may purposefully throttle the bandwidth they offer, resulting in slow internet speed for certain websites or periods of time.

    In this situation, a VPN can enable users to bypass the internet connection provided by their ISP and gain the quicker download or streaming speeds they require.

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